trust your senses

How One Day Changed Everything

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for @iwantthedean ‘s Two Prompt - One-shot Challenge. My prompt was: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: Dean has been your best friend since when you were four. But is he just that? (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

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Bad Blood

Modern AU - Vampire!Ivar x Hunter!Reader

Notes: Remember when I said there would be a vampire au? Probably not bc it’s been a long time. But it’s finally here!

Rating: Explicit

Summary: You want to make Ivar pay for what he did to you years ago, but he shows you that you need him alive.

Warnings: Smut, blood, killing, biting,ingestion of blood, light knife play

Tagging: @ivartrash @brightlycoloredteacups

Everything around you was silent, but you knew you weren’t alone. The pale moonlight didn’t do the best job in illuminating the way, but the darkness was not a problem. The venom in your sistem improved all your senses, and it was the only good thing this unnatural substance could provide. Only the memory of its strong, bitter taste was capable of make your face writhe in a disgusted grimace.

Your fingers, half covered by leather, were cold and wet with sweat as you held the cossbow in front of your face. The weapon was like a extension of your body, as well as the dagger imbued in vervain inside your boot. You could dark shadows moving around as the other hunters worked to surround the industrial shed.

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anonymous asked:

Hello~ can I request something where the RFA do a favor for MC and they're like "ohh you owe me something now" kind of teasingly, so she gives them a kiss. How would they react? ^^ thank you<3



  • It’s the middle of summer, and the two of you are on the couch, far enough apart to keep from sharing body heat
  • The half-underground apartment keeps cool for the most part, but there is a major problem brewing
  • You are craving goldfish-shaped bread (bboongobbang) like nobody’s business
  • You want it so bad, and the truck is right outside, but it is SO HOT, and you CAN’T GET UP
  • And Zen, ever the knight in shining armor, agrees to go and bring it back for you
  • He comes back with the bag full of them, looking like an angel of delicious snack deliverance
  • And just as you reach for the bag
  • He yanks it out of your reach
  • “Zen…?”
  • “Do you know how hard it was to get this? The unforgiving sun, beating down on my poor, flawless, porcelain skin… The badgering for autographs, the guilt on my conscience, knowing that everyone in line was blinded by my presence…”
  • Oh boy, is he ever the drama king
  • “I think you owe me something in return for this~”
  • You pretend to think for a moment, playing along with his game
  • “Hm…. how about a kiss?”
  • He straight-up drops the bag and climbs over you, beast unleashed and ready to devour~
  • “Babe wait let me eat one first PLEASE”


  • After a full day working at the cafe, your lower back is sore and your shoulders are stiff
  • The moment you two get back to the apartment you weakly ask for a back massage
  • homegirl does judo, we all know she knows the pressure points and gives the best massages
  • She’s more than happy to oblige, and before long her fingers are working out knots you didn’t even know were there
  • i never let guys massage me bc its always kinda sexual but with jaehee it just feels natural
  • You always ask her because you know it doesn’t tire her, but this time she leans down to your ear
  • “This is the third massage this week, MC. I think you owe me something after this one.”
  • You tilt your head to look up at her
  • “Will a kiss do?”
  • Once you close the gap, Jaehee’s massage halts
  • And the kiss lasts a little longer than you had intended
  • Jaehee breaks off first, panting slightly and still paused looking at you
  • After a beat she resumes the massage with more gusto, eliciting an accidental moan from you
  • “Do you think we can work out an hourly rate?”


  • This exam snuck up on you, but luckily Superman Yoosung was there to help
  • His grades have been slipping lately but he still knows how to study
  • he’s a SKY student, after all
  • You begged him to tutor you and he was surprisingly good at it
  • Underneath that gaming gremlin was a faint glimmer of the straight-A student
  • And his grades were even rising a little because of it
  • But countless nights in the library poring over books and making flashcards eventually paid off
  • As you refreshed and refreshed your grades
  • to find a 95%
  • Yoosung is proud and so happy for you
  • But he can’t hold back a yawn when he tells you
  • “Okay so now you owe me, right?”
  • You set your laptop down and take his hand in yours
  • “I don’t have much, but can I pay you in kisses?”
  • You grab him and pull him down to you, wrapping your arms around him and pecking him once on the lips
  • “What’s my total, Mr. Kim?”


  • You had been invited to an awards show for some affiliate company of C&R’s
  • And, amazingly, nothing in your ridiculously gargantuan wardrobe quite fit the dress code
  • At first you were uncomfortable with asking Jumin for things but as time went on you came to terms with the fact that money meant nothing to him
  • So as you perused your closet once again, a week before the event, you casually turned to Jumin as he sat on the bed behind you
  • “Jumin, this is stupid, but I don’t have anything to wear to the event next week.”
  • His interest is piqued and he pulls out a few dresses from your closet, only to return them to the hanger
  • “Can I trust you to find something classy for me?”
  • “Do you not trust my fashion sense?”
  • “I trust your fashion sense, darling, but I don’t trust your wallet. I’m not supposed to be the center of attention here- I just need something simple.”
  • He ponders the request for a moment, looking you over with an appraising eye
  • “That’s a tall order, MC. I think a task that monumental requires some compensation.”
  • The demand catches you off guard, but living with Jumin Han keeps you on your toes.
  • “Do you accept kisses as currency?”
  • He embraces you so quickly that it makes you a bit dizzy, and his kiss is firm but it’s soon over
  • “I won’t refuse it, but I think you made a poor financial decision, Princess.”
  • He leans close to your ear, sending a shiver of delight down your spine
  • “Your kisses are priceless.”


