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the only anime reviewer i trust is that old dude that would hike out into the deserts of arizona and set up a camera tripod to review anime 

To those who are reading my new story, Hiraeth, and feeling trepidation but still sticking with me, thank you

Every time people ask me why I don’t trust every “critic” and “reviewer” out there I’m going to point them to this and Elschit’s entire existence.

If you like super cute guys and badass girls with swords then honestly go and see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies okay please it’s so good. 

Also I honestly consider it a feminist film like Matt Smith plays Mr Collins and he’s the only one that’s kinda sexist and he’s the most ridiculous character so you can’t take anything he says seriously which is amazing. It passes every single test I know of. 

Also Mr Darcy in leather, like all the way through, like even at his fucking wedding. He’s a gruff little cutie pie that turns into an absolute mess around Elizabeth. 

AND ELIZABETH. What a gal. Defending her sisters. Sticking up for herself. Refusing to relinquish her sword even if it means she won’t marry well. LITERALLY kicking the shit out of Darcy when she finds he’s messed with Jane and Mr Bingley. 

Just… Just watch it okay. It’s everything to me. 

Here is what a reviewer,  Mary Powers, over at had to say about the Rick and Michonne pairing after 610 episode:

“personally think it’s one of the most unlikely and unbelievable pairings of any 2 characters on the show, mainly because we’ve seen Rick’s past choices in a romantic partner. Lori and Jessie had one big thing in common and that is they were both beautiful, “soft,” and very feminine. And, now, you have Michonne who while some may say is attractive is also muscular, rough around the edges and in some ways, masculine. It just makes no sense, and it feels so wrong. Again, what were they thinking?! #FacePalm" 

I posted this quote ( just read it a few minutes) because I was reading her review for 712, a big episode for Richonne/Rick/Michonne, as most people know, and I was getting an uncomfortable feeling from it. It seems like it was very bias in a way that didn’t seem typical. This is not the first time that alarm bells jump at me about her as a reviewer when it comes to Michonne/Richonne because it seems like in past reviews, it doesn’t matter how big of a part Michonne play in an episode, she always managed to act like Michonne wasn’t in the episode. But finding these quotes, I realize why my alarm went off. It’s cause she is so ignorant that she doesn’t even realized how wrong it was for her to not only think this crap about Michonne but that it was an acceptable things for her to say to her audience.

Base on this, I can’t trust her TWD reviews and therefore, I will no longer be reading her reviews. I would encourage others who see the wrongness in her statement to do the same. 

I’m tired, I’m just truly tired of this crap. 

Thoughts from Captain Underpants

That movie was excellent.  Solid 8/10.  Heartwarming, life affirming, animation was great and captured the style of the old books super well.  Would recommend to anyone.

Kind of weird that we’re old enough to have nostalgia flicks aimed at us now.  Not surprising but still.  Weird.

I just realized that George and Harold literally never snap at each other or bicker over the whole course of the movie.  I feel like that’s really rare in kids media nowadays.  So much humor is snark.  But that’s learned, you know?  Kids aren’t naturally like that.  For a movie about returning to childhood joy and that innocent crass sense of humor, they really capture that.  The kids have not one iota of hate in their hearts.  It’s really kind of sweet :’) 

God I love Weird Al

anonymous asked:

I am always so curious in learning new things, but I get so concerned in where I get my information. I always end up diving into constant Google searching. Google's great but I want something to give me exactly what I am looking for, instead of having to rearrange words and sentences to find what I am looking for. I need an easier way to gather information, opinions, and facts, what do you suggest?

good for you!! I totally agree with questioning information and finding reliable sources. So much “information” out there today is fake, misinterpreted, misrepresented or under researched  

Whenever I’m researching something I generally do the classic google search but make sure I’m using websites that i trust (government, university, peer reviewed journals) and identify if the source I’m using has a reason to be biased (e.g. has a food company made donations to government research regarding diet?) I also like to make sure the same idea can be found in multiple souces

this is a great way to make google more effective 

I’m also a big fan of google Scholar where you can find peer reviewed (mostly) scientific journal article on the key words you search (just google “google scholar” to find it

and don’t forget your google tools where you can filter your results

:) does anyone else have any tips tricks or ideas???

mod Jay :D

Going to see Wonder Woman at a fancy Lux theatre (the ones with the extra comfy chairs and food and alcohol) with roommate tomorrow night and I am ridiculously excited. 

