truth beyond legend

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Klaroline fic recs? To tide me over :)

Okay here is a list:

Lead us into Temptation by Anastasia Dreams

Paradise Circus by Lila2

Hoppípolla, put down your sword and crown, and we shed what was left of our summer skin, by but seriously

This City is Turning Into Cinders, In Love and War, All’s Fair, The Devil’s Currency, A Lesson in Goodbye, My Body Doesn’t Bleed, But You Kill Me Daily, Tracing Poems On Your Body, He is Poison by fadingtales

Yea, Though I Walk, by CBK1000

I’m not calling you a liar by bkgrl

There’s nothing left to beg for by Lady Shaye

Volcano, Our Hell Is a Good Life, Snow White Queen By: afamiliarsmile

Sacrifices By: simply-aly

Nepenthe, by iridescent.serendipity

Come Freely, Go Safely, Killer Instinctall the things i might not be, Paradise for the Lost by liarfaker

Truth Beyond Legend by AidansQueens

Dark and relentless ,Glitch, Revenge is a Confession of Pain by GhostInThePhoto

Solstice by

the Other Side of You, More from the Other, Lie to me, A Kiss for A Kill, A Kiss for Betrayal By: Sad Olive

Give Me Love, Love Interruption, Room Service, Cruise Control By: idiot-wind89

The Dark King, Hostage, Gravity by AdriannaDestiny

Splendor In the Grass by gwrageddnc

Whispers, The Lines That Lie BetweenTerms and Conditions, The Animal InsideThe Fire InsideCenturies of UsBy: RadientWings

The Devil’s Backbone by willowaus

Two Lost Souls by Moultipass1

Fortune and Love only Favour the Brave, by HelloQueenCMikaelson

The One Where by heystrippah

The Seven Seas By: Bullet2tm

It’s Fate by Ethereal Prey

Heart of Thunder, by LunaLight and StarFire Cast

The Hybrid By: klovec

Sadness Is My Blessing By: queenofklaroline

Match Made In Hell By: Jennifer Vo

The Devil In Me By: immortalpen

A Spirit of Courage By: CelebrienTinuviel

Treasured By: ShakespearianNerd

Deadly Deal- Klaroline By: melissah87