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I admire those people who go through tests after tests after tests and still have so much tawakkul in Allah. And subhanallah, it just shows that their tests were infact blessings in disguise for them. Because of their patience and gratitude, Allah increased their Imaan. And what better gift is there than Imaan?


capmeme: eight quotes [2/8]

↳ "Is this a test?" 
Looking back I can see all the times I unconsciously tested my therapist, telling of more superficial goings-on, gauging her response, checking she was still there, becoming a little braver, taking fright, blocking her out, then finding she wasn’t going anywhere, letting her prove she wasn’t going to shout or get mad, daring to move closer again, acting out, looking for the limits, yet gradually, gradually, bit by bit, allowing myself to accept what she was offering.
—  Reflections on my therapy

you may not see it, but i’m STRONG . because my moms taught me that family makes you stronger than you’ll ever be by yourself. / a swan-mills family playlist. 

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The Ultimate Trust Test 📷 (W/ Valerie Torres)

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i know u probably all think im a dumbass bc of how childishly i type nd talk but im actually an Expert in ap english/lit or just writing in general so if any of u kiddos need help i can revise/edit ur stuff!!! when AP Testing Season™ comes around ill be sure 2 help out too!!!

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So I was wondering what do think of chapter 10, when the old dude from the gay bar was supposed to kill Bum and when Woo was tying him up he told him 'you'll be fine' and when he picked him up 'don't worry, it's not so scary right?' Honestly I thought he wanted to scare the shit outta bum but he kept reassuring him?

I think he’s genuinely trying to reassure Bum, since Bum already passed his test of trust with the card thing. Now he’s just trying to guide Bum into killing. It’s similar to how he said ‘it’s a basement of course it’s dark and damp’ in the earlier chapters. I explained why he speaks like this here.

i don’t know if i already made a post like this, but for any of you that are self diagnosed and feel invalid because you don’t have a “proper diagnoses” i would like to remind you that my psychiatrist googled “ADHD Test”, printed the first one she saw, and that’s how she diagnosed me. so if you take those test and quizzes online for diagnostic reasons you are completely 100% valid

• two as one •

aaeeyyyyyy!!! yo yo yo im back! :—D winter break is here and waw what a good time to make a story. >:—D hahahahah so the title is said above, “two as one”, and it’s a story about a strong bond between a master and her pokemon put to the test in trust, love, and acceptance. yiieee that sounds cheesy but it’ll be pretty feelsy.>:D

im gonna be posting the whole first part soon along with the same drawing but it’s just gonna be the drawing. with vintage effects. lol and im not gonna be spoiling anymore! :D please look forward to it! i really hope that you’ll support this story because i’ve been brainstorming about it really hard in the past few months. >∆

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Do you think that Sangwoo's mom has betrayed or intend to leave him so that he killed his mother and so obsess about being left alone and don't trust people (he had tested Bum). The fact that Sangwoo really loves his mother make him even more broken and make him regret having killed her which why Sangwoo hadn't killed Bum cuz he don't want to make a mistake twice . Instead he try to turn Bum to be like him(by their first killing) . This remind me of what Hannibal has done to Will

Idk i’m kind of in the “Sangwoo didn’t actually kill his mom” camp until proven otherwise. I’ll accept it if it happens but for now that’s my belief. 

When the response to our question “What do I do for my kids who can’t even read or do basic subtraction?” is “Well, we really need to collect more data…”

Some more cooking with CP for you guys: the best food in the world is bread and cheese, together, so one thing I do is I take a piece of bread and put some yellow mustard on it, then put some grated cheddar cheese 🧀 and put it under the broiler, delicious.

Another thing is to cut up some chunks of mozzarella cheese and put it in a little tureen, then pour some olive oil on there, and sprinkle some salt and oregano on it. And then also put that under the broiler. Then you eat that with a piece of toast.

opening a fic without any warnings is like the scariest test of courage you can do because you are either going to read a beautiful fic that is better than most novels or worst thing ever that burns your eyes out of your sockets