Science Terms for Non-scientists

There is a huge amount of misunderstanding around common science terms. So here I am to blow away the fog! Hopefully some of you can find this useful for both everyday life and your writing.

Hypothesis: A statement made by a researcher regarding what they think is going on. Also called an “educated guess,” as in the person has the background knowledge to attempt an explanation prior to any testing. A hypothesis must be testable.

Observation: Literally what it sounds like. It is a fact of something a person sees. For example, a researcher may make an observation that the sky appeared orange at sunset or that their rat ate 24 food pellets in month. There is no thinking about it, no extrapolation, just the facts.

Law: This is a statement made following repeated experimental observation. A law is always true under a given set of conditions. They are not theories, as they do not try to explain what is going on.

Theory: This is the explanation for the repeated observations. It is supported by experimentation. Note: theories can never be proven true, only false (you can never test every single instance of the situation). You can just build evidence to support it.

The scientific method (though not always followed):

  1. A person makes an observation.
  2. The person forms a hypothesis attempting to explain the observation.
  3. The person comes up with ways to test the hypothesis.
  4. The person implements these tests.
  5. The person evaluates results and revises the hypothesis if needed.

Field: This is the sub-specialization of a scientist. For example, a biologist may be a general biologist, marine biologist, molecular biologist, cancer biologist, neuroscientist, immunobiologist, epidemiologist, ecologist, behavioral researcher, neuropsychologist, etc.

Field work: This is the type of experiment that is performed outside of the lab. For example, an ecologist may be performing evaluations of stream conditions. While they are physically at the stream, they are doing field work.

Bench work: This is work inside the lab. For example, a scientist who is actively working on something like cell culture or running a gel is doing bench work.

Science writing: This is writing with a focus on science! It may be writing scientific articles, writing protocols, evaluating and editing proposals, or writing for popular press and audiences. Yes, this is its own separate career, typically requiring a background in at least science and possibly scientific writing or journalism.

Journal: This is where scientific papers are published. Some common journals in my field are Nature and The American Journal of Medicine and Neuron. There are a lot. And some are very obscure. They are rated by this thing called “impact factor” that is supposed to relate to journal quality (better impact factor gives your research better exposure), but in my opinion is nonsense. Also, you should trust peer reviewed journals more than journals that are not peer reviewed…that means that other professionals in their field have evaluated the paper.

Principle Investigator (PI): This is the person in charge of a particular study. Often that is the person who runs the lab out of which the study comes. Their name will be last on the paper. Note: name order on papers is very important. First and last author are the important ones. If your name is in the middle, you’re not as big of a contributor unless it is noted otherwise in the journal.

EDIT: It has been pointed out in the notes that author order sometimes varies by field. So these comments on order are not always true.

I hope you found this interesting and informative! Hopefully I will be able to post a biology-specific post like this soon. :)

Happy writing!

anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity why don't you like Emily May ?

I don’t usually agree with her, she said a book with a trans mc was too happy, aka unrealistic among other shitty things she has said, and she recently gave The Black Witch, a racist, ableist, homophobic, in general terrible book, four stars.

Also, she likes Thr0ne of Glass, so I don’t trust her reviews that much.

“There haven’t been any films quite as tense and gripping as 'It Comes At Night.’ While there are indeed things lurking out there in the woods and the constant threat of infection, the horror in this film is wholly relatable. It’s the threat of people pushed to the edge, and what they do when they’re tired and frightened and only thinking of themselves. Egerton is giving off a real Kurt Russell vibe with his bearded and quietly dangerous character here, fitting because like 'The Thing,’ this is another story about not knowing who to trust.”

–  Slash Film review of “It Comes at Night”

What is Start Reading Diverse?


