Cardiff || trustme11thedoctor


from all the places there could’ve been a rift in time and space, it has to be Cardiff?

The Master’s sitting on a bench, in a street he wondered off to. He escaped the TARDIS.

The Doctor didn’t stop him. It made The Master think if The Doctor knows, how much he feels trapped in his current life, the life that were forced upon him. Does he understand that he’ll always return?

He smiles to himself, how stupid is that? of course he knows, there’s no bigger expert in the whole universe when it comes to running away.

But there he’s sitting, The Master of all, 21st century earth, Wales, Cardiff. So lost.

How did he fall so far? He’s half mindly tapping a rythem of four on his leg.

But then he lifts his head in a swift, quick movement. Because something’s wrong. He may be dying, his body may be defect, but he’s still a Time Lord, and he can sense it when there’s a potential paradox. Someone is almost crossing his own time line.

Only then he notices that person is sitting next to him, but even though he hasn’t seen that face yet, he already knows who that is.


Knock Knock ||




She snickers and walks up behind him. Leaning in she reaches and grabs the fish fingers then walks over to the counter and puts them next to the custard. “Wow, nice seeing you again.” she shook her head with a slight smirk as she looked at him, “I was worried sick.”

He frowns, looking at her taking out the fish fingers, before peaking back in frowning. He then closes the freezer, then the fridge, and turns around, leaning against the side, and folding his arms “Worried sick about what? Fish fingers?” He looks at them, “Sorry, all I seem to think about is them at the moment,” He grins, “Last time I had fish custard was… Amy’s house.” He pauses, frowning, “Wow. That was ages ago.” 

She frowns back, “Oh. No I was worried about you.” she said as she flipped the box over, “Um…I never even eaten fish fingers before how do you…” she seemed utterly lost as she looked at the box she sighed and put the box down and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “You can do it if you want.”

He smiles, “You alright?” He raises an eyebrow, as he flips the oven on.

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“With so many of you - one of you must have a case. Come on - I am on the verge of turning to crime to alleviate this crippling tedium.”