trust me when i say this is all good for me

wondercon host: we’re opening it up for questions! You, in the back!

me: yeah, my question is for Jeremy because he is the only one I can trust to answer my question.

host: okay…

me: why did keith and lance hold hands for an unnecessary amount of time, why did they even hold hands in the first place? why was the background purple when they held hands, a combination of blue and red? why was the scene composed very romantically? why did you say “we did it, we are a good team” in such an endearing way? why did the camera linger on keith’s smile for longer than necessary? why was the music so romantic? why was keith so worried about lance at the beginning of the next episode, and why did he insist on the fact that he and lance had a bonding moment? why was that important? does lance actually not remember the moment or is he repressing it? why didn’t we actually get to see keith cradle lance in his arms? is it because it’s going to be shown later? why have keith and lance obviously been so connected since the beginning of the series? why did keith and lance have that seemingly pointless scene in the elevator? is it because it symbolized that together they can work as a team or co-leaders? why did they choose them going to the pool? was it to have them shirtless together? if so, why? surely the crew must know that klance is huge and this would be picked apart.

jeremy: um…

me: and finally, the most important question… when will we see keith wear lance’s jacket?


- This is all from my personal experience, everybody is different- yada yada yada.

- I love you all


- You make me laugh so much

- No sense of space or direction, basically don’t send us to get something together because we will fail. 

- Good counselor

- Sometimes you don’t see what other people are implying because you are very genuine and trusting. 

- Nice stash of memes


- Why the HELL, why the absolutely HECKING HELL, do you SIT IN THE RAIN WHEN YOU HAVE A COLD? I understand you are a child of nature, but WHY? You will get an even worse cold!??? 

- I love you

- You’re emo sometimes 

- A lot of ISFP weebs


- Why the hell haven’t you ever made me cookies like the stereotype says, huh?

- ISFJ’s will listen to you whine

- Good solid advice

- You are nit picky perfectionists at heart.

- You are very anxious and small and I love you. 

- Will cry if you insult their favourite characters


- I don’t understand the unique unicorn thing, you are all massive nerds and know it.

- Secret memelords

- Terrible at social interaction on the inside, but you aren’t as bad as you think from an outsiders perspective.

- Gets overwhelmed at parties. 


- I love you

- Best type

- I’m joking

- I’m not

- Big nerd for video games

- I’ll be there at 3pm. (aka 5pm)

- Not actually good at maths


- When we first start talking I always think you hate me and then you secretly liked me all along?

- Hilarious

- Blunt in a good and bad way

- Your ideas amaze me

- Make very good artists


- So, so, sarcastic

- A+ grade student 18 years in a row

- Speaks a lot but not to you

- Obsessed with young adult fiction 

- Has a crush on every actor

- Doesn’t like my memes?


- Understated humor that gets me every time

- Whenever i need anything fixed, after i try to fix it myself, you are there for me.

- Bad at social interaction until they get older.. and then, still….

- Leather jacket


- Bad experiences, good experiences…

- That tertiary Ne gets me giggling 

- You listen to my opinions and accept them, even if you disagree with them- sometimes you even change yours once you hear mine. I admire this a lot and appreciate it.

- In the grip or looping ESTJ’s have been the most annoyingly patronizing people I have ever met, HOWEVER, healthy ESTJ’s are cool cats and I like you lots. 


- Honestly, dominant Se scares the hell out of me and I don’t know how you survive. 

- Bluntly honest, smart, caring- good good good.

- Always willing to help you

- Very eager to learn 

- Charming and hilarious


- Met two kinds of ESFP’s- shy and standoffish but sweethearts, and GO GO GO GO GOGO GOGOOG.

- Okay so once my ESFP friend slid down a 20 metre long railing with rocks beneath it and I almost died because YOU COULD HAVE DIED

- “I’m looking for a girl that will encourage me to slide down railings.”

- So much love to give, so many hugs.

- Please stop shaking it’s like a big chihuahua


- I can’t keep up with you but it’s so good

- I’m smiling at you in admiration 90% of the time

- Cute 

- Gets everything done somehow and has fun doing it?

- Doesn’t like emotions but is simultaneously the most emotive person ever.