I’m Mod Lucy, but if you know me already, you probably know me as @lcmawson or @myautisticpov

Have you ever felt annoyed at the lack of diverse reads?

It’s kind of irritating, right? You know that you should read more diverse fiction, but how do you find it?

Start Reading Diverse aims to be the answer to that question!

Now, I know that there are other avenues and ways to find diverse fiction, but having been on both the reader and author side of the fence, it’s pretty clear that we need a properly curated database.

The sad truth of the matter is that there’s very little money going into marketing diverse books. Big publishers often ignore them, and small and indie publishers just don’t have the marketing budgets to make a big splash.

And if you’re looking for someone like you in your favourite genre? Forget about it. You’ve got to hope that a Tumblr post goes viral and finds you.

Every day, this blog will feature three new diverse books, all tagged by genre and character type, as well as whether or not it’s an #ownvoices title. Hopefully, this should make searching for the characters you want easy enough.

How do you know if the books are any good?

That’s the real question. Anyone who follows @canonauties knows that I don’t post there very often. The aim of @canonauties is to provide an idea of whether or not representation is any good before posting, and to be honest? That’s a lot harder than I naively thought it would be. I have a small list of trusted reviewers who cover representation in books, and I’ll link to their reviews if they exist*, but other than that, I’d suggest using the #OwnVoices tag if you don’t want to be surprised.

*If you want to be added to that list, let me know!

“I’d love to buy more diverse books, but I’m broke…”

Don’t worry! Start Reading Diverse also organises large multi-author ebook giveaways. The next giveaway is scheduled for June and will highlight diverse romance books. We also run spotlights for permanently free ebooks and books in Kindle Unlimited. As it expands, we’ll also likely start running spotlights for books in Kobo Plus.

And if you’re worried that getting free books doesn’t support authors, don’t be! Trust me, if it’s free, it’s because we want it to be!

Hope you Enjoy!

The Baker and the Blogger

Title: The Baker and the Blogger (why do I suck so hard at titles? Help me out here ppl)

Pairing: Jin x reader

Rating: PG


Inspiration: I somehow wore an all-pink outfit today (which is weird, I’m usually in black), which of course got me thinking about Jin. And I guess I’m craving some kind of dessert? Again, any constructive feedback is much appreciated!


The smells of cinnamon and vanilla hit your nose as soon as you open the door. The café is decorated in neutrals, with white, gold, and pink accents (like flowers and throw pillows at the comfortable booths). You were a food blogger, which meant that you tried to go to every new shop as soon as they opened. Your friend had beat you to the punch though and had been raving non-stop. So even though you had a list of places around town you needed to still review, you bumped the Pink Princess Bakery to the top of your list.  The name had made you imagine something super tacky, but it was somehow tasteful and comforting-you immediately felt at home. Which was strange, since you probably stood out in your ripped black jeans, oversized black hoodie, and black Supergas. It wasn’t that you were Goth-you just always seemed to gravitate toward darker colors.

The desserts behind the counter made your mouth water. In addition to the standard bread and cookies, there were cupcakes, tartes, cakes, and every other type of dessert you could imagine. There were also Eastern-style desserts, which had less chocolate and sugar, but looked equally delicious. The irresistible smell of freshly brewed coffee also lingered in the air, and you knew that despite your aesthetic clash with the décor, this would be one of your new favorite places.

You were snapped out of your admiration for the pastries by a friendly “Annyeonghaseo!” You stood up from your inspection of the case a little too quickly and almost felt dizzy. Though the person in front of you may have had something to do with the dizziness. He was relatively tall and extremely broad shouldered, and was wearing (what else?) a fluffy pink angora sweater. He winked at you, and you blushed almost as pink as your surroundings. You ignored it though. 

“Uh, yes, hi, can I have a latte, and one of the éclairs?”

“Of course! A great choice. Would you like a lot o’ latte or the smaller size?”

You winced at the lameness of the joke, and didn’t even remember your reply due to the secondhand embarrassment, but the man behind the counter seemed unfazed. His smile was as big as ever as he placed the éclair on a small plate and passed it over the counter to you.

