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Best Friends Don't Do This || Park Jimin

Bestfriends Don’t Do This || Park Jimin 

 Words: 2,159 (fuuuuuuck)

 Genre: SMUT 

 A/N: oh my god I’m back at it someone stop me someone send me Jesus bc I need it. I am trashhhh. Anyway, lol, requests are open! Send us some of your deepest desires and we will get to it! ^.^

 -admin courtneycat


 Spending time at Jimin’s always meant something would go down that night. Whether that would be a movie night, a sleepover with lots of icecream and snacks, or random bruises from mini fights you two would have. Jimin is your bestfriend, has been since you guys were just ten years old. You’ve seen everything about him- from the bad to the good. Bad hair cuts and breakups, to movie nights and prom dates. Now, sitting at the early ages of twenty, you guys both are realizing the differences between then and now.

 A piece of popcorn was thrown at your face, hitting you dead smack in the middle of your forehead. Jimin giggled at your cross eyed glare you had given him.

 “Excuse you, sir, could you fucking not?” He only laughed harder. The Captain America movie was no longer being paid attention to, as it only seemed to turn into background noises.

 “It’s movie night ma'am, get off your damn phone! This is our tiiiiiiiiiimeeee,” he wailed at you, throwing another piece of popcorn at you. His missed this time. Glaring at him, you threw a Twizzler at him. Though not at his beautiful face- wait, what? Shaking your head from that bizarre thought, you messaged your friend to stop bothering you- that you were with Jimin. She messaged you a few dirty emojis back. Rolling your eyes, you locked your phone and placed it on the cushion next to you.

 “Sorry, Y/F/N is messaging me weird shit,” you told him. His eyes scrunched up and a smirk took over his lips.

 “What kind of weird shit? Tell meeee!” He demanded. You shook your head, “Nuh-uh! Not telling. Just weird stuff you don’t need to know, trust me,” you laughed it off. You curled yourself into the couch more, resting your feet onto Jimin’s lap. He made a face at you again, but ignored it, paying attention to the movie finally. Poor Chris Evans. 

 The room felt quiet. Which was extremely odd because Jimin is almost always making some sort of noise- humming, singing, muttering, snoring, and lets not forget… yelling. Yes. The amount of times Taehyung has come over during our friendship nights is astounding. And whenever he does come over it’s constant noise times five because Taehyung. Yes, you probably understand.

 Taking a peek over at Jimin, you see that his eyes are focused on the movie. You mentally shrug and continue to watch the movie. Suddenly, he grabs your feet and tugs you down the couch. You let out a squeak of surprise and grab onto the side cushion for dear life. 

 “What are you doing, asswipe?!” You screech out at him. He only smirks and climbs on top of you. Sitting on your legs and pinning your arms to the couch. He then grabs at your phone, making your eyes widen in fear. Shit.

 “No no no no no! Hey, put that down!” You yell at him. You knew he was going to find those text messages. Your friend is extremely dirty and you guys would talk about interesting topics. By interesting topics, you mean sex. And by sex, your topic of the day was thigh riding. And somehow your friend had mentioned Jimin’s thighs and you had somehow agreed that he had nice thighs. And now here you are. Being encased by said thighs and you couldn’t help but quickly glance at them… because he was coincidentally wearing shorts. 

 Jimin only smirked as he clicked the home screen button. The lock screen showed the selfie of you and Jimin at the carnival from the last time you guys were hanging out. Thank god you had a passcode on it. “Hah! That’s right, so get off me ya lard butt-” you started but,

 “Hahaha!” Jimin had figured out the passcode, “now let’s take a look at those messages.. mhmm…ah! Y/F/N..” he muttered.

 “Please no, please I’ll do anything! Just give me my phone back! Please!” You begged out. He stopped what he was doing and glanced down at you underneath him. Your hair was sprawled out around your head and in your face a little. Your eyes looked at him as you chest heaved up and down because this whole time you have been fighting and struggling to get loose from his grasp. What you didn’t know is that Jimin liked this. You beneath him, sweating, begging. Yes, he liked you. And he definitely knew what those texts were about.

 Still smirking at you, he locked your phone and tossed it to the ground. You looked at him and noticed something much different about him, yet you couldn’t tell. He let go of your arms and slowly trailed his hands down them, and to your back. His trail left what seemed to be fire as your back arched by itself. Jimin then lifted the top half of you up and soon enough you were face to face.

 “Uhm, uh thanks. For-for ya know. Uh not looking at the messages,” you stuttered out. He nodded in acknowledgement, but his hands never budged, but to be honest, you didn’t want them to move. You almost whined when you felt his right hand move up to the back of your neck. Your breath caught in your throat and your eyes looked into his. What was he doing? And why weren’t you stopping this?

 “You’ll do anything? Anything for me?” He asked you. Too caught up in the moment and paralyzed from his touch, you just nodded back at him. He softly chuckled and went with his gut for the first time in a while. He lowered his face close to yours and instead of backing out, you closed your eyes and just went for it.

 Soon enough, his luscious lips were attached to yours. Your mind went blank and nothing around you seemed important to you anymore. Not the movie, not the time and definitely not your phone. You cupped your hand to his cheek and shimmied closer to him. He dipped you back down to the couch and lowered himself down with you, lips never detaching. Holy hell you were kissing your best friend and you liked it. You liked it a lot. 

 You two separated for the briefest of moments and looked at each other. You were both breathing heavily and as you looked back down at his lips and back to his eyes, he reattached his lips to yours again. You were in heaven. And he thought the same. He slipped his tongue out and ran it against your bottom lip. Moaning, you parted your lips and let his tongue in. Never in your life have you ever thought about French kissing Jimin in his apartment. 

 Too caught up in the moment again, you gasped as Jimin flipped you around. This time he was underneath you and you groaned at all the dirty thoughts that ran through your mind. Jimin’s hands trailed down to your waist and quickly pulled your sweater over your head and threw it somewhere in the room. A low moan rippled though the back of his throat and you could feel the heat pool in your stomach. His hands attached themselves to your breasts and massaged them, casually tweaking at the perky buds. You were a mess at this point.

 “Ah, Jimin, I think, oh god, I think you’re wearing too much,” you moaned out. You tugged at his shirt, and he got the hint. He pulled the t-shirt off. You didn’t holy your moan in at all when you saw his upper half. Dear god, you ran your hands down his tanned skin and lowered yourself down to kiss his torso. 

 “Fuck, baby,” Jimin moaned out. His hands moved down to your waist and rubbed his hands around. As you began to suck small little marks onto his collarbones and neck, he lifted you up off him.

 “Okay, baby. You said you’d do anything, right? You can’t go back,” he told you. You didn’t care at this point. You nodded. He could get you to do anything and you would care. He propped himself up on the side cushion and smirked.

 “Ride my thigh, baby.” He patted his thigh. You just blinked. So he did read the messages. Fuck. But looking at his thigh, you threw all caution to the wind and straddled him. His smirk got wider and his hands gripped you hard against him.

 “You ready, pretty girl?” He asked you. All these pet names got you off and you were more than ready for this. Nodding, you bent down and kissed him again. His hands moved your lower half back and forth, the rocking motion sending your mind into overdrive. The amount of pleasure you were received was insane.

 If Jimin were to be honest right now, the vision of you, getting yourself off only by the sheer friction of his thigh, could have him cumming himself in no time. Your body glistened with sweat and mixed with his, and he thought that must have come second to things that make you incredibly hot. Just everything about you could get him off.

 “Oh, fuck, Jimin. Oh god, you’re so good,” you moaned out. His shorts would bundle up and run at your clit and send you into overdrive. Sure enough when you looked down, you notice the wetness that was slowly running along his thigh. Fuck was that a sight. You looked back at Jimin and notice his eyes were screwed shut. You decided to help him out a bit. Running your hands down his chest again, you let your hand trail into his shorts and grab his dick. His eyes shot open and stared into yours.

 “Oh baby girl,” he groaned out. You swiped the precum that gathered onto his tip and brought your fingers to your mouth and sucked. “Fuck,” he dragged out, flinging his head back as he moved you faster along his thigh. You squeaked out at the friction and nearly cummed right there. 

 You grabbed his length again and ran your hand up and down. The moans coming from him pushed you further to your orgasm and you tried moving even faster to help him reach his. One of his hands reached up and brought your face down and kissed you hard again. And just in seconds you were sent into oblivion as your orgasm ripped through you. Your sight blurred and gasps left your mouth. The sight of you jerking and gasping, pushed Jimin to the edge and right after you, he let go and white spurts spotted his chest and your hand.

 You collapsed onto his chest, not caring about his mess sticking all over the place, cause really- you left a mess on his leg anyway. Who cares right now. Breathing hard you managed to speak out, 

“Oh shit, Jimin. What the fuck… just happened?” His hand ran up and down your back as you leaned a bit back to look at him.

 “Something that should have happened a while ago, ahh,” he was now blushing and you couldn’t hold back the grin on your face, “this is so backwards but uh, do you wanna go on a date sometime?” You leaned your face back into the crook of his neck and gave him a peck. “I would love to,” you whispered into his skin. You could feel the shit eating grin on his face and he snuggled you closer to him. Resting there longer, you could almost fall asleep. 

That was until- 

 “Hey guys! Guess what Jungko- WHAT THE HECK GUYS. Did I come at a bad time- oh my god!” Shouted Taehyung. Jimin threw the nearest pillow at him.

 “Get the fuck out, Tae!” 

You heard the door slam back shut, loud yells of disgust still being shouted down the corridors. You couldn’t help chuckling a little as you knew that Taehyung will always be Taehyung in the end. Jimin shifted a bit underneath you and you looked down at him curiously. His face looked a worried.

 “Umm, I’m not so worried that my dick was hanging out for Tae to see, but uh, I got a second confession for you,” his voice was small and scratchy, but you just shrugged and let him continue, “okay, so this was kind of planned?” 

 “What does that mean? What do you mean plan, Park Jimin I will end you!” You started grabbing at his bare chest with your hands. 

 “No no no! It’s not what you think really! What I mean is is that Y/F/N was basically trying to get you to think about me like that because I told her that I liked you…” he trailed off, a bit embarrassed.

 “Park Jimin… I have liked you for a very long time,” you giggled a little, “uh, thanks for finally doing something. But, oh is Y/F/N is a dead man.”

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do you have any advice about getting your fics read a lot / popular / out there when you don't have a lot of followers on tumblr and ao3?

I started writing umfb with only a handful of followers on both tumblr and AO3 and none of them being YOI fans so trust me when I say it’s perfectly possible to get popular fics even if you have no basis to work from. Although honestly it’s a combination of your own writing, the preferences of the fandom and luck that dictates what gets popular and what doesn’t. 

First things first, you want to make what you write appealing to people to make them want to read it. Think about what someone is going to see on A03 when they look at your fic and if that’s going to make them want to click on it. Tag well, don’t put too many or people wont bother to read them all but tag all the things in your fic that people in fandom want to read so it’s easily searchable for people looking for specific things. Looking at the popular tags page of AO3 can help with this. Also, tag your triggers! If your story has anything potentially triggering like rape, major character death etc then tag them. Those tags are there for a reason and it’s very bad fandom practice not to warn people about potentially triggering material. 

Next, think about your summary. It needs to draw attention, people want to know what they’re getting into when they read a fic so don’t make it super vague or people wont bother but leave an air of mystery about the story to draw people in. Just enough information to make it clear what the story is about but enough intrigue to make people want to click on your story (summaries are the hardest part of writing for me so this can be a very difficult one!). Also, don’t degrade yourself in the summary or the tags. If you say something like ‘this sucks but read it anyway’ or ‘I suck at summaries but it’s good I promise’ or even ‘my first ever fanfic’, it’ll put people off straight away. It makes you not sound confident in your work and if you’re not confident in it then other people wont be either.  

