@Junko_Mizuno × Swarovski's "The Lovlots: Chinese Zodiac" crystal sculptures!

NEW POST: Artist @Junko_Mizuno has brought her fantastically cute style to Chinese Zodiac sculptures through a partnership with Austrian crystal maker Swarovski. Released as part of Swarovski’s Lovlots series, these animal inspired figurines include the above pictured Chu Chu the Rat, Kiki the Monkey, Ko Ko the Rooster, MoMo the Ox, Tatsu the Dragon and Hebi the Snake, which are the newest additions to the collection, which previously included the below pictured Wan Wan the dog, Bu Bu the Pig, Me Me the Sheep, Mimi the Rabbit, Tora the Tiger, and Uma the Horse. These 12 pieces are each roughly 1⅛-inches tall and cost $65 apiece, which are available now from this section of Swarovski’s site.

Geof Darrow × @togetherplus Industries's "Shaolin Cowboy" & "Big Dog" figures!

NEW POST: I have been a fan of Geof Darrow's art since the first time I stumbled across Hard Boiled, the comic he created with Frank Miller. Then the two would work together again on Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot, another instantly iconic work in my eyes. I would follow Darrow, mainly tracking down stray cover art he created, until he launched into his own Shaolin Cowboy comic a decade ago. And now “Shaolin Cowboy” and “Big Dog,” depicted above, are both being transformed into three-dimensional life by @togetherplus Industries. We previously announced this, but now it is completely confirmed… Below being the 3D render for “Shaolin Cowboy” and the test pulls for “Big Dog!” While “Shaolin Cowboy” is still in the sculpting phase, “Big Dog” will be released in “a plethora of colorways” soon and Darrow “will be drawing brand new art for the header card!”

FULLY REVEALED: @huckgee's "The Gulf OBP" racing car inspired mech masterpiece!

NEW POST: After over a decade of haunting @huckgee's sketchbooks, he finally felt confident enough to self-produce one of his fully original mech designs. “The Gulf OBP” stands 10-inches tall and is made of 3 pounds of resin with rotating ball turrets. Each individually signed by Gee, “The Gulf OBP” will be available for a 24-hour ordering window from Gee’s online shop for $475 apiece beginning on Thursday, March 26th, 2015 at 12 NOON Pacific time.

Trust Pigs's Top 13 Best Resin or Rubber Releases of 2013!

NEW POST: We here at SpankyStokes decided to carefully examine all the releases of 2013, each carefully examining the massive list of Designer Toy creations from those twelve months and choosing our Top 13. What follows are Nick “Trust Pigs” Curtis’s favorite new resin (or rubber) pieces from 2013!

fplus × Daniel Fleres -
“Swanicorn Knight”

Jeff Lamm × @togetherplus Industries -
“Greasebat Gummi Playset”

Flawtoys -
“No Face (Kaonashi)”

Retroband -
“Halloween III” figures

Yoskay Yamamoto × Mighty Jaxx -

@umetoys -
“The Grump”

LilJapan -

Pause Designs × Kevin Gosselin -
“Chainsaw Panda”

Scott Wilkowski × Sucklord -
“X-Ray S.U.C.K.L.E.: Sucklord X”

Otto Björnik × @JRYU -
“Locket & Phainein”

PaulusHyu × FullFill Artplication -
“Daydream Nimbus”

Big Trubble -
“Ghost Pig”

Jason Freeny × @lukechueh ×
@munkykingtoys -
“Target: Self-Medicated”

The Prehistoric Rubbery Duckies Cometh… Panda Propaganda SLC's "Dino Ducks!"

NEW POST: In newly colored versions just from Easter, these four unique “Dino Ducks” from Bacee of Panda Propaganda SLC are a brilliant hand-cast resin rendition of a rubbery ducky from the prehistoric age! With a sharp-toothed dinosaur head atop, these beasts are available now in Panda Propaganda SLC’s online shop for the special price of $15 apiece.

@kidrobot's "The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Mini Series" Announced!

NEW POST: The annual Halloween special on The Simpsons, The Treehouse of Horror, has become classic for its unique takes of iconic horror themes and characters within the cartoon universe. And now, thanks to @kidrobot, we’ll be treated to 3-inch tall vinyl versions of some of the most memorable Treehouse redesigns. Set to be released just in time for Halloween, “The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Mini Series” features “12 frightful figures that are blind packed and guaranteed to give you chills!” Set to be available in September 2013, these blind boxed figures will cost $9.99 apiece.

[Above image and information from the Diamond Distribution “Previews Magazine” for July 2013.]

ArtmyMind's strong sword-bearing "Tsuyoi Ken" custom for MunnyMunth!

NEW POST: Though voting for @kidrobot's previously announced MunnyMunth contest might be over, there were some fantastic entries at the eleventh hour that should certainly be noted, including this custom piece by ArtmyMind. Titled “Tsuyoi Ken,” which is Japanese for “strong sword” (強い剣), this meticulously sculpted, painted, and cloth draped piece does indeed wield a rather large and powerful looking weapon… one that could even be de@scribeswalkd as having comically anime-like size, being proportionally even bigger than a _nodachi_ (Japanese two-handed long sword), as it appears to be roughly the same height as the Munny who carries it! Regardless of realism, this character perfectly fits into the strangely mythical and feudal Japan that ArtmyMind have been evolving with their pieces; we can only hope that, one day, they start letting us know even more about this world they populate with perfect pieces.