  • You’ve been learning Arabic from Saeyoung, mostly just to get past his damn security
  • But the door stumped you one day
  • “Find the derivative of cos(x)sin(x).”
  • You pounded on the door as hard as you could
  • “Saeyoung, open up!”
  • The muffled reply:
  • “I’m busy! Just answer the question!”
  • “I can’t! I don’t know the answer!”
  • “What? It’s just calculus!”
  • “””””Just calculus””””””, he says
  • “I don’t remember calculus!”
  • “Just Noogle it!”
  • You kick the door as hard as you can.
  • “Okay, okay! cos2(x) - sin2(x)!”
  • The door swings open, revealing Saeyoung on the couch, watching cat videos on his laptop
  • You wrap your arms around him from behind, burying your face into his hair
  • “Get rid of the calculus questions, you jerk.”
  • He chuckles to himself
  • “And what will you give me if I do?”
  • You think about it for a moment
  • “I’ll give you a kiss~”
  • “Deal!”
  • He leans his head back to claim his payment right away, and pulls up a window on his laptop to disable the door questions
  • “We can start with Algebra, then~~”

lol some of these got a little saucy~~ sorry!

Escaping Plan

 Requested by anon: Suicide Squad imagine? (Before they were all sent to Belle Reve) You’re Digger’s “partner.” He planned on getting rid of you like anyone else, until you both were spending an evening planning a heist on a particularly tricky joint. (Jewelry, bank, you pick) The escape plan you come up with quite quickly is clever, one that he never would’ve thought of, and your backup is to sacrifice yourself. He now thinks of you differently. Thanks! I love your writing!  

 Pairing: Captain Boomerang X Reader

 Word count: 1.003

 You speak fast, giving him all the coordinates from the tunnels underneath the jewelry. Digger’s face is quite funny. It’s the third time you try to explain him your “perfect escaping plan”, but he still can’t keep the directions in mind.

 "No. It’s too complicated.“ He puts his pen down, staring at your drawing on the small table. "Don’t get me wrong, luv, but I rather just shoot everyone and get out." 

 "I know, but it’s not that simple. This is easier. We’ll be miles away when they find out.” Digger never trusts your sense of direction, even though it’s your superpower. You never get lost. Never. Getting lost just doesn’t happen, somehow you can feel exactly where you are and know exactly where to go. But no, no tunnels for Digger.

 "Ya’re crazy. We go, we do what we do best. We fight our way out. It’s decided.“

 As he gets up and heads to his bedroom, you sigh. It’s hard to push him into something. Goldsten Jewelry is well protected, and there’s a police station just around the corner. A huge police station, the bigger in town. He can’t be caught again, this isn’t an option. Without giving too much thought, you pick your cellphone to record a message, just in case anything happens.

 "Hey, Digger. It’s (Y/N). If you’re hearing this message, I’m dead.” You joke, just to make this a bit easier. “Just kidding. But if you’re hearing this it means they got me. You wouldn’t follow my clever plan, so you tried to fight your way out when you know Arkham is your fate if you’re caught again. So I decided to follow my own plan. It means I’m saving your ass. Right now I’m probably in prison already, hoping to not be transferred to Arkham.” There are tears in your eyes, but you manage to keep speaking. “It’s just that I know I’m just another piece for you, in these games you play, but still I fell in love with you. Maybe this decision will make me a hero. A hero for you at least. Anyway… I just… I love you.”

 You end the message right before hearing his footsteps behind you.

 "Who were ya talking to?“

 "Nobody.” Drying your tears, you get up, hands on your hips. “Let’s go. This is going to be a crazy night.”

 "My favorite.“ Digger’s dirty smile makes you feel a bit better, so you just take your bag and follow him out the apartment.  

 "Are ya sure it’s safe?” He steps inside through the back door, carefully looking around.

 "Yes. I turned off the alarms. It was pretty hard, but…“

 "I know, luv, you took one hour to do it.”

 "You’re welcome, honey.“ You sarcastically say, pushing him as you walk fast, opening your now empty bag. "Let’s do it quickly.”

 "As you wish.“

 He can’t help but take a look at everything before deciding what to steal. But he ends up taking anything. Your bag is too heavy now, and you can barely carry it. So you just sit there, enjoying the silence and Digger’s voice as he talks with the diamonds.