Once you’ve got your front page worked out, let’s think about the fic itself. The first thing that that will immediately make me exit out of a fic is no paragraph breaks. You need to present the story well so it’s easy to read or the likelihood is that people wont bother. Also, your first paragraph is really, really important. Your first line even more so. Think about what someone who has never read you fic before will see when they start reading and if it is gripping enough to make them stay. Your first line should hook the reader in and your first paragraph should make them want to know more. If it’s boring them might click out and go onto something else. There’s no set rules for what your first paragraph needs to be about but if you’re giving an in depth description of a character’s clothing or telling the reader all about the colour of their hair people might get bored and not bother to read further. Make it snappy, make it interesting, make people want to know more. 

The rest of your first chapter (assuming we are talking about multichapters here) can be whatever you want to be but remember that you want people to subscribe. There is nothing wrong with short chapters but something has to happen in your first chapter to make people care enough to be willing to wait for the next part. It doesn’t need to be anything big or game changing but there needs to be some element of suspense at the end to make people want to know what happens next. If the entire first chapter is just world building and nothing happens to any of the characters or the plot doesn’t move at all, some people might be put off. However, a lot of this depends on the quality of the writing, some writers can pull of something completely against everything I’ve just said and that’s brilliant. But as a general rule of thumb for getting started this is what I’ve seen to work more often than not. 

Finally, post at a good time. I’m not the best person to ask about posting times but if you google the best time to post on AO3 some people have come up with really good summaries of when the traffic is high or not. Sometimes posting in high traffic is good because there are more readers, sometimes it’s bad because your fic might get lots in the flood. Honestly it’s all just a gamble. 

Apart from that, the rest is pretty much up to you and the quality of your writing, fandom preferences and luck. If you write a popular trope more people will read it as opposed to something niche. It doesn’t mean your writing is any less quality but sometimes people just don’t want to read about certain things even if you want to write about them and there’s nothing you can do to change that. And the other part is luck. I’ve read some truly fantastic fics in previous fandoms that have very little recognition and some ones that I personally dislike but everyone else seems to love. Luck does play a huge part in whether your fic gets read or not, it’s just an unfortunate fact of fandom. 

And finally, this is not going to be helpful advice for YOI since it is now very established but if your main goal is popularity, write fast and write early. The newer a fandom is the more interest there is and the less fics are out there so the more people will read what there already is. I started writing umfb when YOI was still coming out because interest was very high and there were no rivals fics out there yet which meant I could write for a popular trope that currently had no competition. The bigger a fandom is, the harder it is to get recognized. That is absolutely not saying that you shouldn’t write for big fandoms! Every fic is a gift and there is no such thing as too much fanfic, especially when there is long waits between official content being produced. But don’t beat yourself up if your fic isn’t as popular as the big fics out there on the first page. I guarantee you most of them will have been started being written early on in the fandom  which means those writers were writing in completely different circumstances than you. Plus popularity is entirely subjective. Although it’s going to sound completely ironic coming from me, I’ve never actually been in a fandom where my favourite fic is the most popular one. Everyone likes different things, everyone writes about different things and even if your fic isn’t the most popular one out there it doesn’t mean that people wont love it. Just write what you want to write and remember, there is no-one who can write your fic like you can!  

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An imagine where your childhood best friend/also secretly love of your life Jason tells you his secret about him being a power ranger plus a time where you don't see him much anymore

This was so fun to write! I hope you enjoy! <3

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You frowned, throwing yourself onto your bed with a sigh.

 Looking over at your clock, you locked your eyes on the frame, the picture inside showcasing you and Jason: around 5 years old with wide toothless grins. 

You were both halfway up a rather large tree with curling branches low to the ground and you smiled at the memory.

“Ready or not!” A young Jason spun around, scanning the campsite in front of him. 

Giggling, you placed a hand over your mouth trying to quiet yourself. He would never find you up here. 

“I’m gonna find you (Y/N)!” He called and you ducked farther up into the leaves of the tree you had scaled. 

After he had wandered around for quite a while, he finally leaned up against the very tree you were in. 

“Whatever! I give up!” He huffed angrily, throwing his hands in the air. 

You finally let your laughter be heard, and he wrinkled his nose as he glared up into the tree. 

“That’s cheating! You can’t climb up there! Besides, you know that I can’t do that.” He whined and you giggled even more.  

“Aw Jason, it’s'not cheatin. I got up here all by myself. And why couldn’t you come up?” You dangled your legs as he groaned. 

“(Y/N)! I can’t climb trees.” He stated this as if were a well-known fact. 

“Are you scared?” You mocked, “Jason’s a great big scaredy-cat!" 

"I’m no scaredy-cat! Just cause I don’t wanna fall doesn’t mean I’m a chicken!” He stomped his foot and placed his hand on the nearest branch. 

“You aren’t gonna fall,” you insisted, holding out your hand. 

“Do you trust me?” Shaking it slightly Jason gulped, reaching up to pull himself into the tree. 

“You know I do.”

You placed the frame back down, rolling over onto your back. You had always been best friends, you’re parents were great friends and so were you. 

But as you had grown and matured your feelings developed into something more. Maybe you loved him, but you never planned on letting him know that. 

However, recently Jason had been pulling away and you had no idea why. He always canceled last minute, or simply made an excuse why he couldn’t do anything. 

Today had been planned forever- the new movie both of you had been wanting to see for forever just hit theaters. 

Almost predictably, he had called 

A few hours ago, apologizing profusely and repeating something had come up. And like always, you had played it off like it was no big deal.

 Since you couldn’t go to the movies, you decided to go to the hills above the mines. It was always a great place to go to relax and get your mind off things. 

Parking your car, you stuck your keys in the muffler, knowing you’d drop ‘em after climbing around for a perfect spot. Sure, stupid idea around town, but it worked here. 

Plugging in your headphones, you wandered around until you reached the spot overlooking all of angel grove. You settled down and pulled out some homework: chemistry, aka the worst class in existence. 

Nevertheless, you fiddled with your pencil, wondering when on gods earth you were going to need to know Avogradro’s law. 

Your water bottle was next to you, and you turned down to grab it when you noticed something. 

The water… was moving, like it does in the movies. 

Hesitantly, you reached out to grab it, and felt the ground lurch slightly underneath you. 

Only making things worse, a large shadow passed over you, and (lord help you you were that person in the horror movie), you turned around slowly. 

Blinking a few times, your brain took a while to process the sight in front of you: the red rangers T-Rex robot was standing right in front of you. Before you blinked you could have sworn that it was Jason.

You shrieked and stumbled to your feet, it couldn’t be Jason. The ranger had somehow covered his face with his mask again, and before you knew it was standing in front of you. 

“What are you doing up here?” He demanded and you stepped slightly away from him. “You shouldn’t be here!”

“Look, I appreciate you saving the world and all, but unless there’s imminent danger I think I’m allowed to be here." 

He crossed his arms and you gulped. Maybe you should speak more carefully.
"It says no trespassing.” He insisted and The voice clicked. 

Testing your theory, you hesitantly reached into your pocket, clicking Jason’s contact. 

A loud buzzing came from the ranger, and he immediately stepped backwards, his mask retreating back to reveal Jason’s shocked face. 

Besides the situation, you couldn’t help but burst out laughing. 

“Dude… you keep your phone on you?" 

He flushed and laughed slightly. 

"Look, you can’t know! You shouldn’t… oh damn. I’m probably gonna have to tell this to Zordon.”

However, you ignored him and just began to realize the depth of the situation. Jason, your best friend, was the red ranger. 

Stepping forward you shoved him backward harshly. 

“You’re a ranger and you didn’t tell me? What the hell?!" 

He extended his hands in surrender, moving one to rub the back of his neck like he always did when he was nervous.

"How about… you just take a few deep breaths,” he reasoned. 

“I’m perfectly calm… oh my god. When your dad said the Red ranger saved him… that was you! Oh my god Jason you could have died! You could have died and you wouldn’t have known-” you abruptly shut your mouth, your cheeks turning a furious red. 

“Known what, (Y/N)?” He grabbed your shoulders lightly and you gulped, looking up at him. 

“You’re my best friend right? And this totally might screw things up. God this could ruin everything…. but I think I care for you more than a friend?" 

He furrowed his brows, until it finally clicked. 

”(Y/N)… I feel the same way, I really do. But I can’t. I can’t risk you getting hurt because of me. You could be leverage if anyone found out- or they could-“

"Jason, you feel the same?” Your breath hitched and he nodded, tipping his forehead against yours. 

“Of course." 

"Then just… do you trust me?” you reached up and placed your hand on his cheek, the stubble he had yet to shave slightly prickling your hand. 

He took a deep breath and pulled you even closer to him. 

“You know I do.”

That was all you needed to hear, for the next moment you had surged forward, your lips meeting his and suddenly everything fell into perfect place.

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Congrats on so many followers! I would like to request the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to a YouTuber!MC and them joining her for a video. What would the video be about and what would they do? Thanks and congrats again! (I saw someone do a boyfriend tag hc, but I don't remember who it was so if it was you, please feel free to ignore this.)

I would never ignore you <3


He is like a stick and doesn´t move at all.

-“Jumin relax”

-“What if my father sees this or one of my workers”

-“I´m almost sure that no one of them is a subscriber of my channel, plus I will blur your face on the thumbnail”

- “The what?”

- “Just trust me!”

- “Alright…”

Ok, know he is a little bit looser.

And OMFG the camera loves him and since is one of those challenges of asking questions and have to tell the other respond like the other person would

Well, Jumin totally nailed that challenge. (He knows you as well as the palm of his hand)

And you didn´t do pretty well but you reward Jumin´s effort off camera

The video went Viral!!!

-“Son! Keep doing those challenges with your girlfriend they are really good publicity!”

And the dad of Jumin like it (+1 subscriber)


You said to him that he will do a “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

-“But Mc! No one will see my face”

-“That´s for another Video!”

- “Tsk ok…”

Zen new all the products and technics

And with that Sexy voice of him, Well…all your subscribers we going crazy and only ask for a face reveal of your boyfriend

Zen was Very happy


You did the “Try to not cry with boyfriend”

At first, seven was like “No pobremo! I´m the man of steal”

But when the sad video started to play, You were the first that cried and then Seven almost cried because you cried.

The first sad video ended and Seven said “And this one” he click on the second sad video that was about two Brothers and an alcoholic mother.

When you saw what was about you pause the video to see Seven crying (A lot).

You took his hand and drag him to the bedroom of Saeran

You two huge Saeran crying

-“WTF Get off of me!”

-“Sorry, brother…”Seven said

-“Jesus! You two are crazy”

Saeran could move for like 1 hour because Seven and you were glued to Him.


Same as Zen “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

Put he was very bad

-“So now I will be putting this creamy thing that looks like a milkshake and oooh no I´m bending it” He yells “That´s How is called MC?”

- “Yes,But don´t get distracted”

- “Oh sorry…Ohhhh!!! now Mc is usin- I mean I´m using aaaa…I know how this is call…Let me think …A SPONGE BOB Ssomething- no that´s not how it´s call”

Total mess



Since the first video was released you two were the most famous couple in the world.

A lot of People came to your coffee just to see you two.

Jaehee didn´t like it at first but now she loves it.

And that made jaehee make her own Chanel and she make tutorials of how to make different coffees

And she reviews differents types of coffee.





Two hours later

-“Ok guys today I will be doing the try not to laugh challenge with my boyfriend! Say Hi Saeran”

-“Yeah Hi”

Saeran didn´t laugh or smile at almost all the video and you were trying so hard

But then a video of a baby hitting himself make Saeran smirk

You didn´t saw it and you laugh after he smirks.

