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honestly Leverage goes so far out of its way to show us how Deserving the victims are that it’s almost too much. like. “Do you trust your government, ma’am?” Hardison asks the lady who’s sitting in a rigged court case after her court-appointed lawyer has skedaddled, and “of course,” she says, like there was never any question. I don’t know about you but this is America, I haven’t trusted my government since I was six years old and I haven’t ever even had legal troubles.

in the very second episode you have this serviceman who was shot, lost the use of his legs, lost his girlfriend, watched his best friend get shot down in front of him, and he’s just like “I just want to be able to work again, if they’ll just pay for my rehab I’ll be satisfied, all I want is for them to fix the damage they did,” and I mean. maybe this dude is just a saint, but if anyone shot my legs out I’d be a lot more vindictive about it, especially if they faced no repercussions and were still out there, shooting other people’s legs out with impunity.

John McCain is a terrible person, receiving state of the art healthcare for his own cancer treatment for free while voting to strip even modest healthcare from the poor in this country.

He’s not a rebel.

He’s not a patriot.

He’s not a hero.

He’s not a maverick.

Like most people in politics, he is an underhanded self serving monster, a warmonger, a war profiteer, and has a long history of enriching himself at the expense of this country’s people. This has always been the case.

Stop trusting your government, and start calling them out.
The Future of Privacy

By: William Gibson
NY Times, 12/6/2016

This is an article from Turning Points, a magazine that explores what critical moments from this year might mean for the year ahead.

Turning Point: Apple resists the F.B.I. in unlocking an iPhone in the San Bernardino terrorism case.

I’ve never been able to fit the concepts of privacy, history and encryption together in a satisfying way, though it continues to seem that I should. Each concept has to do with information; each can be considered to concern the public and the private; and each involves aspects of society, and perhaps particularly digital society. But experience has taught me that all I can hope to do with these three concepts is demonstrate the problems that considering them together causes.

Privacy confuses me, beyond my simplest understanding, which is that individuals prefer, to different degrees, that information about them not be freely available to others. I desire privacy myself, and I understand why other individuals want it. But when the entity desiring privacy is a state, a corporation or some other human institution, my understanding of privacy becomes confused.

While it’s true that states and corporations often desire privacy, they just as often desire that I myself have less privacy. What does it mean, in an ostensible democracy, for the state to keep secrets from its citizens? The idea of the secret state seems antithetical to democracy, since its citizens, the voters, can’t know what their government is doing. Thereby hang the countless conspiracy theories of our day, many of them supposing that we possess far less privacy than we actually do. Advocates of the secret state, wishing to comfort us, sometimes praise a rough and ready transparency: If you have nothing to hide and you trust your government, what can you possibly have to fear? Except that one can just as readily ask: If you have nothing to hide, what do you really have, aside from the panoptic attention of a state, which itself keeps secrets?

Even this simple consideration of privacy confuses me. Is individual privacy and state privacy the same thing? Are they conceptually antithetical? Is it to a state’s advantage to permit its citizens to keep secrets? States desirous of citizens’ secrets have been known to torture their own people in the course of encouraging them to reveal what they know. We know this historically, and we know it still to be true, though whether we’ve personally been affected by it largely depends on where we happen to live.

I have ideas about history, more than I have about privacy, and it is here that my confusion deepens exponentially. I believe that our ability to create history, to transcend generations via our extraordinary prosthetic equivalents of memory, is the most remarkable thing about us. Unless we’ve forgotten something, lost it to history, we’ve yet to encounter another species capable of the same thing. Should the F.B.I. or other agencies be able to unlock the iPhones of terrorists? To be able to do so makes them able to unlock yours or mine. Should I be able to encrypt documents in such a way that the F.B.I. can’t decrypt them? If I can, terrorists can as well. (Not that I necessarily accept terrorism as the ultimate fulcrum in such arguments, but it’s become the one most often employed.)

In the short term, the span of a lifetime, many of us would argue for privacy, and therefore against transparency. But history, the long term, is transparency; it is the absence of secrets. So we are quite merciless, as historians, when it comes to the secrets of the past, the secrets of the dead. We come to know them with an intimacy impossible in their day. It would be unthinkable for us to turn away from their secrets, to allow the Iceman his privacy or to not scan beneath the bitumen to recover an Egyptian priestess’s tattoos.

And here, to complete my tangle of confusion, is encryption, no doubt aggravated by my inability to understand the concept mathematically. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that the future is all too liable to have its way with today’s most sophisticated encryption technology. I imagine that the world’s best-kept secrets — those of both private citizens and state institutions — will one day sit in plain sight on whatever it is that our descendants display data on.