 ”(Y/N)! I found somethin’ for ya.“ He yells and throws you an expensive necklace made of white gold, decorated with sapphires. You smile at him, putting the necklace on your bag.

 That’s when you hear it, someone breaking through the front door. Digger takes his backpack and runs to you. Taking your gun, you hide behind a huge wooden table, Digger by your side, checking his own gun.

 "Best part of the day.” He says, laying his gun down at taking something from his pocket. “Here. Get us outta here, luv.” It’s your drawing, the map.

 "What? We can’t. Now, we do have to fight.“ You take the paper and throw it away. "You’re an idiot! Now take your gun and do something.”

 The footsteps were getting louder, and you know they’re too many.

 "I heard your sweet message. Not losing ya.“

 "Not losing me? I heard you talking to God knows who. You were planning to dismiss me after this. Like an old toy you don’t want anymore. Now, I’ll be the stupid girl who sacrifices herself for a stupid guy. Get up and run, you bastard!” You were trying too hard not to scream, and now your throat hurts. Digger is confused, trying to understand everything you just said.

 "Ya like me, don’t ya?“ Digger’s smile is back, those eyes sending shivers down your spine. Before you can even think about a good answer, he pulls you into his lap, his lips crashing on yours. You don’t even try to resist. Sadly, someone finds your hide spot and you have to shoot him.

 The first death is always a problem. Digger pulls your bag and kicks it away, taking you by the hand.

 "Tell me where to go, luv.”

 "Let me lead the way then.“ You push him and start to run.

 Everyone knows how to get to the tunnels, but it’s pretty hard to get out. They were built many years ago, before the city that now hangs over it. The policemen are coming, his footsteps are louder thanks to the tunnels. Digger won’t stop talking, but you ignore him, turning left and right and left again, until everything you can hear is yours and Digger’s breath.

 "Where are they?”

 "Lost.“ You stop, looking at the sides. "They’re too far from us, I’m sure. There’s no way they can track us or hear us or…”

 "Self-sacrifice isn’t somethin’ villains do.“ He speaks all of a sudden, forcing you to face him in the dim light.

 "I know.”

 "Ya’re in love with me, huh?“

 "Maybe. Why did you kick my bag away?” You ask him, hoping to change the subject.

 “'Cause I don’t care about it. I care about ya.“ You feel him stepping closer, wrapping his arms around your waist. "Ya won’t go anywhere.”

 "I don’t believe you.“

 "I will make ya believe, luv." 

moderateslytherin  asked:

What are some of your clony headcanons??

  • Tony has felt for Clay for a long time, but he always valued Clay’s friendship more than anything to make a move, make a confession or make him feel uncomfortable. 
  • After Clay finds out Tony’s gay, the fact that Clay is so oblivious becomes a joke. A.k.a “I have a bad feeling about this.” “Well, you didn’t even realize I was gay, so I wouldn’t trust your senses.” 
  • Tony once held Clay in his arms after Clay had one of his nightmares during a night where Tony was staying over to finish a project. 
  • When Tony got his mustang, the first person he gave a ride to was Clay. 
  • Clay made fun of Tony’s leather jacket the first time, but only to tease because ‘hot damn, that leather jacket’ 

This is a fairly new ship, I’m still exploring. What are some of yours?

“remove the dependence on the brain’s sensory system”

Don’t trust your senses…WTF!

That’s why we “invented” science and “the tools of science”.

So that Science will interpret everything you need to know, just believe everything science has to tell you as your not capable as an individual to do this for yourself.

This is a personal attack against every human clearly stating that humans cannot trust their sensory selves.

Never allow yourself to be Bullied into thinking that you are less than you are.  You are a powerful, individual creation, quite capable of interpreting everything that this Incredible Earth has to offer, with ALL the senses you were given.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a paid actor with a very large Ego and a slight self-importance issue as he has surely asserted himself and science clearly above us dumb humans.

Lividness (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Part 1??

(Gif not mine)


You were completely, utterly, passionately livid. Every heartbeat that resounded within your burning chest elevates as boiled blood pulsates into your brain– a semi-functioning organ (for the time being) that can only register exactly that. Lividness. No other color aside from red seems to exist, and the pounding in your ears drowns out the rest of the world’s white noise. You shook, completely enveloped, controlled, blinded… by anger. Forgotten are your trusted companions: common sense and sanity, in these sporadic moments, thoughts that have been replaced with neuron signals that consist of:


“…Oh, honey, you can do better than that.  SCREAM LOUDER!!!”

The release of such emotion is violent, yet undeniably relieving… but getting caught up with the fatigue is much less so. You were left panting, dizzy, and in a room littered with objects, ranging from cheap knick-knacks, to pillows, your school books to memorabilias. A hole in the wall, too, much to your dismay. Shuffling towards the bed, you sniffle, resting your face in your hands and waiting for the ache in your chest to claim the tears that follow. Tears that don’t ever need to be explained.

Tears that speak for themselves.