-“Did you laugh?” you question saeran


-“Well, I think I lose…you didn´t smile or smirk?”


-“Well I have to do my punishment of eating wasabi with cinnamon”

And when you were editing YOU SAW IT he smirk before you.

-“S-A-E-R-A-N you little liar”


So sweet and charismatic

You two were telling story about each other

And It was one of the cutest videos every

Almost too sweet for my taste

But it was pretty normal

(I wanted to put you made one of those videos of “Pranking my boyfriend with a positive test” but then I was like: DON´T DO THAT TO BABY V YOU EVIL WITCH)

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here


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Every story has a tragic prequel that explains or gives an excuse for the future. Not this one. Our story has four tragic prequels that at some point join together in order to create a new beginning. Four lost people, in one car, with no one asking for past records, but each of them seeing the other in their future.

It all started on a street. One of those miserable streets, where prostitutes and thieves outnumber the citizens. One of those streets, where the really rich go to buy themselves another human life. It’s dark as any other tragic street. No lights, except from the lighters that help them light up a cigarette or weed. On this street there is a building. A very invisible one. It’s where all the useless scum of the society lives. Here lives our main hero.

Don’t try to find him in the small apartment on the sixth floor. He won’t answer. He is not there. He is not coming back ever again.

If you catch a glimpse of him, it would be more likely to be at a very important event. Where all the guests bath in gold. He laughed at those poor souls. They may have money, but they are all still the exact same scum as those living in his neighborhood. Kim Woojin despises those people from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to be part of their play of fake happiness. Yet, they were the ones that were going to help him survive.

He knew why he was here. To find himself a nice new ride. And what better occasion than a mask ball. No one could see his face. No one will know. Everyone will be too drunk to remember even why they came to this place in the first place.

For months Woojin was going through the lists of guests. All, filthy rich and in need to be robbed, people. And there he was. The selfish Robin Hood. It took him quite some time to choose himself a car. After all he didn’t want to get caught. But at the end he did choose. A Lamborghini. It belonged to some assholes wife that was coming to the party to find herself a sugar baby boy. Very sad indeed. But what made him decide that this was the car is when he found out she keeps cash of thirty thousand dollars in the back of the car. “Just in case.” She had told her husband, who was too busy with his cheating affairs to even acknowledge the disappearance of the money.

Dressed in his only suit, the twenty-three years old looked absolutely breath-taking. He was indeed a tall and nice build man, giving off a very rich vibe he learned to fake when he first started stealing from the rich…without giving to the poor.

At the event everything went according to his plan. Mask ball or not, there was too much alcohol. After less than an hour ninety percent of the people were high and drunk as fuck, so he just took the keys, kissed his passed-out ‘fairy god mother’ on the cheek, left her a note ‘say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four millions’ and disappeared with his new car and thirty thousand dollars.

‘Say anything about the accident and I’ll spill the beans about the four million’ is something Matthew, our character English name, found about as if God sent it to him. This millionaire whose car he now owned actually had around four million dollars in hidden taxes.  All the evidence he got from a whore the rich dude slept around with for quite a long time. At this point, Woojin knew no one will touch him and he can finally fly away and start a new life.

The night is still young, hot and dangerous. Not far away from where Matthew will soon cross with his new car, there is another story going on.

“Give me back my money, you little shit. In this world you are no one. But again, so were your parents when they died from my hand.”

Taehyung couldn’t listen to this. He have put up with it for too long. Being punched, being called all kinds of names, being used as a stress reliever, and being punished for his own existence and mainly for his parents death. Which honestly had nothing to do with him. They died from an overdose when he was fourteen and left him nothing but the price of their deaths. He walked the streets, selling whatever he was told to sale. For nine years he walked the streets of this town, looking at the world’s lowest and highest buying the same drug in order to survive. It made Taehyung sick to the gut to know that no matter how much money you’ve got, you are the same pig.

But this time, while the gang tried to kill him for the tenth time this month, something was different. Something in him told him to endure and then just to go on the street, steal the first car that stops and run. He knew they’ll find him sooner or later, but just for a little while he wanted to run far far away.

And that’s exactly what he did. When his ‘boss’ decided that it isn’t worth it, he let Taehyung on the ground, suffering from his own wounds as always. “I expect better behavior from now on. I raised you J.seph, be fucking thankful. Leave him, enough for today.” And they all left, as they usually did.

J.seph, his street nickname, stood up, clutching his side, trying his all to concentrate on breathing and finding the streetlight. He was good at surviving and when the black Lamborghini stopped on the streetlight, Taehyung didn’t hesitate for a moment, opened the door, slid in and caught up at the driver. “Drive, go out or die. You choose.”

Matthew looked up at the bloody boy, trying to understand what the fuck happened. Then, something in him just clicked. This man reminded Woojin so much of himself so he just started the engine and drove. “More like you tell me what’s going on so I can know from who are we running away?” Woojin said offering the stranger a tissue to wipe out his bloody face and hands.

Taehyung heard the word ‘we’ for the first time that night. It made him want to share with this stranger, without caring if he’ll go into prison after it or die. “I…from the Italian gang. I’m selling…I was selling for them for about nine years. I just ran away.”

Woojin bit his lip. This boy just told him something he shouldn’t have, something that could cost his life, yet he said it. It made Woojin feel like someone trusted him for the first time in his twenty-three years on this Earth. “My name is Matthew, Woojin or just BM. I…am not that good of a person also. This car is not mine. I stole it.” The bloody boy laughed at BM sincerely. “Taehyung or J.seph…whichever you like.”

“Well, Taehyung, I’m running away from here too. Would you like to join me? We may end up dead, but…” “I’m in. At this point I can only go two ways and those are - up or even deeper. I’ll be happy to join you in both. BM, we careful! In front of you!”

The car abruptly stopped making the two boys hit their heads in the front on the car. J.seph was first to look up. “It’s a girl. And she looks afraid. Woojin, she is saying something. Woojin? You okay?” BM shook off the shook and looked at his newly found buddy. “What were you saying?” “The girl, in front of us, she is saying something.”

Both Woojin and Taehyung exit the car fast, slowly approaching the girl, obviously afraid of them hurting her. “Please, please help me.” She cried out. The boys noticed the blood on both her hands and knees, but she didn’t appear to be hurt anywhere. “What’s your name?” asked J.seph “So-Somin. My name is Somin.” Woojin quickly caught on Taehyungs act and questioned “Somin, can you tell us what happened?” barely heard the question, the girl bursted in tears, hiding herself behind J.seph. He quickly turned around and caught her wrists. “Somin, if anything is wrong, you can tell us. You have to. We are here to help. My name is Taehyung and this is…Woojin. All we want is to help you.” Somins hick ups slowed down, she looked at the tall men in front of her. “There…there was a man. He chased me and tried to rape me, but I had a pocket knife and just stabbed him. I…I’m sorry. I didn’t know what to do.”

J.seph, aware of the very complicated situation laid out in front of him, hugged the girl. She was so scared from him, she tried to resist, but then understood he didn’t want to hurt her and just hugged him back, crying her eyes out. “You won’t call the police, right? I don’t want to go to jail.” She sobbed in his hoodie. BM, for whose existence was almost forgotten, knew exactly what he had to do. When he prayed for friends, he didn’t thought he’ll end up with an accidental killer and a dealer as friends, whom he met the same night, but it somehow felt like fate to him. They were real. Speaking their emotions and he had a strong desire to keep both of them till his death.

“No. We won’t call the police. Where is the body?” Somin, not letting go of J.seph hand showed them the way to a dead man lying on the ground. Woojin froze looking at the body in front of him. He knew this man. A professional pimp, taking girls from the streets, making them prostitute and taking all the money. They were neighbors. BM knew Somin is safe. No one will ever look for this excuse of a breathing organism. He had no family, no authority, and no nothing. “Taehyung, help me with the body.”

Both men swiftly took the body and stuffed in the back of the car. Somin looked at them in terror, while her crime was being taken care for by total strangers. “Where are you taking it? What are you doing? What about me?” J.seph held the girls hand tightly. “We will burn him. Somewhere far away from here. No one will look for him. He was a pimp. An outlaw, whose existence no one knew about. When it comes to you…Somin do you want to come with us? We, me and Woojin, are going on an adventure. I can’t tell you to trust us, because…” “I trust both of you. I’m coming. Nothing holds me here.”

The ride was quiet. Each of them was deep in thought about how for exactly two hours their life’s changed forever. Matthew just couldn’t shake off the thought that for the first time he didn’t feel lonely and wanted to share. Taehyung was thinking about how he drives in a car with people who are just as fucked up as him and that made him feel like he is not lonely anymore. Somin was thankful and very afraid. She has been alone all her life. Ran away from the orphanage at a very young age, working since she was ten, now at the age of twenty, she randomly kills a person and meets two men who are willing to take the blame with her for no actual reason.

And no one noticed the purple-pinkish hair girl, crossing the road, trying to kill herself. She, she was the one who had really given up on life in all its forms. First to react was Matthew, who saw the girl crossing the road in the same moment he was about to drive through her. Like a miracle he managed to stop, only hitting her leg lightly. Pink locks moved and piercing blue eyes stared at the car. “I was going to kill her.” Woojin sighed unbelievably. “No, she tried to kill herself.” Somin gentle voice filled the car. “I have tried it also. It’s not an option honestly. I’ll go out to see her.”

Somin opened the back door, exiting the car, looking straight at the girls eyes. Soon her shocked face took a form of an angry one. “Why did you stop?!” she shouted, obviously mad. “We are not killers. We won’t kill you. You shouldn’t kill yourself. What’s your name?” Somin tried to talk some sense into her. “Why would I ever tell you my name? So you can call the asylum and for them to take me? I’m not crazy!” Somins heart related to the girls pain and held on the tears gathering in her eyes. “I won’t do that. Why would I? With what am I better than you? I don’t even know you, but I feel your pain. You shouldn’t die. My…my name is Somin.”

The boys, not able to hide their worry, got off the car and just watched the scene in front of them. “Jiwoo.” Somin smiled a little seeing that her words had some effect after all. “Hello Jiwoo. I’m Somin. This is Matthew and that’s Taehyung.” Both boys offered a smile to Jiwoo. “Hi fella. Rough night, huh? Wanna tag along? We…we have no idea where are we going, what is ahead of us and how our lives will work out. We three know each other from an hour but something in three of us makes us want to stay together. I think you feel it too. We are misfits. All of us. I’m Matthew, the car is stolen and there are thirty thousand dollars in the back, I stole those too.” Taehyung didn’t want to stay behind with the self-introduction. “My name is Taehyung. I’ve been a dealer for nine years because my parents died from an overdose and failed to pay off their debt. I ran away two hours ago when I met BM.” Jiwoo was left speechless. “I’m Somin. I accidentally killed a man.  He is in the back of the car. He tried to rape me and I just stabbed him with my pocket knife. I’m running away with those two now, because my life can’t get any worse anyway. At least I’ll have someone to die with me.” Suddenly Jiwoo felt shame. Shame because of her selfish nature. She taught she was the only one that felt alone in this world, that no one could understand her and so on, but people with tragedies were right in front of her. Just like any of them, Jiwoo had no one and nothing. Suddenly dying just wasn’t an option anymore. Shaking the cotton pink cloud on her head she turned to the others. “Is there a way for me to join you? I’m all alone in this world.”

BM offered a warm smile. He knew he won’t feel alone in this world from now on.

“No you are not. You have us.”

“All I’m saying…King, is that my goods are like no other. You won’t be able to replace my port with no other.”

