So I was just re-watching episode 9 and during the scene where Coran and Lance are cleaning the cryopods, Coran actually tells us what his military area was, at least when he was a cadet: aeronautics sub-tech nanoweaponry unit

That sounds to me like…tiny flying weapons? Whatever it involved, it sounds like something that would need some serious engineering skills. Coran is probably a hell of a lot more intelligent than it sometimes seems. And I really like the idea that he’s the sort of super smart guy who might sometimes mess up finger counting, but is an absolute genius in his chosen field


“Go to an art theater and do some independent-shit, you idiot*!
But then you will you will work your ass of as an Aldi cashier when you’re 40”

*Wurzelpeter is actually a liquor that originated in Berlin that is also produced there. In this context it can be translated as “idiot”.

Also, working at Aldi when you’re 40 isn’t exactly a dream career, I suppose it can be compared to working at Walmart.

Student Teaching

A/N: yaya another fic whooo

Word Count: 2459

Summary: Phil has a student teacher

Genre: AU

Warnings: none? yelling for being late, and actually v little swearing

Phil was pissed. And not in the drunk kind of way; the angry way.

“What do you mean you can’t make it to work today‽ We have that huge evaluation, remember? I can’t do well with a sub working with me? Why can’t Chris just stay home and take care of her? Or get a babysitter?” Phil was, in a way, pissed.

“Listen, what do you want me to do? Chris is already in his meeting, and by the time I can get a babysitter that I trust, the school day is going to be over. Jacky is sick! I’m not going to leave my daughter home for a work evaluation. It isn’t even that important!” PJ protested against Phil’s accusations.

“PJ, please! I don’t want to have to deal with a clueless substitute teacher on the day that school administrators are coming in and looking at our classes!”

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