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anyway lance has been in love with keith since the garrison, but he mistook his crush for jealousy and didn’t realize he had feelings for keith until the bedroom scene when keith tried to comfort him. keith, however, started developing feelings for lance during/after the bonding moment and has been pining, completely aware of his feelings, since then. this is canon trust me i asked dreamworks

okay imma shed some light on why i absolutely hate the way that this cheating storyline is progressing and why what adena is doing is really bothering me

1. she cheated
2. she did it multiple times
3. she literally said she doesn’t regret it
4. even tho she clearly said she has feelings for kat and she was ready to break up with cocoshe’s still going back to coco to try to fix things
5. now she’s trying to fix things with coco,,,,, but she still keeps in contact with the person she cheated on coco with

There’s a peculiar Ravenclaw. They are failing practically all of their classes. They barely even do homework. They basically just sit in an oversized armchair in Ravenclaw tower, reading fiction novels almost all hours of the day. The students don’t understand why they’re there, why not Gryffindor or Slytherin? But they soon discover that this strange ball of quietness and lack of academic brilliance is possibly the best advice-giver in Hogwarts’ history. Be it relationship advice, friendship advice, personal life decisions advice, existential advice, they provide the most profound answers. They aren’t gifted in the arts of magic or even in the regular studies of muggles, but even without these book-smarts, they’ve grasped the attention and respect of everyone attending the ancient school. They grow on to be a counselor in the school to help students with special needs, anxiety, depression, ptsd, or anyone that seeks after an ear to listen and sincere advice. Once this Ravenclaw grows old and weary, they pass peacefully in their sleep. The school is devastated….that is until a few days later when they pop back up in their office, continuing on as if death was simply a minor inconvenience. They go on to help students for generations to come, never swaying in their abundance of wisdom, always sure to remind students that a lack of academic brilliance is not a death sentence, just a reminder that we can’t all share the same path in life, and that’s not bad. No, that’s not bad at all.



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hinata: wouldn’t it be cool to get a box of all the items you’ve lost throughout your life?

tsukishima: it would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.

sugawara: my will to live! i haven’t seen this in 10 years!

kuroo: oh wow! my childhood innocence! thank you for finding this!

kenma: mental stability, my old friend!

yamaguchi: i knew i lost that potential somewhere!

hinata: guys, can you lighten up a little?