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Finally! I drew my Fatesona! Now I can join the ranks along my friends! Special thanks to @lithety​, @belowtheraedar​, @ronyasartarchives​, and everyone of my new friends who continue to inspire me and make me laugh with their such amazing drawings (and of course @krazehkai​ my dear Senpai and basically god of the fandom tbh.)

I hope I get to become friends with more of you! I promise I’m not a bore and I will shower you in fan art if I can ;v;

Anyways let’s get down to the info!

Name: Paco

Class: Apothecary

Birthday: July 28

Personal Skill: Quick to Forget
When Paco is not carrying any healing items (cause he forgot them),
+4 Speed and +10 Avoid (get it? Quick to Forget?)


  • 5′ 6″ (or 167.5 cm)
  • Very naive and trusting (Very easy to trick)
  • Very kind but not quick to forgive
  • Is sympathetic and can see things from different perspectives
  • Physically can not use real curse words nor swears. Ever. (frick)
  • Very clumsy
  • Talks to himself for fun sometimes
  • Fears being alone or hurting others
  • Can be very loud at times
  • Very susceptible to cravings (move over gaius)
  • Has mad ADHD Quick to get distracted
  • Is not mentally adept (cant read well or math rip)
  • Just wants everyone to get a long (awwww)
  • Most of his recipes were probably found off a dead nohrian (thanks ma)
  • bad puns
  • is a meme

Background History:

Paco was a simple villager in a small town of Hoshido. Nothing ordinary. Aaand then Corrin and the gang passed by and he joined up with them. The end. He never wanted to become a healer or a merchant like his parents, but had a passion for baking. Despite the lack of encouragement and strict physical and mental training, Paco still managed to spare time at the oven. Unfortunately, he never got the hang of memorizing recipes or got passed the basics of healthcare. Still he stayed determined to make his parents proud. When the time came to finally enlist in the Hoshidan army, although woeful of his abilities in healing and medicine, he was able to make up for it with his archery. Although never rising above average in accuracy, his efforts did not go unnoticed, as his high spirits and commitment helped him keep up with his fellow comrades. And I love him very much.

Anyway that’s all for now! I’ll probably update this eventually but good enough to start joining the community right?

So I wanted to make a separate post to piggyback the one usoapp​ wrote about Franky being the father figure to the crew. I didn’t wanna ruin it by turning it into a ship war. Read that first, it’s delightful.


In this rant I’m gonna look past the ball-grab, past the subtle hints in the anime, past the little things that Oda puts in his SBS to TEASE ME……. I’m just gonna talk about Franky and Robin’s relationship.

Y’see, I agree wholeheartedly with Usoapp. Franky wants to be the family to others that he never had…. and that’s why he and Robin work so perfectly together. 

Think of it. Robin hardly had a childhood to begin with. She lost it along with her mother and all of her friends and the people that supported her. She grew up constantly alone. A cast-away. A demon. She was hunted for money and was shown so little kindness that she came to never trust anyone. Kindness was a trick.
Then she met the Strawhat crew. She found kindness. She was willing to sacrifice her life for the kindness that she found in the crew.

But now that’s not all. When she was to the point of throwing her life away and had lost all hope… Franky was there. Before she was even aware that the Strawhats were coming to save her. Franky was there. Being just the kind of person he was.

Growing up, he had been warned about her. He’d seen the wanted ad. Yet here he was, sitting across from her on the sea train to both of their demise. Telling her that her life was worth something. This may have been the first time in AGES that someone told her that she was human, that her life had value. That someone was willing to take a frickin bullet for her.

Franky knows what it’s like to be hated, rejected, and treated like his life was worthless. To him… she was someone he needed to protect. Her life was worth so much. He needed to show her that.

I particularly love the playful attitude that Robin has with Franky. With any other man she’d string them along and play like she’s interested but with Franky she can be herself.
She can be playful, smile, and call him out when he’s being a dork. They have the PERFECT  dynamic. And they both know the value of finding family in each other.


**Based off of Hell Frozen Rain by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn**

“[f/n], it’s me, you’re safe now.” The voice was familiar but you knew better than to trust it. You had been tricked before. Hydra knew how to warp your mind.They knew how to confuse reality and fantasy. They were manipulative and cruel and you were terrified.

“If you’re here, can you prove you’re really here?” you whispered, eyes wide and scared. You had no idea what was real anymore. You were curled into a ball, arms folded over your head, expecting a blow at any moment.

“[f/n], you’re home, no one’s going to hurt you,” the voice soothed. A hand reached out and you flinched away.

“Everything is wrong,” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut, “This isn’t my home.”

“Yes, it is, [f/n],” the voice assured softly, “It may not feel like it now, but you’re safe.”

You blinked up at the man. His face was familiar, just like his voice. Did you know his face? You wanted to cry. You wanted to trust so badly that he was real. That you were safe and loved and no one could hurt you.
You curled tighter in on yourself, hiding your face. Life was cold here. You couldn’t trust. It wasn’t safe. “You’re not real,” you whimpered.

