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woah wait - whats this about Elain being a lowkey shadowsinger, as well as her abilities as a seer ( which is badass enough at it is ) i may be being completely stupid but i literally cannot recall this being touched upon, or even hinted at, during the book ?? would you mind sharing your thoughts / the evidence youve gathered to back this up ? tysm xxx

Haha! So while I was reading, I thought it was weird that she wanted to be constantly bathed in sunlight. And we know she was in a dark place, and Feyre kind of explained that as her needing to get the sunlight she could no longer produce from within. And that makes sense. But it struck me that maybe she wanted the sunlight to keep the shadow away because her darkness was calling to them. We don’t know if Shadowsingers are born or made. And in ACOMAF Rhys mentioned that maybe the shadows came to Azriel when he was locked in darkness for all those years. So yeah. That played in my mind a bit. 

And then we got scenes of Azriel being HELLA attentive. He was the ONLY one in the WHOLE BOOK who saw Elain. And that was kind of her thing—no one saw her but Graysen, but now he won’t see her. But the entire book, when Azriel interacts with her, he knows exactly what she needs. He hides his shadows when he’s around her, he doesn’t ignore her visions instead he talks with her about them. He sits with her in companionable silence in the sunlight in the garden (like maybe he did, and needed, the same thing when he was released from the darkness). He is almost as much of a seer as she is in a way. He is the one who figures out that she is a seer. And I think he figured it out the day they all stood in the foyer after the Court of Nightmares visit. Also, she sees him. She doesn’t balk at the scars or his huge frame or anything.

Then she was downstairs with the Shadows making bread. I know it was daylight and Elain was healing, but it was kinda odd that she was handing out with the Nualla and Cerivden (I cant spell their names!). 

But all of that is scraps. But then…

Azirel hands Elain Truth-Teller, a blade he’s never given to anyone. Ever. And they have their weird moment where they’re both holding the blade and it reads like maybe some truth passed between them as they both held that blade. And I remembered that Elain predicted Cassian’s death. And I got the impression, that 1) Azriel remembers because he was standing in the room when she said it, and 2) Azriel knew she could handle the blade/needed to be able to trust herself with it, and that if Cassian was going to die, it would be after this moment. So because he knew Elain saw Cassian’s death, and knew when it might happen int he near future, it could’ve been a way for Azriel to low-key let her know that just because she sees death, doesn’t mean she can’t stop it. But it’s always her choice.

The wouldn’t you know Elain Archeron “stepped out of a shadow behind him” to stab the king. I mean she TOTALLY could’ve been in the area. She TOTALLY could’ve come running. She TOTALLY could’ve winnowed. And it could TOTALLY have been the magic of the blade that brought her to the person she wanted to kill so that it would always “strike true.” And that seems likely. that it was Truth-Teller. BUUUUT. Didn’t Azriel become Feyre’s shadow when they went to save Elain? Didn’t he then fold them into shadow so that they could run through the camp unnoticed?

We would be stupid to ignore that she very likely could’ve walked through the shadows regardless of holding the blade.

Dick Grayson: Martial Arts

So I’m finally getting around to writing this. The first question every single one of you should be asking is what makes me– a random person on the internet– qualified to talk about a fictional character’s expert martial arts abilities. Well, I am

>> A black belt in Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu
>> A brown belt (2nd kyu /nikyu) in Aikido

I’ve also taken some Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and Karate. 

The main styles I’m qualified to talk about are Eagle Claw Kung Fu and Aikido, which mainly comes from my years of practice. I’m not an instructor in any of these disciplines, and I’m only writing this for fun. This post might be helpful to people who role play Dick Grayson or to just develop headcanons in general. Hey, you might just be straight up interested in how this guy fights.

The fact is, comic books aren’t the best portrayal of how martial artists fight. Comic books are very flashy. They like splash pages, dramatic kicks and punches, and they like to have superheroes jump to the ground with cement-shattering landings that would devastate their knee joints. The irony here is that Dick’s core martial art style is canonically Aikido, and Aikido has a grand total of zero kicks. The only punches that this style uses are your standard initial strikes in order to practice the forms. Otherwise, this style is purely defensive. The philosophy of Aikido is basically to disarm your opponent with as little damage to them as possible. In Kung Fu, I was taught how to break people’s arms, rip out the trachea, and damage the ear drums (yay, fun), but in Aikido the idea is that you don’t want to physically harm your opponent more than necessary. Dick knows various martial art styles, so clearly he knows how to execute lethal and flawless kicks and punches too, but for now, let’s focus on Aikido since it’s his core style.

This is actually an awesome style for Dick for many reasons. Aikido is a martial art focused on using your opponent’s energy against them, and it’s a purely defensive style (there are no offensive maneuvers in this style besides your standard initial strike to practice movements). Dick started crime fighting when he was a kid. He couldn’t rely on physical strength to survive, and after growing up to be an adult, he’s still only about 175 pounds which means a majority of the big hitters in DCU can easily physically overpower him. I’m 115 pounds, and I can tell you that I drop guys who are twice my size all the time in Aikido. It doesn’t take much physical effort because this style relies on innate human weaknesses. The idea of Aikido is to learn a system of defensive maneuvers that can be applied to any attack that comes your way.

