trust no trick

tfw Ishida won't be trusted anymore
  • Ishida in Re ch122: *has Touka confessing to Kaneki*
  • TG fandom: no but Tsukiyama interrupted them so we can't be sure that Kaneki feels the same
  • Ishida in Re ch124: *has Touka straddling Kaneki and going for a kiss*
  • TG fandom: no but maybe he's going to block Touka's kiss because his pal Amon once did the same with Akira
  • Ishida in Re ch125: *draws an entire chapter about Kaneki and Touka having sex*
  • TG fandom: no but what if it's Itori and not Touka?
  • Ishida: (≖_≖ )
The Final Chapter

Woah…okay….whew. Trying to collect my thoughts after watching that is…well it isn’t easy. First off, MAJOR PROPS TO TEAMIPLIER. This story has had so much heart and soul put into it, and there’s been an incredible dedication to quality and detail. Bravo, Mark and Co., bravo. 

So wtf just happened? After reading some theories by my friends at @wkm-theories and considering it, I’m gonna take a stab at unravelling this tangled web. 

So, #Markiplier lives. Does he? It’s gone far beyond that now. Maybe in the beginning it was that simple, but it isn’t anymore. There are parts I got right, and parts I didn’t. There are parts the community got right, and parts we didn’t, so let’s go through this piece by piece. 

First off, obviously at this point, this is indeed the origin story of Darkiplier, and of Warfstache too. But it’s a much sadder origin story than I think anyone was expecting. We know from the Colonel (whose first name I think must be Wilford) and Detective’s argument that Celine was in fact Mark’s wife, and that Colonel Wilford had an affair with her. While the Detective calls it “stealing” and “sick sexual exploits,” I think it is clear that he loves her very much. In the spirit world/afterlife/whatever place at the end, Celine says “I never thought he’d fall this far,” and that Mark took everything from them “from his twisted quest of vengeance.” With that in mind, this is my theory on the backstory:

  • As I said in my last theory, Mark, Damien, and Wilford grew up as childhood friends together. Mark went into the entertainment business, Wilford into the army, and Damien into politics. I also am now convinced that Markiplier Manor definitely used to belong to Wilford. Not just by his familiarity with the house, but by his conversation with the Chef just before Celine comes in in chapter two. As we know, the Chef calls him Private, and says “I don’t work for you anymore!” He then says in today’s episode that he’s been cooking for the people in the manor for 25 years, but he yells to Wilford that he quits. Why would he tell Wilford, wouldn’t it make more sense to tell the Butler at this point? But no, in some ways he still sees Wilford as his old boss…the old keeper of the manor. 
  • So anyway, the manor used to be Wilford’s home. And when he was a private in the army, Damien was at University (where you meet him) and Mark was trying to get his acting career started. Yes, in this universe, Mark is not just a YouTuber, but a flim/TV actor. This is evidenced by these photos from the Detective’s evidence room shown on @whokilledmarkiplier:
  • It is also worth mentioning that in the Meta Ending of A Date with Markiplier, Mark is an actor who is out on parole, working on a crummy side project. I think that these universes are connected, but more on that later. 
  • It isn’t easy to start an acting career, and you usually don’t make a lot of money in the process, so I think Wilford took Mark in and supported him while he was getting on his feet As he imitates Mark, he says “Forget all my FRIENDS or people who helped me along the way!” Wilford was one of those people. 
  • I also think that while Celine was friends with all of them, it was Wilford who loved her the most. While Mark in real life is a great guy, Mark in this story is kind of an asshole. Maybe Will and Celine once were dating, maybe Will never got up the courage to ask her. But Mark’s career took off and he married her himself before Wilford could. This obviously infuriated Wilford, and Mark grew distant. Then, to add insult to injury, Mark took the manor for himself, and even named it after his new stage name: Markiplier. This was the last straw for Wilford, and he secretly confessed his feelings to Celine, which she seemed quite happy to reciprocate and they had an affair. Maybe this version of Mark was once like the one in our world, but Fame and Money went to his head “Just look at my MONEY!” The Detective says that Wilford was also “squeezing him for cash” to fund dates with Celine. Will probably feels like Mark stole everything from him, so he doesn’t mind stealing back.
  • Damien, of course, being the politician and genuinely caring about all three of his friends, makes an effort to be on good terms with all of them. It is also likely that he is the one who introduced you to Mark. The two of you meet in college (You’re a DA, so you would have run in the same social circles), and when Damien and you both got jobs in the same city (LA, I assume) where Mark lived, the three of you formed your own friendship. 
  • Back to the affair: Mark obviously found out about it. Like Damien says at the end, he had been planning this for years. It’s even possible that Celine divorced Mark after he and Wilford had an altercation over her, and that it is after this divorce, which left her confused and hurt, that she sought solace in the arcane arts. Now, in this next matter, I was fairly close to the truth. Mark wanted to get back at Wilford, so he cam up with a revenge plan, and he hired the Detective to make sure that everything went down smoothly. However, the plan was not to discover who wanted Mark dead, but to frame the Colonel. And he used the Chef, Butler and Detective to help achieve that goal. 
  • There are multiple times they try to clue you into their plan, but they obviously don’t want Damien or Wilford to know about it, which is why they must be so covert. 
  • Mark’s plan was simple, but effective. Invite all of his closest friends to a poker night, fake his own death, and pin it on the Colonel. But what he didn’t count on was the supernatural getting in his way. 