The King, Woojin, is lazily sitting on his leather throne in his office trying to concentrate on the overconfident weed seller. His head hurts honestly. For hours he had been listening to idiots saying one and the same thing – ‘I’m irreplaceable.’ Each of them added more confidence to the phrase. It made the twenty-six years old mad. Not only have they wasted his time, but the smell of weed stuck on his blue velvet suit. Every now and then when it all got too much for him, Matthew lightly ruffled his dirty blond locks.

“First of all, you are replaceable. I think you mistake your job. Your job is to choose the best shit and to offer it to me on a good price. I own the port any way. I can’t do that anymore. Just take him out. And one more really, really important thing – King, say it with respect.”

The bodyguards dragged the seller out of the room while the poor man shouted in protest. On the doorway J.seph observed the situation. When the bodyguards were out of the room, he entered the room visibly irritated. “You should stop doing this. We are losing sellers and territory. I don’t like it Woojin.”

For two years the bond between the two boys became so strong, it was almost unbeatable. But of course, being so close made them bicker all the time. With time they became the contrast of the other. Just like in this moment. BM’s dark blue velvet suit contrasted J.seph bloody red one.

“They are all way too ignorant. I feel like they don’t know to who they are talking.” BM massaged the sides of his head in hope of the headache to lessen.

“I know. But when we started out, we were exactly the same. With nothing in our hands and handful of dollars. For two years e created heaven. I know you are the King, but sometimes you should just let us handle things. It becomes too much for you and you are not rational. Should I call a doctor?” Taehyung was truly worried about his friend. These days he was tenser than ever and no one could talk to him normally except from him, Somin and Jiwoo. At such times the girls thought it was best if they don’t show themselves too often.

“Don’t call a doctor. It will fade away. I’ll go to sleep soon. So, back on the matter. We were different. We knew what we had to do when we created K.A.R.D. Our goal was ‘keep adding real damage’. Now we control the damage in all of Asia. At some times I don’t think it’s real. We met on the streets having nothing but the clothes on our backs and now we put clothes on whole nations. We destroy as if it is a revenge for our childhood.”

“That’s why it is indeed a revenge.” Honey voice, small beams blinding the room, Somin entered the room, looking gorgeous from head to toe.

“We are the revenge. If we wanted to end out misery we would’ve done it a long time ago. Although I can argue with myself. It started as revenge, now is more of family business.” She laughed making the boys smile warmly. The moment was ruined by a husky voice shouting in the back. Soon a very mad Jisoo entered the room. “Who the fuck they think they are to try to disrespect me like this?! I can buy and sell them today if I want?! I seriously can’t believe this!” BM knowing his little sister very well looked at her seriously and the shouting stopped. “Sit. Calm down. Tell us what happened.”

Jiwoo sat down obviously still mad, crossed her Gucci pants dressed legs and huffed in the air. “I went to the private meeting with the parliament as usual. As we know there is a new Minister of Interior. I heard he is quite a though nut, but I never imagined him being this ‘righteous’. He haven’t even been studying law, why is he trying to tell me I can’t control the Parliament. I can and I do. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean they have the right to tell me what I can and can’t do.”

Somin was actually happy to listen to Jiwoo, having so many emotions and being able to express them. Recalling the memory of their first meeting made her heart feel pain and proudness. They grew together so much for the last two years. Jiwoo didn’t want to kill herself anymore and that made things so much easier for everyone. Somin herself stopped feeling guilty about that night. Together as K.A.R.D they were able to make contracts with the prostitutes and help them all live a somewhat normal life.

“My boys actually ran a background check on this dude. He is a nice man really, with a family and till now a very happy life. Stable finances and stable relationships with both his wife and daughter. I think that…” “Wait Somin! Rewind. Daughter?” said Woojin playing with the chess figure of the King, concentrated on the upcoming crisis. J.seph was fast to speak with a smug face knowing what was going on in the head of his best friend. They all knew.

The king only played with his figure when he was about to drop a bomb of a command. By now they knew their body language so well they couldn’t play poker together.

“Yes. A daughter. First year college student. Number one in all her classes. President of the school parliament, charity volunteer. The full ‘goodie two shoes’ package. She is quite a visual actually. Why are you asking?”

BM slammed the glass figure on the mahogany desk, smirking evilly.

“Bring me the girl. Alive. ”

A/N: After lots of thinking,sweat and literal tears, I’m finally able to present you “Rotten”. My heart is in this fic. It’s inspirated by Triple H “365 fresh”. I…I just hope you all love it, because I really want to continue writing this and my last try was a Jimin-father fic and it wasn’t digested by people okay. So now I’m really afraid you all won’t like this one too. I was going to write it with BTS, but that would’ve been very selfish. I love my boys, but I really want to provide content for all fandoms, since I’m a multifandom hoe. My askbox is always open for your love and insecurities. I love you all <3

Reaction Masterlist  Story Masterlist

So if anyone else wants to do the older party in Lucis glitch, here be instructions: 

If something is unclear - and it probably is because I’m terrible at writing instructions - just send me a chat message. I’d be happy to try and help.

First thing: your game needs to be version 1.0. This glitch requires for you to go out of bounds, and the way has been patched in later versions of the game (to my knowledge at least.) 

(If you have a physical copy of the game, reverting back to 1.0 is easy: delete the game, disable internet on your ps4 so it doesn’t download and install updates, install game again. Not sure if it’s doable on all digital version?)

Basically you just need to swim to Altissia on your chocobo sometime before setting sail there. (The video shows how you can advance enough so you reach the ocean. From there just take a course to Altissia - try and replicate the course the boat will take so you won’t fall through the world. It takes a long time.)

Note: I did it in chapter 3 I think? Sometime right after getting chocobos and leveling enough to do the jump off the bridge in Old Lestallum. (It shouldn’t matter when you go there, just as long as it’s before the boat ride. I think anyway.)

K. Now you’ve reached Altissia, congrats, here’s one video showing how you can get safely to land. (Around 7:45.) You should save before going up the stairs. I’ve once gotten stuck under a bridge, and twice trying to go up the stairs and trust me it’s awful having to do the long swim up until that point.

Then just go to the hotel and talk to Gentiana to get the cutscene and the ability to summon Umbra. 

Do not sleep at the hotel.

Now. This is an important step. Open your map and see if you have the option available to go back to car. You should. (or go back to rest point? that should work too?) I left the Regalia in Old Lestallum so I just went there.

Once you’re in Lucis, summon Umbra and go to past Lucis. This way we’ll be leaving the present characters to wherever they’re now.

You should be in Cape Caem now, in the past, and Cindy calls you to give the Adamantoise quest. (Just ignore it for now.)

Then just continue on and advance the story all the way until you’re in Insomnia. 

After fighting the first wave of imperials/demons, go to rest point and call Umbra and go to present time.

Everyone should be older now, wherever you left them in Lucis back then several hours ago.


Random things I’ve noticed, these might be different for you I don’t know (this poor game is so confused)

  • There’s no Regalia. Anywhere. It’s gone. I have the option to talk to Cindy and service/customize it but when I click on the options nothing happens.
    EDIT: Thanks @analfuneral for letting me know, there is indeed a way to get the Regalia! Just do not start any of Cindy’s side-quests until you’re with the older party. The cutscene where she gives you the first quest to get the car wax spawns the car to Hammerhead. (Tho it disappears if you save/reload, so if you want to keep getting the car be sure to save BEFORE initiating the cutscene.)

  • For some reason Cid won’t upgrade my weapons anymore. In the game the quest map tries to tell me Cid is in Cape Caem but he’s sitting in Hammerhead in reality so I don’t know?

  • Adamantoise quest crashes everything when trying to talk to Dave 
    EDIT: Not crashing anymore for some reason?

Now you can update your game if you want. Everyone will still be older in Lucis, but summoning Umbra won’t work anymore. (Well. It does, but it also fixes the glitch - at least for me - if you travel to past/present so don’t do that.) 

ALSO, if you want to see older Noctis without the beard, your game needs to be updated. Don’t know what they’ve done to make it happen. (And it only happens while in Steyliff Grove!)

College boy - Kim Namjoon (F,S)

Originally posted by bangthebae

Paring: Namjoon x Reader 

Word Count: 8.3k

Summary: You finally decided to move to London to go to an Arts school there. You’ve heard some really good things about it and are curious to see who your roommate is gonna be. Will they be nice or not? You’ve decided to fully focus on your studies from now on, but what will happen when your roommate turns out to be a really hot guy? 

Written in both reader perspective and Namjoon’s.

Ratings: Fluff, with slight smut. 

Another story I originally posted on Wattpad. 

Your P.O.V

It’s finally here, the day you’re moving to London go to an Arts school there. You’ve always dreamt of doing this but you never expected it to actually happen. You’ve always had a lot of dreams as a little kid, and moving to London was one of them. A pro about moving to England for me is that you get to speak English all the time, which you absolutely love. It took you a while to learn the language since it isn’t your first language but now you’re really comfortable with it. More comfortable than you ever expected to be actually.

Keep reading

Don't give up 8

Prompt: You loved your life. Until one night where everything changed, now you have to fight for what’s right. The only problem - you don’t know it. And when you decide for what’s wrong , your friends are in more trouble than before.

Warnings: brainwashing, violence, one shot, hella lot of confusion, cliffhanger

Pairing: avengers x reader (mostly bucky & nat in this one)

a/n: Let me know what you think about it😊 I don’t know I kinda feel like I’m stretching it too long and its boring, I’m sorry I’ll do my best to get the party started

You woke up, a heavy stinging pain in your left arm. You stirred, sitting up with your hand flying to your head as you tried to control the pain shooting through your skull.

You couldn’t remember anything at all as you tried to recall the events of the past days, or at least the night before. But there was nothing everything inside you felt empty and blank.

Your breathing fastened as you couldn’t get anything into your head. The heavy darkness around you felt like extra weight on your shoulders which you couldn’t lift. There was nothing around you, no one in sight and you forced yourself to calm down.
Maybe you were alright, maybe everything was okay.

You tried to get more and more air in your lungs before noticing something on your mouth which made it hard to breathe you reached up, trying to pull it away but you couldn’t.

You stood up, searching for some sign of humanity, for a light. For anything, noticing the heaviness of your steps, looking down at yourself in the darkness, your eyes adjusted to it some minutes ago and so you noticed you were dressed in full gear, a black combat suit and weaponry, gloves , boots, jacket, and … the thing in front of your mouth.

And suddenly it all made sense and there was something shooting through your mind. Shots and screams. There was a dulled image of an explosion and the pain in your head pounder even more against your forehead and you broke down, tears rolling down your cheeks.

What was going on ?

The sobs echoed through the room, against the plain walls and you rocked back and forth against the wall as you suddenly heard a loud clicking sound next to you, making you flinch away and flee backwards on your knees.

The white light floated into the room and three men stepped in. Two of them dragging you up onto your feet, the third one touching the side of your face, to your chin and pulling it a little to harsh up so you had to look at him.

Your glassy eyes looked at his trying to make out who he was but you just saw your own emptiness staring back at you.

He wore exactly the same thing as you, his brown hair falling into his face as he tried to reassure you through the mask, but it didn’t work

You knew somehow, this was Someone you could trust someone you knew. And suddenly it all came back to you, that was him, the winter soldier.

“Отпусти ее и оставь нас в покое” you heard him say through his mask, his eyes focused on you.
And the two other men complied and let go of you, exiting the room.

You stood there in the middle of the room, staring at him, at the winter soldier, watching his every move.
He paced around in front of you.

He suddenly came to a halt, looking straight into your eyes that were filled with tears but you weren’t willing to let them fall.
However he could see a mere shine, a glow in them and it somehow made him ease up for some reason.
The tension in his body, the tension of being so confused by everything, the tension of the coldness within him, it all slowly fell down.

