“Ouch Joe that hurts! It’s in my eye!” You said tilting your head backwards to recede from the sponge Joe was face painting you with. “Careful!”

“Sorry” he said laughing “I got carried away”. You could tell how much he was enjoying himself spreading the white make up all over your face. It was Halloween today and Joe and you decided to dress up as walkers from walking dead. “I still think I should’ve gone for vampire tonight”, you said pouting, and Joe took that opportunity to colour your lower lip playfully. “No, we’re supposed to match. It’s cute when couples match and-“ “What are you doing?” you interrupted with wide eyes when you saw him mix red and black paint in the paper plate full of colours. “I want to try something! Just trust me alright”

You sighed as joe dipped the sponge in its mixture and started applying it on your cheeks. You loved how absorbed he looked right now: he was frowning and biting his lip, and you couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky you were to be his girlfriend. The thought of it made you smile unintentionally, and the sudden varying shape of your cheeks took Joe out of his focus and he looked into your eyes. He smiled softly at you “what?” “I’m happy I’m having you all for myself right now” you mumbled in a childish voice, mocking yourself, as you knew it would sound so cheesy already.

Joe chuckled “Yeah me too” He straightened up, putting the sponge away “Okay I’m done. It’s going to be perfect when you have your contacts and your costume on”. You stood up to look in the mirror “Joe! I look like a giant muddy puddle” you whined “Well yeah, isn’t it the point?” Looking closer, you noticed that the various spots of paint were not that random. It looked like you had rotten at certain places, and that your skin has aged differently on the different parts of your face. It was kind of brilliant.

“I actually really like it Joe” He beamed as you watched him through the mirror getting closer behind you, then felt his arms wrap around your waist and his front against your back. You were making funny zombie faces in the mirror, making him laugh “Alright my turn now!” He called.

You sat down face to face on the bed and started pouring the painting tubes in the paper plate and Joe made a disgusting face “take it easy Y/n! I hate face paint!” You grinned “don’t lie Joe you love it and you know it!”

You approached the sponge to his face but he bent backwards, holding his hands up in the way “Joe there’s gonna be paint everywhere if you move like that. Please hold still. Besides I haven’t even started yet” you tried to talk sense into him. He dropped his hands and you reached to put your free hand on the back of his head to keep him from moving.

But when Joe wanted to mess around he had his ways and you knew it, so you waited for his next move. As soon as your hand landed on his hair, he tilted his head towards it and snuggled against it playfully. You patted his head “there there, now behave” you said mockingly. “I don’t want to sit down, I want to do it like this” he stated as he laid down on the bed resting his head on your lap “can I?” He asked for permission, looking up at you. “I guess” you responded pulling your legs up on the bed and crossing them for him to be comfortable, thinking that at least he would keep still.

He closed his eyes contently and, besides the typical Joe loud snore he pulled to make you jump twice (both successfully), you managed to face paint him rather peacefully, until one of his hands reached over your knee cap and he started to close and open his fingers, stroking them over your knee making you shiver through your spine and go a little crazy…

You put your hands both sides of his head, drawing the patterns of his ears with your fingers which made him instantly moan (you too knew exactly how to tease him), and lent down to drop a kiss on his lips.

He kissed you back lazily, and then broke the kiss as he opened his eyes  “next year, I’m going as Sleeping beauty and your going as the Prince!”