ANNOUNCED: threeZero × BioWare's "Dragon Age: Alistair" 1/6th Scale Figure!

NEW POST: Coming straight out of Dragon Age, the award-winning fantasy role-playing video game series created by BioWare, is a stunning 1/6th scale figure of “Alistair” produced by threeZero. A character that is potential heir to the throne and a key companion to the Hero of Ferelden, the “Alistair” collectible figure is fully articulated and highly detailed, featuring tailored clothing as well as sword and shield accessories. Available on Monday, March 30th, 2015 at 6PM Pacific time in the threeZero online shop for $150, those placing their preorder from threeZero will receive an addition item: a cheat code that unlocks one random in-game item! What?!? How cool…

Move over Hedorah! The Rotten Ones's blind bagged "Frozen Ultraslimelord" micro run!

NEW POST: If you’re a fan of the Hedorah-esque sludge monster look, then how can you go wrong with The Rotten Ones “Ultraslimelords”?!? These resin mini figures are being released today (March 27th, 2015) in the pictured “Frozen” colorway, which includes three unpainted white & blue swirled pieces and one hand-painted chase figure! Sold blind bag, these will be available at 12 NOON Pacific time in The Rotton Ones’s online shop for a mere $9.50 apiece.

JFury's "Dead Wabbits" resin micro editions and hand-painted one-offs!

NEW POST: "Be vewwy, vewwy quiet… I’m hunting wabbits!" is a phrase commonly associated with Elmer Fudd on his eternal search to bag that rascally rabbit, but — come 3PM Pacific time today (March 23rd, 2016) — that same proclamation might be exclaimed by legions of JFury fans as they race to purchase one of fifteen “Dead Wabbit” resin sculptures being released. Standing 4¼-inches tall, these super gloss finished works are casts of a piece depicting a stylized, textured bunny suit that contains a skeletal character within. Made in five colorful editions that are limited to 3 pieces each, these will be assigned randomly to buyers with a guarantee of no duplicate colors when ordering multiples. In addition to the $30 apiece micro editions, JFury will also make available one-of-a-kind, hand-painted color options for $65 apiece in his online shop, also available today (March 23rd, 2016) at 3PM Pacific time.

RxSeven's "Primitive Nature" Series continues with "Jungle Fever" Munny!

NEW POST: The talented hands of RxSeven continue to sculpt and create jaw-dropping customs, this time revisiting the “Primitive Nature” series he began with the previously reviewed “Forest Reaper.” His newest piece in the ongoing collection is a 7-inch Trikky transformed into “Jungle Fever,” a tiger that has been consumed by nature. With removable mask and custom wood burned box, this piece is every bit as brilliantly executed as the previous one. RxSeven continues to bring the “wow” and, with it, his popularity and demand are sure to rise… Support him early, check out his online shop today (March 4th, 2013) at 5PM Pacific time for a chance to snag this $240 gem.

Every artist wants a red dot from a gallery show… and now @umetoys is letting you buy one!

NEW POST: Every artist, whether they are honest about it or not, wants to see that little red dot beside their piece when it is in a gallery show, a single colored circular indicator that a work of art has been purchased. Rich “UME Toys" Page knows this and so he has created "Todder," the anthropomorphic red dot with a cute ass. Standing about 3-inches tall, this solid resin figure was hand-sculpted, -cast, and -painted by Rich. I especially love the awkwardly shy mannerism imparted on the arms, it’s a subtle but lovely touch. Adding to the excitement of this figure’s debut, Page has created a one-off custom version of the character that mimics the appearance of comic book comedian Deadpool, which he has titled "TodPool" (pictured below)! Both versions will be available on Friday, February 6th, 2015 at 1PM Pacific time in the @umetoys online shop.

Back in Black! Yoskay Yamamoto × @MightyJaxx's "Wish Upon Me…" Figure!

NEW POST: Stunning minimalist artist Yoskay Yamamoto collaborates once again with producer @MightyJaxx, releasing a brand new “Black” colorway of their “Wish Upon Me…” cast resin and wood figure. This hand-painted art piece measures 7½ in. × 3½ in. × 6½ in. and is limited to an edition of 80 pieces. Available today (March 27th, 2015) at 5PM Pacific time in @MightyJaxx’s online shop.

Mr. Krotpong's "Horrifically Humble Homunculord" finger puppet figures!

NEW POST: After several months of teasing (see HERE & HERE), Mr. Krotpong's “Homunculords” are finally coming soon! Cast in kinkeshi (キン消し) colored — a.k.a. the infamous M.U.S.C.L.E. Flesh pink — soft Japanese vinyl, these sets of five figures have been hand-painted by the artist and three are adorned with work clothes that conceal their quite naughty looking 'naughty bits.' These roughly 2½- to 3-inch tall figures will be available on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 4PM Pacific time in Mr. Krotpong’s online shop for $65 per set.

