honestly, do you want me or not?
i can’t keep sitting around stressing about who wants me and who doesn’t want me in their life. not once have i ever been sure if someone was serious about me, since day one it’s been all talk. “i want u” “i care about u” “i love u” and then they leave, they leave every fucking time. no, i’ve never been in love, no, i’ve never had something real, it’s always me helping the other person, and then we realize we were just “meant to be friends”… but maybe it’s not that, maybe it’s that they didn’t want it as bad as i did. maybe they didn’t have the passion, the motivation, or the strength that i did. “understanding love is one of the hardest things in the world” …. but one thing i know about it, is that you have to fight for it. you can’t just expect it to come easy, because it’s not. and you can’t keep giving up when it gets hard. i like to believe you have more than one soul mate in this world, maybe you’re meant to be lovers, maybe friends and either is okay. but if you find someone you have a deep connection with and someone who understands you and wants to know more about you, you should fucking go for it. talk about it, work on it, work for it, prove every fucking word you say because i swear to the entire universe actions speak so much louder than words. for example, i don’t believe one thing someone says until they prove it, thats why i always work so hard to go out of my way and prove what i say. all i know is that, love isn’t easy. it’s something you have to work for, everyone needs to learn how to open up because it’s something you have to talk about, show how you feel, prove what you say… trust and communication are the two biggest parts. but all in all… i’m here and i’m willing to work through this, work for this, i want this. i want something real. something worth it. any takers?
Why Mitarai couldn’t have been told about the plan

Tengan: …and that is the plan. With this, the slate shall be wiped clean, and the world’s hope can be born. I know that this may sound extreme, Mitarai, but you must stay strong and-

Mitarai: Why is my code-name ‘Poisoned Cinnamon’?

Tengan: What?

Mitarai: I don’t wanna be Poisoned Cinnamon. I want something cool.

Tengan: Mitarai, the code-names have been randomly chosen-

Mitarai: Your code-name is Shadow-Knife. You clearly chose these yourself and you gave me one that’s too cute. Come on, man, I thought we were bros.

Tengan: Very well. You will be the world’s hope, so it does make sense that you should choose your own name. Just make sure it suits you.

Mitarai: Promise you won’t laugh?

Tengan: I promise. So long as it it’s suitable and not something from anime-

Mitarai: I wanna be Lelouch vi Britannia.

Tengan: …You’re Poisoned Cinnamon, Mitarai. When I’m dead, you can change it whatever you want, but right now you are Poisoned Cinnamon.

Mitarai: *Tries to grumble but comes off as cinnamon*


Cottage 6552 by Andrew Menage
Via Flickr:
The little cottage and garden at the gates to Stourhead House.

anonymous asked:

Here's a new interesting concern I've heard about Greg: what is it specifically made him think it was a good idea to leave 13-year-old Steven with the Crystal Gems? Especially when it's an environment where things like Sugilite happen, a fusion that verbally berates and then beats the crap out of Pearl (Steven being witness to abuse). That and the whole thing with the giant hand ship kidnapping him, his life in constant danger, corrupted monsters, etc.

I’d start with the fact that Greg had no idea that these things were going to be happening. Recall that Rose kept a lot of secrets from him, and from his perspective, Earth and the gems have been relatively peaceful for a long time. We also know that fusions like Sugilite don’t come often, and it’s rather believable that Greg had never met her before. Something the show stresses is that Steven makes a lot of the changes, and Steven is causing new things to happen that previously the gems were opposed to or didn’t even know about. 

Even the idea that Homeworld is re-emerging is completely new. The CGs thought they were gone for good, which explains their shock and fear at Peridot’s arrival in Warp Tour.

What I do think is a question worth asking is why Greg let Steven stay after these things started happening. Because in earlier episodes when the “magic stuff” started to happen, Greg was pretty averse to it, but couldn’t see the effects it had on Steven. I feel a turning point was in House Guest, when Greg did begin to understand the dangers of gem life and chose to be closer to Steven. 

Greg knows that Steven wants to be a hero. That comes with risks. Instead of stopping him, Greg decided to confront his own apprehensions and be there in Steven’s life. Be there for Steven. That his van is much closer to the gems now, instead of all the way at the wash all the time, shows that Greg is going to help enable Steven while trying his best to protect him. But Greg is only one guy. 

It runs much deeper than that. Greg trusts the gems to help look after Steven too. Rose loved them dearly and she trusted them. Greg is trusting them as well. And no, it’s not an easy decision to make. Steven is a special kid and he’s going to do great things. Greg knows he’s capable, and it’s not an easy decision watching your son go out into the field like that, but he’s not going to stop him. He’s not going to leave Steven on his own either. It’s really a lot of factors working together, factors that Greg is making sure stay together as well.

Zone word #51

Rusty Throne: A ‘joy who used to hold a position of power in their gang but was kicked out (the reason of which they were varies)

“Don’t you know who the fuck I am?”
“Yeah, you’re some rusty fucking throne who can’t get over the fact that her gang dropped her and left her for dead.”


Saddell castle by Podkin 

Saddell, Kintyre, Argyll and Bute

Saddell Castle is a complete, early 16th-century Scottish tower house built by the Bishop of Argyll. It sits in a stunning location on Saddell Bay on the east coast of Kintyre, looking out across the Kilbrannan Sound to the Isle of Arran. Breathtaking. It has a wide spiral staircase and each room offers something different.

The Castle stands right on the beach, with fine views of Arran and Kintyre from every window on its four floors. Best of all is the battlemented wall-walk round its roof. In 1508 the Bishop of Argyll (clergymen were more martial back then) chose Saddell Bay for his new castle. Planted boldly near the shore at the mouth of a small river, it was described as ‘a fayre pyle, and a stronge’. By 1600 it was firmly in the hands of the Campbells, who then held it for nearly 400 years. Saddell Castle is a fine and complete tower house with a battlemented wall-walk round the roof.

This place has five bedrooms,  2 Single, 1 Twin, 2 Double and is available through the excellent Landmark Trust, get a few of your friends together for £484 , as littles as just over £15 a night you can get a four night stay here! 

As well as the beautiful setting you are less than an hour from Kennacraig ferry Port for visits to the islands of Islay and Jura as well as Colonsay or up to Oban


“Go to an art theater and do some independent-shit, you idiot*!
But then you will you will work your ass of as an Aldi cashier when you’re 40”

*Wurzelpeter is actually a liquor that originated in Berlin that is also produced there. In this context it can be translated as “idiot”.

Also, working at Aldi when you’re 40 isn’t exactly a dream career, I suppose it can be compared to working at Walmart.

The Great Ardmore Altar Oak, Ardmore, Derry/Londonderry

This great oak stands in, what’s known locally as, the Birch Wood. Sitting by the banks of the beautiful River Faughan, it has seen centuries come and go, witnessing changes in the landscape and in the fortunes of local people. A modest estimate suggests this tree is at least 265 years old. In any case, it has seen and survived the rise and fall of the linen industry; the continuation of the Plantation of Ulster; and American Marines who established Base Camp 1 nearby during the Second World War. It also provided shelter and shade for countless generations of local people who would assemble there for prayers and worship around the Ardmore Altar.

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