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Heyy! you could do a reaction BTS seeing her daughter kiss first please?? Sorry if my English is bad 😁




*5 seconds later*

Jin: Young lady, you’re grounded.

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Suga: Boii you’re lucky you got my daughter’s kiss

Boy: Can I date her?

Suga: Don’t go that far.

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Daughter: We just kissed, that’s all.

Rap Mon: *trying to understand what just happened*

Rap Mon: *gif*

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Jhope: he a good kisser?

Daughter: Dad you did not just ask that.

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Jimin: Do you trust this guy?

Daughter: Yes, I trust him.

Jimin: Alright, just be careful.

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Taehyung: AHHH my little girl is all grown up now~

Daughter: Dad stop embarrassing me.

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Jungkook: Did you tell Mom?

Daughter: Yeah. . 

Jungkook: What did she say?

Daughter: She says she’s fine.

Jungkook: Ok then you’re fine.

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What would you do if you saw your child kiss?

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ANDREIL & 56 (I can’t stand the thought of losing you)

Neil was being very careful not to say anything, move, or even breathe too loudly for fear of scaring Andrew away. Tonight they’d had sex, as they often did, but rather than immediately move away Andrew had lay down on top of Neil, his head pillowed over Neil’s chest.
He was afraid of breaking the spell of trust and contentment that lead to this unprecedented physical contact. His hands remained where they had been during sex, buried in Andrews hair, and he didn’t dare move them. Andrew was trusting him, completely, in a way he never had before and may never do again. If Neil moved at all, he might spook and move away.
He closed his eyes, reveling in the skin to skin contact. He was acutely aware of every part of himself that was touching Andrew, memorizing it in case he could never have it again. Andrews arms were encircled around him, his fingers moving gently up and down a small area of Neil’s spine. He could feel Andrews breath tickling over his skin, Andrews thighs between his own, muscular and smooth.
Andrew never minded his scars. He didn’t care that his head was resting over where a bullet had ripped it’s way through his body, or that his skin was not nearly as smooth with all of its peaks and valleys and thick abrasions. He liked Neil as he was, he didn’t want anything to change.
Andrews fingers stopped moving and Neil wondered if he might move away, but he didn’t.
“Neil.” His voice sounded odd. A little tired, like maybe he’d dozed off. A little strained, like he was struggling with something. He often sounded like this when he wanted to say something but his natural instinct of apathy and distance was fighting against it.
“Andrew.” Neil didn’t know how he sounded. He hoped for neutral, unexpectant.
“You can’t ever leave again now.”
“I don’t want to, Andrew.”
“I don’t care whether you want to or not, you can’t.” His body was tense. Neil wanted to rub the back of his neck and ease his tension, but he doubted Andrew would consent to it right now. “I can’t-” He stopped, struggling to force out the words. Words that would make him vulnerable, that could give Neil a power over him. But he had to. He needed to prove to himself that Neil could be trusted with moments like this if he were ever to let himself do it again.
“I can’t… Stand the thought of losing you. Again. Going to Baltimore, I was expecting you in a body bag or not at all. You can’t ever leave again. You need to stay here, wherever I am. You can’t go somewhere else.”
Neil stayed very still while Andrew spoke, wanting to him to let it all out.
“I promise, Andrew.”
“Your promises aren’t worth anything.”
“Then what can I do to prove that I mean it?”
“Be smart and take it as a threat. Cause if you’re gone, I’m going to find you again.”
Neil liked the idea that Andrew would always find him again, no matter where someone took him. He needed that, that knowledge that he didn’t have to run because there was someone here who found him worth protecting.
He let his hand hover over the back of Andrews neck.
“Yes or no?”
“Yes.” He went back to trailing fingers over Neil’s skin while Neil carefully rubbed the tension from his neck, still trying to promise that he would always be right here.

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Hey can I ask for a second of your time? This wont take long.

Im a bi girl (minor) who recently just got outed to my extremely conservative, homophobic, and emotionally abusive mother. My current living choices are with her or my dad, who is one of the people who outed me and doesnt exactly have much money. Im not entirely sure if he could take care of me (and possibly my brother) fulltime, or if I could trust him again.

