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hey!! ive recently gotten obsessed with ks and i told my friends about it. They were absolutely disgusted and every time I wanna talk about it they throw insults and tell me that I shouldn't be reading it. I'm going to a con in June where I'm cosplaying as yoonbum and they keep trying to get me to change it as it 'might cause problems'. I don't know what to do.

Hey back! Sorry if I got to this late, but I still hope you see this anon.

Alright, this is my personal advice to you;

First off, you are not disgusting for reading/enjoying Killing Stalking. At all. If you have to, go look in a mirror and tell yourself that. Trust me, I’ve seen worse, and I’ve shipped worse, than Killing Stalking. They don’t know what disgusting looks like. Not to put anyone down, but, really, KS isn’t that bad.

Also, I think you’re very brave, and obviously trusted your friends, to tell them you like this manhwa. 

I don’t think they’re good friends, nice people, and sure as heck don’t deserve a friend like you. A friend, true friend, a good friend, doesn’t treat you this way over your fictional interests; I know this, because since middle school, I’ve shared anything and everything I found appealing in fiction– like incest ships, unhealthy ships, toxic faves, explicit and smutty fanfictions, tentacle dicks –man, we were a mess, we shouldn’t of even read and seen what we did being in middle school, but, teenagers do dumbshit and get into everything despite warnings, so we knew what we were doing.
We all shared and, even if we didn’t find certain interests of ours appealing,
we did not bash or call each other disgusting and that we should stop reading/watching something. To this day, we still support each other, and know that it’s just fiction and we all have different interests and disinterests. 

Honestly, I would find new friends– and this is my personal feelings and advice –and I wouldn’t stand for friends that called me disgusting and such because I enjoy a fictional story. I can understand if they don’t like it or support it, but they have no right to do and say what they are to anyone, especially someone they call a “friend.” I know it’s not easy breaking platonic relationships, as much as it is breaking romantic ones, but they do not sound like a good bunch to hang around, so I would leave that circle of “purity” and go find others who understand and are accepting.

Also, if your friends think it “might cause problems,” then they need to be good friends and have your back. If I was to go with a friend to a con, and people actually tried to confront them just over their cosplay, I would instantly get aggressive and even physical– if my aggressive and cold reaction doesn’t scare them off first. Friends have each others backs, friends are there for each other through thick and thin– true and good friends are asshole’s who love you and will stand by your side. 
I have seen antis on here who proudly state, “If I see a KS cosplayer at this con…” and it’s absolutely toxic and disgusting behavior. I hardly doubt they’d actually do anything, considering they aren’t hiding behind a screen and could get physically pushed back fast. Even so, I will repeat it again; find new friends, friends that support you, and will protect you and be by your side incase someone does try to look like tough shit– not to mention, I do believe other con-goers and cosplayers will stand up for you if someone is harassing or bullying another con-goer over their cosplay. Cons are a “safe” place for cosplayers– if someone has a problem with someone’s cosplay, then it’s their responsibility to not go near that cosplayer, or, just leave the convention if it’s really that big of a deal. If you’re going to a convention, you’re old enough and mature enough to do this.

If anything, take a trusted family-member if you can’t “find” new friends before the con who are going– again, in my opinion. But, I think, before breaking it off officially with them, I would try confronting them, or at least one at a time, and explain to them what they are doing to you, how manipulative it is, and how it feels having a friend call you disgusting, in a serious tone. Talk to them, try to make them see what they are doing is not friendly behavior– and if they won’t budge, then I would tell them they will be losing a friend since they care so much about a fictional story, that it turns them into manipulative bullies and shows their ass (who they really are).

I support your choice of cosplay; people are allowed to cosplay who they want, whatever fictional character they want. It’s not a crime, you aren’t hurting anyone, and you are doing this for fun, and that’s what matters. If you’ll enjoy it and you’ll have fun. I would love to see your cosplay, when it’s finished maybe!

So, that’s my advice–  of course, do what you think is right and what will make you happy and comfortable. I hope things get better for you anon, and I hope you have a great time at that con.

