truth is a two edge sword
The Most Overlooked & Underrated Characters in ‘Get Out’ Are Black Women
By B. Willis

[U]nlike Logan and Walter, who apparently needed a camera’s flash to “wake up,” Georgina was the only one whose black consciousness broke through without an external trigger. She also seemed to have the greatest internal struggle when she was in close proximity to Chris. Which means she was fighting the hardest but it wasn’t even for herself. That is what’s heartbreaking.

I’m not sure that Peele did this intentionally, but Georgina is the embodiment of the two-edged sword that is the “strong black woman” stereotype. It’s this idea that Black women can’t be broken, that we don’t crack under pressure, that we make the best of our circumstances, or that we don’t need support. While this stereotype is founded in some truth (black women are some of the most magical and persevering beings I know), it also builds up a myth about black women and our ability to maneuver through life. We can be broken. We do crack under pressure. Sometimes, our circumstances get the best of us. And no matter how stable we are, we ALWAYS need support.

The Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. (Hebrews 4:12). Consider how powerful Scripture is: it can change hearts, save lives from eternal condemnation, and give hope to the hopeless. The devil will do his best to destroy its message and truths.
False teaching is one of satan’s preferred tactics for leading us astray. Two things are essential for standing firm against these slippery falsehoods: to be well grounded in the truth of God’s Word and to listen to His Spirit. Only then can we recognize the error and avoid the pitfalls of satan’s lies.
The enemy wants to mislead believers so they’ll be ineffective for the kingdom. So what is our response? Grow in the knowledge of truth, and lean on God’s Spirit to guide you moment by moment

my weapon of choice is a book
with a brown and pink leather cover
pages loved and worn and
gold on the edges so they 
like His heart did
like i hope mine does

i arm myself with words
with knowledge
with Truth
meditate on these verses
these chapters
these books
this Scripture
day and night
rewrite in a notebook

one volume
two testaments
66 books
1,189 chapters
31,102 verses

i open it and i’m 
i open it and i’m
i open it and i’m
i open it and i
can breathe again


For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. - Hebrews 4:12

So after we’re finished with the kissing, scream your story into my ears– make those words the only truth I’ll ever need to hear. Tell me about the lovers that forgot you, tell me about the ones that you still can’t get over. Tell me about the promises they’ve broken, now tell me the ones you couldn’t keep. Tell me about your broken, don’t worry, I’ll tell you mine right after. Tell me about the night you fell in love, tell me about how quickly it forgot you by morning. Tell me about the time you cried and how he didn’t want to hold you, and I’ll tell you right back about the time that she cried and I didn’t even have the heart to hold her bones together from scattering beneath my feet. Tell me where you first tasted love, I’ll tell you about my first kiss with death and how she let me go, just this once. Tell me about your someone and I’ll promise to never ask again. Tell me the words you couldn’t say, but always wanted to. Tell me the things you said, but regretted the second they left your lips. Tell me, who put gold on your lips and injected stardust into your veins? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you the exact same thing. Some lips were meant to change our whole biology. Tell me, when your heart broke for the very first time… did it hurt? Or did you feel nothing at all? Sometimes when I think about it… it was always both. It’ll always hurt a little longer than all of the thinking you’ve been doing. It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss, right? Some lips laced with beautiful lies, you can kiss my lonely nights into together mornings– I wouldn’t mind as long as you’re beside me. Is this another mistake or another regret? Are we really over things that haunt us from the past? Tell me about the stress and how coffee and sleep is like breathing and lungs– you need it to work, but it’s always one or the other. You can’t have both. Tell me when you’ll need someone and I’ll tell you when I’ll need you. Tell me the secrets you’ve carved into your bones, I’ll tell you the only truth I’ve ever known– love is like a double edged sword, you can’t handle it alone, there will always be two hearts that bleed in the end, even if they don’t feel it now– karma will make them feel it later. Tell me about the kisses you promised to never tell, and I’ll tell you about the stones I couldn’t skip. Tell me who kissed you last, I’ll tell you that you’re the only one I’d like to kiss right now. Right words at the right time, but this is probably another wrong person waiting for their heart to heal– we’re a pair of doves made of black, your heart pumps into my pen, give me your poetry without the poem– I’ll give you the poet without his tears, you can be my empty and I’ll be your glass. Let’s pour our memories into a message that’ll be lost at sea– let’s be the only secret worth keeping safe. Tell me, do you still believe in love? Do you still believe in love at first sight? Do you still dream when paying attention is required? Is your head in the clouds, just like mine? Do you sleep to get away from everything that’s been bothering you for way too long? Do you love like the blind who gets to see sunlight for the first time. Do you love like the deaf whose first words will be “I love you, I always have.” Do you love like the mute whose first words will be “I love you too.” Do you like flowers that’ll dance forever under sunlight? Tell my hands about your favorite memory, I’ll hold them forever. This is another promise that’ll be broken some day, but for right now, these words will stay– in this moment for eternity, it’ll be just you and I. We’re a sad story built on false happiness, we’re trying to be better than last week and this coffee is still not strong enough, I guess the words spoken today will be our caffeine high– tell me about you. Everything. Anything. I don’t care what it is or how it is. I just want this. I want you to continue our conversations even after the silence because that’s something I’ll be doing as well. Tell me. Do you still love like the Disney movies? I know it’s naive, but love– it has to have some purity left in it. Even if our digital age admires Facebook statuses, even if this is just another pastime, even if you’ll forget me by next week– tell me about everything that makes your soul so damn colorful. Tell me about why you’ve been hurting for so long. And I’ll promise to listen… And after all of the listening we’ll both say this in unison… under our breaths– now tell me when you’re going to leave because I can’t promise that I’ll be staying.
—  Darling, tell me more
VFD Pick-Up Lines
  • I’d pretend I fell for your disguise just to keep you with me a while longer. 
  • Lets have a tea party as bitter wormwood and as sharp as a two edged sword, hold the sugar.
  • The last safe place is in your arms.
  • Is that a spyglass in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?
  • Our ankles are the same as our intentions.
  • Lets not be noble together.
  • As a child, I was taught to lie. You taught me that the truth is much more intriguing.
  • You started the fire. I chose you over putting it out.
  • With you, the world is anything but quiet.

