[ベイマックス - Big Hero 6] - THINGS WE L0ST IN THE FIRE

“ — Tadashi, NO !! “

Don’t go where I can’t follow…

I was the match and you were the rock
Maybe we started this fire
We sat apart and… *

益Law as Hamada Hiro
益Kyo as Hamada Tadashi 

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Photographer&Editing : bouillon_cube


[Zootopia - Zootropolis] Fast & Furious

Hey, Flash, wanna hear a joke ?

✲Law as Judy Hopps
✲Teru as Nicholas P. Wilde

Photography&Editing : bouillon_cube

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— It has been three hours and half.
— Archives you know, don’t pressure the social worker, officer.
— Go bite yourself, Wilde.
— Naughty bun  ;) “


[Zootopia - Shake It Off]

Until finally she has no choice but to go BACK home with that cute fuzzy wuzzy little tail between her legs to become…you’re from Bunny Burrow ? So how about a carrot farmer.

✲Law as Judy Hopps
✲Teru as Nicholas P. Wilde

Photography&editing : bouillon_cube

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Heyo dear Frosties ! 

There are some tips for Jack Frost, please come visit us on our Deviantart or on our FB page => , for more fun and interesting stuff ; )

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 You need :

- You favorite blue sweatshirt (well, if you want to make one it is good too, but I don’t have any pattern for you sorry XD)

- a brush with narrow tip

- painting : 2/3 white + 1/3 silver + just a little bit of glitters if you really want but don’t add too much if you doesn’t want to shine like some of North’s fairylights haha 

- a lot of patience and some good music : The secret is to be patient, one little touch of paint by one, the sleeves first for the training, then the collar, the chest part and the shoulders, the front pocket in this order. Some talc on the hoodie could be a nice touch to blend the frozen pattern ^^. Oh ! And don’t add any water, if your paint turned dried, add to the dried mixture more paint.

Estimated time : 6-8 hours for the frozen patterns only XD


You need :

- a brown tight pants : I think you can afford one in shops, but if not, sorry I don’t have any pattern here for you ^ ^“, to transform it in an old rag, you can scrub it lightly with sandpaper 

- scissors : Preparing for the burn thinggie XD You will have a much more realist yet regular effect

- a lighter/matches : Well, this is the main part, ask someone to help you to hold the pants or the lighter, depends how you think you can move in the flame the more easier ^ ^)”

You have to constantly be vigilant about it, let it burn until you are satisfied with the result, and slap the fabric on the ground (where it safe, mine were tiles) to extinguish the fire.

- leather light brown stripes 

Like me, you can add some of your left over paint to add a bit frost on your pants ^ ^

Estimated time : 20-30 minutes for the cutting/burning stuff


You need :

- a bamboo stick about your height from the middle of your head to toes (right, it isn’t because of my asian roots that I choose bamboo XD, but because is a very light material but quite solid too, resistant to humidity etc.)… But I think it’s okay if you have some old broomstick in your closet ! >: )

- some wire (to make the frame of the tip and connect the two parts of the staff)

- plaster (I used tapes, because is more easy : a little warm water and you can use them immediately )

- layers of paper ( you can choose if you want to paint them before or after fix them on the staff. With the paper, you make the texture of the wood, so have fun ! )

- liquid glue (add a touch of light blue paint for the finish)

- paint/glitter nail : your choice !

One last advice : After plastered your staff, let it (snow, let is snow-erh) dry one night so your staff will be strong enough to bear the liquid glue and/or the painting without absorb to much humidity.

Estimated time : About 2h30 (4h with some painting) + one night for the drying

❄ JACK FROST’S erh - Me as Jack Frost (?) XD : 

Well, I hadn’t planned to make a tutorial for Jack, so I haven’t much WIP photos for Jack hair :/
But if you haven’t any spiky white wig as me, I can tell you that it is quite possible to texture it with some hair gel and hair spray.

My second advice is to take a short wig. A real short one XD Don’t know how to explain really, but Jack is probably the character with the shortest hair that I have cosplayed since the beginning : )
I think you can see the little difference between the two photos here.On the portrait photo, the face is quite okay, but on the photo on the right, my hair was a bit flattened by the rain, and it is well…Better on the portrait ? So : spikes + “ (real) short hair ”, that it’s the good combo ^ ^

Oh, and dark eyebrows >: )

Last secret tip : The smolde- erfh, I mean, the smirk. You are going to be one kind of naughty Guardian, so just enjoy bringing fun and tricks to children haha ! ☆彡