You see, for you, it’s all just a three step process. 

The room, littered with a dark aura seemed to blacken, the thickening silence becoming suffocating with the exception of your ragged breaths. With a sudden sickening feeling sinking into your stomach, your brain recovers from its momentary trance and begins to process what had happened. A weak “accio” fell from your quivering lips as you grabbed the nearest box, stuffing all the things you had collected over the past two years that had any relation to Draco Malfoy. You were done. 

Strong certainty found itself reflecting off of your movements as your numb hands stuffed his old Quidditch jersey, scarf, neatly folded into the cardboard exapance. The Championship afterparty in the Slytherin common room where Draco had claimed your first kiss upon his upturned lips seemed to be another lifetime, an illusion that couldn’t seem to shake itself from your mind as you ran your fingers over the grass-stained fabric. Shaking your head, you placed every love letter, card, picture, and gift alongside the other objects, determined not the dwell on their sentimental meanings. Another shuddering breath elicited from deep within your chest as you placed the lid over the symbols of a large portion of your lifetime. 

But this emotional rollar coaster was a cycle. Grief for miss opportunity hardens back into blame, brutality. The eye of the storm passes and infuration becomes intoxicating and dammit. 

You stuff a pillow in your face and scream until your lungs burn, yet it’s not enough relief. Punches fly and scratches leave angry, red marks on your skin as you desperately attempt to let it all out and find relief. 

All because of Draco’s lips when weren’t on yours the nights he “forgot” about your dates. Because of Draco’s lies that became so easy on his conscience that he didn’t have to think twice before spitting them out right to your face. And just Draco himself, who broke your heart so sneakily that you didn’t even realize it was all just built up lividness waiting for the perfect moment of release.

But most importantly, lividness towards yourself for being so oblivious to it all.

Draco, can we talk?” The distant look in his clouded eyes receded slightly, and with a lazy turn of his head, the albino’s dark circles and sunken cheeks became more prominent. Your heart twisted as you looked down onto the plate on the table in front of him, where his food lay untouched and undoubtebly cold. 

“What about?” he asked, an unenthusiastic grumble accenting the ends of his drawn-out vowels. He gave off an air of subtle coldness that you picked up on with ease, as it had become a common occurance, and your frown deepened. 

“Not here. Please,” you sighed quietly, willing him to understand. The complacent teen stood up slowly before marching out of the Great Hall, not bothering to look back to make sure you followed. Biting your bottom lip, you went out after him, matching his pace as he turned down a corridor into an empty hallway. 

“What is it, (y/n)?” he asked, annoyance lingering in his tone. You were taken aback, a grimace etching its way onto your face as you tried to brush off his obvious indignation. Shaking your head, you looked at your feet, taking a moment to collect your thoughts and ringing your hands together nervously.

“It’s just… you’ve been really distant lately, and there have been rumours going around that you and Pansy–”

“–so you’ve come to accuse me of something?!” Draco interrupted distastefully. “You know, if you wanted to say what’s on your mind, just spit it out! Don’t go bloody pointing fingers!” The sudden raise of his voice flipped a switch, your undying toleration evaporating in an instant.

“Of course not! I just wanted to know what I’m doing wrong that makes you so upset with me all the time!” you said angrily, all patience thinning out. “You’re stringing me along, Draco! I deserve better than that!” 

“If you have the temerity to complain with such passion, just break up with me,” Draco challenged. “I’m not the clingy control-freak in this relationship, so if you did, it would just be a blessing.” The last words that flew out of his mouth were spat out with so much diction that everything else around you stopped. A strangled whimper clawed its way out of your mouth and you hated yourself for sounding so weak. 

“(Y/N).” His tone changed abruptly, reminiscent of the soft way he spoke to you the first months that you were his. For as long as you could remember, it had been your anchor, but it became a foreign sound, for you were long gone. In a place where nobody could bring you back.

“(Y/N), I didn’t mean it.” Your gaze travelled anywhere but his face in a frantic attempt to keep from crying. But that statement was completely false. Draco Malfoy never said anything but what was on his mind. He was never one to eat his words and never one to take back something unless he was forced to. 

You should have known. 

Without missing a beat, you ran past him, drowning out his calls with the strangled cries that occassionaly slipped out. 

A soft knock on the door grabbed Draco’s attention. He half-heardtedly made his way over, turning the knob and lifting his gaze. His heart skipped a beat. 


You stood a distance away, stone-faced and drained. A large box with cut out handles at the sides was held chest level in your hands and you placed it in his arms silently. 

“I would’ve asked one of your friends to give this to you, but there’s some valuable jewlery inside so knowing them, I couldn’t trust it,” you murmured, no trace of humour in your expression. Draco was silent, still taking you in, indulging in the fact that you were standing in front of him when he’d been trying to get a hold of you for a month now. But his fantasy was quickly broken when he realized what was inside the box. 