One thing she would not do was remind Sokka what day it was. Azula swung gently back and forth on the swing as she stared out at the canal. Sokka was busy with council, and he had to concentrate on Republic City first. “No, I won’t be that kind of wife,” she said looking down at her son who was busy nourishing himself. Azula ran a finger over his cheek, and smoothed down the lick of hair that never seemed to know which way to go.

Cami had gone into the field and brought her a bouquet, a mix of weeds and flowers, as well as a card and a mug that she promptly declared would make the best flower vase ever, because she did not trust that it would make a very good mug. Not unless she wanted to have her drink in her lap.

That had been in the morning, before she had gotten out of bed, and after Sokka had left.

No, she wasn’t going to remind them. She certainly wasn’t going to do what Mai had done the year before which had resulted in 1)her brother scurrying into town to find the best set of throwing knives that he could find and (they had gold handles) 2)writing reminders six months, three months, one month, one week and the day before.

“And if THAT doesn’t help him remember, well… unfortunately I still won’t be an only child.” Azula grimaced. “No, I don’t really wish death on my siblings,” though sometimes both could be rather frustrating.

Luckily Cami and Atauq did get along. Most of the time. Except for when Atauq crawled into and  knocked down Cami’s block tower, or when Cami decided it would be fun to freeze her brothers feet together. “We do not freeze our siblings,” she had told her daughter firmly. “EVEN if they are annoying us.”

Well, they got along okay.

Atauq released her nipple, looked up and gave her a smile. “Okay, one gift out of three,” Azula said as she readjusted her clothes and snuggled Atauq close. Baby smiles definitely counted as gifts.

She had already given her mother a gift of a large box of the finest cloth in a variety of colors, plus other sewing essentials - Sokka had hugged her for that.

“I’m trying Sokka.” They both were, and it was going slowly, despite her mother having moved to the island.

And that was this morning. He had praised her for reaching out to her mother!

“So it isn’t as if he doesn’t know the date, he knows what today is!” Azula bit her lip.

Still, she hadn’t reminded him, not at all, she had merely asked him earlier as he was getting ready to leave the island if “you have plans this evening.”

Her son laughed. “Hmph!” Azula ran her fingers through his hair. “That wasn’t reminding, it was hinting.” Hinting was allowed. "How else would a husband know to get the gold earrings with the amethyst stones instead of the rubies?” Purple turned out to be her color indeed. “Hints are necessary.” Which is why she didn’t end up with a ridiculous necklace like Katara because Aang simply had no taste at all when it came to jewelry and Katara just grinned and thank Aang for it.

Luckily Sokka did, because even when he just bought something that caught his eye, or better, made her something, it always looked good.

“Take after your father in that,” she instructed her son and then frowned again.