Trust Pigs's Top 13 Best Vinyl Releases of 2013!

NEW POST: We here at SpankyStokes decided to carefully examine all the releases of 2013, each carefully examining the massive list of Designer Toy creations from those twelve months and choosing our Top 13. What follows are Nick “Trust Pigs” Curtis’s favorite new vinyl (or PVC or ABS plastic) pieces from 2013!

@togetherplus Industries -
“SpongeBrain SquarePants”

Kathie Olivas × Artoyz -
“Oliver the Batboy”

@iKronk × Two Steps From Hell -
“Hot Date”

Mike Leavitt × Magic Bodega -
“Banksy Action Figure”

McBess × @kidrobot -
“Les Viandardes”

JamFactory × Big Spoon Toys -
“Shirley Creamhorn & Shithawk”

@GaryGepetto × 3DRetro -
“Super Suckset”

Colus × @kidrobot -
“The Hunted” Dunny

Stan Manoukian × @togetherplus Industries -

Craww × @kidrobot Black -

Kevin Gosselin -
“Dead Kozik”

Ferg × Brandt Peters -
“TerrorBoys Squadt”

Coarse Toys -
“The Passage”

ANNOUNCED: Awesome Toy's "Fake Baron" Mini Figure & Finger Puppet!

NEW POST: Perhaps you’ve found the Awesome Toy's “Fake Baron” figure to be a bit out of your price range, but that hasn't stopped you from coveting the gorgeous robot toy, which is inspired by the classic ’70s “Pachi Red Baron” menko illustration. Well, you'll soon have not one but two affordable options to choose from… the above pictured “Fake Baron” mini figure and the below pictured “Fake Baron” finger puppet. Heck, we hear there may even be two more pieces in the affordable line: a super-deformed finger puppet mini figure and a mini figure pendant necklace! All expected to be cast in soft Japanese vinyl, the piece pictured are the rough sculpts in oil clay that the base molds will be cast from (once they are completed). We can't wait to hear more… it's always great when a company thinks of the various price points for their fans!

threeA's "Adventure Kartel: Little Shadow" memorial line of 1/6th scale figures!

NEW POST: In celebration of Little Shadow’s decision to overthrow her family and take control of the Shadow Empire while adventuring with Tommy, threeA are releasing the following memorial figures in Ashley Wood's “Adventure Kartel” line:

* the above pictured “On the Run Little Shadow and Tommy” 2-Pack for $200
* the “Little Shadow V2,” “Cherry Shadow V2,” and “Shadow Mode Little Shadow 3AA V2,” pictured directly below from left to right, for $100 each
* the “Red Panda Merc Shadow” — pictured in costume (far below, left) and out of costume (far below, right) — for $130
* and the “Umbra Always 3AA V2” (pictured far below, right) for $100

All figures, except Tommy, feature brand new 10-inch tall, 1/6th scale bodies! Available tonight (February 12th, 2015) at 5PM Pacific time in the Bambaland online shop for a limited time only!

Ryan Lee Fitness's "Rumbbell Exercise Gummi Figures" from @togetherplus Industries!

NEW POST: Yes, the Hong Kong sensation of Ryan Lee Fitness's “Rumbbell Exercise Gummi Figures” are going to be available online from @togetherplus Industries. Yes, these keshi style pieces depict the fittest toy hero in a variety of poses, with each 2-inch tall figure being sold in a blind box. There are nine different figures in the mystery box set, including the three shown below, which will be available to purchase today (March 26th, 2015) from @togetherplus Industries’s online shop for $9 apiece.

Avatar666 transforms Muttpop's "Tequila" into a Samurai-inspired "Boba Fett!"

NEW POST: Some customizers would be worried about being considered one-trick ponies when they did the same thing over and over again, but Méxican artist Avatar666 is rapidly becoming a frontrunner for stand-out customizer in 2013 just from his _Star Wars_ inspired pieces. Take, for example, this impressive feudal Japanese Samurai meets bounty hunter Boba Fett commissioned custom: crafted from Muttpop’s Tequila platform, Avatar666 did an amazing job merging the two aesthetics into one. I really like the addition of the tusks to the face, similar to those on his banner, and the cool accessory details added (pair of katanas, the banner, a backpack and a pair of braids). Absolutely killer!

Misfortune Cats, Stinky Gingers & Bugbites, Oh My! @ChrisRyniak opens an online shop!

NEW POST: @ChrisRyniak has announced that he’ll be finally opening his own online shop, filled to the brim with the likes of 3-inch tall Misfortune Cat figure variants, 5-inch tall Glow-in-the-Dark Misfortune Cat APs, 7-inch tall unpainted GID Stinky Ginger APs, blind-bagged resin-cast Bugbite mini figures, and more original illustrations than you can shake a stick at! @ChrisRyniak’s online shop opens today (March 25th, 2014) at 11AM Pacific time and everything in it will be first come, first serve… so be prepared for an F5 war.