Im planning on saving up as much money as I can so if something I cant live with happens, Im grabbing what I can and bolting. Until then, Im mostly planning on rolling with it because I cant see another option.

If you want to help my paypal is and if you send money I can try to draw or write you something in return. I understand if you cant donate, God knows I never can, but a reblog to spread the word would help so much. Im scared right now and I want to be able to run at any time.


And I really tried to stay away, but the fact that I’m sitting across from you like this…

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(1) Wait, to continue that wingfic you wrote, what if Jack leaves the military entirely, because no matter how many friends he’s made, there’s still the overwhelming majority of people that no longer trust him, if not outright despise his existence. So he disappears completely off the radar, and no matter how much his loved ones search, he’s never found. Gabe never lets it go.

(2) In the meantime, a new Talon operative appears on the field, one with seemingly superhuman strength and reflexes, bolstered by what appears to be military training. His black wings strike fear into anyone who sees them. He is given the moniker “Soldier: 76”, and Gabe and his team are sent on a mission to hunt him down.

(3) They eventually get into a brutal 1v1 with each other, and 76’s mask is knocked off during the fight. All too familiar cornflower blue eyes stare back at him, the compassion and warmth that once filled them are gone; they were blank, dead. In disbelief, Gabe whispers, “Jack?” 76’s eyebrows furrow. “Who the hell’s Jack?”

Gabe can’t believe it. After all this time, all this searching, Jack is right here in front of him. But his eyes, oh god his eyes. They used to remind him of the summer sky, bright and warm and endless. But now they might as well be marbles, flat and hard and oh so empty. The black wings Jack used to be so adamant in hiding were now flared out at his sides, feathers spread in a display of hostility and an attempt at appearing dominant. Gabe had never seen them in worse shape.

“Jack. Cariño, it’s me. Don’t you remember?” Gabe folded his own wings slowly, trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible. Out of the corner of his eye he could make out Ana’s horrified expression as she realized just who there were up against. She’d keep the others away.

Jack’s posture didn’t change. “I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

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My hero nemesis is retiring due to not being able to keep up with me. I'm happy that I won, but it's heartbreaking to see his confidence so shaken. He's a wonderful guy and I hate to see him like that. How can I help him regain his trust in himself?

Take him to a diner and buy him a lovely brunch. Being a neutral location, your intentions of a shared meal without harm or poison will be clear, and being a diner, your meal will no doubt be delicious.

Creepy Crepes in Peyroux (on Clavicle Lane, ask for Bea) has a lovely gravedust shake.

The next step in his career is not for you to decide, but that does not forbid you to enjoy a meal together and chat.