“So how could he forget?” It was nearly evening, and he had been back from the mainland for almost two hours already and still -  

On her birthday she had found her gift on her pillow when she woke up. Last year Sokka had treated her to a spa-day. Hot mineral baths, skin treatments, mud masques, massages. She had come home with two bags full of supplies; mineral salts and masques, and oils and lotions and … “Well, when you are asleep I will treat myself,” she told her son. He gazed at her sleepily. She didn’t really want to put him down.

Sokka had locked himself up in the study, and refused tea or anything else. Something must be going on in the council. She’d learn what soon enough. Surprising her people hadn’t yet told her. Azula wrinkled her brow.

“Why haven’t they?” Her spies were good, and Sokka didn’t mind them because that meant he was on top of things as well.

“What is going on?”

“What is going on?” Azula turned about.  Sokka was standing behind her, their daughter on his shoulders.  Sokka looked up at his daughter who clasped her hands over her mouth. “Can I tell now?”

“Tell?” Sokka asked. “Show! Down you go!” he said and bent allowing Cami to leap off.
“Madam!” he said, lifting  Azula into his arms, he bore her through the salon, down the ramp, into the ballroom, and dropped her into her chair, then sat down on her right, and Cami sat down on the left.

Arrayed in front of her was a coterie of musicians and dancers. At Sokka’s signal they began to play, and as they played the servants brought in one tray after the other of delicious dishes.

And after the performance had ended a servant came in bearing a small gold tray.

“Dessert?” Azula asked.

“You can say that Sokka said proudly, and lifted the lid.

Azula gasped. On the tray was the most exquisite set of daggers she had ever seen. It was obvious that Sokka had made it. The scabbards were of plum wood, with a throat and chape of silver, emblazoned with dragons, the finial well turned. The handle had another dragon carved into the wood and there was a ring of inlaid stones, pearls and amethysts.  Azula balanced one in her hands, switched to holding it by the handle, swung it gently in the air. Heavy enough to mean something, light enough that it was easy to move about. Well balanced.

“Take the baby!” she demanded and as soon as Atauq was out of her arms she slipped the blade from the scabbard.

“This is. Perfect,” she said.

The blade was black. Azula touched her finger to the edge, and blood pearled.  “Like, like your sword?” Sokka nodded. “Meteorite. I found one last year. When I was gone for two weeks? Tracking it down.”

On the blade, one simple sentence:  “To the dragon who rules my heart.”

Azula smiled.

“Tell the truth now, you thought I forgot.”
“Well… I should have known better.” Azula slipped the knife back into the scabbard and placed both on the table. “Anyway, you know what I really want for Mother’s Day?”
Sokka frowned. Azula reached one arm over Sokka and one over Cami. “What I already have.”

Sokka kissed her on the cheek and Cami jumped into her lap, then Sokka clapped his hands and another round of music and dancing began.


Parked on the Tracks 2017 02 – Lancaster County, South Carolina, September 28, 2017

Living with integrity,
being aligned with the deepest truth
of who we are
within the time and place
of our living
and the context and circumstances
of our life
is the best trick
in The Thick Book of Tricks.
“What a slippery slope this is!
It’s like the edge of a razor!
It’s a double-edged sword!”
When our daughters were born
(Triplets the hard way)
there wasn’t enough money
for diapers and film,
so the camera when on the shelf
until they graduated from college.
I picked it up again in 1998.
It is called “biding your time.”
When competing/conflicting interests
call your name,
you have to decide
what to say yes to
and what to say no to
in light of the good
of the situation as a whole.
We have to carefully walk
“the straight and narrow”
between Who We Are
and Who We Also Are.
This is called
“walking two paths at the same time,”
and we do that
by being intently,
and intentionally,
aware of the other path
while walking this path,
and never kidding ourselves
about the conflicts of interest
which clog the flow of our life.
We “rise to meet the occasion”
all along the way.


Henry : 

Sure, we thank you.
My learned lord, we pray you to proceed
And justly and religiously unfold
Why the law Salique that they have in France
Or should, or should not, bar us in our claim:
And God forbid, my dear and faithful lord,
That you should fashion, wrest, or bow your reading,
Or nicely charge your understanding soul
With opening titles miscreate, whose right
Suits not in native colours with the truth;
For God doth know how many now in health
Shall drop their blood in approbation
Of what your reverence shall incite us to.
Therefore take heed how you impawn our person,
How you awake our sleeping sword of war:
We charge you, in the name of God, take heed;
For never two such kingdoms did contend
Without much fall of blood; whose guiltless drops
Are every one a woe, a sore complaint
‘Gainst him whose wrong gives edge unto the swords
That make such waste in brief mortality.
Under this conjuration, speak, my lord;
For we will hear, note and believe in heart
That what you speak is in your conscience wash’d
As pure as sin with baptism.

