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Had a fabulous time in Tokyo, it was exhausting but absolutely thrilling. I didn’t get a chance to get any good pictures wearing my jacket there. My husband doesn’t have the patience to watch me flounce around for photos 😅
But here are some close ups of the details. The characters are Japanese for “truth”. As I have mentioned before my original idea for this jacket has change since I first started it. This final outcome is wonderful, but very different from what I imagined.

chestnut-podfic  asked:

🔥 Elven hair physics?

wow I’m not sure I’ve had enough gin for this but ok:

1) Elves have super long hair, like, Luthien has enough hair to make a cloak out of it and wind it into a rope to climb down Hirilorn with? that is a lot of hair.

2) long hair is, on its own, very annoying and gets in the way a lot. so clearly Elves have something else going on that ameliorates the desire to just go for it with the scissors.

3) Elves have much more control over their bodies than humans. their command over their physical forms is at “all times greater than it has ever been among men” and “far excelled the spirits of Men in power over [their bodies]” (Of Death and the Severance of Fea and Hroa, LACE).

4) therefore, it’s prehensile. obviously.

Sweetest Thing

The bell above the door rang, catching your attention from wiping the front counter of non-existent crumbs. A grin encompassed your face as you caught sight of the pair crossing through the doorway.

“Well, if it isn’t my two favorite profilers,” you greeted to Emily and JJ, loudly enough that Derek and Spencer, who were a few feet behind them, could hear.

The two women exchanged a sly smile as they knew how much you loved riling up the latter. As predicted, Derek started laughing.

“Nah, mama, come on. You know who your favorite of the team is,” he ended with a wink in your direction.

You started pulling out plates for your four favorite customers, because, truth be told? You loved them all so much. When you opened up your bakery, Sweetest Things, over a year ago, they quickly became regulars. Well, regular enough with how often they leave town for their job.

“Yeah, yeah,” you rolled your eyes at Derek’s comment. “Now, what would you guys like tonight?”

JJ’s eyes lit up as she went to look at the pastry selection you had, with Emily following quickly behind her. You could hear the two making comments and jokes while you turned to face Derek and Spencer, who were conversing quietly, but seriously, by how straight faced Spencer was.

Speaking of Spencer…he was your favorite. You’d never tell the group, of course, but you had a crush on Spencer as soon as he came through the door, following everyone in. The resident genius was full of facts that might seem boring and useless, but you loved. He was passionate about everything you two talked about, ranging from the shows you both enjoyed to books, which he could talk about for hours. You loved seeing how excited he would get, falling deeper for him as he talked.

Seeing how deep in conversation Derek and Spencer still were, you went over to help Emily and JJ, lamenting the loss of the others who couldn’t join tonight.

Spencer glanced at you as you were laughing with JJ over Emily’s inability to commit to a man other than Sergio while Emily pretended to be shocked and hurt.

“My feelings for her are growing, Derek. I have no idea what to do. She’s such a great, kind person and I don’t want to bring her into my world. And that’s assuming she even feels the same towards me. Let’s say I do ask her out, and she does say yes. That doesn’t mean happy ever after, and you know it. You saw what happened with Hotch. He and Haley weren’t even together anymore when…”

Spencer trailed off in thought when Derek put his hands on Spencer’s shoulders.

“Listen, kid,” Derek began, “we’re profilers. I can tell you for a fact that Y/N has feelings for you. If you don’t believe me, then we can ask Emily, JJ, Hotch, Rossi. Hell, even Penelope would agree and she’s the technical analyst. Y/N’s crazy for you. As for the danger of our job? That’s a price we all have to pay. But we can all protect her if that’s what has to happen. You can’t just spend all your time living in fear. You need to act on your feelings. Y/N’s a great girl, and if you keep waiting, you’re going to lose your chance. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but I’m telling you—act on your feelings before it’s too late.”

Derek gave him a grim smile before walking off to join Emily, JJ, and you near the pastries.

Left alone for a minute, Spencer pondered his thoughts. He really did love Y/N, but who’s to say she felt the same? He glanced over at you and his choice was made for him when he saw you smile whole-heartedly at him before giving your attention back to the group and throwing your head back as you laughed loudly at a comment Derek made. He was going to tell you how he felt, and if it didn’t work out? Then he would at least still have your friendship. He wasn’t going to let the world and a chance at love pass him by.

Spencer walked over to join the group. “Hey, Y/N. Can we talk, privately?”

As soon as Spencer said ‘privately,’ you knew something was up.