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I cheated and I’m sorry that I lied and I’m sorry that I hurt you,” he managed breathlessly, placing the box down without a second thought and stepping forward to cup your cheeks. You gazed at him with a strained smile that didn’t quiet meet your eyes and peeled away his fingers, taking a step back. 

“I know,” you whispered. “But maybe you’ll find someone who’s actually enough for you and treat them right.”

“I don’t want anybody but you.” 

And the cycle continues to circulate, for if he’d realized that sooner, the crippling pain in your chest and barely beating heart would be pushed away for a less painful cause.

You were livid. 


Pairings: David 8 x Reader
Words: 1,394
Warnings: Angst, hurt, robot kisses and hugs
#2, David 8, he got hurt during the mission and reader helped him - i actually like to read it :3i actually like to read it :3
@m-ilja  4, 12 and 2 for Walter or David
Summary: The reader is sent on a scouting mission and David accompanies her. Things take a turn for worse when a mysterious creature shows up. 
A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I kind of included both requests here? Anyway, I was really nice to write, I can’t believe I fell so hard for David, dear lord.

[“You saved me. Why?“]
[“I was a fool to trust you.”]
[“Don’t close your eyes, stay with me!”]

“Haven’t we already walked past this pile of stones?” I heard David’s voice behind my back. For a supposedly emotionless machine, he truly struggled to hide his amusement, “I was a fool to trust you 

and your tracking skills.”

I rolled my eyes and let out a short breath trying my best not to yell at him. The situation was frustrating enough even without his sarcastic remarks.

“It’s not my fault your system doesn’t work down here,” I pointed out, “maybe we should turn you off for a bit and refresh it?”

I could swear on everything that was dear to my heart that I actually heard him frown in response and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t satisfying.

“Next time you are more than welcome to ask Charlie to be your navigator,” he hissed.

I stopped and turned to him. Seeing the priceless expression on his face forced me to cover my mouth with my hand to avoid giggling. It wasn’t the brightest idea to laugh out loud on a new planet especially when your android’s programme suddenly stopped working and you had to trust your senses alone.

“Stop mentioning him so often, I might think you actually like him.”

“Have the gate on the ship suddenly opened I would not mind throwing him out into the void,” he declared.

“Oh, we all know that.”

I shook my head and headed back in the right direction. Or at least the one I believed was correct.

I took a few steps forward when I suddenly felt David’s tight grip on my arm. His free hand quickly covered my mouth.

At first, I thought he was trying to scare me to get revenge for my earlier comment but then I heard something odd in the distance. Something huge was running towards us, its speed screwed up the measurements of my suit and caused it to turn off completely. I was left with nothing but a gun in my hand and David by my side in a total darkness.

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anonymous asked:

Corn maze, Jacrutchie? (If you want to) (you're amazing and so funny and so good at spot and Jack and you're such a good writer and asdfghjkl)

[Thank you so much! I really don’t think I’m funny but I try. You’re the amazing one!]

5. Corn Maze

Crutchie was lost. Not only was he lost, he was also very tired and cold. He’d been wandering around the corn maze for over an hour trying to find his friends. His hands felt slightly numb and his jacket was with his friends, it had been warm when they started out into the maze and Romeo had put it in his backpack along with Crutchie’s phone. Crutchie had been distracted for just a second, he had stopped walking to look around, and when he looked up his friends were gone. He came to a crossroads and debated for a moment, before turning left. He turned and stumbled slightly, his crutch catching on a stalk of corn that was sticking out. Strong arms caught him, preventing him from falling.

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Hypothetically, say there was a large population of Lampyridae, more than nine-million-nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine-thousand-nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine individuals, spread throughout the atmosphere and illuminating the entirety of the planet at the exact moment I was slipping into a state of REM sleep. I’m confident that, despite witnessing this phenomenon in real time, you (and not specifically “you” but any one person in the same position in this scenario) would doubt your visual acuity and be more-or-less incapable of placing your whole trust in your sense of sight

anonymous asked:

Have you ever tried chewing or eating any human food after turning into a vampire? And if you have, how does it taste like? ( Btw your art is gorgeous👌🏼)

“Indeed, I have. There are a lot of things to try out when your time has stopped eternally so naturally, I tried it once - maybe twice. It isn’t a very pleasant experience to tell you that. I can actually recall having a bite of some sort of dessert the last time.” Was it a cake? Some different kind of baked good? The vampire couldn’t possibly remember at this point. He was the type to not look back, the one who preferred to live in the present. Memories could be considered a blessing for beings whose time was limited. For Ky, they were nothing but a burden for the most part, only the occasional one being of any use to him.

“Carrying on, it tasted disgusting. So much in fact, that catching a single glimpse of food is making me slightly nauseous now. Its sweetness couldn’t possibly compare to the delicious flavour of a sip of rich, pure blood right from the source.”

Mun here~

Thank you very much, dear Anon!


There isn’t much more to life than the choices you make.

Even in the moments you can’t influence, it’s what you do with them, how you react, that shapes who you are.

