decadeoldtiger asked:

Hey i just subbed to you and saw your post about your dislike of the ccg members and i was wondering how you felt about Amon.

Hmm I don’t know if I honestly dislike the members of the CCG as a whole, which is likely my fault in making more generalized statements and not distinguishing the differences between me liking a character, as a character, and me not liking a character as a person? It’s more that I don’t trust the motivations of the authorities running the CCG. ANYWAY that aside, regarding Amon:

I don’t actually care for Amon. I find his character mostly unsympathetic, irritating and taxing. Any time the character gets screen time, so to speak, I’m instantly bored and annoyed and desperately waiting for it to be over so we can move on to other characters. I feel marginally bad for him, because I have pretty high empathy re: fictional characters, but ultimately, as a personal thing, I do not like Amon.

I tend to not like those “lawful good” characters with a blind sense of justice. The fact that his very very selfish convictions come from a mindset of “doing what’s right” despite his clear emotional needs to simply prove himself and create order out of chaos, fix the bad and turn it into good, all for his own gain is super off putting to me. His strong human vs. ghoul mindset is one I do not like in any of the characters.

HOWEVER I do think he is a good character. He’s flawed and has solid motivations. He is a logical product of his upbringing and his training and his role as Mado’s partner. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him, I think it’s rather apparent at this point he’s soon to return as a one eyed ghoul. I am very interested in seeing his character progression. I’m interested to see the role he plays in the whole of the story. Especially now that his and Kaneki’s “sides” have been flipped.

BUT ultimately It would be fair to say I haven’t given his character decent consideration and analysis, for what it’s worth.

Moving Forward

I kept trying to tell you today how much those subs hurt. I kept trying to understand why you keep doing it. But I realize now that you’ll never actually move forward from the mistakes I’ve made or from anything I’ve ever done to unintentionally hurt you. I’m glad we are back together but I know we will always have this shadow of “things Bianca have done” following us throughout this relationship. You’ll never trust me and I’m done trying to make you trust me. If you want to keep throwing subs go ahead.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls

We’re really feeling the heat in the Gluten Free Agent kitchen, so what better time than now to whip up a batch of Vietnamese Spring Rolls! I found these rice wrappers quite by accident next to the cans of coconut milk in Supervalu of all places!

Now, these really look so much scarier than they actually are, trust me on this one! What you will need:

A Chopping Board

A large dinner plate filled with hot but not boiling water

Rice Noodles (Amoy do these and you can find them in most shops!)

Assorted fillings - raw veggies and whatever else you fancy - the more colour the better!

Tamari Sauce - GF Soy Sauce. Tesco stocks this at €2.92 last I checked!

Chinese Five Spice - If you like it - If not leave it out or sub with something else


1. Follow the directions on the pack of rice wrappers, some may be a different density or size. Mine told me to fill a shallow dish ( I used a dinner plate) with hot water and slide the wrapper into it without letting it curl - for about 9-10 seconds. Don’t worry if they aren’t soft, they will continue to absorb water, so work quickly! Lay flat on chopping board

2. Arrange your fillings! Keep everything to the top 1/3 as this will make it easier to roll. Here I’ve used rice noodles, lettuce, shaved carrot, spring onion and orange pepper. Lots of colour!

3. Roll the wrap over on itself, taking care to secure the filling inside. The wrap will be beginning to get sticky at this stage and will stick to itself. Give it an extra roll if you’re not sure.

4. Fold the edges up on itself

5. Roll the remainder! See, super easy! 

These are perfect for hot days and the summer BBQ season and are absolutely brilliant for lunches. I’ve made them the night before and individually wrapped them in clingfilm and they are perfect the next day. Serve on cling film if you want to make life easier for yourself as they will stick to the plate. Don’t stack them close to each other, again, they will stick!

They look great cut diagonally in half into bite-sized pieces too!

Easy peasy! Have fun!