There is some kind of force in that house. I’m going to call it Dark, but understand I don’t mean the persona of Darkiplier when I say that from here on out, I mean the entity that causes Darkiplier. Anyway, there’s no way of telling exactly how long Dark has been lurking on the manor, but it’s for at least 15 years based on George’s refusal to enter the house for that long. We also don’t know exactly how old our characters are. Suffice it to say though, Dark has been there for a long time. Again, this exposure to an extremely powerful evil entity could have contributed to Mark’s assholery, but we have no way of knowing for sure. 

  • From what I can gather, this is a force that feeds off of conflict. So when Mark and his friends began fighting, it grew stronger. When Mark began to plan his revenge, it grew stronger still. And finally, it grew strong enough to strike. 
  • “He trapped us in here with this broken shell and now there’s no way out” is what Damien says to you at the end. I think that Mark’s body is in fact dead, and Mark has made a deal with Dark. There are two possibilities here: The first is that Mark planned it that way from the beginning, to kill his body, blame the Colonel, and take Damien’s body for his own. The second (and I think more likely) is that Mark didn’t want to drag Damien and Celine into it, and that he didn’t even know about Dark’s force. In this scenario, Dark killed Mark and trapped him in the void where we see Celine and Damien at the end. Then, Dark gave him a choice (Dark loves choices): stay trapped in the void forever, or have Damien killed and take his body. Mark is already hurt and angry, and the Darkness has been feeding those emotions. When faced with that choice, he chooses to betray his friends to save himself. This is when the rest of the events unfold in the manor. 
  • I think that when the Butler says “the body is cold” to the Detective, he meant it. Mark’s body was dead at that point. But the Detective doesn’t realize just yet that Mark is really dead, he just thinks it’s part of the ruse. The Butler also suggests calling the police. He’s really concerned now, and while it was in their original plan to tell you about the plot, they’re unsure now of whether or not to tell you outright, so they resort to cryptic hints and clues. For all they know, you’re the one who really killed him, which is why the Detective acts like he trusts you but at times expresses doubts. As the tensions in the manor grow, Dark becomes more and more powerful, especially since he has Mark in his possession. He can manifest lightning when prompted, and he is able to steal Mark’s body and bring it to the void. Yes, I think that the Detective really was surprised when Mark’s body was gone. That wasn’t part of the plan. That was all Dark’s doing. With Mark’s mind AND body now in it’s possession, he is more powerful than ever.
  • Then, Celine arrives at the manor. Maybe she sensed something was wrong, maybe Dark lured her there, whatever. She arrives and her occult knowledge immediately tells her something is wrong. She then does exactly what Dark wants her to do and opens a conduit to his realm. Through this conduit, he possess her, and tries to possess you but you stop him, pulling out of the seance early. I think that it is your body that he had decided on, which is why “Celine” was so mad that you wouldn’t let her finish. 
  • While you’re outside with George, Dark uses Celine to take Damien’s consciousness into the void, and spits Mark back out into Damien’s body. Dark then takes control of Celine’s body but he is thwarted by George before he can accomplish whatever it is he needed a body for. Now with Celine’s body useless to him, Mark in control of Damien’s body and Celine and Damien’s minds in the void with him, Dark is in a bit of a pickle. Whatever he has, it isn’t enough, and he can’t just take it by force. He needs to be let in to fully take control (Celine let him in on accident in her seance, and then Dark manipulated Damien’s trust in her to trick him into letting him in as well). So he does what he does best: manipulation. 