Steve felt his heart breaking in his chest. “[f/n], please…”

But it was like you couldn’t even hear his voice anymore.

Gif Credit: Steve


October 24th

Day 6 of 13 Days of Halloween. Pairings: None.

Bitty came downstairs in his pajamas looking a bit frantic.

“Has anyone seen my phone?” he called out as he made his way to the jack in the kitchen that he uses. It’s not there.

“Why Bits, we have no idea where it could possibly be,” Holster says, entering the kitchen.

“No idea at all, Bitty. Where did you see it last?” Ransom says after Holster.

Bitty eyes them suspiciously. “Where do you put it?” he accuses.

Holster gasps in fake offense, “Why, Bitty? Are you saying we hid it on top of the cabinet to mess with you?”

“Yeah, Bits, don’t you trust us not to play tricks on you during the Halloween season?”

Bitty sighs, “Well, you certainly don’t have help me find my phone because you obviously haven’t done a thing.”

“Aw, come on Bits, we’re just having fun,” Ransom says as Holster scoops Bitty up and hoists him on his shoulders.

“Oh, Lord! Warn a boy first, will you?” Bitty grabs his phone that sitting on top of the cabinets.

And that was that.

Later that night, the Haus residents (plus Nuresy and Dex because when are they not there?) had a team dinner. So, like usual, Bitty started passing out slices of pie. Once the whole pie has been passed out, Ransom and Holster eye each other’s lack of pie.

“Uh, Bitty. We didn’t get any pie?” Holster points out.

“Oh, bless your hearts,” Bitty challenged. Everyone stopped eating and stared at them. It’s not often that Bitty drops a ‘bless your heart.’ “You both chose ‘trick’ instead of ‘treat,’ so no sweets for either of you.”


Request by Anon #3

Y/N: Pietro, Wanda you have got to trust me Ultron is just tricking you both he has no intentions of saving earth.
Pietro: How can we trust you when you work with Stark?
Wanda: You know what he did to our family Y/N.
Y/N: To be honest with you Wanda, I don’t have the words to make you feel better yes I know that Tony has killed your family but I haven’t changed I’m still your friend.
Wanda: I trust you Y/N but not Stark, we’re sorry but we need to go.

(Not as good as my other ones, sorry!)


Trust 5x04 / Trust 5x03

Requested by @laschatzi and @hookier

So it’s true that trust was always a significant concept for CS, but somehow I have this feeling that we are yet to understand the true meaning behind Emma’s words in 5x03. 

She spoke of trust so many time there (so many that it even made me roll my eyes that she was going on and on about trust, while she was tricking him at the same time). But I have this feeling that at the end of this arc we gonna understand what she truly meant there. That she was maybe tricking him, but he could have really trusted her there, because although it didn’t seem at the moment, it was all part of a much bigger plan that we (Killian and us) can’t know of just yet.

Remember, Emma in 5x03 has memories of the events of 5x04. She has a knowledge of how trusting Hook with her burden of seeing HologRumple helped her make the demon go away, if only for a little while. She knows how powerful having trust between them can be. And I think we are about to discover, in what’s still a head, why it was so important for her to have his trust at that moment. 

So like.

Way back in the day, I had an idea about what if Clara was a secretly some sort of Time Lord agent sent by the big wig Gallifrey people to trick the Doctor into unlocking the Time Lock and freeing them, etc.etc. etc.

And for some reason that idea just came back to me and now I’m like “….but what if that was Rose.”

Like…double agent Rose sent to find the Doctor and gain his trust and trick him, but she falls in love with him instead, idek man. My brain.


AU where Person A pretends to marries Person B so they can get their trust fund by tricking Person A’s grandmother but NOPE apparently the grandmother wants to see the marriage again so they are getting married.

I am SICK and TIRED of all the FAKE celebrities in Hollywood.

  • Johnny Depp is seven cats wearing a large coat.
  • Matt Damon is a set of identical triplets pretending to be one guy.
  • Michael Cera is the ancient god Apollo trying to relive past glories.
  • Ben Affleck is a cardboard cutout. He’s seriously just a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a person. We gave two Academy Awards to corrugated paper and nobody even noticed.
  • Maya in GM TFP: What you did makes has a lot of angry feelings inside of me. I don't want to be angry anymore.
  • Maya in GM Upstate: Right now, I'm feelin' a little angry.
  • Riley: Good! Who are you angry at?
  • Maya: *says it's Riley but proceeds to rant angrily about her father*
  • People who apparently don't want Maya to grow: See, no it's GOOD that Maya is angry again because otherwise she had turned into Riley because she wanted to have the same experiences with Lucas and get to know him the exact same way Riley did so she'd know Riley was safe with Lucas! Josh is definitely right even though he wasn't there for any of it and that's not what we watched happen, why would you question Josh's OBVIOUSLY omniscient powers you stupid owl?! Riley SAVED MAYA by contributing to making her feel angry about her father again!
  • Me: So you're telling me Maya was like...lying or something when she said she didn't want to feel angry anymore? That was just Maya trying to copy Riley so she could test Lucas? Maya forgiving herself was just a big show so she could test drive Lucas and really it was all about Riley the whole time and had nothing to do with Maya herself? Okeeday. 👍

Davina Claire was SACRIFICED by her family and everyone she loved and trusted. She was TRICKED into having her throat literally slit for some ancient ritual that no one was sure would work.

