A Happy Place- A digital art piece and (cheesy) poem created for Eugene_J_Houston (@morgiemalt). Organized by the Makoharu AO3 Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange.

Here is a happy place

My heart slows to beat with yours

Here is a place of warmth

Skin glowing, eyes shining bright

Here is a place of memories

My mind brimming with your smile

Here is a place of unity

Arms wrap in familiar spaces

Here is a place of compassion

Fingers fit like puzzle pieces

Here is a place of safety

The world stills in bated breath

Here is a place of trust

No questions needed, for we know

Here is a place of love

Yes, this is our happy place

jigglology  asked:

Bucky 40

40. Trust

No one knew how the fire started, maybe it was Thor and his pop tarts, or maybe it was Tony and one of his experiments, however what you did know was you had to get your ass out of there as quickly as possible. Running immediately to the stairs you quickly spotted Cap looking around the crowds pouring out the exit frantically. “Steve, what’s wrong, besides the obvious?” You asked, mumbling the last part. “I can’t find Bucky.” He yelled above the noise. Just as he finished his sentence the stairs engulfed in flames, stopping anyone that was still in building up there. “Did he not get out?” You shouted, worry slowly praying on your mind. Steve only shook his head as his cheeks seemed to wet with cheeks. Without even a second thought you let your body engulf in flames, it was useful being a mutant sometimes, and ran back into the building. “Bucky!” You yelled as you flew around the tower, “Soldier, we need to get out, now!” You shouted again before you heard a faint coughing coming from Steve’s room. Quickly heading that way you kicked the door in to a sooty Bucky curled up in the corner. “Y/N, where’s Steve?” He wheezed, clearly having trouble breathing. “He’s safe.” You assured him. Suddenly a beam fell down, blocking your exit and with the flames slowly advancing on you both you had no other choice. “Bucky, do you trust me?” You asked reaching your hand out to the scared soldier. “Probably more than anyone.” The soldier confirmed, still coughing on the smoky air. Wrapping him in your arms you shielded him from the flames and burst out of the window, spiralling through the air you both landed rather ungracefully on the ground. “Remind me not to trust you again.” Bucky wheezed, smirking slightly. “I got you out didn’t I.” You laughed, rolling off of him.

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Olicity: Matter of Trust

My beautiful Olicity fandom, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the tiniest gift that MG gave us.

First, kudos to @geekoftheconnors for the BRILLIANT question!

So I’m really only going to talk about 3x17’s song choice, “A Matter of Trust” cause … it’s just too perfect and beautiful not to be talked about.

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