Someone punching you? No problem. They grabbed both your wrists? Please. Shirt collar? Ha, whatever. Grabbed from behind? Come on. Knife stab? Zzz. Samurai sword? – You mean the one that’s now in my hands?

This is a flexible martial art style, and it works without tiring you. When I took Kung fu, I needed a water break after twenty minutes because the workout was so intense. In Aikido I can go two and a half hours straight and not break a sweat. You rarely have to move more than a few feet to complete a technique, and it’s usually to move into your opponent’s blind spot in order to execute a technique that puts them on the floor. Don’t get me wrong, you can practice Aikido fast and hard and tire yourself out with a good workout– but you don’t have to. If you’re wise about your movements, you can save a lot of energy.

If Dick is as much of an expert in Aikido as comics say, then you can’t put your hand near this guy without ending up on your back in 0.2 seconds flat. You’ll be staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell just happened (been there, done that, trust me).

Dick Grayson can put anyone on the floor in a matter of seconds without throwing a single punch or kick. He basically just needs to stand there and bam, they’re down. So by this point you’re probably wondering how this style works as effectively as it does.

It works by blending your energy into your opponent’s and then using it against them. If someone punches Dick, he can side-step their arm, grab their wrist to yank them forward (i.e. off-balance them), and then twist the wrist back so that his opponent has no choice but to follow wherever he guides them– which in this case will be backwards (lifting their elbow over their shoulder to force them to land on their back).

This entire time, Dick barely has to move to execute it other than the initial side-step. It’s a fluid, eloquent and sophisticated style. The movements you do are so small (a simple twist of the wrist) that anyone watching this fight might go, “what the fuck just happened?”

Now, I am exaggerating a bit, but there is a fundamental truth here. The key is that we’re twisting someone’s wrist in a direction that it’s not supposed to go, forcing the human body to either follow the movement or break the joint. 10/10 times the body will involuntarily follow the movement.

For any of you who want a physical example of how this works in order to better understand it, I’ll try to offer a step-by-step example here. (Explaining things over the Internet is hard, I offer no guarantees.)

  1. Hold your right hand in front of your face with the palm facing you.
  2. Take your left hand and hold it behind your right hand.
  3. Wrap the fingers of your left hand around the thumb joint of your right hand (this is the meaty part of your palm below your thumb).
  4. Make sure the thumb of your left hand is pressing between the knuckles of the pinkie and ring finger of your right hand (or at least keep it in that general area, no worries).
  5. Now press the entire thing down and to the side (there should only be one natural direction to go). If you extend your arm down, you’ll feel it even more. You can also bend your arm toward (and over) your shoulder to further understand the type of control someone would have over you in this position.

(If any of you had trouble following that, I don’t blame you. I still can’t figure out online origami instructions.) 

If you managed this successfully, then you have an idea of why you don’t want someone holding your arm like this. If they start walking you in one direction, you’re going to follow them because it’s an unnatural position.

So that’s one basic wrist movement, and there are dozens of others. Like I said, this is a very flexible style. You can punch Dick Grayson and he can respond over a dozen different ways. One might put you on your back, he could straight up throw you, he can flip you, he can put you on your stomach with your arms behind your back in a painful lock, he can spin you in a fast circle and drop you.

We can see Dick and Tim doing something similar in New Teen Titans Vol 2 #60.

Pretty cool, right? When I spar with people, I tell them to grab me as hard as they can so I can practice with a genuine threat. The guy I was last sparring with was taller than me, weighed more, and was stronger. He was gripping both my wrists tightly (and I have tiny ass wrists), and that didn’t stop me from performing this move because Aikido doesn’t rely on physical strength. Once you move a limb a way it’s not supposed to go, it doesn’t really matter how strong you are; you’re under the control of whoever’s controlling that limb. 

So hopefully that helps explain this style a bit more. It’s my favorite martial art so far, and I recommend it to anyone, especially women. 

As for Dick’s other martial art styles, he knows Jeet-Kune-Do (created by Bruce Lee; it’s a direct style of combat considered ideal for street fighting), Capoeira (an acrobatic style that focuses on movement and evasion) and Eskrima (where Dick’s dual wielding sticks obviously come into play). He’s also been said to practice Muay Thai, Judo, Savate, Karate, Sambo, Ninjitsu, Wing Chun and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Robin: Year One #3

President Trump led an incendiary rally at which he ripped at cultural divides, played to white grievance, defended himself by stretching the truth or leaving out key facts, attacked members of his own party and the media, played the victim and threatened apocalyptic political consequences — all the while doing so by ignoring political norms and sensitivities.

The only thing that’s surprising is if you’re surprised by it.

Trump held these kinds of rallies and made these kinds of comments repeatedly throughout the campaign. And even did so in Arizona. Remember back in August of last year when he flew to Mexico to meet with the Mexican president, where he was restrained and deferential, and then held a raucous rally later that day in Arizona?