“Sure, Spence,” you said lightly. Inside, though, you were nervous as all hell. Oh, god, you thought. He knows I have feelings for him. Of course he would, you thought. He’s a profiler for the FBI for God’s sake. His job is literally to psychoanalyze. Oh, god. He’s going to tell me he doesn’t feel the same and that I make him uncomfortable and that this friendship is over. Your thoughts were racing when Spencer began talking and you finally looked at his face and realized that his facial expression is mimicking your internal thoughts. He looks nervous as he starts.

“Y/N, listen. I just want to say that I’m sorry if this makes you uncomfortable and I hope we can still be friends if you don’t feel the same. Just let me get through this,” he puts his hands up as you make to interrupt him. “I was entranced by your presence as soon as I walked through those doors. Your laughter is contagious and always makes me laugh and let loose after a tough case or when I’m feeling down. Your smile is the one thing I think of when I can’t sleep at night. Your eyes are the most beautiful color that I can imagine, and I find myself dreaming of them night after night. There’s no one else I’d rather talk to about Dr. Who or Sherlock Holmes. You’re intellectually captivating and your personality shines brighter than your smile. You’re funny and pure and amazing and I just want to tell you that I love you. I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but I just had to let you know because I don’t want to live my life without you. You brighten up my life and I don’t want to let that go.”

Spencer wrings his hands as he finishes his speech, searching your face for a sign that his feelings are reciprocated. You’re speechless for a minute, which gives him a bad feeling as he sighs and begins apologizing.

“No, Spence-Spencer. I love you, too. I just-I’m in shock? I didn’t expect you to feel the same. I actually thought you were going to tell me to leave you alone because I made you uncomfortable,” you nervously laughed.

“You what?” Spencer asked, eyes wide and mouth forming a smile.

“I um, I love you too,” you said shyly, looking up at him across the counter that was still in between you two.

The next thing you knew, his hands were reaching out to grab your face and pull you closer and his lips were on yours, softer than you could ever imagine. All too soon, it was over, but you were overwhelmed with the joy that was coursing through your body.

You were still lost in your thoughts and happiness while holding Spencer’s hand when you heard Derek whistle. You turned to look at the trio who were all eating their desserts, smugly smiling. You were just glad that there was no else in the bakery until you heard them all discussing bets and who owed who money.

“I had them for April,” you heard Emily say.

“Yeah, I said February,” JJ announced, “really thought Y/N would have done something. Like, bake him a cake with ‘i love you’ on it for Valentine’s Day.”

“Baby girl’s got it down, she’s the one that said July,” Derek said.

“Wait, wait, wait,” you interrupted, “you guys all placed a bet on when Spencer and I would get together?”

You were shocked, but the three profilers just laughed.

“You guys were so into each other, I’m surprised boy genius over here didn’t realize sooner that you were in love with him,” Derek said, smirking.

You glanced over at Spencer, who was blushing slightly and looking down.

“It’s okay, Spence. We’re together now,” you said, reaching up to kiss his cheek


I work retail and let me just tell you all I’m 100% more likely to help you out if you lose the attitude

If you have an issue or a mistake is made, the more polite you are = the more I’ll go out my way to help you

If you’re rude or have an attitude, I’m more likely to tell you there’s nothing I can do to help you. 

I don’t get paid enough to deal with your shit. 

Don’t be a dick.

Voltron Reality Show Hc's

Okay, so a few weeks ago one of my favorite artists @pngpotpies made a text post saying how cool a voltron reality show would be. i really liked the idea so i decided to write some headcanons on it! 

  • The premise of the show is following the 5 paladins as they all try to all live in space together with two actual aliens.
  • (Their lions are the ‘booth’ they talk in to gossip, like people do in reality shows)
  • Hunk and Lance are childhood best friends, but otherwise they’re all strangers to each other. 
  • Pidge: “I’m only here for complete nerd purposes, remember that before trying to befriend me.” Lance:”So you’re saying you wouldn’t go against me at Mario Kart in space?” Pidge: “…touché”

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Books Mood Board as H+L Fics

(To see other mood boards as H+L fics, click here!)

Special thanks to @becomeawendybird for inspiration with these, and for letting me borrow from her amazing world of Far Afield - go read it immediately! 

Top Left: Librarian Harry
Harry loves his job at the library, but he would be lying if he said he never got a little… bored. That is until Louis starts frequenting his branch and taking full advantage of Harry’s extensive knowledge of all things research related. Harry assumes Louis is just in a unique field of study, until it becomes painfully obvious that Louis long ago ran out of legitimate material to look up. But Harry’s never had such a good time at work, so he doesn’t say anything – even when Louis requests information on things like medieval furniture, the history of nudist colonies, or beekeeping in the 21st century. 