The Ties That Bind (1)

Hey so this is a thing. I do plan on making this a series. Future parts will probably be longer. This isn’t my best work, but I’m proud of it. Sorry it took so long. ;-; (no editing we die like men)

AU: Soulmate (with a twist)

Pairing: Alexander x Reader

Warnings: Some slight angst (it’ll get worse, trust me)

AN: A BIG thanks to @always-blame-jefferson​ and @thinkabout-dreams​ for letting me scream at them. I wouldn’t’ve had this idea without @secretschuylersister​‘s Blue Skies and Possibilities fic, so thanks!

“Does anyone know about The Fading? Mister Jefferson?”

Thomas answered in a bored, rehearsed tone. “It’s when all the soulmarking went away, right?” The teacher nodded.

“Yes, but its more extensive than that.” He started pacing up and down the front of the room, like a caged tiger. “Due to the new ideas during the late Renaissance period, many people believed in love outside of soulmates. Slowly but surely, the soulmate “gene” was lost, or, more accurately, bred out. Now, who can tell me the first time soulmates were documented?” He gestured at a curly haired girl in the front row. “Peggy, do you know the answer?”

“Yep! It was…” The murmur of the classroom became a dull whisper as your thoughts drifted. Everyone knew about soulmates, it had been pounded into your brains since preschool. There are, or, well, were, many ways that people found their soulmates. Names dancing on skin, colors bursting to life, a tune stuck in your head, the list went on. But that was a long time ago, and soulmates were a thing of the past. A rhythmic tapping started up as you bounced your pencil absentmindedly against your desk.

“Miss (F/N), would you care to explain the downside to soulmarking?” You snapped back to reality to find your teacher staring at you expectantly. You bit your lip in thought, then carefully spoke.

“Could you be more specific? Like, the problems the system had or the effect it had on the populace?” He smiled.

“Both, if you don’t mind.”

“Ummm,” you paused, unsure, but quickly got into a groove, “it wasn’t foolproof. Sometimes the soul-mark was unrequited, or you didn’t have one. On occasion, you couldn’t find our soulmate until they were married, or dead.” Students and the class glanced at each other, unsettled. To have your meant-to-be taken away before you even saw their face was cruel. “ Platonic soulmates would interfere with romantic ones, and vice versa. Some people would even have more than one, but each soulmate wouldn’t share soulmarks with each other.”

“And the other?” Your teacher leaned against the desk, seemingly pleased with himself.

“If the soulmates were of the same sex, they were ostracized from the community, or hanged for something that was out of their control. Soulmates from different social classes were banned from seeing each other, and many families would fake soulmarks for convenience.” You were sitting straight up in your chair now. “And some with more drastic soulmarks, like color blindness, were ridiculed and treated poorly, an-” The bell shrilled, and cut you off.

“Alright folks, that’s all we have time for today! Remember, read chapters 5 and 6, and take good notes!” The class slowly filed out, but as you gathered your things, the teacher came up to your desk.

“I have to say, that was quite a show. Where did you learn some much about soulmates?” He looked at you questioningly, and you shrugged and gave him a slight smile.

“Just a passion of mine I guess.” But even as you said this, your eyes tensed and suddenly the world grayed, and your teacher, in his ruffled shirt and stained pants, suddenly glowed a cheerful yellow.

“Well, there’s many opportunities you could purse, so just let me know if you’re interested.” He turned away, but not before you saw the red string snaking out of his chest.

Oh you have no idea.


You blinked, trying to rid your sight of gray. The crayons you had been coloring with had slowly dulled and dimmed, until you couldn’t tell yellow from blue. You held them up to your eyes and squinted as you spun it around.

“Hey (Y/N), are you done with those?” You looked up, startled.

“What?” A boy pointed to the crayons, but you were more focused on the orange haze that seemed to come from his chest.

“Why are you glowing?” You tilted your head, confused.

“I’m not, what are you talking about?” He looked at you like you were crazy.

