trusty boomerang

Miraculous OC!!! Her name is Mae and when she transfroms she turns into the infamous She-wolf assassin, with the help of her wolf kwami Luna. Her next target is the one and only Garibel Agreste. Her main weapon is two concealed wist blades and for long range she has her trusty boomerang. Her sepical attack is called “Full Moon” which allows her to turn invisible for 30 seconds. Making her the ultimate killing machine.

Hognesia (Pt. 1), a Sonic Boom fanfic

Hey everyone! So this is the start of the multi-piece fanfic I briefly mentioned the other day. It’s again written kind of in the “Sonic Boom” style (honestly it’s really fun writing in the style of the show), so expect my attempt as some Boom!humor but it’s mostly a sonamy heavy story :) Anyway, let’s see what mess the Boom Crew gets into this time and I hope you enjoy!

Part 2 Part 3

An all too familiar crash, followed shortly by the hysteria of fleeing villagers, was heard just outside the village as Sonic and the rest of the gang were enjoying their lunch at Meh Burger. Though the sound of another Eggman attack was nothing new to the heroes, it was still sudden enough for Knuckles to bite his fingers as he was mid-motion into eating his burger.

“OW!” He shouted as he dropped his burger in natural reflex. “Oh man.” He sighed with quite the defeated tone. “It had extra pickles too…”

“Come on guys, let’s see what fail-prone plan Egghead’s come up with this time.” Sonic stood up and commanded before bolting off in a blue flash. The remaining crew gave each other a quick glance, followed by an agreeing nod, and got up to follow suit.

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ask-lulu-and-the-bandle-forces  asked:

Gnar is in his cave, with his trophies all laid out, ready to be rearranged when suddenly he hears a loud crashing sound. Outside there's a large green swirling portal. A titanic dark purple cloven hoof exits the portal, stomping a large patch of trees. From out the portal comes a dark purple demon, looking to be around thee hundred feet tall. Her face is rugged, her body muscular. The demoness has two large deer-like antlers. She takes a step forward towards Gnar's house, shaking the ground.

He hears the rambling outside and immediately takes his trusty boomerang, running outside. He stops in his tracks as he sees the giant demon. Of course being a proud hunter that he is he takes on the challenge and runs towards the demon to slay it.