When you are fully in the moment, this moment is all there is. It feels like time slows down. When your mind is quiet, you enter into the flow of love, and you just flow from one moment to the next as naturally as breathing. Whatever arises, I embrace it with love in the moment. This is my practice of polishing the mirror to reflect Maharaj-ji’s love. In this moment there is just awareness and love. If someone asks me how to get into their heart, I give them this practice: I Am Loving Awareness.
—  Ram Dass
Day Three Hundred Forty.

every night 
i whisper a soft
thank you 
to the strong heart
thump thump thumping
in my chest
for taking a leap of faith
all those years ago
making sure i found my home
in your arms 
will never be a 
what if 
are what happened