- Everything, I love everything.

- Devils Advocate TM

- Very concerned and caring

- The memes are revolutionary

- Has a joke for every situation

- Cool nerd TM

- Stares at people lovingly when you don’t think I can see you doing it.



- Takes responsibility for everything

- Actually hilarious

- Loves all boys

- Hates all boys

- Doesn’t give themselves enough credit


- So much Disney

- So. much.

- Loves INTP’s too much

- Incredibly strong people

- Once they have a vision they go at it full throttle 

- Want’s everyone to be happy

- Hates conflict


- The grand master

- I am terrified of you but i love you

- Gets it done

- Visionary’s

- Can get caught up sometimes and needs a friend to talk to

- Makes a lot of enemies accidentally, and a lot of the time on purpose

- Get’s annoyed when I make jokes about things that are unrealistic 

-but I keep doing it because I know it annoys you and I’m sorry

No offense but anyone who’s saying that Mon-El interrupting that Sanvers coming out scene is wrong or that they made the scene about Mon-El being a good guy in front of Kara can, with all due respect, fuck off. They all said something to Alex but here we are again with all of you reaching and trying to make it seem like he’s the bad guy for interacting with Alex, while, in fact, he didn’t do anything wrong.

Mon-El shrugged it all off because being gay is indeed not a big deal, yet your salty asses are complaining again that he somehow “interrupted” the scene. Trust me when I say that when you come out, you don’t want people to fucking stare at you for 10 minutes, congratulate you for being human and talk about it like it’s something special? Like thank you for making me feel like I have a fucking disease? You can literally hate Karamel, I don’t care about that or them, what I care about is y’all acting like what Mon-El did or said was wrong. Coming out, in my opinion, shouldn’t even be a thing and Mon-El’s reaction was actually really sweet, kinda mirroring the “coming out shouldn’t be a thing” concept.

So can you stop being asses for one fucking second and stop picking on every fucking single little thing he does, especially in scenes where he does nothing wrong like right now mayhaps? Thank you.

okay but imagine:

jace hanging out with downworlders after he’s rescued from valentine

  • jace’s mental state would be severely damaged after being with his abuser for so long and the shadowhunters certainly wouldnt get it, theyd brush it off saying they were all affected by valentine’s regime 
  • however luke knows what its like to trust valentine and get used and discarded so he takes jace under his wing
  • he helps jace throughout the night terrors and the flashbacks since he’s has ptsd as well, he knows what its like
  • magnus, luke, and jace squad up, going through their struggles together
  • magnus takes jace out to downworlder parties, knowing that it’s a good distraction
  • at one of them, jace gets closer to simon and they become friends
  • simon forces jace to watch star wars with him when jace has bad days
  • jace ends up being a trekkie, simon is betrayed
  • they have group gatherings and jace has to sit and listen as raphael magnus and luke banter
  • “easy there fido” “bite me dracula” “now now boys you’re both pretty” “shut up dumbledore”
  • jace and raphael sass each other sorry i dont make the rules
  • raphael also can tell when jace isnt in the mood for sassing so he either gives him space or sits with him, not saying anything, letting jace know that he’s there for him if he wants to talk
  • the group of them are fiercely protective over jace bc theyve all seen him at his worst and they dont want anyone else to hurt him
  • luke treats jace like his own son and shows him that what valentine did to him is not how a father should treat his son
  • luke also reassures jace that he never deserved what valentine did to him
  • the falcon story? yeah luke is ready to throw hands if valentine wasnt already dead luke wouldve killed him


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Is this an unpopular opinion?

Honestly I kind of hate it when people are like wow I don’t think Chloe deserves a miraculous because she’s a spoiled brat or w/e like mate. Have you heard of this new thing. This amazing concept. It’s called, you ready for it? Character Development. Yep. It’s a thing. A thing that happens. A lot actually. Most people eat that shit up (see: Prince Zuko) I mean all we know is that she becomes Queen Bee in season 2. They didn’t say she’s getting the miraculous episode one. I think a good chunk of s2 will be developing Chloe into a more complex character who will both deserve and benefit from holding a miraculous. If that doesn’t happen, if Chloe doesn’t develop, then you can whine about how she doesn’t deserve the miraculous. But for now, at least give Hawkdaddy the benefit of the doubt with his character.

