WakfuTale: Everything’s the same exept the story goes on Wakfu universe, with each character being of a different race from this world; Gaster’s alive and kicking, and sans and papyrus being children.

Sans and Papyrus(10yo and 6yo): youngbrothers from different eggs/dofus, their twins being dragon blasters with full bodies. Sans “hatched” first and a few years later came papyrus.
Sans can be stubborn and a little troublemaker sometimes, but he’s a happy bean with a golden heart, ready to help those in need, he’s also very curious  and a great explorer at heart.
Papyrus is a small cinammon roll, loving person and animal kingdom. But he can also be very naive and trustfull, being tricked by bad guys out there. Papyrus is always ready to learn from his big Brother Gaster, while Sans prefers to run around the meadows and help people at the village, if not getting into undesired trouble.
Sans twin dragon is a small skeleton dragon with wings, michievious and allways looking for trouble, going by the name Zephyr.
Papyrus twin dragon is smaller thats Sans twin, but full of strenght and speed, but also a heart of gold just like Pap. He’s called Auster.

Gaster(26’s yo): sans and papyrus big brother, raised both of them when they hatched. His twin is a full grown Dargon Blaster with enormous wings who goes by the name Boreas.
Gaster is a wakfu user, teacher and the library’s head-chief on a peacefull village not far from Bonta, where he helps the villagers with their problems and teaches the children. He’s a very loving a protective big brother, but also a very strict mentor, with Sans always running away from his lessons. Gaster knows everything about the Eliotrope culture and wishes to protect it and to learn more about wakfu and the World of Twelve. He loves to read, science, experiments and will not tolerate desrespect towards him or any living being.

Frisk and Chara(10 yo): a young eliotrope, found and raised by a Huppermage couple with a child. Curious but shy as hell, Frisk talways tries not to get very far from they’re home in Bonta, especially venturing alone in this big but calm city. Frisk’s twin, Chara, is a green dragon with a black dragon’s personality, which makes them possessive,  jealous at almost everyone and a very angry fluffball, making sure that Frisk is always near and protecting them from suspicious people.

Toriel(40’s yo): Frisk’s adoptive mother, a famous Huppermage. Toriel, when pregnant with Asriel, found Frisk’s and Chara’s Dofus while taking a walk by the woods with Asgore. Questioning why such precious thing would be in such a place, Toriel took it home in hopes to find its respective owner, but with no avail. Two days later, after giving birth to little Asriel, the Dofus ecloded to show a baby Frisk and a baby green dragon. Toriel fell in love with the two children and decided to adopt them, not knowing even what species they were.
Years later, Toriel came to know about a Wakfu teacher on a village not far from their location, and with hopes that she could help Frisk and Chara know more about their past, she came to this Teacher for help, who accepted gladly as students this new little eliotrope and Dragon child.

Undyne(20’s yo): Undyne is a valient iop, with fish-man’s mixed blood. She’s also a very brave and direct Guardian of the Shushu. Undyne was made Frisk’s and Chara’s personal body-guard by Asgore, so they could make sure that their children would not get into horrible trouble.

WakfuTale, designs © moi
Wakfu © Ankama
Undertale and all present characters © Toby Fox

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How about some Jearmin facts for my needy soul? 💙

  • Jean and Armin often play board games. Even though Armin is always winning, he sometimes loses on purpose to make Jean happy
  • Sometimes Armin reads him a story before they go to sleep. It helps Jean calm
  • Jean often shares his bed with Armin
  • Both of them like to sit down after training, talking about new strategies and how they think Humanity will win against the titans
  • They have a wonderful, trustfull relationship and often spend time together
  • Jean once found a wounded bird and Armin helped him nurse it back to health. When the bird was ok again, they stood together watching it fly home
No tengo miedo de apostarte, perderte si me da pavor.

Simon and Luna are stepbrothers and just arrived from Mexico to Argentina, they inmediatly friend Nina, but the power trio of the school gets really interested in this new squad.  

Chapter 6 | 5 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 

-And she knew about all the autors I’ve read, can you believe it bro? -Gastón was telling enthusiastic to Matteo -Then I asked if she wanted to go to the movies tomorrow, she said yes, and recommended the same movie I was thinking, she is like my soul mate -Gastón said letting a hopeless sigh out 

-Hey, I thought I was your soulmate -Matteo said faking hurt, placing a hand in his chest 

-You are, but, a different kind, our love can’t be disturbed for anything or anyone -Gastón said placing an arm around his shoulders -But right now I want to go to find Nina, where do you think she is? 

