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House aesthetics
  • Slytherin: Family crests and ballet lessons, a perfume your grandmother picks for you. Black coffee in Paris at 7 in the morning, champagne in New York in the evening. Cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks and high waisted skirts. Heavy diamonds and chins held high. Upper east side, Monaco, shopping in Brussels. Lying through clenched teeth. Northern lights. Hiding pain and using people. Contradictions. Daisychains. Richard Siken. Glitter socks. Learning French. Louboutins. Traditions and secrets. Green and Silver.
  • Gryffindor: Hands on fire, bandaids and ginger ale. Treehouses and make believe. The kissing of wounds to soothe the pain. Stardust, bruised knees, pinky swears. Sunflowers and David Bowie. Lightning, thunderstorms, tornadoes. Too much energy; too much caffeine. The smell of a bonfire, the crunch of first snow, laughter resonating through crisp winter air. Fingers intertwining and whispered gossip followed by giggles. Supernovae. The roar of a sportscar's engine. Truth or dare. Courage and morals. The knight in rusty armor who forgot his horse at home. Red and gold.
  • Ravenclaw: Kneesocks, Sylvia Plath and the dusty smell of books. Paint drying on fingertips and hair in every colour of the rainbow. Oxford dictionary, the louvre, shadowpuppets. Dancing in the rain, overthinking, posters and empty canvases filling dorm rooms and adorning bedroom walls. The first touch of a paintbrush, forget-me-nots, hunger for knowledge. Metaphors. Fanfiction. Black boots and leather jackets. John Lennon sunglasses. Tartan. Poetry. Blue hair and black lipstick. Creativity and curiosity. Blue and silver.
  • Hufflepuff: Promises and shooting stars. Giggles, goosebumps. Stolen kisses behind the quidditch field. Bumblebees and libraries, fiery hair and squad goals. Shared breakfast, tutoring. Growing. Security. Those friends you can tell everything, and they will never judge. Libraries and open fields. Golden retrievers, the smell of sawdust and hay, horse riding. Roadtrips. Study groups. Ivy League. Scholarships. Humble, soft, friendly. Loyal and smart. Stubborn and accepting. Yellow and black.

Research Eugenics, research the origins of Planned Parenthood, research the Rockefeller Foundation (birth control), research the Depopulation Agenda, research Social Engineering, research Propaganda, research Saul Alinsky, research Aleister Crowley. These things exists, they are not “theories” - well know top rich elites have boasted about it many times (e.g Bill Gates for one) More than HALF of the the African American pregnancies are aborted in the US to work towards total genocide of the black population, and they’re controlled by pop culture and George Soros movements to mislead them and divide them. For more info and full video watch  here:


Calling of your heart-strings, an August Rush Fitzsimmons AU

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Post “Too Short To Ride” Realization

Right after the end of this episode, my roommate pointed out something crucial; what Homeworld is telling gems about themselves isnt the truth. Beyond that, Homeworld engineered a situation where they could hardly lose. Instead of teaching new gems to utilize powers they innately have, Homeworld lied to them and said that unlike previous gems, they had no powers, and gave them “supplementary” enhancements. Not only do these new Era 2 gems believe they have no power innately, they have little reason to try. Furthermore, the moment any Era 2 gems get uppity, the Diamond Authority can confiscate their gear and now they feel totally useless. This gives the DA a chance to either further subjugate them, or destroy them outright. 

This leaves the questions: what other aspects of life on Homeworld has the rebellion changed? How does the DA plan to deal with Era 1 gems and prevent them from overthrowing the DA? What could happen if this information - that even Era 2 gems have innate powers - do if leaked to Homeworld?