  • When everything goes wibbly wobbly and you walk around the house hearing voices, that’s Dark’s influence over you. He doesn’t have total control because you haven’t given it to him, but he can lead you in the right direction. As you end up seeing the Detective’s frame job for the Colonel and then their confrontation, things get out of hand. Poor Wilford is slowly going mad at the possible loss of his friends, and he kills the Detective in a fit of rage. When you try to calm him down and take the gun, he accidentally kills you too. This is exactly what Dark needed to happen, another person to die. I think that Dark is a being that exists entirely by thought; he has some sway over the physical world but not enough to do anything major. But if a body is dead and the mind is all that remains, he can easily pull that mind into his domain, where it’s pretty hard to say no. 
  • So you die, and Dark takes your mind and traps it, in the same place he has Celine, Damien’s mind and Mark’s body trapped. And it is in this scene that we see the master manipulator that Dark is. I believe that while Celine and Damien’s consciousness are present in the void before you get here, Dark convinces them that this was all Mark’s doing. He insists that their only chance is to use you, that the three of you can fix it. Of course, he says all of this to fool them. They blame everything on Mark, and tell you so plainly. Dark wants you to share their thoughts so that you’ll agree to his plan. 
  • Your body is out there, broken, but still present. Celine says that she can send you back, and implies that this is only possible if you let Damien in so that together, you can stay alive. But that’s a flat out lie, it’s Dark that is really sending you out, not her. Your body is not ideal to him, but it’s all he has left now. The Chef, Butler, and Groundskeeper have left, Wilford is going insane, and the Detective doesn’t trust Damien OR Celine enough to listen to them. But you do. (That’s why Damien’s character is so appealing to us, it’s why they designed him to make us want to trust him. If we trust him, and he trusts Celine, then we’ll do what Celine says.) All Dark wants is our body, and the only way for him to get it is if we let him in. When Damien says “let me in”, the screen glitches for a moment. Up until then, it was Celine and Damien talking, but in that moment it was Dark. Reaching out to you. Beckoning you to just. let. him. in. 
  • Celine then says that this is a choice. This is also Dark speaking through her. Dark is obsessed with choice, but not just any choice. He uses the illusion of choice to get what he wants. When he made Mark choose between living in Damien’s body or being trapped in the void forever, there was really no outcome that would work in Mark’s favor. And either way, Dark could have used it somehow. In ADWM, he gives the illusion of offering more choices than Mark ever did, but only one choice will continue the story. And according to Mark in his livestream, originally the links at the end of that video were supposed to all go to the same place. He doesn’t offer choices, not really. He manipulates you into thinking you’re choosing what you want, when really it’s he who’s getting what he wants. 
  • And it works. You let him in, he sends you back, and you get to see the shattered remains of Wilford’s sanity crumble completely. Then, Dark reaches for Damien’s cane, and looks in the mirror. He has a body now, but it’s broken. A reanimated corpse (a zombie, get it? It was more than a joke!) that he doesn’t even have enough power to control on his own. He is forced to keep Damien (and possibly Celine) captive in his mind to maintain enough power to keep the body running. But he doesn’t need you anymore, he got all he wanted from you. He traps you in the mirror, and leaves you there, because that’s what social manipulators do: they get what they want out of you and then abandon you. Dark’s mannerisms when in this body are so similar to Damien’s because pieces of Damien’s personality poke through the facade. 