He tilted his head to the side slowly, his hand reaching up to caress your cheek and when he touched you, a wave of comfort and familiarity washed over the both of you.
His thumb ran over your cheekbone memorizing every inch of your face, making sure to remember them in case matters got worse.

He blinked at you before saying “make sure to stay alive” and his warm touch left your skin abruptly, everything that was left was the tingling feeling where his skin just touched yours.

He took a step back his gaze still lingering on you before he turned completely and walked to the door.
And you soon realized that this was probably a one time thing.
However you felt a feeling of longing for him, it was so different and it made you feel dizzy, even if he barely did anything to you.
But you knew this was not the right place nor time to be intimidate to anyone like that, even if it was just a simple touch, it just wasn’t possible.

He turned around to you and waved at you motioning you to follow him, and he stepped out of the door meeting up with the other two men standing just outside the door.
“она не проблема” he said as he walked past them without even looking back.

The two men eyed you up and down suspiciously, not really trusting you after all but after a while they just nodded, turning and following the soldier and so did you after a moment of having to realize.

You walked down the hallway with careful and attentive steps, you eyes staying on the soldier.

He stopped in front of a door, looking back at you and the two other men before nodding and pulling the door open.

You stepped in, seeing various people, a redhead and man with a shield among them.
They were at least eight people and somehow you felt a weird feeling of familiarity by looking through the room but you couldn’t wrap your head around it.

“Y/n?…. B-bucky?” The redhead finally breathed out and you frowned at her the next thing you heard was a shooting sound and suddenly the room erupted in screams as they looked in horror.

However you kept standing still, watching how a pained expression crossed the features of that woman.
You looked at her as suddenly a dull, rather dark picture crossed your thoughts.

She was sitting on a sofa with you, a bucket of ice cream in both of your hands as you laughed as a response to something she said and she joined in with her own laugher.

Her face showed pure happiness and joy as her eyes crinkled with a spark in her orbs.
Her eyes were so shiny as tears of joy started to flood them.

And suddenly you felt a stinging pain in your heart as you saw that same woman in front of you with pain written all over her face.

You wanted to do something, wanted to say something but there was something inside you that wouldn’t let you.

And so you just stood there watching.

All of this didn’t make any sense at all. And that was what got to you the most.

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Please Don't Hate Me

I fucking love Dodie ok and if you don’t know who she is go check out doddleoddle on YouTube she is my everything. and I know I usually write about 5sos but I’m changing it up today ok get over it

Summary: you and Dodie have been flirty for a while, but you find out she has a girlfriend.

New Message
From: Dodie♥

Hey cutie

I responded with a quick ‘hey(:’ and waited for her response. After a few minutes of our usual flirty banter, I decided to sit down at my computer and catch up on YouTube. I began to scroll through my subscriptions feed. There wasn’t many interesting videos, and I was about to close the tab when something caught my eye.

Dodie posted a new video, called The Girlfriend Tag.

I felt my heart begin to crumble as I clicked on the video, watching as she cheerily introduced the video. The girl sitting next to her was gorgeous. She had long hair parted to the side that fell on her chest in hazelnut colored curls. Her blue eyes were stunning and framed with long lashes. She was wearing a gentle pink lipstick and a black bodycon dress with a white collar underneath. I was nothing compared to her.

The longer the video went on, the more tears began to fall. This whole time I was talking to Dodie, she was in a relationship? She told me that we couldn’t be in a relationship because she wasn’t comfortable with dating a girl. I guess she just wasn’t comfortable dating me.

The video was almost over when my phone rang. I paused it to see who was calling me.

Dodie. Of course.

I decided to answer, not thinking about the fact that I sounded like I had been crying for the past four minutes.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” her bright voice asked from the other end.

I cleared my throat and tried to pull myself together.

“Not much, watching some videos.” I said in the least heartbroken voice I could manage.

“Oh, that’s why you aren’t responding to me. Well do you want to come over?” she asked, hope apparent in her voice.

“Uh, I’d really rather stay in tonight.”

“Okay, well,” she said, her tone dropping, “if you change your mind, let me know. I miss you.”

“Yeah, miss you too.” I replied. We said our goodbye’s and I hung up.

I shut my laptop screen and went to lay on my bed.

She wanted me to come over? Why would she want me to come over? Obviously she has other people to fulfill her needs.

I let out a deep sigh and let my thoughts lull me to sleep.

When I woke up, I had eight texts from Dodie. I groaned and checked them.



Are you ok?

If you did what I think you did I swear to God I won’t be able to handle this anymore

I hope you’re not mad at me

Your mom said you’re still sleeping but it’s noon and I’m worried


Please don’t hate me

I closed my eyes and tried to process the string of messages. She was obviously really distraught over the thought of me being mad at her.

My phone let out a loud ring, causing my eyes to snap open. I answered it, not bothering to see who it was.

“Hello?” I said groggily.

“Thank God. Why weren’t you answering me?” Dodie asked from the other end.

“I was sleeping.”

“I can tell. Your morning voice is really cute.”

I chuckled lightly.

“So, I’m guessing you watched my latest video.” she said quietly.

“Yeah. But you know, don’t worry about it. I’m happy if you’re happy.” I tried to sound happy, but my voice cracked at the end.

“I just.. I’m so sorry. After a while of us talking I thought you didn’t like me, and I just kinda gave up. And then Leila came along and she really liked me and she’s pretty so I figured hey what the hell and now she says she loves me. I mean, I say it too, but I don’t mean it. I love you and the only reason I posted that is because I wanted the relationship to keep going so I don’t have to feel alone and she wanted to go public so bad. But I talked to Evan last night.” she rambled.

“Jesus, how much did he tell you?” I asked, mentally slapping myself for trusting him.

“That you told him you’re in love with me.”

“I am.”

“I-I’m sorry, Leila’s here, I have to go, I’ll talk to you later.” she said quickly, hanging up the phone.

I dropped my phone and pulled my duvet up above my head, trying to force myself back into sleep.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask what you find great about Miranda? Not a hater by any means just the layers of her character don't jize with me and I was wondering if someone who had a better understanding of her can explain the complexity that is Miranda.

I don’t think there’s one right way to view Miranda, so I can only speak to how I feel about her (and Eliza Shepard really clicked with her, so I was very paragon in my interactions with Miranda in-game), but – 

She’s a cold, complicated, reserved, and outright unfriendly woman whose character arc doesn’t revolve around a romance softening her or completing her – it’s a familial one. And while Miranda definitely does have daddy issues (but really that’s a condition for employment on the Normandy), she’s content to leave those issues in the past so long as he leaves her and Oriana alone. 

It’s Oriana who’s the key to Miranda’s friendship (which is the gateway to everything else). I got the impression in the game that Miranda doesn’t just not trust easily, but she refuses to trust at all. Part of that is thanks to her father, part of that is the strongly-implied lack of cohesion or support between Cerberus cells, part of that is being so extremely gifted, part of that is just Miranda’s personality (she’s naturally pretty stand-offish, though that could just be attributed to her dad). She say that she doesn’t want friends, she’s clearly not so much surprised by Wilson’s betrayal as she is grimly resigned to it – Miranda’s a woman who’s lived her life by forcefully rejecting the idea of intimacy, in any form. 

(Just look at her dossier on the Shadow Broker’s ship; she asks for medical records from potential sexual partners, and as soon as one passes, she gives him a time and a room number, and that’s it.)

Until Oriana is threatened, Miranda’s quite content to be the efficient but untouchable XO. She follows the chain of command, even when she doesn’t respect Shepard’s decisions, but because there’s no great emotional investment there, she can simply stay focused on doing her job. 

But Oriana being in danger isn’t something that Miranda can handle on her own – not this time. So she has to swallow her pride, and ask Shepard for help. 

Imagine how she felt when Shepard said “Miranda, you’re part of my crew. How can I help?” I’m paraphrasing, but to have support offered unstintingly (should you decide to do so) must have come as quite a shock to Miranda. Living on the run from her father, trying to keep Oriana hidden and safe – she’s not used to kindness without an ulterior motive. 

That’s the key. Helping her sister, the one person in the galaxy that Miranda loves, is the way to make her trust you. I love that the loyalty mission is accomplished without turning Miranda into a damsel in distress – you save Oriana together, and along the way, Miranda slowly opens up to you about how she escaped her father’s house, how she got Oriana away, how she’s angry at herself for being betrayed by Niket. She’s never once weakened or diminished when she opens up; instead, I look at her trust in Shepard (both with the mission itself, and all the glimpses of her doubts and emotional turmoil you see during the mission) as a repayment for Shepard agreeing to help in the first place. It’s an exchange between equals. Between friends. 

Her loyalty mission ends with you seeing her cry, and then you get to see this lovely soft side of her if you talk to her afterwards, where she’s self-deprecating and wry and so proud of Oriana, and so quietly supportive. She’s won Oriana’s freedom again – this time with your help – and now she’s sitting back to let Oriana make of her life what she will. 

I love that. 

Of course, then you have the opportunity to pursue a romantic relationship with her if you’re playing as Male Shepard, but either way, Miranda repays your initial offer of support with unyielding trust. She tells the Illusive Man to go hell – abandoning a career as the only successful Cerberus project lead that we see on-screen (and by successful I mean ‘she didn’t get her whole squad killed because she thought experiments on Thorian creepers and the rachni were a good idea’). 

Her story isn’t built around being healed by a man or by romance in general, but by helping others gain agency and freedom – the two things she was never meant to have. No, she’s not always likable, and her belief in Cerberus’ ideals is never quite erased (she never says that she’s stopped supporting their goals of human ascendance – she just doesn’t agree with the Illusive Man’s methods), but she’s willing to listen, and grow, and trust, all while still being the sardonic ice queen superhero secret agent mad scientist that we saw in the beginning. 

She’s healed and empowered by family, biological and found. In ME3, when she could have taken Oriana and hidden in some bolthole while the rest of the galaxy burned, she made sure her sister was safe, then she handed anti-Cerberus intel over to the Alliance, got herself a fighter ship, and went after Cerberus itself. 

When you have her trust, she does not stint. 

I’m not a fan of her being portrayed as this femme fatale, or how the camera lingers on her ass constantly, because Miranda is so much more than a sex object. She’s one of the most intelligent, determined, and capable characters in the series, and while she’s certainly not interested in being likable, she’s full of surprising warmth and affection (in her own way) once you’ve earned it. 

It’s especially fulfilling to see her in a friendship with Female Shepard – two extremely capable, driven, talented, and brave women, neither of whom fit traditional models of femininity (Shepard is a soldier, and Miranda is too cold), and neither of whom have characters arcs that depend on being fixed by romance. It’s so moving, from my perspective, to have watched them go from “I’m not looking for friends, Shepard” to promising each other to be careful before the last battle. It’s so important to see female friendships explored, even if one (or both) of the women aren’t likable, or nice, or available simply for male consumption. 

Miranda doesn’t compromise herself as she forms a friendship with Shepard. She’s still herself, but I get the sense she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, now that her father is gone, and Oriana is safe, and she has someone she can turn to if she needs help. It’s not a simplification of her character, but an expansion. 

Thank you for this great question! I hope it helped. :D 

xxtorchxx  asked:

Not sure if you're still taking prompts... #8 Supercat

She finds out about it on a Thursday. 

Her morning goes well enough–hot shower, hot coffee, comfortable indifference from Snapper rather than a blistering string of insults. Kara plops into the chair in her small office and starts up her computer. She checks her email first, sends a birthday message to Kathy in financial, and then beings to click through the headlines of all the major news and gossip columns online.

She chokes on a sip of coffee, sputtering as it burns and sticks in her throat, when an image of her former boss flashes across her screen. Wrapped in a blue Versace rib-knit belted dress, and the arms of a man Kara doesn’t recognize but whose suit, alone, tells her is loaded. “Cat Nabs a New Toy: The Dish on Cat Grant’s New Beau” bellows bluntly across the top of the page in bolded, capital letters, and Kara feels her stomach clench.