“I’ll bring your latte over in just a minute! Feel free to sit wherever you would like,” he beamed.

Overwhelmed by his effervescence, you chose to sit in a secluded corner, where you could take sneaky photos for your blog, and people watch. Some were working, and others reading, but no one seemed to be in a rush, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. As you surveyed your surroundings, the man behind the counter approached with your drink, still smiling.

“Is this your first time here? What is your name? I’m the owner! My name is Jin. We opened about a month ago, but things are just starting to pick up…” he said quickly.

You were somewhat overwhelmed by the rapid-fire questions, but there was something warm, and almost parental about him.

“I’m ___” you said simply. Did he know that you were a local blogger, or was he just this friendly to everyone? Part of the reason that you chose blogging was because it meant that you could be out in the world, but in limited quantities. You didn’t have to deal with people face to face all of the time. Just as you were thinking that you didn’t mind Jin’s company too much though, he winked again, blew a kiss, and returned to the counter to serve other customers. Was he a player? All of this winking and air kissing seemed a bit sleazy, but you didn’t get that vibe from him. You decided to ignore it, and jotted down notes about the furnishings, Wi-Fi, prices, types of coffee, and anything else you might need for your blog. The rest of your visit was uneventful, though you made sure to star (THREE TIMES) in your notes that it was the best éclair you ever had. Jin waved frantically as you left, and you again ducked your head in sudden embarrassment or shyness. You couldn’t figure out which.


Jin kicked himself as you stepped out the door into the spring day outside. Could he have acted like more of an idiot? The air kisses and dad jokes had started as a joke with his dongsaengs, but out of context they just made him seem weird. You should ease people into your weirdness, he thought to himself. As he loved baking (obviously) and cooking, he tried to keep up with the local food and restaurant “scene.” Though you kept a low profile and focused on reviewing the restaurants rather than providing personal information, he had recognized you immediately through the few photos with friends that you had posted on your blog (always in the context of reviewing a new place). Your blog was one of his favorites, and as an avid follower, he felt like he might have messed up his chance at a good impression. You were even cuter in person, and had a sort of tsundere charm (not to mention fashion sense) that reminded him of his brother Yoongi. He was dreading reading the review that you would post. He sighed and wiped down the counter. He was literally never awkward (*LIES*), but of course he had to blow it with you.


You stared at the cursor flashing on your laptop screen. You had been trying to write a review of the bakery you had visited earlier that morning, but you didn’t know where to begin. The only thing you could seemingly remember was the blinding smile of the owner. You wanted to evaluate the place fairly and honestly, and professionalism was important to you. You were a “brand” and you didn’t want to undermine people’s trust in your reviews. You remembered that the éclair melted in your mouth, and the coffee had kept you going all day. But for some reason, those kept fading into the background, and the clearest thing in your memory was Jin’s bubbly small talk. You sighed and snapped your computer shut. You never had writers block. The only thing to do to make sure you were truly objective in your review was to return tomorrow and gather more information.


Jin was shelving a fresh batch of rainbow macarons when he heard the bell that he had put on the door jingle. He almost dropped the tray when he saw you come through the door. You were again wearing black from head to toe (though to be fair, he was again wearing pink, so to each their own). Today, you actually made eye contact with him, which he considered to be a step forward. Your eyes were almost as rich as the chocolate he used in many of his creations, but he stopped himself before he said anything weird. He took a deep breath, and smiled his friendliest smile.

“Back again so soon? Is it the pastries you can’t get enough of, or me?” He wanted to die the minute he said it. If he burned his tongue on coffee today, it would only be the universe realigning his karma.

You gave him a blank stare for a second. As he could feel his ears becoming as pink as his shirt, he noticed the smallest upward quirk at the side of your mouth.  He froze. He could only imagine how dazzling an actual smile from you would be, but he already knew deep down that he was up for the challenge.

In a quiet voice that he almost missed, he heard you mumble, “That’s what I’m trying to figure out.”