Granted, Trump’s actions Tuesday night stand in stark relief from his sober, scripted speech about Afghanistan just a day earlier. He did not deliver specifics on how to fight that war, but his rhetoric suggested to some that a change might be afoot.

There isn’t. And the best bet is there never will be.

5 Truths About Trump Displayed In His Phoenix Rally

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  • Me: *knows every technical term about a sport, the positions of players, the rules and score system*
  • Person: wow you know so much abt this sport...
  • Me: *cold sweats bc I learned every thing from anime*
Sarah Dessen crossovers

Someone Like You

  • Scarlet reappears in This Lullaby as the manager of the Jump Java. Her daughter is three at the time
  • Macy and Wes go to Milton’s Market in The Truth About Forever and it’s also mentioned in This Lullaby
  • In Once and For All a redhead named Grace appears. This may be a teenaged Grace as Scarlet was also a redhead

Keeping the Moon

  • Colie is mentioned in Along For The Ride as serving Auden when visiting the Last Chance. She also serves Emaline in The Moon and More
  • First appearance of Colby. It is also featured/mentioned in Along for the Ride, The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, The Truth About Forever and Once and For All
  • Isabel is the waitress at the Last Chance during Along for the Ride
  • Isabel and Morgan are Heidi’s friends in Along for the Ride
  • In Lock and Key, Laney mentioned Kiki Sparks, Colie’s mother, as being her inspiration for running


  • In Lock and Key, Marshall’s roommate is Rogerson who is mentioned as having been arrested for assault. He is mentioned again in Saint Anything as being one of the inmates at the prison Peyton is at
  • Boo Connell is mentioned in Just Listen as teaching a mother/daughter class
  • Jackson High is first mentioned. It is also the school where Macy (The Truth About Forever), Annabel (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and McLean (What Happened to Goodbye) attend. Ruby (Lock and Key) also attended Jackson High before transferring.
  • Rogerson attends Perkins Day. This is the same school Ruby (Lock and Key), Will Cash (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and Sydney (Saint Anything) goes too

This Lullaby

  • Remy, Dexter and the rest of Truth Squad appear in Just Listen
  • Macy notices someone reading a book by Barbara Starr in The Truth About Forever
  • Cora was Barbara Starr’s divorce lawyer in Lock and Key and makes an appearance at one of her parties
  • Emaline and Theo see Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) in The Moon and More
  • Truth Squad and Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) are mentioned in Saint Anything
  • Bendo, the club where Truth Squad plays, is mentioned in Once and For All

The Truth About Forever

  • Jason reappears in Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye and mentions Wes as stealing his girlfriend
  • Macy watches Lorna McPhail, the mother from That Summer, give the news
  • Wes and Bert are mentioned as being Luke’s cousins in The Moon and More
  • Kristy and Bert are seen at the mall in Lock and Key wearing Armageddon t-shirts
  • In Just Listen, Owen and Annabel go to the waffle house and see Macy and Wes. They are described as wearing running clothes
  • The subdivision that Macy’s mother builds is where Ruby and Nate live in Lock and Key
  • An angel sculpture made my Wes is mentioned as being outside a realtor’s office in Once and For All 
  • Delia is mentioned as being the Barrett’s favorite caterer in Once and For All

Just Listen

  • When Nate is listening to the radio in Lock and Key, Annabel is the DJ introducing the music
  • Owen’s sister and her friends buy necklaces from Ruby in Lock and Key
  • In Lock and Key, Jamie mentions that Owen helped him make a mix CD
  • McLean sees a couple at lunch listening to the same headphones in What Happened to Goodbye. The couple is described as being Owen and Annabel

Lock and Key

  • One of the clients at Nate’s dad’s business is Macy’s mother from The Truth About Forever
  • Gervais is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Ruby applies to Defriesse University. Auden goes there at the end of Along for the Ride, is the college that McLean’s parents met at in What Happened to Goodbye and Bee mentions going to in Once and For All
  • is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the Ride, The Moon and More and Saint Anything
  • Jamie is listed as an alum of Perkins Day when Sydney transfers there in Saint Anything
  • Auden mentions awkwardly flirting with Nate Cross in Along for the Ride
  • Heidi and Auden buy key necklaces in Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride

  • The newly named bike shop, Abe’s, is mentioned in Once and For All
  • Clyde is featured in The Moon and More as the subject of the documentary Theo is working on
  • Clementine’s is mentioned again in The Moon and More
  • Heidi is seen again as a friend of McLean’s mother in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Auden appears in Once and For All buying coffee with Eli

What Happened to Goodbye

  • Gert’s bracelets reappear in The Moon and More
  • Dave appears in Saint Anything and talks Sydney into buying drinks at Fraizer
  • Deb is once again a self proclaimed ambassador that greets Sydney in Saint Anything on the first day of school
  • The Luna Blu restaurant is mentioned in Saint Anything and Once and For All