-I don’t know bud, I don’t know her that well, maybe she is in the rink -Matteo said trying to guess 

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Azeneth or gaurd A or lady A she train alot and she is at the top of the guards and the cut on her eye she hid it

Age :17
Strength: 7.20
Personification :tough, trustfull, kind,friendly, protecfull.
Crush: bendy

Ill draw her training later

Your sign as medicinal plants. Collab with: rainbowstrology

This post is a collab with my witch sister rainbowstrology

Aries - Mint: You are a very active person who is always happy, motivated and easy-going. You like to help people keeping them happy, and helping them to solve their problems. They never get tired of you because you are fresh and the least thing you are is boring. You like changes and new ideas. 

Taurus - Nettle: You’re a strong person and you can stregth people. Despite of wanting to help, sometimes you can hurt without knowing.

Gemini - Salvia: You are a very helpful and open minded person. You have many faces that sometimes can play against you but most of the times it suits you.

Cancer - Aloe Vera: This is a plant which has many uses but it stands out for having healing faculties. As you have, you’re a listener, and you like to help people with their issues. You’re a trustful person.

Leo - Dandelion: Such as dandelion grows everywhere naturally, you are always youself and you are a sociable person. You’re strong and helpful to the ones you love.

Virgo - Chamomile: You’re an independent person and you stand out for being very helpful and having many good quelities like real chamomile which has an aproximate number to 120 uses and medicinal qualities.

Libra - Lavender: If you are like lavander you are always calm and satisfied with youself. You avoid anxiety, depresion, in few words, you try to keep negative things out of your life, you are a laid-back person. You try to radiate your good qualities to people, and your presence makes everybody who’s arround you to be themselves and to relax.

Scorpio - Rosemary: You’re a self-centered person sometimes, but in a good way. People try to imitate you because they see confidence in you. You have some hard times but you get through it.

Sagittarius - Jazmin: You are an open minded, trustfull, psicologically and physically healthy and happy person who likes to transmit your qualities to the ones you love. You like to try new things climbing and tangling to new ideas.

Capricorn - Marjoram: You always stand out for being physically healthy, you enjoy your happiness and you like to make people happy. You have a good perspective of any situation and you’re always prepared to help.

Aquarius - Burdock: You are a strong-willed person who is faithful to your beliefs and opinions, as similar as they are to you, they have long and strong roots that can grow to a meter or even more, it can’t take transplantation because if it’s moved it dies. 

Pisces - Citronella: Such as Lavander you are a relaxed person and try to keep negative things out of your life.

sansa stark in s6 explained:

So i feel like a lot of people didn’t really quite grasp the concept of sansa’s character this season and a lot of people are also giving her hate when there’s no reason to so i decided to make this post.

Ok, so first thing you need to know and is something that the writers make sure of point out in every ep is that sansa doesn’t easily trust anyone anymore.

- She lost 100% of her trust on Petyr, giving his terrible mistake of selling her off to marry a fucking psychopath, and promissing protect her when, well, he didn’t. (I believe this was the turning point for sansa’s character)

- She certainly didn’t trust Davos and Melisandre before, and then brienne mentions that they might be shady and Sansa is like yep definitely no trusting those two

And then comes Jon Snow, her relationship with him it’s at least complicated, after everything that this girl has been through she’s more happy than ever of finally finding someone of her family, and yes, she loves jon, but then comes that key element of her character: SHE DOESN’T TRUST ANYONE.

I don’t believe is the same level of distrust she has with petyr, davos or melisandre at all. It’s different. It doesn’t even come as a distrust, it’s more a thing that the writers use to say that IT’S HARD for sansa trust people even if it’s her own blood. And let’s be honest not trusting anyone in game of thrones cannot be bad thing, like, ever. Think on Sansa keeping things hidden from jon like a survivor instinct. at first she doesn’t know exactly why she is doing (when questioned by Brienne) but she do it anyway, because she thinks it’s better.

I believe she didn’t told Jon about Petyr having the knights of the vale for two reasons:

  1. Besides the fact she was pissed at Baelish, like i said before she didn’t trusted him anymore. And thought that his help wouldn’t be necessary.
  2. She really believed that it would be more houses in the north supporting the starks.

Given that the plan with the northern houses didn’t go well as expected, Sansa found herself in a very complicated position, Jon was being extremely impulsive wanting to fight having only 2469 men while ramsay had like 5000+, sansa KNEW that this would put them at risk and sent everything to shit, so like a last option she sends that raven to littlefinger, even probably knowing that most likely he will ask something in return.

*Now let’s cut to the events on the episode 9*

  • In the moment Sansa sees the head of Rickon’s wolf she understand Ramsay’s entire plan
  • worst, she even knows that Jon is gonna be impulsive (stark like) again, and try to save Rickon and fall into ramsay’s trap.