A Frank Discussion

I have mixed feelings about Frank. On his own, I like him. He’s definitely someone I would end up hanging out with and I would genuinely enjoy his company - I mean, he’s a historian and I double majored in History as well as English; I’ve always been a history nerd. With regards to his relationship with Claire… I mostly just feel sorry for the guy. 

The rest is under the cut cause Spoilers. 

Inspired by thoughts prompted by this ask

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Rustic Fence 2017 03 – Andrew Jackson State Park, Lancaster County, South Carolina, August 2, 2017

Jesus said,
“You shall know the truth,
and the truth shall set you free.”
Pilate said,
“What is truth?”
Jesus said, “Truth is a two-edged sword,
and those who live by the sword,
die by the sword.
So we must not be surprised
by the turns the road takes.”
Pilate said,
“Then what is in it for us?”
Jesus said,
“Truth is a harsh task-master,
reaping what it did not sow,
and gathering where it did not
scatter seeds.”
Pilate said,
“Like I said, what do we
stand to gain?”
Jesus said,
“I’m telling you how things are
and what to expect,
and you are asking
how to escape the pain
and luxuriate in smooth and easy.”
Pilate said,
“That’s the idea!”
Jesus said,
“Your life is all you have
to work with.
How you live it
is up to you.”
Pilate said,
“I want to live it
with the best chance
of smooth and easy.”
Jesus said,
“The truth is
smooth is a beast
that will eat you alive,
and easy is a mirage
leading you to death
in the desert.”
Pilate said,
“Then what choice do we have?”
Jesus said,
“We choose between
what needs us to do it
and asks us to serve it,
and what whispers sweet
promises of Nirvana forever.”
Pilate said,
“Is that the best you can do?”
Jesus said,
“If you can do better,
do it.”


Henry V (To Archbishop)

Sure, we thank you.
My learned lord, we pray you to proceed
And justly and religiously unfold
Why the law Salique that they have in France
Or should, or should not, bar us in our claim:
And God forbid, my dear and faithful lord,
That you should fashion, wrest, or bow your reading,
Or nicely charge your understanding soul
With opening titles miscreate, whose right
Suits not in native colours with the truth;
For God doth know how many now in health
Shall drop their blood in approbation
Of what your reverence shall incite us to.
Therefore take heed how you impawn our person,
How you awake our sleeping sword of war:
We charge you, in the name of God, take heed;
For never two such kingdoms did contend
Without much fall of blood; whose guiltless drops
Are every one a woe, a sore complaint
‘Gainst him whose wrong gives edge unto the swords
That make such waste in brief mortality.
Under this conjuration, speak, my lord;
For we will hear, note and believe in heart
That what you speak is in your conscience wash’d
As pure as sin with baptism.



The Tang Dynasty series features vibrant historical romances set in the glittering Tang Dynasty (618 AD – 907 A.D.) and features intrigue and adventure against the unique backdrop of imperial China.


During China’s infamous Tang Dynasty, a time awash with luxury yet littered with deadly intrigues and fallen royalty, betrayed Princess Ai Li flees before her wedding.Miles from home, with only her delicate butterfly swords for defense, she enlists the reluctant protection of a blue-eyed warrior….

Battle-scarred, embittered Ryam has always held his own life at cheap value. Ai Li’s innocent trust in him and honorable, stubborn nature make him desperate to protect her–which means “not” seducing the first woman he has ever truly wanted….



Former Emperor’s consort Ling Suyin is renowned for her beauty; the ultimate seductress. Now she lives quietly alone—until the most ruthless warlord in the region comes and steals her away….

Li Tao lives life by the sword, and is trapped in the treacherous, lethal world of politics. The alluring Ling Suyin is at the center of the web. He must uncover her mystery without falling under her spell—yet her innocence calls out to him. How cruel if she, of all women, can entrance the man behind the legend… 


The Nobleman Who Turned a Tea Girl Into a Princess…

Yan Ling tries hard to be servile—it’s what’s expected of a girl of her class. Being intelligent and strong-minded, she finds it a constant battle.

Proud Fei Long is unimpressed by her spirit—until he realizes she’s the answer to his problems. He has to deliver the emperor a “princess.” In two months can he train a tea girl to pass as a noblewoman?

