andromedis  asked:

It was the dead of night, darkness encasing the island. Of course, that normally meant it was time to light a fire and hide from the night monster. Of course, you didn't really need to light fires when you have someone who can see in the dark. This was the case between Danielle and Artemis. He stayed alongside her, keeping Them away, and Danielle used the time to gather materials. That didn't change the fact that she was both cold and tired however, covering her mouth as she yawned.

Torch in hand, ready for the night, Wilson walked through the woods, several days have passed since the last time he had an encounter with any other living creature aside the shadows, if them can be considered as “alive”, his search for more survivors hasn’t been an easy task, but he won’t give up on it yet.

Looking for resources to made a more trustfull fire, his attention was suddenly captivate by the sound of nearby steps, he carefuly closed the distance between him and the source of the sound, a girl, walking along with… a shadow ?.

He doesn’t look like harming her, but still, always it’s better to analize the situation before making a quick conclution. Wilson lighted the torch and got closer, stomping behind them so they could hear him coming, he pointed the light on their direction, a deep frown was marked on his face.

“who are you?”

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Hey there vitt! What would you like to see if Neo is (and hopefully is) involved in volume 4?

This is an interesting question!!!
I think I would like her to go on a revenge rampage!! I don’t think she will still be with cinder, so or she’ll blame cinder and the grimm for the death of roman, or Ruby, so either she will be another antagonist of RNJR or she’ll become an ally (not a trustfull one)
I hope to see her and a flashback of her past!!!