“Uhh,” you stopped. “It’s nothing. Here.” You held out the crayon. He slowly took it away, unsettled. When he left, you glanced around at the other students, and saw the same thing. Colors, a whole rainbow of them, against a backdrop of gray. It was pretty, and new. You smiled to yourself. This would be your little secret.

Junior Year, High School

And it had stayed your secret. Over the years, you grew wary of anyone finding out, and how they would use you to their advantage. I mean, soulmates? Back again? You would’ve been poked and prodded, and you were glad little 5 year old you had kept quiet.

“Hey, (Y/N)! Wait up!” A ball of energy almost slammed into you, but quickly bounced back.
“Hey John, what’s the rush?” He beamed and started walking with you down the hall. His curly hair was locked up into a bun, but a few escapees had wiggled themselves free. A crazed look had taken over his eyes, and that was never a good thing.

“So you know that new program thing that the school just started?” You hummed in thought.

“The one with exchange and foster students? Yeah, why?” John spun around and started walking backwards, his hands flying.

“So one of them was in class today, and oh my god, (Y/N), this guy, was hot. Like in a handsome, ruggish way.” You reached your locker and spun the dial while John leaned up against your neighbors, pointedly ignoring the fact that they needed to open their locker too.

“Wow, John Laurens, thinking someone was hot? Such a rare occurrence!” He snorted and flicked your arm.

“Watch it missy, you’re a hopeless romantic too.” Yeah, and for good reason. John suddenly perked up.

“If I introduced you to him, could you do that cupid thingie?” The locker shut with a bang as you turned towards John with a frown. You knew what he was talking about. You had been dubbed the so called “match-maker” of the school. It was simply common sense and your “soul sense”.

“You know I don’t like doing that a lot.” He pouted and clasped his hands together in front of his chest.

“Please (Y/N), he might be the one!” He shook you by your shoulders. “WHAT IF HE’S MY SOULMATE?!”    

You sighed. “Fine, fine.” John cheered and fist pumped into the air. You smiled at his antics. The bell rang, and you too exchanged a frightened glance before sprinting down the hall.

When study hall came along, you shuffled your way over to the library. It was barren, except for you and the snoring librarian at the help desk. You settled in at one of the computers, intent on finishing a paper you had procrastinated on. For the first few minutes, you had peace and quiet. Then, a thud tore you from your concentration. A boy had thumped his backpack onto the ground across from you. He looked like he was ready to murder. His computer started up with a whirl, and he quickly started typing up a storm. You wisely decided to leave him alone.

A few more minutes passed, and you mentally let out a little cheer as you sent your paper to the printer. You got up with a skip in your step. Your new friend “probably-killed-a-man”, got up with you.

God please don’t murder me.

The printer churned out your papers, and he angrily swiped his from the tray. You watched him stomp back to his seat with a concerned look. You shrugged it off, and picked up your own. Expect it wasn’t.

It was an essay, sure, just not on your topic. Instead, in bold font across the top, it read:

Why Thomas Jefferson is a Good for Nothing Creep with Zero Boundaries.

You coughed to cover up your laugh. It was a full 3 page essay on your classmate. In New Times Roman, double spaced. Was your fellow desk mate that petty? You stifled another laugh as you made your way over to him.

“Excuse me, I think you grabbed my paper.” You tapped him on the shoulder.

“Huh?” He looked up, dazed. Your breath caught in your throat. He was extremely handsome, even with dark bags under his eyes.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t write about how,” you glanced at the paper, trying to shake off your stall in the conversation, “‘this arrogant piece of cotton grew two legs and makes seaweed look smart by comparison.’ Nice insult by the way.”

His face lit up like a bonfire. Words tumbled out of his mouth.

“No–no one was s-supposed to read that. Can I have it back?” He hesitantly held out his hand, like was afraid you were going to attack him. You studied his clothes and demeanor. He was thin, almost unhealthily so. The cuffs of his worn out jeans were entirely strings, and your heart ached a bit.

