I can basically recognize another gemini by whether or not I see them trying repeatedly to add something to the discussion and getting talked over by everyone else, followed by everyone else accusing them of monopolizing the conversation

& I, the observer, am the only one to say “bitch where?!”

  • Zack: So how is the prettiest person in the world feeling today?
  • Rachel: *Barely glances at him while reading.*
  • Rachel: I don't know, how are you?
  • Zack: *Voice cracks* I'm fine..
  • *Meanwhile beside them*
  • Cathy: *Casually drinks her latte while watching them* 'Get your shit together boi'

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One thing I really dislike in this episode is Leiftan's role. Gardienne seems to trust him so much automatically and this is just... Why? His words about 'letting go' weren't very convincing imo. I really would have preferred to talk about it with someone else (Kero, Chrome). Not with a dude from a damned Shining Guard.

i know! i guess they did it for the illustration lol but seriously, leiftan seems to take the role of her confidant now. i guess she thinks she can trust him with anything
[SPOILERS] Infinity War set: New characters beating the hell out of Viz

“A new video from the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR set shows Vision getting tossed in an apparent fight with two CGI-based characters! (Brian)”

Oh my gods what are they doing with him!! 😓😫😥

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"Worst AU anon" here, I sent you the curling one with Québécois Yuuri 😂 I love Canada a lot but I didn't think an AU based on aggressive sweeping and yelling would be all that fun and now you've made me want to read it!

LOLOLOL You meant for that to be a bad AU idea?? Omg noooo hahaha I thought that that would be cool!!!! I still know nothing about it lmao but the idea of Yuuri and Victor aggressively sweeping and yelling? Sign me up tbh