But in the end…

The Detective wasn’t wrong, it was more complicated than “It was Colonel Warfstache in the library with the candlestick.” Markiplier either killed himself or was killed by Dark, but his mind lives on in Damien’s body. Wilford, devastated at the loss of his friends and the blood on his own hands spirals into madness, The Staff leave the house, The Detective is dead, and you…

Your body is dead, possessed by a bitter spirit who didn’t get everything he wanted. So he goes after who started this whole mess in the first place…Markiplier. He follows Mark, fueled partly by Celine and Damien’s newfound hatred of him, fueled partly by his own desires as a parasite to keep feeding and growing, and pesters him to give him back Damien’s body. But Mark has learned his lesson and won’t let him in again. So Dark, now using the name “Darkiplier” turns to the next best thing…his fans. 


Wow @markiplier, you really outdid yourself this time! Thank you for this great experience, it was truly a pleasure to witness. 

Thank you everyone for reading not just this theory, but my other theories, as well as those on @wkm-theories that I helped compile. Thank you also to @valleyofrogues for creating wkm-theories and inviting me to help admin it, it’s been a blast! And don’t think we’re stopping today, we’re going to keep responding to your questions, compiling your theories, and share our thoughts with you throughout October. Something tells me this story isn’t over yet…

‘The Princess Bride’ sentence meme

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.”
  • “You’re trying to kidnap what I’ve rightfully stolen.”
  • “While you’re at it, why don’t you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?”
  • “They’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”
  • “I can cope with torture.”
  • “Get used to disappointment.”
  • “You’ve made your decision then?”
  • “Frankly, I think the odds are slightly in your favor at hand fighting.”
  • “I would sooner destroy a stained glass window than an artist like yourself.”
  • “Am I going mad, or did the word “think” escape your lips?”
  • “Your vote of confidence is overwhelming.”
  • “I admit it, you are better than I am.”
  • “You never said anything about killing anyone.”
  • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
  • “You mock my pain!”
  • “Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.”
  • “Do you always begin conversations this way?”
  • “This is true love; you think this happens every day?”
  • “Australia is entirely peopled with criminals!”
  • “There’s not a lot of money in revenge.”
  • “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.”
  • “Anyone who says differently is selling something.”
  • “Anybody want a peanut?”
  • “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”
  • “Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.”
  • “The battle of wits has begun.”
  • “I wasn’t nervous. Maybe I was a little bit concerned, but that’s not the same thing.”
  • “We’ll never succeed. We may as well die here.”
  • “Please understand I hold you in the highest respect.”
  • “Isn’t there any way you trust me?”
  • “You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.”
  • “I’ll explain, and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.”
  • “I told you I would always come for you. Why didn’t you wait for me?”
  • “I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.”
  • “You can die slowly, cut into a thousand pieces.”
  • “What hideous sin have you committed lately?”
  • “Yes, you’re very smart. Shut up.”
  • “There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.”
  • “That doesn’t leave much time for dilly-dallying.”
  • “Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies.”
  • “It would be absolutely, totally, and in all other ways inconceivable.”
  • “I challenge you to a battle of wits.”
  • “Look, I don’t mean to be rude but this is not as easy as it looks, so I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me.”
  • “Do you hear that? That is the sound of ultimate suffering.”
  • “You be careful. People in masks cannot be trusted.”
  • “Please consider me as an alternative to suicide.”
Tricks, Trust, and Treaties

Loki x Reader

Summary: Loki is allowed to freely roam the compound but he can’t be unsupervised, so you’re assigned to stay behind and babysit him while everyone else goes on a mission. He decides to do something nice for you as a peace treaty, but it blows up in his face - literally.

Warnings: language, fluff, food fights

Word Count: 4973

A/N: I’ve been wanting to write Loki for a long time, but he’s such a deeply complex character that I didn’t know what ‘part’ of him I wanted to go with first, or if I could ever do him the justice he deserves. I’m a sucker for secretly soft, gentle, loving, innocent, caring, wants-to-make-you-proud Loki, so I ended up going with that, but I may try to write other sides of him in the future. I really hope you all enjoy it! <3

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anonymous asked:

I feel like with queerbaiting the charcters' relationship just plateaus after a certain point, but supergirl keeps developing kara and lena's relationship and we know theyre not even close to being done, hmm

