I wonder why people -especially men- stare at me with disgust. I was born with the skin I have. I cant erase the “freckles” I have. They are all over my body and makes me complete. They are a part of me. I can smile even though I really don’t have much reasons to. I wanna stand up for all the people out there that feel not worthy. You might tell me I am “not attractive but ugly” and yes thats the only thing guys tell me but I will stop right this very second to believe what they say. I am pretty. I am strong. I am a loyal, loving and trustfull person and if you just can’t see that in me I am very sorry for you. So face yourself and smile at yourself in the mirror. Because it is you and you are unique and special. “You is a brand” be proud of yourself! I don’t need 10 boys to find me attractive (or girls, who knows) I need just one. And that one will come along. I believe in that.