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hornkerling  asked:

Mordin, 7

7: Clarity

Mordin Solus hates waste. Prefers to save materials, components, tools, information. Too much information lost already, inaccessible. Maelon’s death, waste of a good brain. But: intelligence and knowledge misused. Unethical experiments, involuntary test subjects, dangerous goal. Foolishly motivated by guilt. Poor management of emotions. Should have seen it earlier. Could not be trusted. Likely to begin experiments again, new location, new clan, new victims. Success or failure, both dangerous. Too much risk to leave him alive.

Maelon’s data, however…

Mordin thinks about the saved data. More often now that Collector mission is over. Makes a good break from preparing report on Collectors for STG (need to put the right information in the right ears, spread the word; the dalatrasses will do what they will, but STG should know truth). Data to collate, graphs to create; important to make report in most efficient and persuasive manner.

Valuable, sometimes, to give cognitive processes a break. Think about something else, like Maelon’s data. Maelon intelligent, though misguided. Learned a great deal through reprehensible experimentation. Possible key to curing genophage.

By now, Mordin has had the debate with Shepard multiple times. Krogan suffer under genophage, true; but still, original parameters apply. Unchecked krogan population growth led to aggression, led to Krogan Rebellions. Nearly destroyed galactic order; might have destroyed asari, salarian, even turian populations. Genophage was necessary act of desperation, like uplifting krogan in first place. Salarian mistake then. Genophage not a mistake. Necessary. Easy for humans to criticize.

Yet, true that krogan suffer now. Intention to keep krogan population stable, prevent population growth, since krogan showed either no inclination or no ability to do it themselves. Made them a threat to all. Must not be forgotten.

Still. Decline in krogan society not intended. Ah! Yes. Mistake. Failed to consider impact of forced sterility upon krogan psychology. Lack of ability to give birth and rear young leading to despair, lack of future planning. Especially affecting to female krogan; majority unable to exercise maternal instinct, physical and emotional trauma of multiple stillbirths. Error possibly due to difference in salarian vs. krogan reproduction. Salarians oviparous.

Mordin makes a note. Worth considering in future research. Possibly work out something for publication. He finds that he’s making more notes about the data, almost without thinking about it. How he might continue Maelon’s line of research. If, if necessary and desirable to cure genophage, this is how to do it. Yes.

Science can answer what and how, but not should. Ethics another dimension. Maelon’s data cannot answer that.

Troubled, Mordin puts the data aside and returns to the Collector report.