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Lucien was shaking his head, panting, and whirled to us. “Get her back,” he snarled at Tamlin over the ranting of the king. A mate—a mate already going wild to defend what was his.

Tamlin ignored him. So I did, too. 


 Lucien spun toward me, and that metal eye whirred and narrowed. Centuries of cultivated reason clicked into place.I was not panicking at my sisters being taken.

I said quietly, “We will get her back.” 

A tiny snippet of hope on the horizon filled with ‘Feyre is going to use the mating bond against Lucien.’ 

There’s a peculiar Ravenclaw. They are failing practically all of their classes. They barely even do homework. They basically just sit in an oversized armchair in Ravenclaw tower, reading fiction novels almost all hours of the day. The students don’t understand why they’re there, why not Gryffindor or Slytherin? But they soon discover that this strange ball of quietness and lack of academic brilliance is possibly the best advice-giver in Hogwarts’ history. Be it relationship advice, friendship advice, personal life decisions advice, existential advice, they provide the most profound answers. They aren’t gifted in the arts of magic or even in the regular studies of muggles, but even without these book-smarts, they’ve grasped the attention and respect of everyone attending the ancient school. They grow on to be a counselor in the school to help students with special needs, anxiety, depression, ptsd, or anyone that seeks after an ear to listen and sincere advice. Once this Ravenclaw grows old and weary, they pass peacefully in their sleep. The school is devastated….that is until a few days later when they pop back up in their office, continuing on as if death was simply a minor inconvenience. They go on to help students for generations to come, never swaying in their abundance of wisdom, always sure to remind students that a lack of academic brilliance is not a death sentence, just a reminder that we can’t all share the same path in life, and that’s not bad. No, that’s not bad at all.



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  • 707: Would you like a drink?
  • MC: I have a boyfriend.
  • 707: I'm the waiter, stupid!

Listen…,,..,.Hazel is too young for Frank

texts  from  last  night  :  drunk me  edition. ( slightly nsfw at times ? )

[ text ] hello it’s me drunk me. the ghost of drunkmas past
[ text ] i love being white girl wasted
[ text ] that’s when you know you’re wastypants
[ text ] fuzzy is the best, sloppy is ugly
[ text ] if i wasn’t wearing a sweater i’d send you a bra selfie
[ text ] i’m drunk peeing
[ text ] sabotage me
[ text ]  things are happening, i’m not sure what 
[ text ] who am i
[ text ] gbbo would never, mary berry would NEVER
[ text ] you win honor who wants money
[ text ] i want the money
[ text ] why am i sloppy
[ text ] i’m pooping or peeing we’re not sure yet
[ text ] i’m still on the toilet
[ text ] drunk me is a mess of knowledge
[ text ] wow i love drunk me
[ text ] drunk me: factchecking
[ text ] lemme send you a hoe selfie
[ text ] meanwhile i keep sending sloppy hoe selfies
[ text ] i’m changing into my batman pjs
[ text ] this will be my downfall i hate myself me and my pink panther print panties
[ text ] leak this pic
[ text ] don’t trust me i’m drunk me
[ text ] my face feels funny
[ text ] see i can type i am in control
[ text ] i’ve been sending drunk snaps in my defense
[ text ] i’m like one step away from dabbing
[ text ] drunk me: laughs in hidden.jpg
[ text ] i drunk snapped ____ and ____ while singing beyoncé
[ text ] i’ll look at this tomorrow and cringe
[ text ] i am sober and in control of the situation
[ text ] i sent a ass selfie to ____ captioned: EAT THIS BEN AFFLECK
[ text ] i don’t feel more sober at all
[ text ] i should be asleep but my drunk thirsty ass is like: cute girl
[ text ] i am just a simple farmer
[ text ] do the sleepo
[ text ] i’m drunk talking to a cute girl
[ text ] drunk me is a hoe a THIRSTY hoe
[ text ] i won’t remember this in the morning
[ text ] i’m not sloppy drunk i’m soft drunk, i call it 4 shots and a glass of champagne
[ text ] drunk me: time to thirst message all my friends / flings / exes
[ text ] idk what he’s saying but i’m like raw me daddy
[ text ] don’t kinkshame me
[ text ] i love my aunt she’s trying to get me more drunk
[ text ] i have like 70% awareness of what’s going on around me right now 
[ text ] i might dab again on snapchat who knows 

I’m totally prepared to ship Barry/Lup even though I’m not fully there YET 

I WANT too because I really get how it could be great and cute and awesome but yeah

basically I’m exited for these flashbacks to give griffin the opportunity to build their relationship from the ground up and make me care about it :P

the karamel fandom needs to chill tf out. i love y’all and i’m very much on your side but y’all are causing more drama.. if someone has made up their mind about this ship, there’s no changing it. so why waste your time trying to explain why you like kara and mon-el? just chill. why do their opinions matter so much to you? you dont know them and they dont know you. so unless they’re bullying you and/or sending you anonymous messages that is out of line, then don’t waste your time with them. if you see hate posts on the karamel tag or on the mon-el tag, the block button is your friend. spend your day doing something that is worth your time and don’t stress yourself out for this shit because its not worth it. don’t make posts about the anti’s because really you’re just fuelling the hate more. 

  • Midorima: The thing is, I have something to tell you.
  • Akashi: You know you can say anything to me, Midorima. We've known each other for years, and there is absolutely nothing that could bent our impenetrable bond.
  • Midorima: I'm dating Kuroko.
  • Akashi: You're dead to me.

isttaco  asked:

What would Dark do if his POI was really cuddly?

To be honest, he’d probably not enjoy it all that much.

However, he puts up with it. He believes that physical contact (especially to a degree like cuddling) is a sign of trust. Therefore, he interprets being extremely cuddly as a sign of “hey this person should be very easy to manipulate.”

So he’ll play along. But caution to the one who is very cuddly with him.

EXO as shit my groupchat says

Xiumin: “i’m not all succ and fucc, i have a lot of love inside me too u know”

Suho: “i’ll pay my way out of it if i can survive”

Yixing: “but what if you become the turkey leg”

Baekhyun: “tell pcy sorry i never got to ride him into the sunset”

Chen: “people who call it shopping cart are stuck up like who do you think you are Shakespeare”

Chanyeol: “regular periods????whats that pokemon??”

D.O: “this group should be called New York City bc its rat infested”

Kai: “my own dog rejects me”

Sehun: “listen sometimes i want to be a strong independed woman who can take care of herself forever and other i want a nice rich man to spoil me and i can stay home and watch novelas”