She fought back. When she realized what was happening she didn’t fold, she fought. She thrashed and scratched and fought in every way she knew how. She watched her best friend bleed out, she watched her mother turn away from her pleas, but she continued to fight.

When Marcel helped her, she put all of her trust in him. That wasn’t naive or stupid. It was what most people in that situation, at 16 years old, would do. He protected her from the people trying to kill her and in turn she trusted him. At first she trusted him blindly. But in time she began to ask questions and explore for herself. When she realized how dangerous the game Marcel was played was, she stopped trusting him blindly. She started making her own decisions.

She watched Klaus kill her only remaining friend. And she knew that it happened because of her involvement in the supernatural war. This girl was 16 years old and already dealing with life and death. Everyone around her was out for themselves. She did the best she could to figure out who she could trust and who had good intentions. She got knocked down over and over again but she never stopped fighting, she never gave in.

Say what you will about Davina. Call her annoying, call her whiny, call her a brat. All of those terms are extremely sexist and transparent but whatever. You can say what you want about her, but she is a fighter. She is raw and real and she never backs down from what she believes, even when the opponent is bigger and stronger and feared. If that isn’t something to be valued in a character on a supernatural drama, then I don’t know what is.

Trick Or Treat

Stiles props a ladder against the side of Derek’s house, slinks through the open window and drops haphazardly on the floor. He brushes himself off as he rights himself, tentatively taking a step further in.

Derek sighs from the couch where he flips a page in the book he’s reading. “Stiles what the hell are you doing? I have a door you know.”

When his question is met with uncharacteristic silence, he finally looks up to take in the spastic figure that just heaved himself through his window. In that moment Derek’s hand goes limp, the book tumbling to floor as he slowly stands, not quite trusting his eyes. 

“Uhm, trick or treat,” Stiles says uncertainly as he starts to pace, suddenly regretting his decision to go through with this idea.

“Is that…is that a tail?!” Derek gulps incredulously seeing a tail swing to and fro with every path Stiles carves in his floor.

“Yeah it’s a stupid idea. Forget this happened. I’m just going to go…” Stiles turns towards the window to make his descent of shame, mentally berating himself for even letting his idea go this far. 

“Stiles wait! I think it’s….cute.” Derek nearly physically stumbles on the last word because cute?! It was the most adorable thing he’s laid eyes on and his heart wanted to explode and snuggle Stiles for the next century. Seeing Stiles in a wolf onesie complete with fluffy tail and a hood with furry ears just melted down any barriers that ensconced his heart. 

“Yeah?” Stiles stops pacing, but starts fidgeting with the tail. “I figured I’d give you a taste of your own medicine. See how you’d like it when a wolf plummets through your window without any warning.” A smirk plays on his lips before he growls, sounding more like a kitten purring than a wolf.

Derek steps closer to Stiles, pulls down the hood and gently lifts his chin. “Stiles, I heard the ladder and picked up on your scent before you got out of the Jeep.”

Derek’s growing smugness and smirk falters when Stiles’ eyes meet his. “Are those red contacts?!”

Blushing furiously,  he momentarily averts his eyes before daring to meet his eyes again and huffing, “I’m the Alpha!”

Derek’s laughter booms through the space at that and echoes off the walls directly into Stiles’ heart. He wants to bottle that sound and keep it safe forever, alongside Derek’s blinding megawatt smile. If he knew this costume would elicit a reaction like this then he would have done it years ago. 

“Go on, laugh at the human. It’s just I saw this costume and figured since you’re not big on going all out for Halloween I’d swing by, maybe get an eyeroll or a sigh out of you. Then try to get you to mock a few horror flicks with me while basking in the afterglow of a sugar high.”  

Derek’s smile softens to a mix of fondness and something else he can’t quite gauge. Stiles’ heart feels like it’s going to burst out his chest and do the Charleston down the street because  the next thing he knows Derek’s got both hands cupping his cheeks, breath fluttering warmly across his cheeks as he leans in to gently press his lips against Stiles’. It’s over before it begins like a flash of lightning crackling through the sky to momentarily bathe the night in pure light; an unspoken promise of more to come. Derek’s lips are a crystal ball and Stiles is seeing a future he always dreamed of having, but never really believing it to exist in this universe. 

Derek pulls away, dopey grin reflecting Stiles’ own. “You pick the movie and I’ll get the sweets.”

Stiles, still rooted in the moment, slowly shakes his head attempting to rid it of the fog engulfing him. “I don’t think I can find anything sweeter than that, Sourwolf.”

Derek chuckles as he goes to retrieve the stash of candy he hid away from the rest of the pack while Stiles scrolls through the list of movie possibilites, thinking to himself, ‘Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Yeah, definitely hit the treat jackpot.’