It’s whether you let your impulses tie you down, or whether you stand above them.

It’s control.

“That’s stupid,” Hajime says. Tooru frowns.

“I never said it wasn’t stupid, Iwa-chan. Life is like that.”

“No,” Hajime says, putting down his pen. “I mean, your conclusion is stupid.”


Now it’s Hajime’s turn to frown. “Well,” he says, folding his arms on the tabletop, “because you’re assuming that control is the most important thing.”

Tooru raises his eyebrows. “If we didn’t control our nature, there’d be no way for society to work. There’d be no public decency, no proper communication-”

“Not what I meant. Obviously some form of control is necessary. But what about instinct? What about trusting your senses instead of trying to beat them out with logic?”

He takes one look at Tooru’s disgruntled expression before sighing. “Take volleyball, for example.”

“Yeah? That just proves my point. Unless you have talent” - he spits out the word like it’s hurting his tongue - “you need control. You need precision and dedication.”

Hajime shakes his head. “No one’s born with absolute knowledge. Instinct is something you polish. Talent is something you… make bloom, if you will. Some people just learn faster than others.”

Tooru pushes his lip forward in a pout. “How unnecessarily poetic, Iwa-chan.”

“You asked me for help, Shittykawa. Take it or leave it.”

“I’m not gonna rewrite the whole thing! Besides, what you said isn’t all that different from my original thought - you’re just using different words!”

Hajime shrugs. “Whatever you say. Just telling you my opinion, here.”

“Maybe you’re right about volleyball,” Tooru grumbles (loss still prominent in his mind, but accompanied by a drive to improve that’s stronger than anything, a restless determination that’s making him itch to have a ball between his fingers again). “But… that’s not true everywhere.”

Hajime ponders for a moment, leaning back in his chair.

“I think it is,” he says eventually. “You can’t just… stomp out your emotions completely.”

Tooru shakes his head. “I’m choosing to be with you. For example.”

Hajime snorts. “Very romantic. Making it sound like a chore.”

“Not what I meant!”


They lapse into silence for a couple seconds, with Tooru looking over at Hajime defiantly.

Loving him is a choice. Staying with him is, too.

“Still,” Hajime says finally, and as if he’d read Tooru’s mind, “you wouldn’t have considered being with me if you didn’t have feelings first. Also-”

He leans across the table and presses a kiss to Tooru’s lips, brief but firm, before he pulls back and settles into his seat again.

“…I do hope you’re not just kissing back because you’re choosing to, but because you want to.”

“I’m choosing to because I want to!” Tooru says indignantly.

A grin slides across Hajime’s face. “So are you above your impulses then? Because it sounds to me like you’re indulging them.”

“Oh my god, Iwa-chan. Shut up.”

“I love you, too. And I know you’re gonna rewrite this because you’re a goddamn perfectionist.”

“I said shut up.”

(But he is.)

(He does.)

(Hajime watches and laughs.)

(Tooru lets himself kiss him, anyway.)

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Headcanon about the boys being the ones ending up in Erika's world and her finding and taking care of them?

A/N: Hello dear anon!! I know it´s been such a long time that you sent me this! I´m so sorry >.<
I do hope you like it :´)


  • Nevra rarely went through the portals to the human world because he cannot handle the human´s sun so now that he was here during the day, hiding himself in the shadows, waiitng for the night to come, was a nightmare for him.
  • Feeling all types of emotions, he was seated inside of an abandoned house in the darkest place of it, thinking on how he would go back to his world.
  • It was when he heard footsteps and through the dark shadow that he was saw you there, feeding some stray cats.
  • You, who tends to have a very accurate sixth sense, looked around the building, knowing full well someone was there.
  • Apreensive when you caught a man´s body in the darkest shadows, picking a metal stick from the ground, you, carefully, went towards the shadow, always in an offense position, in case the man would attack you.
  • It was to your surprise to see such an handsome being with peculiar clothes and very outstanding physical characteristics seated there, on the shadows.
  • Nevra smiled, trying to look friendly,to not scare you, he voiced a very melodic `hello`.
  • Trusting your sixth sense and not feeling any evil intentions from the man you replied to his greetment, trying to understand why he was there.
  • For the better or for the worse, Nevra explained everything to you, not actually hoping you would believe him or even better, help him.
  • But, to his surprise, you decided to believe in his words and once the night came as you both kept talking, you invited him to your house, telling him you would help to send him back home.