One of the transfers.

“I agree with you though,” His eyes darted to your face, “Thomas is a pretty huge asshole, and most of the school would say the same thing.”

A small smile broke out on his face. You internally patted yourself on the back.

“Yeah. He doesn’t seem very nice.” You eyebrows rose up.

“‘Nice’? You literally just destroyed his entire image with this paper.” Your hand swatted the paper. “I would keep it close, he could make your high-school career a living hell otherwise.”

The boy nodded. “It was more of a vent thing really. I don’t think I could ever give something this damning to the public.” His speech flowed now, hands darting through the air. His dark brown eyes lit up with fire, and you found the warmth pulling you in.

“Your writing is phenomenal. Like, 10/10 stuff right here.” He was beaming now, full of praise.

“Thanks. I never got your name.” He sheepishly grinned.

“Oh, it’s fine. My name’s (Y/N), and you?” You motioned towards him, paper still in hand. He opened his mouth to speak, but another voice cut him off.

“Alexander Hamilton!” John burst through the doors, jerking the librarian from her slumber. She violently shushed him, but he paid no mind as he walked over to you two.

“John, you can’t scream in a library.” You reprimanded him, but he waved you off.

“This is the guy I was talking to you about (Y/N)!” John’s face smile was blinding, and your brain screeched to a halt. Your eyes bounced from John to Alexander, and found that he was blushing again.



Thanks life, for having the most twisted sense of humor ever.

John and Alex laughed at something John said, and they looked happy. So happy.  You looked down at your paper as the two continued to chat. The words swam in front of your eyes as tears dripped on the page. A flutter in your chest caught you off guard, and a small, white butterfly emerged. It flew around your head and settled on your nose. A quick glance at John and Alex revealed them still deep in conversation. You silently clapped your hands over the butterfly, and when you opened them, it had disappeared.

“Hey, (Y/N), does Alex know about your special talent?” John said nonchalantly, but his eyes were pleading for you to ‘do your thing.’ With a sniffle your eyes tensed and dropped into soul state.

Your heart dropped like a dead weight to your toes. In the gray, red stood out. And lo and behold, it connected Alex and John. But, it wasn’t the only one.

Alex had three.

They spread out like a tropical flower, and they seemed to sway in a nonexistent wind. Two of them shifted, and your eyes went wide. It wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be.

A single gold thread sat directly in the middle.

What in the hell did that mean?! You had never seen it before, not even once. It shone like a freshly shined coin, and it’s existence rattled you to the core.

John expectedly looked at you, and swallowing, you gave a slight nod. He grinned to his ears, and turned back to Alex, who looked extremely confused.

“What are you two talking about?” Alex tilted his head.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N) can explain it, can’t -” John looked up, but the only thing he saw was the door swinging shut behind you.

I am in Hell.

There’s no other way to describe it, I am in Hell. I don’t know why, I mean, I can’t think of any reason I would deserve to be here, but I am here. There’s nowhere else this place could be. Hell, or at least the part of it I’m in, doesn’t look like what you’d think. No underground cavern full of fire and red demons tormenting me. Instead this place is a wasteland, with nothing there at all except me. Now I know what you’re thinking, that isn’t so bad. It could be worse. But trust me, it does get worse. Even though I’m in Hell, I still get hungry. This must be part of my punishment. I am always hungry, and there’s nothing in this wasteland to eat. Nothing, except for this one animal. And it taunts me, like it knows I’m starving. Naturally I try to hunt it so I can eat, and this is where it gets bad. This being Hell, this animal naturally can’t be caught. Every time I try, every time I get close to catching or killing it, that animal just lucks out and gets away from me. So this is my fate, eternal hunger with the only relief being unattainable, and hurting myself in the process. Sometimes I try to get creative, hoping that against the odds somehow I’ll catch my prey. An unseen higher power working here sometimes provides me with a new tool, not as an act of mercy but to probably have a laugh at my suffering. To make sure that the faint glimmer of hope that remains in me never fades. After all, if I were to ever lose all hope of success then I wouldn’t be suffering anymore would I? Sometimes just to spite my tormentors I refuse to go along with this game. I refuse to go on this pointless hunt and instead try to find some other way to occupy my time. But the hunger never ceases, and it’s always a matter of time before I give in and go back to hunting. And if the hunger doesn’t get to me, the boredom does. That’s the beauty of this Hell, I can stop the self-torture anytime I want, but when I do there is literally nothing else for me to do. Futility or boredom, this is indeed Hell. I can only hope that if I ever do catch that animal, that the taste of roadrunner is worth it.

