I have come to understand the best kind of love isn’t the one that needs to be sealed with vows.

It’s the love that stays like coffee stains on your white shirt, a haunting melody that lingers, an immortal poetry you recite with eyes closed.

It comes without a promise of a ring, but with untainted memory of summer, a perfect memory of ease, and just a shot of yearning.

—  Liv Wilde
Beyond the mind

Consciousness is the formless, unchanging, unmoving, silence beyond the mind and body. It is not a frequency. It is not a vibration. It is not energy. It is the presence beyond the senses. It is the container of all that was, is, or ever will be. Silence the mind and stop thinking. Allow a gap in between your thoughts. Experience the presence of pure being. Allow yourself to realize the past and the future are only illusions. Time will dissolve. Boundaries will dissolve. You are pure awareness, in the eternal now moment. You are beyond, and all is within.


The true-self is beyond observation (i.e. formless). Only the ego-self can be observed, perceived, and judged by others. This means that the image people hold of you, no matter what it is, is only a reflection of their own mental projections. The only way they can know your true identity beyond your physical form is to first discover it in themselves.