A shaky puff of a laugh pushes through her lips as she presses her glasses up on her nose. Her hand moves without command, without thought, and she suddenly finds herself snapping a shot of the computer screen. The whooshing sound of the message being sent has Kara’s tapping out a follow-up message.

Another ridiculous gossip line. I thought you might get a laugh out of this.

Chewing her lip, Kara waits. Stares at the screen. She isn’t sure why, but her stomach won’t settle. Maybe it was the coffee. Or the four sticky buns she had at Noonan’s before heading up to her office. She smiles, though, when three small dots, indicating that Cat is typing, pop up on her screen.

Cats and their playthings. How original. If I weren’t emoji-averse, I might employ that annoyed face you seem to like so much when ranting about Snapper.

With a soft laugh, Kara quickly types out her reply.

I’ll admit the photoshop had me for a second. It’s definitely one of the better manipulations I’ve seen on this site.

The smile still stretching Kara’s lips falls the second Cat’s reply comes through.

Even that praise is unwarranted, Kara. The shot isn’t photoshopped, though I would have appreciated a better angle on the dress. It is impossible to appreciate the mastery of the stitching from this angle.

Brow furrow and lips dipping down into a frown, Kara stares at the message. Reads the words over and over again. The shot isn’t photoshopped. 

No. Surely Cat isn’t … No. She would have said something, wouldn’t she? Would she? Kara stills, stalls. She and Cat are friends, aren’t they? Close, even, Kara would say. But they never spoke of Cat’s relationships. It wasn’t like Cat Grant, Queen of All Media called plain old bottom-of-the-totem-pole, junior-reporter Kara Danvers in the middle of the night to dish about her sex life. But still … Kara feels like she should have known before some gossip columnist. Before half the world clicking around on the internet.

Kara shudders at the thought of Cat with this man, his stubble rubbing against her cheek, against her chest, against her th–“Stop,” Kara snaps at herself, shaking her head.

Her stomach stirs again, uncomfortable, as she wipes her suddenly sweaty hands on her khakis and then types out another message.

Oh, so, you’re … you and this man are seeing one another then?


Kara’s throat suddenly feels tight and dry, and despite how much she wants to, she can’t bring herself to inquire further. So, instead, she lets it hang. Lets it rest with Cat’s easy confirmation.

Lets it rest despite the fact that she feels anything but settled.

The pit in her stomach has a name.

Thomas Lively. CEO of WAL Technologies, a software company built by his father and passed on to him. 

Thomas Lively has gray hair and graying stubble that looks too scratchy to be sexy. He has brown eyes and a big nose and one dimple in his left cheek. A square jaw and white teeth, and was listed as one of New York’s most eligible bachelors in three different publications.

Thomas Lively has four ex-wives and three kids, one with each of the first three wives. Two sons and a daughter. 21, 18, and 9.

Thomas Lively has a brownstone in Manhattan, a penthouse in Los Angeles, a houseboat in Newport Beach, and a cabin somewhere in Nobody Cares, Montana.

Thomas Lively has his big, rich hands on Cat’s waist and Cat’s lower back and Cat’s upper back and Cat’s cheek and Cat’s–


Blinking, Kara looks up from her phone. Seven open search tabs on Thomas Lively and two open image searches on he and Cat together; a relationship the gossip columns have nauseatingly taken to calling ‘ThomCat’. Kara has spent the last fourteen days consistently wanting to vomit.

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sinners like us (saeran x reader, part II)

rating: 13+ (707 route + secret 02 end spoilers, idk saeran yells a lot here…)

notes: GOD. i didn’t think it’d take me two damn months to write chapter two. sorry. part of it was me working on other things and part of it was that this fic is a little hard to write because of the setting. i finally, finally ground some things out so hopefully writing won’t take as long. the keyword here is hopefully. 

anyway, i’m a little worried that saeran is a bit spotty here. especially… well, you’ll see. i hope you guys enjoy this update. i’ll try to be more frequent from now on. TT_TT

chapter one | chapter two

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The Bird and the Bees (RWBY)

This is for @megaexguilmon, I was your @rwbysecretsanta. You said you liked the Bees and the Branwens. Couldn’t put both birds in there, but you got one bird and some bees. Hope you like it, had to write fast to get it out today. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Words: 2871
Relationship: Bumbleby
Characters: Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Blake Belladonna

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noxnoctisangelus  asked:

Caroline goes to NOLA with her college cheerleading team(i don't know if they really have cheerleaders in college) and after the win the whole team goes to Rouseau's and of course Klaroline reunion! (would be perfect if there's also more jealous Cami, loved how you wrote her in the previous drabble :)

We got the awesome @accidental-rambler back for some more jealous Cami (#GuestWritersOnFleek)!

Not That Into You

AN: No baby or Hayley, obviously. No SC either.

Forgive me for I wanted to incorporate more jealous Cami but it turned out to be smut. A lot of smut. Really hope you’ll still like it! Nsfw.

Entering the bar, Caroline had a pretty vivid picture in her head of how this night was going to end.

Of all the colleges in the States, it just had to be Tulane that held the big end-of-year cheerleading competition.

And it would just be her friggin’ luck – at the bar afterwards, celebrating their win with her teammates, she ended up at the one place with the most boring bartender talking her ear off. Caroline wondered how it was even possible, the girl had stated earlier (Caroline had been trying in vain to get away for the past half hour) that she was studying psychology and yet, somehow, she was the one who felt like the therapist.

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((based on this text post))


I may have written a shitty sabriel thing whoops

so sorry this is horrible

Sam threw open the door to their motel room, storming inside. He heard footsteps follow him in and turned, face to face with a furious archangel.

“I’m not done with this conversation, Sam,” Gabriel was saying, eyes dark in anger. Sam rolled his eyes and turned away again, throwing his few possessions into a bag. “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting another motel room. I’m sick of this,” Sam said, brushing past Gabriel on his way to the door. He heard a snap and the door slammed shut, locking. It was fruitless, Sam knew it, but he tried the door handle anyway. It didn’t so much as jiggle, and he hit his palm against the cheap wood.

“Dammit, Sam, I said we were talking about this,” Gabriel yelled, striding over to him. Sam refused to take a step back; even though he towered over the archangel, he knew that if it got physical Gabriel wouldn’t have any trouble beating him.

“And I said we weren’t,” Sam hissed, kicking at the door. “Now let me out!”

“No!” Gabriel folded his arms. “You almost died today,” - and his voice quieted a half-decibel, turning shaky and worried before turning on a dime and becoming angry again - “and you can barely stand up straight!”

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Her Universe

(big thank you to bumbleshark for letting me use her super cute art to illustrate this!)

Steven wants to tell something to Connie, but if there’s one thing Connie knows about Steven, it’s that often the scariest thing in their world isn’t the giant fusions or the gem monsters.

aka: you do it for her

(also on AO3!)

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Don't leave your phone with the Second Unit - One shot

Hey ya’ll I had been taking a bit of a break from writing, but I felt a bit inspired and somehow produced this mess. (It may or may not be slightly Sherlock inspired).

If you are a fan of The Man Who is Scorpio, be not worried, I will finish it. IT WILL BE DONE. And I also plan to work more on my Angsty fic The One I can Trust. Plus if I get the inspiration, More Feisty MC’s.

So I hope you enjoy, I don’t think it’s a great work of literature by any means, but it was certainly fun to write, and that’s the point :3 Enjoy ❤️

Rated: 13 and up cause Language 😬 and insinuations


It was another average day in the second unit and the office was filled with the clickety clack of fingers on their keyboards. Over in the corner, at his desk, was Kirisawa on his work phone. He spoke in low tones as not to distract his fledglings.

Those so called fledgelings were unconventionally quiet, their eyes sqinted in silent concentration as they typed away at their reports. Even Asano was uncharacteristically interested, which was strange, as this time usually culminated with his afternoon nap.

Although the boys were at the top of their A-game, nobody could beat MC when it came to rocking out a badass, detailed report. You could tell she was on a roll, because her hair began to start inexplicably get tossled out of place. It was as if the very action of thinking was all it took for her to get knots in her hair.

Kirisawa watched as his teams’ noses creep closer and closer to their computers. He was waiting for it, waiting, waiting….. AND


The sound of a grumbling tummy momentarily made the room freeze. Everyone in the second unit began looking to each other to confirm the source of the sound. All eyes eventually settled on the tall form of Tennoji. He was looking off in the corner, a slight blush tingeing his cheeks.

A clap rang through the room and Kirisawa’s laugh soon followed it.
“Okay guys! Break time.” A touch of mirth could be heard in his voice. He found this game of ‘who breaks first’ extremely amusing. A game which MC frequently lost.

Everyone was at once at ease and the proud MC stretched her arms up, Eiki almost fell on the floor from leaning back, Asano’s head nearly audibly slammed on the table from the how quickly he fell asleep, Hanai took a deep breath, and Kyobashi made an insinuating remark pertaining to the stress relief of a break. Everyone stayed seated except for Tennoji, whom stood amongst the crew.
“Boss, I’m stavin’! I’m goin’ to the convince store down the street.” He now spoke to the general assembly, “Anybody want anything?”

Most everyone shook their heads ‘no’, except Eiki who asked for an energy drink, as he and Asano had been on patrol last night and he was practically running on fumes, and surprise, surprise, MC whom responded with “Bitch, of course.”

She stooped down and dug around in her bag, pulling out around 300 yen and tossing it to Tennoji. “Get me some Strawberry Pocky!” Eiki made a small gasping sound, which MC understood. “Yeah, I’ll share,” she replied, somewhat put out.

Tennoji took the opportunity to jog from the room, eager to get something in his stomach, but only moments later a pleasing little ping sounded through the room.

“What was that?” Hanai questioned, sticking his neck out to look over the table. As soon as his eyes landed on Tennoji’s cell phone, MC had pounced from her chair and grabbed it.

“What are you doing?” Hanai asked, confused.

The conversation had secured the attention of Kirisawa, whom was sitting back and listening quietly.

Standing there, hunkered over the phone, a sly cheshire-like grin crept over her face, her eyebrows bobbed up and down in a rather comical way. “I’m gonna take like 4000 selfies.”

Hanai snorted in derision, and a chuckle escaped Kirisawa. Eiki giggled and asking if he could join. MC excitedly bobbed over to him and they proceeded to take goofy selfies.

Kyobashi watched them quietly, but as they continued their spam of photos, he narrowed his eyes.

MC took note of this and lowered the phone, “Are you really going to be a kill joy and tell me to stop?”
“Hm?” He feigned misunderstanding.
MC sighed and look back at the phone, but Kyobashi’s surprising reply left her both excited and curious.
“I just think you guys are aiming a little too low.”
Both Eiki and MC’s eyes grew wide. They slowly began creeping closer to Kyobashi, and with each step they neared, the grin that had appeared on his face grew wider.
“Give me the phone,” Kyobashi held out his had. MC placed the device in his palm. Kyobashi immediately began to work. To MC’s surprise, he unlocked the phone with ease.
“How did you do that?!” She asked, her eyes wide in amazement.

“I’m a world class hacker,” he said, “I can get into anything.”

MC eyes continued to widen until Eiki, stifling a laugh, put his hand to her ear and whispered “He’s watched Yutaka unlock his phone before.”

MC deflated a little, but Kyobashi continued to click away at the phone. “So…. What’s the plan?” She asked.

“Just wait.” Kyobashi said, his grin growing ever more sinister.

