trusty dusty


Part 1 of pics from the screening today! What a fun time! I have some vids still uploading, but they’re very shaky, and I know peeps got better ones. Still, if you’re into it, here’s a Jon Heder Q&A (and jon goofing around w mcbc) , and some trivia with  Warren Fitzgerald.

But WOW what a blast!! So much fun. All the guests, taking pics with Snakey, the raffle… So cool! I really hope they do end up doing the S2 screening they mentioned during this. There’s nothing like singing all those Aquabats songs with an entire theater. The reaction of the band when the entire theater just about knew the words to ‘Lady in the corner’ and all did the ‘ROWL’ was just great. Oh man.

But WOW, yes, so much fun. Holy cow. I’m still recovering from it. It went on two hours longer than it was supposed to due to technical issues but it was handled so smoothly you couldn’t tell. Comments on photos!