I KNOW. like the thing with queerbaiting is that you can tell its people wishful thinking. usually, it’s not really there, ya know? more like a reading between the lines kind of situation. 

they don't really go on dates, don't have lip bites, don't say things that sound romantic, don't give each other flowers, dont constantly say thing like “always” and keep repeating “friends” to the point of it sounding sarcastic. queerbaiting is usually two characters sharing a couple of glances. but with supercorp every scene is them staring at each other like they are about to blurt out “I love you” or start making out. it’s glancing at each other’s bodies and lips and lip bites. it's teasing in a flirty way, eyebrow raises, blushing, flustered laughs and shy smiles, etc… its these things that the writers have also written in the canon romance (lena also did the teasing, flirting and eyebrow raises with jack. kara also laughed nervously in an exaggerated way with james, and blushes) and even the canon romance for kara is lacking most of these. 

like supercorp has more canonically romantic moments (not read between the lines but in the actual lines and actions shown) than karamel, that is the canon romance right now. because when it comes down to it being flustered, nervous, blushing and going on dates is much more romantic than fighting and kissing.

so lmao people can call it queerbaiting and maybe it is but you can’t deny that this queerbaiting is more like canon romantic interactions and not a product of people’s imaginations. even if it doesn’t become canon. especially when their relationship has evolved and unlike most queerbaiting it isn't the same throughout the whole thing with no actual explanation for those gay vibes you get. so we are getting a whole bunch of actually visible facts (it’s right there on the screen and the audio, you can’t deny what is being shown to us. its not fanfic, its canon) that show us there is something there (even if they don't make them a couple) and not all ships (especially when they are supposed to last on tv shows) are made canon right away. 

to me, it just feels a lot different to any other queerbaiting I’ve seen. considering they would get the same effect without going through the trouble of making it so obvious that even the media noticed it. and without making people start questioning kara’s romantic interest for her canon bf. so lmao why do that when you could create a read between the lines queerbaiting relationship like most shows do? also they already have sanvers so no need to queerbait 


 All fics are [character x reader] unless specifically stated otherwise.

(#) - the number the post is in the series

(S) - contains or refers to smut but may not be exclusively smut

(X) - exclusively smut (disclaimer: most of my smut is super fluffed)

(A) - requested, prompted, or inspired by an ask

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я люблю тебя


TEXTS (2)(S)



“You Good?” (A)







Ok so recently in my 20 gallon tank baby snails started popping up EVERYWHERE

and I was like where the frickkkk are they coming from?! so I glared at my nerite snail and I said “is this your mess??” but I was also very happy because I had become a snail mom…I put my “parent/culprit” snail in a separate tank so if it had any more babies it could do it’s business in there and so I could figure out what to do with all of the children in the bigger tank…oh how cute I thought they were….


so my precious baby had nothing to do with this and got a time out of his home because of THE FAKERS?? IM SO SORRY SPAZZ IVE BEEN A BAD MOTHER…CLEARLY I HAVE TO WORK ON MY PARENTING SKILLS…

Advice for anyone who wants to get into birding!
  • You don’t have to travel far or go to super remote places to see good birds. That’s one of the great things about them! Birds are very accessible (too accessible) wildlife. You can see cool species doing cool things at your local park, wooded lot, retention pond, or landfill.
  • Don’t feel like you have to shell out for super expensive binoculars/scopes/cameras/etc, especially when you’re just starting out. 
  • NEVER make eye contact with a wild bird
  • Your local Audubon chapter or other bird club can be a great resource for learning local hotspots, and building up your ID skills. These clubs are usually happy (desperate) for new blood
  • Wear body armor no less than 4 inches thick. Kevlar highly recommended
  • A good field guide is a must have. Even experienced birders keep one on hand for reference. There are also great bird ID apps. I use Merlin myself
  • If a bird’s shadow passes over you, you must burn all your clothes and purify your body immediately.
  • I always recommend visiting bodies of water for novice birders. First, they’re great places to see wildlife in general. But mostly it’s that wading birds and waterfowl are big, easier to ID, conspicuous, usually stationary, and the nearby water is convenient for emergency purification rituals.
  • Yes, they are watching you too.
  • Remember, birds are wildlife and can easily become stressed out. Please give them their space, especially in the spring and summer breeding season.
  • Birds do not have teeth. If you see one grinning at you do not trust it, it is a trick!
How to torture physically

There are two common reasons for torturing someone:
a) To gain something for a presumedly lasting benefit (e.g. information)
b) To gain emotional release (e.g. sadism)

1. If a) applies you will have to make sure that they are still capable of granting you this benefit. Therefore you should either leave their hand, which is risky as some shake strongly due to pain and nerve damage, or their vocal cords, speech centre etc. unattended.