Tennoji strolled back into the office, unsuspecting of the devious plot that had been orchestrated for him. He moved around the table and settled into his seat before reaching into his grocery bag and tossing a box of strawberry Pocky to MC, whom excitedly snatched it out of the air. Ripping it open, she began devouring the delicious treat. Eiki at once converged on her and soon they both were crunching and munching on their snack, trying to hide their excitement for what was to come. Tennoji sat Eiki’s energy drink upon his desk before his eyes drifted over his own.

“Ah shit!” Tennoji had finally just realized. “I left my phone!” He quickly picked it up and unlocked it before going straight to his gallery. “SERIOUSLY?! You MUST be playin’!” He looked at the picture count. There were over 1,200 unwanted pictures that had been left on his phone, curtesy of Eiki and MC. Both culprits began to giggle as they munched on their snack.

Tennoji grumbled as he began painstakingly deleting the pictures off his phone. Kyobashi took this moment to stand up. “I’m getting some coffee. Anybody want some?”
There it was, the signal. The plan was a go. Unbeknownst to Tennoji, whom was still deleting pictures from his phone, Kyobashi stuck his hand in his pocket and pressed ‘send’ on a pre-prepared text.

There was a quiet moment as the the Second unit waited. Tennoji noticed the silence and looked up with a grumpy expression. He had just opened his mouth to say something when:

The moan of a women, seemingly reaching full ecstasy sounded through the quiet room.

No one made a sound and Tennoji appeared quiet shocked as he looked around alarmed. MC took this moment to hit 'send’ on her text which was ready to go.

This time, the sound of panting mixed with naughty moans, was heard.

Tennoji had now pinpointed the noise and stared at his phone. “WHAT THE HE-.”

But Eiki had already pressed 'send’ on his text, and in the next moment a woman’s sexy snarl played out from his phone. He dropped it and sprang up while stepping back, a blush already forming on his cheeks. Now was time for the finale:

All three repeatedly sent quick short texts, hiding their phones as best as they could behind their backs. In the end, it didn’t matter. Tennoji’s disbelieving eyes were glued to his phone as the mixture of noises began to pop out, blending together, one after another, in a very lewd chorus.

The noises stopped once no one could any longer control their laughter enough to send texts. Tennoji stood there, dumbfounded, eyes wide, and face as red as a tomato. He looked around the room in a complete daze.


Tears began rolling down the rest of the second units’ faces once they see that Tennoji realizes this was a prank. He couldn’t even find the words. Though, he didn’t need to, as Kyobashi took over.

He pulled off his glasses, tears still gathering in his eyes, as he wiped down his lenses with a cloth he produced from his suit pocket. “We changed the sound of you alert when you receive a message from, MC, Eiki, and I. The pictures were just an added bonus.”


“MC here was our lovely voice actor.” Kyobashi’s smirk grew wider.

Tennoji sent an incredulous glare in MC’s direction, whom was laughing so hard she was wheezing, but once eye contact was made, she proceeded to lose it further. Tennoji then looked for assistance in Kirisawa’s direction, but the merriment that brimmed from the eyes and smile of his boss showed Tennoji that he’d recieve no sympathy from him.

Meanwhile, Asano continued to snooze on his desk, unaware the whole thing had even happened.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: "No, John. You don't love me. It's shock, of course. I never meant for you to see my scars or for Mycroft to give you the Serbia files, I should have been more careful. I knew you'd blame yourself for not having noticed, for not having asked - it's what you do. So this, this confession, let's just reset, okay? You don't love me, John. You just think you do because of whatever unnecessary guilt you're feeling right now." Sherlock walked back into his room and closed the door behind him.


Absolutely not, this needs to be fixed.

John watched in horror as the door to Sherlock’s room all but slammed in his face. Though he was several meters away he could still feel the sting of the latch clicking into place like a cool slap across his cheek, the pain of rejection sizzling hot in his veins.

After all these years, all this time, all these bloody emotions and finally, John had confessed. It was the only word for it. He’d confessed his deepest, darkest, most terrifying secret he’d help in for so very long, only to find that Sherlock didn’t want to hear it. Sherlock didn’t want his feelings. Sherlock didn’t want him.

Were those three words ill-timed? 


Did that make them any less true?

Not even in the slightest.

But seeing… Christ, seeing those white rivulets of healed skin scattered across Sherlock’s back like a map of horrendous tortures he’d endured during the years he’d been ‘dead’, all in the name of keeping John safe… God, if it wasn’t sickening. If it wasn’t the worst sort of guilt John had ever felt in his life. It had been an accident, of course. Sherlock would never willingly let John see them. Just a single slip of that ridiculous silk blue robe and John had caught the whole story in the blink of an eye. The pain of it burned harshly in the back of John’s throat.

But it wasn’t just guilt. It was… it was completely and utterly gut-wrenching to know the things Sherlock had been through. For John. To know he’d gone through the worst of it, walked into Hell and come out alive, John wasn’t so sure he could handle that knowledge. Not when that knowledge also came with truths. Truths about what Sherlock had done. Truths about what had been done to Sherlock. Someone had laid their revolting, worthless hands upon that perfect, perfect body and now-


No, this is absolutely not how this ends.

And before any final decisions had been made, John was storming toward the door at the end of that small hallway just after the kitchen inside 221B Baker Street, and tossed it open without so much as a knock.

Sherlock sat perched on the bed, head in his hands, the top of his dark curly head all John could see of his beautiful face.

“Go away,” Sherlock growled, not moving from his position.

“No,” John bit right back, his tone harsher than he’d expected it to be.

Which seemed to snap Sherlock out of his own irritation, head rising from where it lay in his palms, eyes wide with surprise. “John-” he attempted but that was as far as Captain Watson planned on allowing.

“No, you listen to me, Sherlock Holmes,” John barked out, Captain voice in full effect now. “You listen good and damn well, because I have something to say.”

Sherlock’s lips flapped momentarily before settling into a thin line, going white as he pressed them together and nodded once succinctly. 

John dipped his head in reply. “Good. Now, I want you to exit that little room in your Mind Palace marked I Can’t Possibly Believe John Loves Me right this minute. Are you doing it?”

The twitch of Sherlock’s lips made John’s shoulders relax minutely. “John, I don’t have-”

“Have you done it?”


“Answer me, Sherlock.”

Eyes twinkling slightly, Sherlock acquiesced with a lift and fall of his shoulder. “I’ve done the equivalent of what you’ve asked,” he replied softly, a small shift of his gaze alerting John to the fact that he did now have his full, undivided attention.

“Good,” John glared. “Because this is important and I won’t have you hiding away inside your head for it. Are we clear?”

A small stutter of his breath was the only reply Sherlock gave.

John took it and ran with it. “I love you, Sherlock Holmes,” he said softly, voice losing all the hardness it had held previously, instead coming out tender and kind, full of the adoration and love he’d held so deeply for this man for so so long. “I have loved you every day for years before this moment, and I will go on loving you for far longer. And it’s not because you were hurt, and it’s not because you came back. It’s because I love you. I have no rhyme or reason for it, I have no grand explanation. It just is. I just am. And if that big brilliant brain of yours can’t fully understand that, then it’s absolutely not as bright as you make us all believe it is, because what I am telling you now is fact. How can one argue with fact?”

Those soft, pillowy lips parted in an almost comical expression of shock as John spoke, ever-changing eyes trained on John, emotions flitting across them in quick, sharp bursts; fondess, confusion, fear, pain, hope, want. There were too many to count, but it was the most John had ever seen within them and it drew him closer, his feet planting firmly between Sherlock’s, body settling itself between Sherlock’s thighs, hands coming up to lay against Sherlock’s cheeks.

“I love you,” John whispered again, letting his features show every emotion he was feeling as well, eyes focused on Sherlock’s with certainty. “I love you,” he said again, tilting Sherlock’s face in his hands. “I love you.” Sherlock went willingly, drawing his head back, offering himself to John in clear surrender, the final thing John had been waiting for - trust - flitting across his face with a single blink of his eyes. 

“John,” he whispered so brokenly John had no other choice but to close the distant, sweeping his lips delicately across Sherlock’s in the tenderest of kisses. Sherlock made a soft sound, face straining upward for more, chasing John’s lips again and they met once more, mouths pressing together again and again in chaste but heated touches, the promise of them holding fast within each caress.

“I love you,” John went to say again, though the words seemed to escape him, sticking in his throat as the phrase rolled off another’s tongue, Sherlock’s breath ghosting into his mouth with the words falling inside. “I love you,” Sherlock murmured again and John moaned quietly, reaching down for another kiss as Sherlock’s fingers closed around each of John’s forearms in an effort to keep him near. “I love you, John Watson.”

John smiled against his lips, feeling the tension within both their bodies ebbing away and tightening with something else entirely. Something passionate and deep. “And I love you, Sherlock Holmes,” John murmured, Sherlock’s grip tightening on his arms. “And I love you.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if someone already asked you this but what are your favorite drarry fics?

Heey, thanks for asking! To be honest, I have so many favourite drarry fanfictions, that’s crazy! I read as much in English as in French but as you asked in English I’m only going to recommend you the English ones: 

Twist of Fate by OakStone730: Draco asks Harry to help him beat the Imperius curse during 4th year. The lessons turn into more than either expected. (312 000 words. I LOVE this fanfic! The story is very long, awesome and just matches perfectly with the real events that happen in the books, which is why I adore it so much. It just gives the impression that Drarry is actually canon. It is really hard to explain why I love this story so much, but please just trust me and go read it if you still haven’t!!

Dragon Tamer by Jennavere: Desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Draco convinces Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend. What follows is an epic romantic comedy involving scheming, snogging, silliness, shagging, snarky boys, superstars, singing, shagging, snuggling, secrets, sex gods, shagging, and a bunny named Draco Lucius Malfoy the Third. (160 000 words. OKAY, so this is one of the first drarry Fanfiction I read and let me tell you ONE OF THE BEST!!! However, careful, if the story is perfect, it is a story made to make you laugh like you never did! Trust me, you’re gonna love its Voldemort, Lucius, and absolutely every character!

Black Island by OakStone730: Most people would think that seven days on a tropical island would be a week in paradise, unless they were stranded on the island with their ex-husband. (About 25 000 words only, but the idea is very good and I just love how the events go. I’m not used to read drarry with the “ex-husband theme thing” but for once it is PERFECT!)

Turn by Sara’s Girl: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently. (Ok, as the summary is telling you anything, I’m just gonna sum up: imagine Harry is realising after years of marriage with Ginny that his life doesn’t please him anymore, that something is missing… And suddenly comes the opportunity to live another life. One tiny event can change a whole life… 320 000 words. You HAVE to read this story! You are going to love this Draco and you are going to love snakes. Please, read it!

The LipLock Jinx by Cassis Luna: It’s a jinx that renders the victim mute, unless he/she serves the purpose of the jinx and kisses the person that they desire. It’s just Harry’s luck that he’s in love with Draco. (This story is sweet, beautiful and melts my heart. 21 000 words of awesomeness. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Love Potion No 9 by blackdragonsghost: When a botched potion reveals that Harry’s not quite as innocent as everyone thought, all of Gryffindor takes up the challenge to figure out just who defiled their saviour… except that apparently, it’s not going to be that hard to solve the mystery after all. (You don’t have time to read a long drarry story? No excuse, this one has 1600 words and is great and funny and adorable! Also I don’t understand you if you’re still hesitating to click on the link! What are you waiting for?? CLICK

White Lies by Cassis Luna: Draco drinks a potion that makes him know if a person is lying, and Harry, apparently at fault that Draco is this way, is forced to ‘help’ him with the effects of the potion. For the first time, they deal with each other with no lies to hide behind. (180 000 words. I read it a long time ago so it’s going to be hard to say something specific, but I remember the story was very special and I read it in a very short time because it was great!

Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain by faithwood: It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross. (I find the idea very original and cute and I love how the relationship between Draco and Harry evolves. It is about 22 000 words, so just enough to spend a good hour before sleeping.

The list could still go on and on, so if you want more specific recommendations: just ask!! I can recommend Fanfictions in French and in English, and other ships as well (even though drarry is clearly my favourite). 

for @littlebeanmichael and @hopelessash movie!5sos blurb night I know this is probably too long to be considered a blurb but once i stated thinking about luke as a movie star i couldn’t stop writing

Crew are not to be romantically involved with cast members. Doing so may result in termination of employment.

When you’d first signed on to work as a production assistant for a major Hollywood studio, you’d glazed over that portion of the contract. You’d been told that you would first be working on an action movie, starring a past-his-prime star and a woman 20 years younger than him. Unless there were any exceptionally hot extras, there wouldn’t by anyone on set that you would want to hook up with. However, just the day after you’d signed the contract, you’d received the information that you were being assigned to a new movie, a romance. A heart-wrenching, Nicholas Sparks-esque, boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl discovers she only has two months to live romance, starring a young starlet opposite the very hot, very talented Luke Hemmings.

Although you’d recently been crushing on the blond haired, blue eyed actor from magazine covers lining the grocery store checkout line, you still weren’t worried. Why would Luke Hemmings, who was in a different club every night and rumored to be dating a different model every week, even look twice at you, who would be at the bottom of the totem pole on set and was fresh out of college and working to pay off student loans?

You hadn’t counted on somehow catching his eye the first day on set. You hadn’t counted on him actively pursuing you. And you hadn’t counted on waking up naked in his king size bed in his Beverly Hills mansion just a few days after meeting him for the first time. “Shit.” You murmured, realizing that you had made a huge, huge mistake. Panicking, you slithered out of bed and began gathering your clothes, planning to dress quickly and leave before he woke. You’d worry about what you would do the next time you saw him later on.

“You know I’m not really a morning person,” You heard from behind you as you were bent over picking up your bra. You straightened, giving him a hard look. Despite your anger, at yourself for making such a stupid decision and at Luke for attracting you to him like a fly to honey, you felt yourself melt a bit at the sight of him. His blond hair was tousled, the polar opposite of the neat quiff it was styled in while he was filming, his milky white chest littered with lovebites that you remembered leaving all too well, his icy blue eyes fixed on your body as if you were the only thing that mattered in the world. “But waking up to this view I could become one.” He raked his eyes along your naked form.

“Luke,” You began, quickly pulling your clothes on, knowing that it would be easier to have this conversation with him and then make a quick getaway if you were already dressed. “Last night was a mistake.”

“Was I that bad?” He asked. You knew he was trying to make you laugh, but you weren’t in the mood, the consequences of last night weighing on you heavily.

“No, it’s just…you’re you and I’m me.” You cringed inwardly at how cliché that sounded. “You always go for models and starlets and I’m just a normal girl.”

“Maybe I need a break from them.” He got out of bed, wrapping the sheet around him and advancing toward you.

You stepped back, avoiding his advances. “Luke, I could lose my job over this.” You said. You didn’t really expect him to understand, he’d had his first big movie as a teenager and as far as you knew had never worked a regular nine to five but you still hoped he could see where you were coming from.

He stopped short, eyes widening. “What?”

“Didn’t you read your contract? Crew and cast aren’t allowed to be romantically involved.”

His look of confusion turned to a smile. “Y/N, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Why?” You asked, irritation creeping into your voice, annoyed that he couldn’t see things from your perspective.

“I mean it’s not like we’re a couple. We just slept together.” His smile widened and he held his hands out as if to say “problem solved”.

“I doubt my boss is going to care about the difference!” You finally snapped, yelling at a volume that would have had your neighbors complaining had the two of you been having this conversation at your studio apartment. “Why can’t you see how bad this situation is for me? For you this is great, you got laid, didn’t even have to buy me dinner first, and once we finish this film we never have to see each other again. I could lose my job, which I need thanks to my thousands of dollars of student loans and this could ruin my reputation so I’ll never get a production job again. Plus I slept with someone who I might have feelings for but-” You cut yourself off before you could finish that final statement. You hadn’t meant to spill your secret feelings for Luke, but it must have slipped out as you vented the rest of your frustrations. Truthfully, your feelings had developed beyond a crush. After seeing how nice he was to everyone on set, even the lowly production assistants such as yourself, and how he was always smiling and making people laugh, you’d developed real feelings for Luke. “Never mind.” You said quickly, turning on your heel and running out of the room.

“Y/N, wait!” Luke called after you, following you as you rushed down the stairs. You tugged open the heavy oak door and ran outside, slamming the door behind you. You figured that Luke wouldn’t follow you outside, not wanting to risk being seen by paparazzi despite the fact that he was in his private neighborhood. Your theory was confirmed when you stopped briefly at the end of his driveway to catch your breath. If he’d wanted to, he could have caught up to you, but when his door stayed shut, you knew he’d stopped following you. If you’d been paying less attention to Luke’s front door and more attention to your other surroundings, you might have heard the telltale camera flashes coming from bushes lining the driveway.
You’d been scrolling through your Twitter timeline when it happened. The tweet had been from one of the trashy celebrity gossip accounts that you followed. “Luke Hemmings’ New Piece? Mystery Girl Spotted Outside His Beverly Hills Home!” Your heart dropped. You quickly clicked on the link to the article, skimming through it, praying that there wasn’t a picture. The article noted your “disheveled appearance” and speculated about the various “nocturnal activities” that might have taken place between you and Luke. That wasn’t even the worst part. No, worst was the picture of you at the bottom. Had you not been so livid, you might have actually admired the photographer’s skills. The picture was high quality and taken from an angle where your face could be seen clearly. Also visible were your messy hair, hickey covered neck and shirt that was on inside out.

Your first instinct was to tell Luke, see if there was anything he (or more likely his lawyer) could do. But you were too stubborn to do that. You were still angry with him and no matter how bad things were you weren’t going to come crawling back. Your second instinct was to check your e-mail to see if the executive producer of the film, your boss, had requested a meeting yet. In your short time in Hollywood you’d come to find out that news spread incredibly fast. But you didn’t do that either. You wanted to prolong the illusion that everyone else might be oblivious as long as possible. You disconnected from social media for the night, turning off your phone, laptop and TV and headed to bed early.

Of course, someone had to burst your bubble eventually. The second you set foot on set the next morning, one of your coworkers had told you that your boss was looking for you, and as expected you’d been fired. Though you’d tried your best to explain the situation and that you and Luke wouldn’t be seeing each other again, it had been to no avail. You’d started to look for new jobs and had applied for a few, but you knew that getting fired for hooking up with a cast member looked bad to potential employers.

A few days later, you were sitting in your apartment, eating ice cream, and praying for a call back from one of the places you’d sent your resume to.  You were startled by a knock on your door, since so far you hadn’t really made any friends in LA. Regardless, you went to answer it, mentally preparing yourself to chase away a Jehovah’s Witness or a kid selling something for a fundraiser. Instead, you saw Luke. He was dressed in the most nondescript clothes possible, a black hoodie with the hood pulled up hiding his hair and sunglasses over his eyes even though he was inside. You knew he hadn’t wanted to be spotted entering your shitty apartment building.

You immediately went to slam the door in his face, not wanting to see him, wanting to be able to completely forget about your mistake and move on, but he wedged his foot in the doorway to stop you. “Y/N please, I want to talk.”

“Unless you’re here to apologize I don’t want to hear it.” You said, giving the door another nudged, trying to get him to move his foot.

“I am. I’m sorry you lost your job and I’m sorry I was so insensitive…that morning. Y/N I never wanted to hurt you.” You knew you should never trust an actor, they were masters at faking emotion in their voices but Luke sounded so sweet and sincere you could feel your anger ebbing away. “And I didn’t come here just to apologize.”

“If you’re looking for a repeat of the other night you may as well just leave now.” You still weren’t quite ready to forgive him.

“That’s not why. Can you just let me in before someone comes down the hallway and sees me standing out here?” Reluctantly, you opened the door and let Luke inside your tiny apartment. He removed his sunglasses and hood, revealing his perfectly styled hair. You figured he must have just come from filming. He quickly glanced around the space. You waited for him to make a snarky comment but he didn’t instead choosing to settle himself on the couch. He patted the space next to him, indicating that you should come sit too. You did, opting to sit on the opposite side of the couch instead of right next to him. To his credit, he didn’t slide up right next to you, he seemed to respect that you didn’t want to be near him.

“First I don’t even know how that guy got that photo. And when I saw it the first thing I did was call my lawyer to see if we could get it taken down. But he said that it wouldn’t be much use because it was probably all over the Internet already and I know it’s caused you so much trouble. I wanted to tell them not to fire you, but I figured that that would only make it look more suspicious. But when one of the other production assistants told me what happened, I had an idea.” He smiled. “I’m currently looking for a new personal assistant. And I thought you would be the perfect person for the job.” He smiled even wider and held his hands out in the same “problem solved” gesture you’d last seen when he broke your heart.

Of course, this time the problem was actually solved. “Luke, really?” He nodded, keeping the same smile on his face. Though your first instinct was to say yes immediately, you peppered him with questions first. What would your duties be? Managing his schedule, doing his shopping (not being able to go out in public without being recognized made even a trip to Trader Joe’s a hassle, he explained), and essentially doing whatever he told you to do. What would the pay be like? Way more than you were making as a production assistant. And finally. “Are you sure this is a good idea with our history?”

“Do you forgive me?” He asked.

You thought about it. He’d apologized, tried to help you and was now presenting the solution to your unemployment problem to you on a silver platter. “Yes.”

“Can you move past what happened?”

You hesitated. Despite everything, your feelings for Luke lingered. But you figured you could move past them in time. “Yes.”

“Then the job’s yours if you want it.”

“I do.”

And so you began working for Luke. At first it was a lot to handle, but you grew accustomed to it and after a few months you had it down pat. The two of you grew closer as you spent more time together, you learned more about him and he learned more about you. You discovered he had a great sense of humor, he only liked almond milk in his coffee, not regular (this you’d learned the hard way) and that he loved watching cartoons despite the fact that he was in his twenties. Another interesting thing had happened since you had started working for him. The string of models/actresses/any girl that was skinny, blond and hot had ended. Sure he still went out to clubs frequently, but he was always seen leaving alone, not with some girl in tow. A few months after you’d began working for him, you found out why.

“So Y/N,” He began, as you frowned over your iPhone, planning out his next few days.

“Yes?” You asked, looking up at him, thinking he was going to ask you to go on a coffee run or a grocery store run.

“There’s currently another position available and I was wondering if you would be interested.”

“A promotion?” Had you been in a cartoon your eyes would have lit up with dollar signs. Though you were making more money now, you were itching to make enough per month to move to a new apartment.

“Sort of.” He hesitated. “The position open is as my girlfriend.”

“Luke,” You whispered, not sure what to say.

“I want you to be my girlfriend. Honestly from the minute I saw you on set, I thought you were beautiful. When we slept together, I really felt myself falling for you. I just pushed the feelings away, because I was worried. I’d never really felt anything like that. I didn’t know how to act. When I realized I’d let you get away, I had to get you back. This has been my way of keeping you close. But I can’t ignore the feelings anymore. I want you to be my girlfriend.” He repeated.

“Luke,” You said again. You’d had feelings for him from the get go. Though he’d hurt you and they had gone away, but since the two of you had been growing closer they’d come back, only this time they were stronger. “Yes I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“So that means I can finally do this.” Before you could ask what he meant, he swept you into his arms, pressing his lips to yours in a kiss that was straight out of the movies.

And cut.