Everything’s just getting worse

Please if you relate to this at all PLEASE LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN! Please, it’ll be hard now but if you don’t while you can it’ll keep getting worse and just get harder and harder
I was in an emotional/mental abusive relationship and trust me I wish I would have seen this over a year ago it could have changed my life a lot earlier
Anyways, as soon as I left I was a complete fucking mess cause I was so hurt to think the person I loved would treat me likes that but a little over a month later things started looking up and I’m now happier than ever and I don’t regret leaving at all cause I know instead of typing this and helping someone, I’d be sitting in the middle of my bed crying


Master of Masters:  You’re telling me that you think the world can be saved by just seven people?

Ira: We have to at least try.

Aced: I want the 3 of us to form an alliance.

Ava: But alliances are forbidden Aced.

Gula: Trust no one, but myself.

Invi: Which will lead to…The Keyblade War.

Aced: But we don’t even know who the traitor is yet.

Ava: Didn’t you think for a second, that your actions could be making things worse than they already are?

Master of Masters : Guess you better get started then. Unfortunately you’ll have to go alone from here on out.

Luxu: What about the others?

Dear Charlie,

I’ve been overthinking a lot lately. I’m getting really sad, and it seems that everything it’s getting worse (again). I can barely eat, or do something right. I’m not okay, I just tell everyone that I’m good, cause it’s easier than explain why I’m sad and honestly even I don’t know why I am like this. My soul is freezing and It may seem a little dramatic but trust me, it’s true. I really don’t know what to think or what can I do to make this better. Yesterday I woke up and had a bad feeling, a feeling that was like I could felt that death was around me and I just wanted to be dead. There’s a lot of moments that I really want to be dead but I’m used with this feeling. I probably wouldn’t do anything to harm myself but I really hope that something happens just to make it easier to me and everyone around me. I really don’t know anything about myself. What I am feeling, why I am feeling, when will get better, I just don’t know.
I don’t know how to end this letter so…
I am acting weird with everyone and I’m not used to be like this. I don’t want to speak with almost everyone. The only person that I’ve been talking to is Bruna, but it’s not enough. And in the meantime that I want to speak with my friends, I want to be heard, to be hugged, I really don’t want anything of this. I just wish that I was dead or even didn’t get to exist. The world would be a lot better without the piece of drama and sadness that I am.
Love always,

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Hi guys, Trill here. I need some advice. So, I have these two friends who make me feel just so calm and okay and I know I promised to tell my parents about my anxiety, but I didn't and I think I might be getting worse. I want to talk to my two friends about it but I can't, because every time I feel like I'm about to force my problems onto them and I just don't know what to do.

Trill, these guys is your friends for a reason. They love and care bout ya. They’ll wanna help ya in any way they can. Trust me. -Crutchie

Same goes for your parents. They love ya, and they’s gonna wanna help ya however they can. Ya ain’t a burden, Trill. We all just wants ta make sure you’s alright. -Jack

Promise us you’s gonna tell somebody this time? We all care about ya, Trill. -Crutchie


Meet a Wastelander: A.C.D (Advanced Combat Droid) Target Dummy-103A

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Clankers.  Must be my love of tinkering.  There always seems to be something to fix or upgrade on a Clanker, so they’re  a great way to kill time when you’ve got nothing better to do.

