why i think lexa’s betrayal is a trick:

there is absolutely no way the grounder army is just going to call it a day after getting their people back from mount weather. that’s NOT all they wanted

like lexa said at the beginning of the episode, the mountain men have cast a shadow over them for too long, and now it would end

its in the frickin name of the episode: blood will have blood

they’re gonna come back, and get their revenge


Hannibal fantasy season 3: Dolarhyde and Lecter’s correspondence

My Dear Dr. Lecter,
    I wanted to tell you I’m delighted that you have taken an interest in me. And when I learned of your vast correspondence I thought Dare I? Of course I do. I don’t believe you’d tell them who I am, even if you knew. Besides, what particular body I currently occupy is trivia.
    The important thing is what I am Becoming. I know that you alone can understand this. I have some things I’d love to show you. If I hear from you, next time I might send you something wet. Until then I remain your
            Avid Fan

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 5: Molly Appreciation Day

Molly started as a girl with a crush on Sherlock and has since become one of the most important people in his life. She’s up first in his mind palace, and saves his life after Mary shoots him. Can you talk about her evolution?

She’s developed hugely. She wasn’t even meant to come back after her first appearance, but she worked so well. Louise Brealey was so good. The girl with the unrequited crush became the first person to make Sherlock apologize in “A Scandal in Belgravia,” and then you see it really shift around. Whereas all of Sherlock’s emotion on the rooftop when he’s talking to John in “The Reichenbach Fall” is completely faked — he’s just trying to give his friend a bad time so he’ll be in an emotional state to believe what’s about to happen — the emotion when Sherlock turns up to Molly in that episode and says “I need you,” I mean, it’s amazing everyone didn’t just get it right there. For God’s sake, what do you think he’s thinking about? He’s gone to a woman who works in a morgue — what do you think happens next? So she’s become one of a very small select band of people he absolutely trusts. And he adores Molly, of course he does. He loves her. I don’t think she has the same sort of crush on him anymore. She’s fascinated by him, but she knows that’s not who she actually wants to end up with. She properly cares about him — and gets angry at him, and tells him off. It’s revealing that she’s in his mind palace. She’s one of the people he keeps himself up to the mark with.

–– Steven Moffat