Yet it’s hard to teach good etiquette when all Fei Long wants to do is break it, by taking this tea girl for his own…


The Thief Who Stole His Heart

Sword dancer Li Feng is used to living life on the edge of the law—a woman alone in the dangerous world of the Tang Dynasty has only her whirlwind reflexes to trust. She will discover the truth about her past, even if that means outwitting the most feared thief-catcher of them all…

Relentless, handsome and determined, Han sees life—and love—as black and white. Until he finally captures the spirited, courageous Li Feng, who makes him question everything he thought he knew about right and wrong. Soon he’s faced with an impossible choice: betray the elusive sword dancer he is learning to love, or trust his long-disregarded heart and follow her to dangerous, tempting rebellion… 


A promise sworn on the edge of a sword…

After a failed assassination attempt on a corrupt general, Bao Yang is a wanted man. Taking refuge with an ally, Yang accidentally compromises the man’s daughter when they’re discovered alone. To save her honor, he must marry the beautiful Jin-mei immediately!

In Yang’s arms, Jin-mei feels alive for the first time. She’s determined not to lose him, even if it means joining his perilous mission… But when she realizes just how destructive Yang’s path could be, can she convince him that their life together could be so much sweeter than revenge? 

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i. i’m sixteen years old and he’s trying to convince me to meet up with him tomorrow because “we need to talk”
but i refuse to stand by holding the truth in the palm of my hand but not let the sword drop quite yet so i call him immediately
and before his words are barely off the tip of the double edged sword some may call a muscle that can speak so much love,
yet so often speak so much hate,
i am crying into the line begging him
please don’t go, i’ll do anything for you anything in the world and suddenly
my father is smacking the phone from my hand, pulling me into his arms and saying, “do not ever beg for anyone to love you”

ii. i’m two weeks shy of a birthday and his text messages come sparser and sparser
until a part of me knows that nothing will be the same again
and he tells me that he’s still in love with his ex and refuses to text back
but two days later he tells me that he lied and he tells me that
i’m too sad and too depressing to handle and why can’t you just be happier and smile more
why can’t you just stop being so sad and i’m crying on the bathroom floor
begging and begging and begging for love

iii. i’m seventeen and it’s hot outside and we just signed up to do a play together
it ended the way it started i guess we met over a play and i guess that made it balanced.
i’m driving home from practice and have to pull over in an empty parking lot to reply back through my tears that are spilling like hot water over my cheeks
and i tried to look so pretty this morning for him
but now all that effort is smeared across my eyelashes
and my lips
and i’m trying to convince him not to do this
how can you care about someone so much one day and just completely be over it the next?
i’m trying to just be friends with him with the hope holed up in my heart that maybe one day he’ll love me again
and at least he likes me in some capacity and maybe, maybe
just maybe this time it will last
but this time i’m done begging for anything anymore
and i give him a hug and turn my back,
with a promise that i’ll see him soon but i never do and i never look back

iv. i’m eighteen and she said yes to me five days ago and i’m the happiest girl in the world
and i’m about to leave for college and all of my dreams are finally coming true and i’m surrounded by love and i wake up in the morning and i know
i know what’s about to happen and i text her and say we need to talk
because she’s been avoiding me all day
and i will never sit by the phone waiting to be loved
and i’m not quite expecting how quick her response is or her refusal to even talk to me on the phone this time
and she’s just hanging out with her family and her friends are all over and it’s just another day for her
but for me it’s the end of my life and my heart is breaking
and i’m crying on the bathroom floor for the last time
and trying to hide it from everyone around me because i just met them yesterday
does this really have to be their first impression of me
and i’m deleting her number
and i’m blaring taylor swift on repeat
because all i wanted was a fairy tale
not an ending

—  i have never once been broken up with in person // m.v.g 
Authority Over the Devil

Behold! I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions, and [physical and mental strength and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you. —Luke 10:19

One of the best ways to defend ourselves against the devil is to know the Word of God and speak it aloud against the lies he bombards our minds with. When the devil tells you God doesn’t love you and you will never amount to anything, go to war using the Word of God. Get out your two-edged sword and use it!

Talk back to the devil, loud and clear, saying, “I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ” (see 2 Corinthians 5:21); “God has a good plan for my life” (see Jeremiah 29:11); and “Nothing can separate me from the love of God” (see Romans 8:35–39). Trust God—know that you are more than a conqueror through Christ as you confidently declare the truth of His Word.

Through Christ You have authority over the devil.