  • Hating humans, this was the worst thing that could have had ever happened to him- being trapped in the human world.
  • Walking around, trying to think on the items he would need to open a portal to go back home, Ezarel got pissed off by the minute as people kept looking at him with wondering gazes. Do not take him wrong, he understood why they looked at him like that: his clothes, his pointy ears and his blue hair were not a typical thing to be seen around earth, still, being the center of unwanted atention was bothersome. He needed to move fast to find what he needed to go back and they weren´t helping.
  • Trying to find a way out of everyone´s eyes, Ezarel, without paying much atention of the place, entered in a store. A very peculiar store to be more precise.
  • He could feel energy entering in his system, as he was able to relax thanks to the familiar scent that the store gave. The scent of his world.
  • Surprised by this, he looked around, seeing many typical potions that he was very knowledgeable and some of the required items he needed to get home.
  • It was then that he turned to the opposite direction and saw you there, sitting on a chair, smilling at him, knowing very well what he was looking for.
  • He couldn´t believe he was about to receive help from a human…


  • Valkyon was frustrated. For the past two hours he had tried talking with people only for them to excuse themselves or run right away from him. Everyone was simply scared of his physic and armor. This wasn´t helping at all.
  • Finding a forest, Valkyon entered in it, sitting on the floor with his back on a tree, sighing.
  • He needed a plan to go back home. He needed to get some human clothes to not scare the humans and he needed to search for the stuff he needed to open a new portal. 
  • Suddenly, hearing branches breaking, Valkyon got up quickly and set himself into a defensive pose, waiting for the attack, only to see you there, looking at him curiously.
  • Not feeling any ville intentions from the man that was infront of you, you approached him carefully showing your bare hands to him, signing you weren´t going to do anything to him.
  • Looking at him up and down you could see how peculiar his clothes were and you decided to ask him what happened to him as you shared some of the food you had in your basket with him.
  • Gratefully accepting the food, Valkyon told you about what happened to him as he ate, telling you his plan and everything else.
  • It was then that you simply decided to help him by taking him to your home and bringing him local clothes to make him stand less from everyone else. 
  • He asked you why you decided to help. You simply told him that you couldn´t leave him alone.
  • Valkyon would never forget your kindness.
Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

Fortune favors the bold.

Harrison Wells x Reader

Words: 3376

A/N: I should put a gif of Harrison Wells since, you know, but seriously, this fits so whatever.

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“Oh my god.” Cisco said, jaw open, still in shock.

“I know!” You replied, eyes wide as you took in the scene before you.

“Oh my god.” Barry echoed, his hands in his hair, trying to process what he was seeing.

“Holy shi-”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Jesse,” a voice rang out over your intercom, momentarily reminding you that Caitlin and Harry were still listening in.

“But… look!” Jesse whispered, gesturing vaguely to everything in front of you.

“It’s… insane.” You finally decided, unable to choose just one word to describe what you were seeing.

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Creepypasta #1065: I Work As A Private Investigator. Here Are A Few Of My Strangest Cases (Part 2)

Length: Long

I don’t believe in the occult. I don’t believe in the paranormal or anything of that sort. The case I’m about to describe did not change this. You really have to put a lot of trust in your senses; what you’ve personally seen or heard as a PI, and bogging those very senses down with deductions spotlighting supernatural intervention is a pretty piss-poor decision if you wanna get anywhere. Y'see, I do, however, have my weird personal superstitions and idiosyncrasies. Wouldn’t really be human if I didn’t. I try and keep them separate from my job, but sometimes they pop up in the back of my mind regardless, picking and drilling at the gray matter in my skull in a desperate attempt to burrow their way back inside.

For example, I sometimes feel that reality stops functioning correctly in complete isolation. That, when things are left completely unobserved for a long amount of time, the unknown, unseen spaces cease to exist. Stuff that shouldn’t be able to physically happen is suddenly no more than child’s play and unwelcome things that have no right existing play their fickle little games with us.

I don’t try to think about it too much, and I most certainly don’t try to give the stupid little thought any power. Nonetheless, there’s always the occasional case in which the idea is particularly tempting to indulge.

It was the middle of summer and the cicadas were chirping in their monotonous choir, like a million audio tapes put on never-ending, ear-rending repeat. The summers are fairly cold up here, but at least there’s no snow. I was sitting in my office, finishing up one of my previous cases. Just general reports left; lots of paperwork. Boring stuff that seem to cause the world to drown in a cacophony of summer insects. The tedium was broken when my phone rang. I picked it up, only to hear the voice of one of my closer PI friends on the other end. We chatted casually for a few minutes, mostly just me trying to get my mind off of the writing pains in my wrist, but it was obvious that he’d called for a reason.

He explained that he’d been on a missing person case, a small boy around the age of four. His mother and father had divorced a few years ago, and his mother is currently holed up here, in my area. The boy had apparently been missing for quite a while now. The police had been contacted first, but they turned up with nothing.

After a week passed with no sign of a missing person, you kind of have to start assuming the worst. Nevertheless, we’re usually the last resort for these cases. So my buddy went asking around, and apparently he managed to dig up a couple of accounts saying that the kid was seen boarding an olive green SUV with a woman looking to be in her early thirties just hours before his disappearance was reported. Nobody thought to note the license plate. 

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When it comes to the spirit board your mind plays a crucial role. What I mean is, any type of rumors or fear mongering towards the board– those influences really mess with your experience. Those thoughts you have before you even touch a board are key parts. Which is why it’s important to ’re-write’ your brain. Removing the stuff you were originally taught or thought while hearing about the board. You know, removing the brainwash.