Now so far a Clankers go, 103A is alright in my book. For a broken down Combat Droid anyways. He’s probably the friendliest killer robot I’ve ever met.  People round here seem to like him, and he’s only malfunctioned once or twice that I know of. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than a wigged out Combat Droid on a killing spree.

103A calls the old General Dynamics Robot Factory home. Normally you can find him around the perimeter pulling guard duty.  If you get a chance, stop by and say hello. He loves meeting new people.  Word of caution though; if you notice 103A starting to act all twitchy it’s probably best to beat feet cuz that means he’s about to malfunction.  Nothing can spoil your day faster than ending up dead cuz you crossed paths with a Clanker unexpectedly set to kill mode.







I sighed as I closed my laptop and threw it on Nates bed. I was out visiting him in LA for the next 3 weeks and he has been posting about it non-stop. Most times, our relationship gets alot of support, but since I came out here, the hate seems to have gotten so much worse. Why do they hate me so much? What did I do? I mean I know I look nothing like Gilinsky’s girl, Madison(and trust me I am glad), but that’s who the fans always compare me to and it really hurts that Nate and I have been together for over a year and they still can’t accept me.

“Y/N!” Skate called walking through, the door of his apartment. “Lil'Mama, I’m home” He called walking up the stairs. I zoned out, ignoring his voice. I stared at myself in the mirror. I lift up my shirt and examine my body at every angle. I sighed, the fans are right. I’m not good enough for Nate. I mean, I’m not skinny. Far from it. I don’t deserve someone like Nate.

“Y/N?” Nate spoke quietly at the doorway of his bedroom. “What are you doing babe? Whats wrong?” He asks puzzled.

I looked at him, I saw the hurt in his eyes. I can’t believe I cause him worry. My eyes start to water as I look at his face. “Y/N? Are you okay?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I shook my head, “No.” was all I managed to get out before I ran to Nate latching on to him. He pulled me close, holding me tight and kissing the top of my head. Nate took my hand, leading me to his bed, while I sobbed into his chest. He sat down and put my legs on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him, hoping he’ll never let me go. We stayed like that for a while until I heard him sigh. I looked up at him to see him broken. “What’s wrong baby? Tell me Y/n.”

I breathed out, and spoke quietly, “They’re right, Nate.”

“Who’s right? About what?”

“Your fans. I-I don’t deserve you.” I said, trying to fight back my tears.

“Why would you think that Y/N, you know not to listen to half the bullshit they can say.”

“Look at me, Nate. You can do so much better. Im not skinny, and i’m far from perfect. I’m just some fat nobody that doesn’t belong with someone like you.” I looked down, ashamed to look at him.

He put his hand under my chin and kissed me. “Y/N, stop comparing yourself to other girls. If I wanted to be with someone other than you, why would it hurt me so much to see you breaking? Would I have stayed with you for over a year? I love everything about you. I look at you and see perfection. If anything I don’t deserve someone like you because you accept me for who I am. ”

I smiled at how big of sap he was being. I straddled him and slammed my lips against his. He knew how to make me feel special. His roamed my body and landed on my ass where they rested. His lips trailed down my neck, leaving sloppy kisses. He looked at me and smirked before plunging his head between my boobs, motor boating me. I squealed and started giggling. He knew that when he does that, I cannot stop laughing.

“NATE! s-ST-STO-STOP.” I managed to get out between laughs.

“See lil'mama, you’re perfect.” He smirked. “Your smile, your eyes and don’t forget about your curves. I love your curves.” He said before moving his hands along the sides of my body, “And my favourite part of your fucking amazing body is your ass, It gives me something to hold onto when we get wild. If you were a stick, how would I make you feel half as good. How would you make me feel half as good? hmm? You’re fucking beautiful Lil'Mama, its so hard for me to control myself around you.”

I looked Nate and smirked pushing him back on the bed, “Well let’s see how hard it will be to control yourself around me today.”

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Kaito exhales in a ghost of a sigh, but patiently holds out his arm, sleeve already rolled up and out of the way. "C'mon, drink," he insists calmly, beckoning. "You know it'll only get worse if you don't. I trust you, it's fine, I promise."