And that my friends, was the whole concept of that scene with jon and sansa arguing before the battle. A lot of people didn’t get this, and thought sansa was being greedy and saying to let rickon die so she could have the claim, WICH IT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENNED. Like i said, from the moment she sees the dead wolf’s head, she knows Ramsay will use Rickon to win this shit and then kill him. When she says “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lorde Bolton”, it’s not just to be dramatic, it’s something like: “i know you’re going to kill him, i know your plan, and i will make you suffer for this”. Sansa didn’t gave up of rickon, she accepted the facts, and choose to act on it. It’s also very important to notice that sansa tries to advice jon and he’s all like “nah i just gonna do what i want”

I’ve already told you guys about the reasons why she didn’t told jon about the knights of the vale, before the events on ep. 9, now comes the iportant question:

Why sansa didn’t told jon about the letter she send and again, about the army of the vale in the scene where they’re arguing?

Because after that arguing, became quite clear to sansa that jon was going to do exactly what ramsay wanted him to do no matter what, unfortunately in this case, that was saving rickons life, i’m not juddging jon (we all probably woud have done the same) but that was a huge mistake, not only he put himself at a vunerable position, but he also sent the entire estrategy of battle that davos and him had planned to hell allowing that ramsay’s forces create that shield circle around them.

The knights of the vale were the last hope and if they were there since the beggining there’s a big chance they would have fallen in the trap too, one way or the other sansa chose to keep this information as having a card up her sleeve, using the element of surprise. And in the end was what saved the battle.

I said this in a previous post, and i will say again: Jon fought this battle phisically and i congratulate him for it, but Sansa fought this using her cold blood and knowledge to move the pieces around (aka playing the game of thrones).

The final scene, with her killing her abuser is basically saying that yes, she is a stark, but she is not the same stark she was once. She is not what everyone expect a stark to be (quick tempered, impulsive and trustfull).

Well that’s it, i wrote this post because tbh i’m tired of people saying shitty things about this wonderful character, so If this long ass post it’s not enough to make you understand sansa’s stark character development and stop with your unnecessary hate, then idk how to help you.

OPEN RPG (What happened...?)

In a moment I was just haging out with April, I think it was snowing… But now I am…

“Do you remember your name?”

“… Irma Langinstein.”

“How many months have a year?”

“Twelve months. 365 days per year.”

“Who’s the president of the United States?

“Barack Obama.”

“Show me how you hold a pen, if you don’t mind”

I don’t know how it happened… Just a few moments I was talking with April, and suddenly I am in the hospital. They told me that I was found in a comatose state; I’ve been questionated by the doctors and the police since I woke up. The psychiatrist asked me simple things about my basic knowledge and about what I remember…

“Do you know what happened to you?”

“… No… I don’t know.”

Truly don’t know. In fact, I was freaking out when I woke up at the hospital. And the police aren’t making me feel better. Even if they don’t mean to… They said for the beggining that they found out about my incident, but the case has been closed. Why?! No idea! How can they close a case about kidnapping? How can they just tell me that I was lost and then found on a van in a dark alley?

“Is there anything that you can recall?”


Pink… Why is everithing so brillant and pink?… Cold… And that sound… Where I am?… Who   Who is there?! My head… Hurts…

Waking up as become quite tiresome for Irma latetly… Nightmares that she can’t remember later. A slight pain on her mind. The stress of what happened… 

The only thing that she wanted was to keep going with the life she had and still remember. And the first thing to do it’s to keep going with her studies.

Irma may don’t remember the last months but at least she still remember her locked combination adn everithing that she had put inside of it… Except for a envelope. On the top of her books…

“Did someone put it in here?”

No name on it… She just opened to figure out what kind of letter was. 

 I know who took you.

The first letters made her eyes open wide.

You’ll remember it in time. You’ve seen things that you shouldn’t.

“What… is it?”

They might come to get you for this, that’s why you must to be warned.

Her heart was beating so fast… She could feel a knot on her throat… Was she really being… threated?!

They may look trustfull but they would fool you.

“Who…? Who would…?”

Keep away from any freak.

“Well, duh! Obiously…”

Don’t get any near of April O’Neil or her friends

“Huh?!” Now why it’s her best friend mentionated on the letter… She could feel her anxiety invading her stomach. That annonymous letter was freaking her out. Every sentence… The name of April on it. Who would send her that note? And how that writer about her? And why it would write her saying, well marked, that she should…?

Trust no one!


That voice that called her on her back made her jolt. She fastly let fall the paper inse and closed her locked with a strong metallic slam. And as she did, Irma turned around, to see that persone who apperently knows her.