Life au

by @excerciseindisguise

  • Shaw is a cop, partnered with Charlie Crews.
  • (If you haven’t watched Life, Crews is her partner who’d been wrongfully convicted of murders and he’s now out and about and saddled with Dani Reese aka shaw)
  • Shaw starts getting used to Crews and his weird philosophical rants and obsession with fruit.
  • He might be a bit weird, but he’s got some different instincts. Different views, a good head for police work.
  • She trusts him, oddly enough.
  • they get a new case, shooting victim, some school teacher with ties to police officers. Shaw and Crews goes to investigate at the cop bar, they find out she was also a badge bunny.
  • So Shaw interviews people at the wake, Crews gets bombarded by badge bunnies.
  • Shaw gets hit on by one of the guys. Not a cop, but someone who knew the victim. “Never seen you around here before.”
  •  Shaw gets in some questions before it’s clear he has no idea she’s a cop until she shows him her badge.
  • He looks all surprised. “Oh, never seen a girl cop here before, y’know with all the bunnies.”
  • “…girl cop?”
  • “Hey if you’re a girl cop (Shaw resists the urge to break his knees) then are there lesbo bunnies here?”
  • “…lesbos?” 
  • “Yea, isn’t that what it’s called?”
  • Shaw should get a pat on the back by her lieutenant for not breaking his fingers.
  • She instead goes and finds Crews getting all these phone numbers written on his arm.
  • …seriously? Is it the red hair?
  • Then Shaw gets a beer slid toward her and she looks up to see the…bartender?
  • She’s not completely sure, they don’t’ wear uniforms at the bar apparently.
  • Shaw raises an eyebrow, guess shes’ got someone else to interview.
  • “I’m on duty”
  • “I know darlin’ it’s just apple cider.”
  • Shaw takes a sniff test and wets her lips with it. Too sweet. “You work here?”
  • “No, just helping out, what with the…” she tilts her head at all the pictures of the victim. “Name?”
  • “Caroline.  Caroline Turing. Nice to meet ya detective, anything you need, you just ask me okay?”
  • Caroline winks. Or did she blink?
  • Shaw deflects all of Caroline’s flirtations and ignores Crews staring at the back of her head until they get a lead from another officer.
  • Crews keeps staring at her with this twinkle in his eye and a smirk at the corner of his lips.
  • “What?” Shaw finally grits out.
  • “Someone likes you Shaw.”
  • “If you say it’s you I’m gonna puke on your Ferrari.”
  • “No you wouldn’t.”
  • “You’re right, I”ll puke on your shoes.”
  • Crews shuffles away slightly. “Not me, Caroline, you know the other girls were saying she’s a hot commodity? Their words not mine. Totally an angel they say, always letting the other girls take first dibs of the guys.”
  • Shaw shrugs. “Okay. So she might be harboring resentment, think she killed her?”
  • “Could be, they also said she never ever takes the initiative…and how surprised they were seeing her talk to you.”
  • “Interviewing witnesses Crews, trying to solve a murder ring any bells?”
  • Crews just grins even wider. “They say you’re the first cop she’s ever flirted so long with.”
  • Shaw ignores him and his insinuations, and no way in hell is she gonna have any ties with a badge bunny.
  • But damn it seems like Caroline knew more than she let on, gotta interview her again.
  • She tracks Caroline down to her work…a fucking psychiatrist of course. She finds Caroline and tails her. Caroline’s being awfully suspicious, she should be having a full work day but she’s off early?
  • And she’s definitely doing counter surveillance measures.
  • Too bad Shaw was in the Marines, good luck losing…
  • wait
  • where’d she go?!
  • Something is definitely up with Turing and she’s gonna find out. She stalks Turing for a few days, watching high priced patients come and go.
  • Do they even have any problems or are they just paying someone to vent out their frustrations? Whatever, the rich are stupid.
  • It’s 3 days of nothing, until … huh… looks like Caroline’s meeting someone at a diner… Salt & pepper hair, nice suit… not a client… Lover? Not with the stiff way he’s holding himself around her, no…something’s definitely up.
  • Too bad Crews gets a new lead on the case and oh they solved it. Turns out one of their own officers who’s got a drug problem shot her when he was high.
  • Case closed.
  • Except…Turing is definitely up to something.
  • Shaw is not obsessed, but someone who’s have had access to so many officers and the rich and powerful doing something shady? That’s something she needs to investigate.
  • She freaking loses Turing AGAIN on the way to stalk-investigating her. Turing wearing a leather jacket, skinny jeans…and a gun.
  • Two guns to be exact. She can see them just under her waistband.
  • “Hello sweetie”
  • Shaw’s got a gun to the back of her head.  How’d she get the drop on her? Who the fuck is she?
  • “Looks like you’ve been stalking me.”
  • “Investigating.”
  • “Same difference, but I can’t have you snooping around my business like that detective.”
  • “Yea? And what business is that?”
  • “Why? You want to be read in?”
  • Okay so turns out Caroline Turing may or may not be an FBI Agent
  • and Shaw may or may not have compromised her whole mission .
  • And good looking guy in a suit may or may not be her partner.
  • “You can call me Root.”
  • “Agent Root?”
  • “Just Root, so Sameen, you ready to bust an international drug ring and squash some HR pests?” 

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what if Keith and Pidge Team up while everyone is trying to get back together? I think they would have interesting shenanigans especially if their near anything related to the Galra or Pidges Fathers location.