“…I can’t…Kaito, I can’t.” Don’t offer him that kind of thing…! “You shouldn’t trust me right now.” He’ll be able to hold back to an extent, he’s sure of it, but he can’t take his–Kaito’s, blood. He cares too much about you, idiot… “I’ll find something…I’m sorry…” That he needs blood, that he can’t accept your help, that he’s…

…like this.

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Sometimes i think that Sony or Simon Coward told H & L that either Harry signs with Sony so Louis can be free of some aspects or Louis signs with Syco and his stunts get even worse - or that Harry is forced to sign with Sony like how the boys are still tied to OT, its not difference. But other than that, we still dont know a thing! We dont know what will happen tomorrow, the next month! Only the boys do! X

Idk… It’s interesting to me, but I guess it was the best option for them (forced or not). And yes, only they know, so we can only watch and wait 

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That's faulty logic, logic. You can't always know if you're concussed. Trust me I speak from experience. But if you're going to be stubborn fine. At last make sure to tell someone if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or sensitive to light. Or if your headache gets worse. please?

I’m fine but okay if it gets bad I’ll talk to morality or someone.

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#sleepover instead of studying for my essay based final and finishing my annoying english final essay I have been drawing and listening to 2ne1 for like 2 or 3 hrs and now my head hurts bc im so sick of how my college education is based off me staring at a dumb laptop screen for hrs just to "learn" im so done with finals i have literally 2 days left and i can't anymore *crawls on floor*

u can do it dude!! don’t give up when ur so close to the finish line. u owe it to urself to see things through right to the very end, so keep working hard and get those grades that u deserve. if u stop now, u’ll underachieve and there’s nothing worse than getting subpar grades and knowing that u could’ve done better if only u tried, trust me. keep going. you’ve got this 💓

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I think i might be depressed or some other mental illness but I don't think people will believe me as I'm always so happy sounding 😔

my darling, trust me I know how you feel and it is terrifying. The feeling of needing to say something important and having the fear that nobody will take you seriously is absolutely horrible but trust me the longer you keep these things to yourself the worse that will get. I know it maybe difficult by try and speak to somebody maybe a friend or a family member even message me if you want I will always be here for you even though I may not know who you are. But remember this, after a storm is often a rainbow, and a rainbow means there is light. this tells us that no matter how bad the experience you go through there will always be something good after it. now I don’t know how long it will take, it could be one hell of a storm but storms end and rainbows will emerge. Please don’t keep this to yourself and please reach out to someone, mental illness is something that needs to be takes seriously and you shouldn’t have to fight it on your own. Send me a message if you ever need anyone xx.
you are not alone xx

With that… another slightly random post.

Kids stuff often talks about following your heart and it gets used so often the depth of the phrase is dulled. But I firmly believe it is a true and wise decision. Trust your gut, follow your heart.

Right now my gut and heart are telling me that I’m leaning into my phone and tumblr waaaay too much. I’m not at a healthy place in a handful of ways and tumblr is making it worse.

Idk yet if I’m gonna take actual time off, or just for a few weeks, or permanently (I’ll let you know if that’s the case)

But I do need to delete the app from my phone. I don’t have enough impulse control or focus to have this be one click away every minute of the day.

“Okay but being kicked in the balls hurts WAY more and is overall SO MUCH WORSE than period cramps.”

Manslation: I totally know what period cramps feel like because I’m psychic, apparently–and trust me, getting kicked in the balls is MUCH worse. So much worse that it eclipses the fact that you’ll spend a good chunk of your life on your period and I’ll get kicked in the balls, like, three times.

Alternate manslation: I am totally cool dismissing the experiences of other people–that’s how I win the Poor Me game *every time* without giving up any of my absurd privilege.

Nothing ever works out everything gets worse i want to open up to somwone about everything thats ever fucked w me but i dont know how to trust people i wanna feel better i wanna be able to love properly