Also reminder support other girls but also remember that just because a shitty person is a girl doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for yourself. Shitty people are shitty people whether they’re male, female, non-binary or whatever. You have every right to defend yourself against people.

Be a nice person, but also know where niceness needs to end and your protection of yourself needs to start. 

trust-me-i-just-get-weirder  asked:

IRL pjo guy again. We had another ultimate warrior battle where the winner is the one with the most kills (he won no shit) and we were in the last few on the field, maybe 2 others, because he killed the rest. So he comes stalking up because I'm easy pickings, and by some blessing of Tyche or Athena or whoevers jurisdiction this is I hit him and everyone just stared like wtf, because that doesn't happen, tiny nerd does not kill the pretty boy war machine, and just his look of shock was priceless.

this sounds like a scene from a fanfic i love it so much!!!!

the tension

so I’ve been hanging out in the carl grimes tag and it has come to my attention that ya’ll don’t understand how having one eye works.

yes. he can see his right arm even though he lost his right eye.

no, depth perception is not that big of an issue (I mean he lost his right eye which is his dominant eye, so it’s an issue. but it’s not, like, an ‘I’m useless at gauging distance’ thing)

peripheral is only a problem if someone is standing literally right next to you. if they’re more than 3 feet away, you barely even have to turn your head to see them. and trust me, you know when someone is trying to hide out in your blind spot.

it’s…. really not a big deal? beyond the initial getting used to it phase, I guarantee you he doesn’t even notice it. it also helps improve your shooting, idgaf what anyone else says, it’s so much easier to shoot straight at a distance when you only have one eye.

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OK so I know Taro doesn't like violence but is there a way to protect himself when he's on the field like a pistol like his mom or atleast knowledge on hand to hand combat that he only use when necessary or as a last resort?

He actually doesn’t carry any weapons beside his Caduceus staff itself. However, he and Mercy designed it to be durable enough to be used as a weapon. Genji trained Taro to use a bo-staff and that is what his Caduceus doubles as. Taro is quite skilled and effective with it too.

Although, he rarely puts it to the test simply because its hard for him to willing hurt another person. He’s able to defend others, but when it comes to himself he prefers to dodge and evade.

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The comes out fast and hard thing... I don't know, but Todd was talking about malec sex like a month or so ago. And if that blurred trailer Dom watched did have kissing in it, it looks pretty intimate. And they said theyre gonna top the wedding kiss