Moving onto mental rules, the absolute importance of these things is well really up to you. For me they’re highly important. If you have these things memorized what you like and don’t like then they’ll have set guidelines. It’s good if you tell them these things as well, but it helps with intent and resolve. You’ll have a good mental shield worked out. And they wouldn’t do anything you didn’t like without your permission. Which is why it’s good to have both sub and conscious rules. It’s already worked into your energy when you think about the topic. I.E less work.

The reason people say you have to play with two or more folks is due to energy. The more the better in a sense. But that’s why it would be really good to do this with experienced people. And you should look at the last paragraph as an important aspect with two or more. I’m aluding to the fact that you should have rules so that you don’t have nasty attachments. It’s mostly an energy thing, unless you have something to help charge the air. Then by all means do this on your own or with another. Your choice really.

I suggest that if you do want to just play by yourself to grab a pendulum, since you would be using your own energy to help fuel it. It can be your favorite necklace or a string with something heavy enough to weigh it down a bit. Honestly there isn’t much of a rule on what you can use. It certaily doesn’t need to be expensive to work. If you buy an actual pendulum, it’s geared to aesthetics. Your personal choice of preference.

I cannot stress this enough, your i n t e n t is extremely important. Your thoughts, your feelings, these things attract spirits/entities. This is your very core, your energy. What y o u put out is what you’re thinking and feeling. If you want to attract something negative to fuel your own personal gain… Then by all means. It’s living right to do so. However you cannot say it wasn’t warned. Your mindset, is once again the core of using the board. If you attract something you didn’t necessarily want, that’s your fault for having a certain type of energy. Or it’s the fault of someone who shouldn’t be playing with you. Either way the fault was you or someone elses energy. Energy doesn’t lie, it doesn’t bother hiding what we try our damned hardest to bottle up. So make sure to clear yourself before doing anything with a board. Cry festing is a great way to release pent up or unwanted energy.

Zozo, Mama, Zaza, I have news for you. It isn’t real. Actually, Zozo is a spirit fucking with you. All that lore about a demon coming and attacking you is all fear. Nobody is actually named Zozo by the way. If a demon had that much time, going to anyone who called them all over the world at a drop of a hate would be tiring. A waste of needed energy. Would you run to anyone who constantly called upon you? In every part of the world? I don’t think so. It goes along with those preconcieved thoughts I was telling you about earlier. Brain wash. And what I’ve been saying about how your mindset fucks you over if not controlled properly. Figure eights and other fers people have are only just that. Fear. That energy is very powerful and faster to get which is why they scare.

Ahh, once again, fear is being played. Ouija boards don’t open portals, and I’m sorry to burst some bubbles. (Really not). Ghost hunters use the s a m e method as the board. The only difference is, it’s not high grade. Remember the pendulum I mentioned earlier? Yeah, you can use string and something to help weigh it down. For example a pebble or something. It doesn’t need to be high grade. The only reason all that high grade stuff is socially acceptable is due to people telling you it’s much more different than any other divination tool. Apparently, it’s more sciency. In this case all forms of divination can be sciency if properly documented. Ouija boards help people who sense them already as a practice of sorts. Truthfully, they can be used for whatever. It’s mostly for spirit/entity communication regardless of what anyone says about it.

When speaking to the non-physical, you can simply think of something. And you may or may not recieve an answer. It honestly depends. This is where once again your mindsets matter. You ay ask a personal question only you or a few others know and get something you hoped or may not have hoped for. Does it still confirm what you think or thought? It’s not magic, they can read us. Depending on your stance on things they can control your mind if you allow that sort of thing. Fear is funny like that, so even if you say something like, “I’m not letting them do anything…” but doubt the very words you just spoke is a clear indication that you are allowing things to get in your thoughts. Both physically and non-physically. I mean this, if you allow social things to get to you, hw can you say you aren’t letting something you don’t see affect you?

If you play with a board keep in mind of your own fears, feelings, and thoughts. Not a whole lot to it. Don’t bother if you can’t control yourself. Try being more observant of the outside world. If you have all the things I nagged at you about, great, perfect. You’re on a road to finding what works and what doesn’t. Check your surrounds while using the ouija board, air temp, feelings you may have (mind being clear of any thoughts you would normally think of). Feel it out in a sense. Trust your instincts and remember to be respectful. Don’t play bs games, how would you feel if a random person was acting ill mannered towards yourself? It’s like talking on a phone with a friend or family member. Only it’s not someone you personally know. Perhaps you’re lucky and do get someone you know. Pay attention to things to find these simple answers.

Lastly, you should have spiritual protection even if you have a really good handle on yourself. It doesn’t hurt to have a fall back. I hope you gain something from this little post. Even if you don’t agree fully, your beliefs are yours alone. But that would further prove my point then eh?