2. If b) applies it would be more beneficial for you to focus on destroying both of these first as well as to e.g. blind them, that is as long as them being able to see it or their screams are not necessary for your emotional release.

3. With both a) and b) your goal is to keep the person conscious and fully aware of the pain. People who experience strong pain suddenly tend to faint, go into shock or to dissociate more often than those who are confronted with slowly increasing one. For example start with small cuts or breaking a toe before you pull fingernails out.

4. Don’t make a mess. Making a mess will let you forget if you have already broken that bone or harmed that organ as much as possible without killing. Making a mess will turn you into an uncoordinated and easily caught murderer. Therefore make sure you work as calm as possible and control the blood flow.

5. Don’t talk too much. There is no logical reason to give away your “master plan” or to show off. If a) applies doing this and wasting time in other ways will make dehumanizing them and therefore torturing them more difficult. If b) applies talking might be a necessary part of the drill for you, but wasting time ist still risky.

6. There are many nerves plexus e.g. celiac plexus or brachial plexus in various locations in the human body. Attacking them during a later part of the torture process might get you the desired results even more so if you attack them with a dull object. However, make sure you don’t damage any blood vessels or organs too much.

7. Going for the genitals or orifices might be something you want to try. However penetration and even small cuts are hardly predictable in effect and can kill. Better options would be dull hits, inserting small amounts of clean fluids, closing orifices, “crushing” an erected penis or sewing a labia up.

8. Don’t amputate any body parts. More body parts mean more neurons and therefore more options for torture.

9. Don’t risk damaging heart, arteries, lungs and other viscera.

10. Physical torture is more efficient if it is combined with psychological torture. Humiliating a person e.g. by making them lick up their urine or vinegar, listing their weaknesses, making false promises and gaining their trust or tricking them into believing they have a chance to escape can have such effect.

11. Don’t call them by their name as long as they don’t dissociate, faint etc..

12. Use cortisone to prevent inflammations if you keep wounds open or if you work with potentially pro-inflammatory materials.

13. Instead of salt, put small stones or perfume in and on open wounds.

Post scriptum: This is strictly theoretical and not supposed to encourage anyone to illegal actions.

anonymous asked:

Something with Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon and timetravel?

Anon, I am assuming you meant Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, but if you meant them as a pairing, you should know that, among other things, I have a student/teacher pairing squick.  So this will be gen.  I’m sorry if that’s not what you wanted, but that is what I can write.  If you’re really set on the pairing and time travel, there is an apparently excellent Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon time travel story called Re-Entry, by the wonderful @deadcatwithaflamethrower.  I haven’t read the story, for obvious reasons, but most people seem to love it.  (It’s long, though.  Something like 1.5 million words across the story and its sequel, I think I heard.)


Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn looked around him, eyes narrowed as he studied the armor of the men around him.  It looked like some form of Mandalorian armor, all of it white decorated in either blue or yellow.

They felt just as wary as he did.  To be fair, Qui-Gon had simplely appeared out of thin air.

Qui-Gon had been on a small planet on the Outer Rim, negotiating a cease-fire between factions on that planet. 

And now… he was in the middle of a battle field.

“Take him to the general,” one of the soldiers ordered as Qui-Gon took a deep breath to speak.  “If this is a Separatist trick, the general will know.  If it’s just Jedi crazy, he’ll be able to figure it out.

Qui-Gon kept the smile from his face.  It seemed like the man in charge was familiar with Jedi. The commander turned to him.  “Weapons?” he asked.

“Just my lightsaber,” Qui-Gon said, since there was no point in hiding that he had one.  The knife in his boot and the garrote disguised as a hair tie, however, could be hidden.