Top Middle: Strangers to Lovers
Louis’ neighborhood bookstore has recently implemented a “Take One, Leave One” program, and Louis is delighted when the first book he finds is by his absolute favorite author. Wanting to return the favor to his mystery donor, he leaves the newest release of said author in its stead. When he returns the next week, the book is gone only to be replaced by another fantastic option – with a little note slipped in the front cover that reads simply “Loved your suggestion, hope you enjoy this one. –H xx”. Wondering who this mysterious H is, Louis continues to leave books (complete with their own increasingly flirty notes) over the next few weeks, until one day he comes to find his newest option includes a note that simply reads “Meet here Friday evening, 6 PM?”  

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90’s kids in the 2010’s // draco malfoy

his family has been pure long before the world had any concept of purity - surviving, no, thriving on the idea of corruption as the means to remain on their pedestal. it’s a clever sort of wandless magic, really, one that has afforded him the name to hold court in back alleys and hotel ballrooms. and so he smirks, and smokes his contraband cigarettes, and beds girls to piss his father off. but even he knows that you can only want what you are not yet capable of losing. 

“waitress” (2007) starters

Send me one to see how my muse reacts. Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “I can’t have coffee, it’s on the ‘bad food’ list.”
  • “You are inches away from being fired, missy.”
  • “Get back to work, we’ve got customers!”
  • “Truth is, as long as you can carry a tray and fill a pie tin, I don’t care if you give birth while doing it.”
  • “If I had a penny for everything I love about you, I would have many pennies.”
  • “I don’t think we could write that on the menu board.”
  • “Well, I’m off to [place]. To deliver a baby. Because that’s what I do.”
  • “I want a divorce.”
  • “Just open it!”
  • “It’s all over the fuckin’ house! In cabinets, in drawers, under chairs, in closets! Money hidden all over my house!”
  • “I don’t expect much. I don’t get much, I don’t give much.”
  • “I want to talk to you, somewhere outside of here. Maybe we can have a coffee or something?”
  • “I’m almost five months pregnant.”
  • “Oh, just try firing me, you old bucket of cheese.”
  • “Why did I get drunk? I do stupid things when I’m drunk…”
  • “Maybe you’re not such a bad guy after all.”
  • “I just want to make sure we’re clear about one thing.”
  • “I hope someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight and that’s all they do. They don’t pull away. They don’t look at your face. They don’t try to kiss you. All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight, without an ounce of selfishness to it.”
  • “[Name], are you happy?”
  • “I can’t have no affair because it’s wrong – and I don’t want [name] to kill me.”
  • “I want drugs. I want massive amounts of drugs. I want the maximum legal limit of drugs.”
  • “After everything I’ve done for you, you go and hide money from me?”
  • “I don’t love you, [name]. I haven’t loved you for years.”
  • “You’re definitely pregnant.”
  • “I’m happy enough.”
  • “You having a secret from me tears me up.”
  • “Don’t you go loving that baby too much.”
  • “If you haven’t noticed, my right boob is way up here in Maine and my left boob is danglin’ down here in Florida.”
  • “All my life, all I’ve wanted to do is run away.”
  • “You’re the only person that ever belonged to me.”
  • “I was addicted to saying things and having them matter to someone.”
  • “If you ever come within six yards of me, I will flatten your sorry ass and I’ll enjoy doin’ it.”
  • “Many of the people I’ve met are not worth meeting. Many of the things that happened are not worth living through.”
  • “What do you want me to say?”
  • “They are poems that just occur to him on the spot.”
  • “I could find the whole meaning of life in those sad eyes.”
  • “I generally enjoy whatever comes along.”
  • “Un-congratulations.”
  • “Well, that’s not a funny joke. You got this new baby here, you shouldn’t be making jokes like that…”
  • “We were having an affair. I just ended it.”
  • “You having a secret from me tears me up.”
  • “I wouldn’t trade places with her.”
  • “What kind of a doctor are you?!”
  • “Oh, I love living vicariously through the pain and suffering of others.”
  • “You know, there was a diner in the town where I grew up, and there was this waitress. I had a mad crush on her.”
  • “Un-thank you.”
  • “I don’t want you to save me. I don’t need to be saved.”
  • “Say something sexy, baby, something nasty.”
  • “I want you the hell out of my life. You are never to touch me, ever again; I am done with you.”
  • “Calm down, you psychotic ape!”
  • “Are you with child?”
  • “You ask a serious question, I’ll give you a serious answer.”
  • “I mean, when you call yourself a happy man, do you really mean it?”
  • “I do stupid things when I’m drunk. Like sleep with my husband.”
  • “Okay, back to reality.”
  • “I seem to be pregnant.”
If I make your drink wrong (ie, whole milk instead of skim, wrong size), please be patient. I make hundreds of drinks each day– it isn’t personal. If you treat me badly because I make one mistake due to a miscommunication, you will ALWAYS be known as a rude customer.
—  Confession #34