Just a beautiful description of what a real D/S relationship is all about, think too many fake Dom’s who have watched way too much 50 shades or porn think that it’s a quick way to get laid or abusive and all about rough play, restraints, whips, chains, spanking, gags and all manner of other fun stuff and don’t get me wrong it can include all those and so much more;) however what it actually involves is a huge amount of trust, honesty, communication, time, effort and a real connection and afterwards when the bruises and marks are still fresh it requires care, compassion and some awesome cuddles:) I don’t think I’ve come across a deeper connection than that between a Dom and sub. A Dom must almost know his sub better than he knows himself, to a point where even the safeword is no longer necessary, where he can tell by the slightest movement of her body, or her muffled breathing that she is getting close to her limits! As much as it is about pain and punishment, it is also about protection and nurturing. About building your sub up, allowing her to grow and learn and trust me it will all be worth it as there is nothing better in this world than when a girl fully submits to you;) Remember BDSM should not be confused with abuse which should never be tolerated in any form!

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can you make an afterdeath playlist please?

canon ones:

Bones (Ms Mr) (tbh portwave version is better)
Monster (Ghost Town)
Hold me Down (Halsey) 
Afterlife (Sir Sly (but it’s actually a Arcade Fire cover)
We Must Be Killers (Mikky Ekko) 
Mother Murder (Hollywood Undead)  DARK ASF HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Love Lives In This House (Sivu)   
Strawberry Trapper (Guilty Kiss)    -   juST READ THE TRANSLATION 
Country Song (Seether)    
maybe - Bad Habit (The Kooks)
The First Stone (Sir Sly)
Levitate (Hollywood Undead) 
Private Wars (A-RISE) (subs in the video ~)
Where I’m Going (Sir Sly)
You’re So Creepy (Ghost Town AGaIn) 
A sadness runs through him (The Hoosiers) 
Holy (Wolf Colony)
How (The Neighbourhood) 
Trust Me (Marc Senter) THE BEST ONE.
S.C.A.V.A. (Hollywood Undead) 
Dead Bite (Hollywood Undead) 
Get Away With Murder (Jeffree Star)

We’re My OTP (Troye Sivan)  

and if you wanna get a little bit dirty…   Paralyzed (Mystery Skulls)
and this. oh boy love this track so much ((I Still Hate You -  SUICIDEWΛVЕ)

CPAU (?) 

Bittersweet (Panic! At the Disco) 
Skeleton (Ghost Town) 

yep thats not so many of them 

Police/Criminal AU 

Usual Suspects (Hollywood Undead) I wanted to do an art or maybe write a fanfic but haha no i luv this song SO MUUUUCHH  
^ just wait untill the verse  2
Heathens (twenty one pilots) after the music video I just ahh 


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Leafy calling that nonbinary person San "it" and a "creature" but then immediately trying to say "IM NOT TRANSPHOBIC THO!!!" Is so fucking stupid it makes me so mad like???? That's blatant transphobia, Does he not realize he has nonbinary fans??? Even if he didn't it's still fucked to say that about someone??? I'm so fucking mad

I feel u my dude trust me the same how he says shit like ‘I like thick girls’ then calls an actual thick girl a pig like bro my man leafboi u need 2 clam down take a chill pill stop being an actual piece of shit. Have the subs gotten to u??? What is happening?? He has a lot of trans/NB fans I’ve seen so many ppl say that his vid made them feel like shit and he needs to see it and I just want to call him up and yell at him and make sure he understand he is wrong