The commander nodded. 

“Captain Rex, General Skywalker and Commander Tano are out on patrol,” one of the ones in blue said.

“I know,” Rex replied.  He had blue on his uniform as well.  “General Kenobi is in camp, right, Cody?”

One of the ones with yellow on his uniform looked up. “If he isn’t, I’m going to ask to borrow Kix to sit on him,” he growled.  “He’s got two broken ribs.”

The men snickered.  Apparently, this wasn’t unusual.  Qui-Gon went with the men peacefully.  He was curious as to what kind of General might try to leave camp with two broken ribs.  And, apparently, do it regularly enough that it was almost a joke to his men.


As he approached the camp, he could only come to one conclusion- their general was unmistakably a Force User.  Powerful, with an undeniably Light presence. Qui-Gon took a faintly relieved, very subtle breath.  There were, of course, many Force traditions in the galaxy, but most of the Light ones were on at least decent terms with each other.

Qui-Gon was led into a tent where a human man was studying a situation table.  His back was to them, but Qui-Gon was sure the man knew they were there.

Qui-Gon took the moment to study him.  He was of average human height, with reddish hair. From the back, he appeared to be dressed in Jedi robes topped by armor that mirrored but didn’t exactly match his men’s.

He was also tensing up as he turned around. 

Qui-Gon tilted his head as he studied the man. He wasn’t someone Qui-Gon recognized, but he was of an age with Qui-Gon- perhaps a few years younger.

The Jedi was studying him just as closely.  “I know who you appear to be,” he finally said.  “But I don’t know who you actually are.”

Qui-Gon frowned.  “I am Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, and I don’t recognize you at all,” he admitted.

The man nodded slowly.  “If you really are… then you wouldn’t, not as you are.”  His gaze sharpened.  “But I doubt you are.  This would be just the sort of trick the Count would play.  And he would use you.”

Qui-Gon floundered for a moment.  He didn’t know any Count, not well enough that they’d try to trick a Jedi Qui-Gon didn’t recognize.

General Kenobi- who still hadn’t introduced himself- held out his hand.  “Your weapons,” he said.  “I can’t trust that you’re not some trick of Dooku’s.”

Qui-Gon froze.  “Why would Master Dooku… I haven’t even spoken to him in over a year!”

General Kenobi narrowed his eyes.  “You actually believe that,” he said.  “Nevertheless, your weapons.”

Reluctantly, Qui-Gon handed his lightsaber over.  This man was a Jedi, and Qui-Gon had just appeared in the center of his army.  And that was another thing Qui-Gon needed to know.  Since when were Jedi military?

The general eyed the lightsaber for a moment, then studied him.  “Your boot knife, and the garrote, as well.”

Qui-Gon raised his eyebrows.  Very few people knew he kept holdouts like that- and to know those specific ones?

“Who are you?” he asked as he drew the knife.

The man’s lips twitched.  “Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi,” he said evenly.  “And you, Knight Jinn, if that is who you truly are, are well out of your time.”


Anon, I hope you liked it!

Alright folks!  That’s the last of the current round of prompts.  Normally, I would open prompts up again in a week or so. Unfortunately, I’m about a week out from a mission set and class schedule that will leave me with- if I’m lucky- about a week and a half of non-crazy work hours between now and mid-July (and yes, that includes this upcoming week).  So, prompts will be opened sometime after I recover from the entire thing.  Hopefully, sometime before August, but no promises.


Pairing: Winter Soldier x Reader

Warning: if you translate the title, you should get the idea.. (hint: it deals with life)

A/N: I got strangely inspired to write this. It’s a different writing format than I’m used to, but things happen, y’know?

The room was bursting with people and large,

it swallowed your thoughts and made you teeter like barge. 

Between thunderous words and choking fabrics, 

you were to be alone within its antics.

A whisper in your head turned your heels, 

the room was suddenly empty and you were left to keel.

A man with peony lips and hurricane eyes,

seeming a reality you thought was a lie.

A man with marble lines and shadow hair, 

with hands of ice when laid upon where you were bare.

A mouth of charms and biting wit,

was a man so easy to be lost in you hoped not to forget.