Privy to that information while looking back at us, our ancestors will know us differently than we currently know ourselves, just as we now know the Victorians quite differently from how they knew themselves. The past, our own past, which our descendants will see us as having emerged from, will not be the past from which we now see ourselves emerging, but a reinterpretation of it, based on subsequently available information, greater transparency and fewer secrets.

If our continually lengthening, ever more transparent history is the sum total of who we are as a species, then our species is the poorer for every secret faithfully kept. Any permanently unbreakable encryption seems counter to that.

And yet I would prefer to keep certain secrets of my own, as I assume most of us would. So perhaps that desire is as much a part of us, as a species, as our need to build these memory palaces.

Hillary, Obama, and similar leftists breed passive Americans and distract them by little things to keep them pacified and docile. Atrocities in the world and corruption in our own home which should outrage us is made out to appear minuscule in respect to our racist, sexist, politically incorrect society. Through years of the public education of our population, religious thought and critical thinking are replaced with tedious work that fails to engage students and rather lulls them into a false sense of knowledge. Those who support the corrosion of American values in this way have the loudest voices, and those among us who realize it’s wrongness do not speak loud enough.

Forgive me if I sound cliché, paranoid, or fear-mongering, however, it was this type of passive head-in-the-clouds society that so easily fell under the Third Reich. By continuously instructing Americans that our America’s nature is flawed, that it is a sin to exist, and that we must be transformed fundamentally, we are setting the stage for a corrupt power-hungry dictator to snatch the reins and bring on the real era of terror. It was exactly this type of people that was so easy to conquer. Trust government. Give your labor and time to the government. Let it take care of all our worries. And that was the regime that massacred millions of people and their families. I’m not sure how you feel, but I know I am consumed in fear.

It’s best to have some prayers.


Ukraine Crisis Today Democracy caught on camera this will never be shown on mainstream media (by Татиана Теси)

This video is about what is happening in Ukraine right now. This is just a fraction of the videos and information that is coming in at this time.
This is not about Russia trying to “invade” Ukraine. People are pleading for help from their Neo-Nazi government.
May 2nd, is the day that will always haunt me. Pro-Kiev activists trapped unarmed Pro-Russian civilians in a government building and burned them alive.
Upon first news, it seemed that 46 people died from smoke inhalation and burns. Later investigation and photos revealed that Pro-Kiev activists were already in the building waiting. Photos show burned bodies, but peculiarly only the head and hands. It is suggested that they used a fire gun to set the victims head on fire, and then used a fire extinguisher so as not to let the fire spread and trap them.
There is a video also, taken from outside the building, were you can hear a woman screaming repeatedly for help. Photos show a pregnant woman bent backwards over a table, strangled by a phone cord. Another body of a woman was found burned and half naked, most likely raped.
Most bodies had bullet wounds in the head.
Overall, over 50 people were found dead.
There are now reports coming in that there was a massacre found in the basement of the building, involving women and some children (there is no confirmation of this at this time).
This is what happened inside the building.
Outside, people were jumping out of windows, while being shot at from those on the ground. Those that escaped the burning building, were caught and brutally beaten.
After the fire was stopped, they walked in the building and picked pockets and bags, and some laughter is heard at the blackened bodies.
Watching these videos, and photos makes me physically sick. I cannot imagine what those people must be going through.I am terrified.
But I am also incredibly angry. Why is the world ignoring this?
All everybody talks about is Russia being the bad guy. Blah blah blah.
Why is Obama and UK blatantly ignoring the massacres happening in the streets RIGHT NOW?
People are begging for help from their own fascist government, and all everybody does is make more sanctions against Russia.
And something that makes me even more mad, is the Western Media not reporting correct news about this. In fact, they are not reporting this at all.
We learned in school that we will never forget the Holocaust, so that it never happens again, and yet…

I usually don’t post political things, but this has made me feel so powerless. I wanted to bring this to attention of even one person, even if it all it does is make you doubt by a fraction of what the mainstream media has made you believe.

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I can't say I have many moral/ethic/political beliefs that I would call "strong"

But the ones I have, I’m very passionate about.

Can we just legalize gay marriage already?

Or recognize gay unions the way we recognize marriages legally?


Censorship is so fucking wrong.

I’m so sick of this bullshit, government.


I believe. 

When asked about government and corporate surveillance, there are some who shrug their shoulders and say they have nothing to fear because they have nothing to hide. Schneier’s response? “I ask them their salary and they won’t tell me. I ask them about their sexual fantasy world and they won’t tell me. The whole ‘I have nothing to hide’ thing is stupid, that’s a dumb comment,” he says. What’s more, your day-to-day behaviour is monitored in ways you wouldn’t even realise, so these details and many more could be open for all to see – and use against you. And that’s a problem, even if you happen to trust your government to use the data for good.