qualities of the signs
  • aries:loveliest person you will ever meet
  • taurus:sweetheart
  • gemini:the person that hates everything just because its popular
  • cancer:everyone secretly has a crush on them
  • leo:always smells good
  • virgo:beautiful handwriting
  • libra:open-minded + adventurous
  • scorpio:very caring
  • sagittarius:sexy as hell
  • capricorn:always spreads positivity
  • aquarius:very smart
  • pisces:most unselfish person ever

We don’t wanna build nuclear weapons. We don’t believe that nuclear weapons bring security to anybody, certainly not to us. So— it’s important for everybody to come to the realization that— this is about nuclear technology, this is about scientific advancement, this is about pride of the Iranian people. It has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. And once we reach that understanding, once this hysteria is out, once this fear mongering is out, then we can have a deal…This deal will help ensure that Iran’s nuclear program will always remain peaceful.”

"[B]y the way, it’s important to know that Israel is the only possessor of nuclear weapons in our region, is the only aggressor in our region, is the only occupier of other people’s territory in our region. And it still has the audacity to go out and make claims— about others. The prime minister, who is actually responsible for the carnage that took place in Gaza, is accusing a country that has not invaded any of its neighbors, or anybody else for that matter, for over 250 years, more than the life of many nations…We have been a force for stability in this region."

"[I]t is unfortunate that Mr. Netanyahu now totally— distorts realities of today. He even distorts his own— scripture. If you read the book of Esther, you will see that it was the Iranian king who saved the Jews. If you read the Old Testament, you will see that it was an Iranian king who saved the Jews from Babylon. Esther has a town in Iran where our Jewish population, which is the largest in the Middle East— visit on a regular basis.

It is truly, truly regrettable that bigotry gets to the point of making allegations against an entire nation which has saved Jews three times in its history: Once during that time of— of a prime minister who was trying to kill the Jews, and the king saved the Jews, again during the time of Cyrus the Great, where he saved the Jews from Babylon, and during the— Second World War, where Iran saved the Jews. Iran has a bright record of— tolerance to other religions. We have a Jewish member of our parliament. It is totally regrettable that somebody plays such a distortion of reality, not only of contemporary reality, but even of Biblical reality, and of the scripture to which— they claim allegiance.