A man who taste of gunpowder and blood,

who laid you down and stripped your layers as the tide of a flood.

A man who was made of metal and scars,

that treated you like porcelain before making you swim among the stars.

A man who drew a knife and called himself Winter,

before taking your life and piercing your heart with the splinter.

A man who was gone as twilight came to a close,

leaving you behind nothing more than a wilting rose.

You now knew to never trust a man with peony lips and death in his eyes,

seeing as you got caught working behind enemy lines.

You now knew to never trust a man made of lies with shadow hair,

skin like ice as a warning that demise was near.

You now knew to never trust a mouth of tricks and biting wit,

as you got talked into lying with a man who followed orders and connected a hit.

You now knew to never trust a man who taste of bullets and blood,

as the ghosts of his victims screamed to you to run while you could.

You now knew to never trust a man who was made of machine and scars,

that was told to be easy before leaving your body barren like mars.

You now knew to never trust a man who drew his sword before he named himself the devil of Winter,

as he was only a demon in an angel’s disguise and drew a knife that ate you like dinner.

You now knew to never trust a man who was gone after you felt his might,

leaving the heavens to welcome you in your plight.

Having Questions // Cheryl Blossom

Summary: Left alone in a hotel with questions on how Cheryl Blossom had such power after leaving you. You contemplate how you got to this point with such agony as such a young age and so many wounds from her. Where do you go from there?

Characters: Reader x Cheryl Blossom, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Betty Cooper (mentioned) and Jason Blossom (mentioned)

Words: 1595

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Nor do I own ‘I Have Questions’ by Camila Cabello, any gifs or images. I only own the storyline.

Warnings: Swearing, mention of death, allusion to sex, same sex relationship and ANGST

Requested: Yes. Anonymous.

Author: Caitsy

A/N: It took me three rounds of the song before it got my love. It’s a cool song and it was great writing this!



Prompt List


Originally posted by thecwriverdale

Why did you leave me here to burn?
I’m way too young to be this hurt
I feel doomed in hotel rooms
Staring straight up at the wall
Counting wounds and I am tryin’ to numb them all

You sat on the edge of the chair in the hotel room staring at the blank wall you had rented under a stupid fake name to keep the light off you. Your heart hurt so much you were physically sick and it didn’t get better at all, ever since she had left the room with cold words ending it all. You were so broken that tears wouldn’t build and fall so instead of counting the tears she caused you thought of the wounds.

Cheryl was your addiction. Simply said but she was ashamed of you and the relationship you had built over the course of three months. At fifteen you sat there thinking of all the time she shunned you at school only to make up lies as to why she had done that earlier.

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Torch of Bellona (Part 2)

Originally posted by watchwood

Pairings: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2900

Warnings: gratuitous amounts of friendship (none)

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4- -Part 5- -Part 6-

Seeing most of your prediction come true, you still try to gauge the strange people that are the Northman. However it will take tact and cleverness to finally see one for yourself, hopefully it is not as disappointing as the news Alfred gives you.

Judith and Ecbert had been keeping Alfred from you all morning. That hollow bored feeling took you to wandering the grounds waiting for him to be done. Amidst the walking denizens the sight of Aethelwulf walking Magnus caught you. Feeling your blood rush you quickly ran toward, but not directly, to them. Hiding behind the wall you caught the end of the conversation, caught Aethelwulf pull a knife on the boys throat and toss him to the ground. Aethelwulf then walked away, leaving Magnus to fend for himself with nothing but the clothes on his back and a satchel to keep him warm.

“I’d head Northwest.” you announced after Aethelwulf was out of earshot. “Most of Kwenthrith’s supporters fled to the hills. Or so the rumors say. But who am I to truly know. Although the clans of the Highlands are far from short on warriors and rouges. Certainly if one was to unite them under one banner, that would be an army for the ages.”

Magnus wiped down the tears from his face, tossing the satchel around his arm. “This must be real funny to you.”

“On the contrary it breaks my heart. I would have thought it kinder to abandon you to some farm. I would have told you it was to humble and strengthen you for kinghood. Let you realize the truth long after you’ve gotten cozy.”

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