Imagine them finding out along the way that Keith is Galra. It happens on a remote planet, so no one is around to see the change. The two of them are investigating an old Paladin temple to see if there is anyway to contact the others when they run into an object that will reveal another’s true form.

Keith begins to panic, he had no idea what happened. One moment he was human and the next he was Galra. He is lucky Pidge is there, because Pidge is the perfect person to get him through this. She is calm and trusting, and helps him get through this.

For a while Keith is constantly on edge, everyone he looks in a mirror he shudders, and he has no idea how to use his fangs, he’s craving meat and he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin.

Then one day Pidge realizes they can use this to their favor like Allura did. Keith begins to sneak onto Galra bases to gather Intel and no one recognizes him, because he is wearing amor him and Pidge stole. The two of them collect Intel and start taking out Galra bases one by one.

In order to appear non threatening with the natives on any given planet Pidge builds a sort of hologram that Keith can wear to appear human again, if only to not scare people by being Galra. It’s an unfortunate fact that people are scared of the Galra so Keith wears it to blend in.

Neither of them can figure out what made Keith human the first time, because it was stronger than a hologram. Pidge thinks it might have been Druid magic.

They go around destroying more bases hoping to catch the attention of the others, but it’s slow going.

Maybe one day, the two of them will be reunited with their family, but for now they are taking it one day at a time to defeat the Galra.

I’m in a really dry season. I can’t fully explain it because I’m not sure even I understand all of the emotions I’ve been feeling, I just know it feels dry. I’ve been staying the course, settling into routine, but things around me feel heavy- it seems like every time something feels good and settled, things shift and change. Maybe that’s just the nature of life, but sometimes it feels crushing. When fruit isn’t seen from your labor, it’s hard to not ask God what He’s doing. It’s hard to not feel lonely or sad or fearful, but He has commanded us to trust Him in all things. 

Luke 10: 38-42

As Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem, they came to a certain village where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home. Her sister, Mary, sat at the Lord’s feet, listening to what he taught. But Martha was distracted by the big dinner she was preparing. She came to Jesus and said, “Lord, doesn’t it seem unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work? Tell her to come and help me.” But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

I’ve been too much of a Martha lately. I’m so focused on my circumstances, the dryness of this season, comparison of others and their fruit or success, that I’ve focused on details instead of the One constant I should be trusting in. I don’t know when this season ends…I can’t honestly say I’m not looking forward to it, because I most definitely am, but in the chaos, confusion and unsettledness that is resting in my heart, I will praise Jesus and trust Him where He has me. I don’t wan to have comparison steal my joy or restlessness force me into decisions I’m not ready to make. I don’t want loneliness to creep in and steal from the relationships I do have and can maintain. I don’t want the seemingly lack of fruit in ministry to cause me to miss what God is doing or cause me to think I must work harder to overcompensate for my feelings. 

I want to be a Mary; I want to sit at the feet of Jesus and be content.

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Can we have a Jonsa fic in which Jaime comes up to Winterfell and bonds with Sansa, making Jon jealous?

Sansa is queen of the north and Jaime gives up everything to be her hand. They are close and that makes Jon jealous. Jaime teases him about it a lot.

I’m just going to kill two birds with one stone. I tried to hit both at the same time, but I think you both will like it. Thank you for the prompt! 


Jon did not mind. Not at first. The Kingslayer had proved useful, leading half the Lannister army towards the North in retaliation of Cersei being on the throne. The other portion kept to keep Casterly Rock in one piece.

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Okay but Paul honestly is in such a good spot right now? Like, literally no ones targeting him and he handled the Victor situation so well, both protecting Victor and himself and somehow spinning it around to use as an advantage for him. And as much as I hate Victor I gotta admit that Paul is really smart keeping him under his wing for his own game and convincing the rest of the house to trust him. Now if you would’ve told me this on week one that Paul was actually kind of smart but also at the same time liked to spend his time baking muffins and overall just being a complete delight and excellent piece of entertainment I wouldn’t have believed you

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