Teen Wolf Starter Sentences

· “You want me? Come on- come and get me!!”
· “Hey there, I was actually hoping you’d be out for a few more minutes…”
· “I jumped through the window?”
· “The plan is to save you.”
· “Lower the gun…we walk away…you don’t have to get hurt.”
· “Why can’t you trust anyone?”
· “Because you trust everyone!”
· “That’s a lot of burden to carry, _____”
· “Why break your own toys when you can break someone else’s?”
· “Obviously I want my money back.”
· “It’s ‘do well’ not ‘good’.”
· "Conflict? No. Stressful? Yeah.”
· "Looks like we’re going to have to wait here and see what happens.”
· "Maybe what I really wanted to say was….I’m sorry.”
· "I wish I could have helped you…I’m sorry.”
· "No I’ve never been under his/her bed, or in it….just on it…wearing clothes..”
· "I don’t like guns.”
· "Running out of bullets can get you killed….it also makes you look stupid.”
· "You’re not worried are you?”
· "I’m guessing the power doesn’t go out that often in this hospital.”
· "How much has he had to drink?”
· "Just focus on my voice, alright?”
· “You completely and totally have a concussion, ____ lie down.”
· “I think we need a psychologist….or a medium.”
· “You don’t just accidentally lock a door.”
· “I don’t have much practice in things like..forgiveness..”
· “All you ever wanted to do was help.”
· “I know you wouldn’t want to be here if you didn’t want to talk.”
· “Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
· “Anyone can be corrupt by money.”
· “I don’t know anything about computers from the 1970’s”
· “Oh god, what have I done?”
· “You can save people’s lives, but you can’t save them from life.”
· “What’re you doing? I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.”
· “Are you kidding me? This is like 300 pounds you’re going to kill yourself.”
· "They’re still here…they’re still here!!”

PTSD to me

Ptsd to me is…

  • Sitting in the corner of every room I go in so that I can see everyone in the room at all times
  • Feeling angry with myself every time I think about my trauma but not being able to get it out of my head
  • Not being able to enjoy the good things about anything at all, not movies or books or art because I always have to point out everything wrong with it
  • Seeing the smallest things that remind me of my trauma and reliving every gross second in HD 
  • Having to deal with people making fun of ‘dumb triggers’ though I know mine are things they would consider dumb but I don’t say anything because I don’t want to ruin their image of me
  • To expand, long nails and vampires and even fucking track reminding me of my abuser even through those are really small, dumb things.
  • Not being able to trust that any single person is actually who they say they are even though I should know well enough
  • Wanting to lash out at people all the time when I’m in a bad mood even when it has absolutely nothing to do with them
  • Wondering if i’ll ever be able to have a normal relationship of any kind with someone when my brain sees everyone as a potential threat
Calm the fuck down

Stop the religious hate. Stop the political hate. Stop asking me to delete stories that aren’t even a little offensive. I never once took a religious stand. Literally not one follower on this blog, besides the family and friends I have that follow, know my religious stance. I’m not taking a political stance either. All the stories submitted just happen to be anti trump. Trust me when I say that anything even remotely political gets the hawk eye. I know the few political stories posted are not rude or degrading. I know how to run this blog. Stay out of my inbox telling me how to do so. Y'all have a good night. Much love.


Oh gosh. This killed me when I watched episode 9. Lucifer is his normal emotionless self when the police barge in, he offers them a bribe and all. And then. AND THEN Chloe appears and Lucifer totally goes into puppy-mode in the space of two seconds. Just look at the screencaps (I suck at gifs, sorry).

At first he’s just surprised. (Why would the Detective be here? The Detective wouldn’t kick me out, right?)

Then he looks so completely confused about why she would kick him out. (But the Detective made me a trustful sandwich? Surely, the sandwich meant something? And she said we were friends, no? :( OH FATHER, we’re probably not even friends then! IT MUST HAVE BEEN A MISTRUSTFUL SANDWICH). And dare I say that he looks scared in the second pic?

Then he goes into defense-mode in the last two pics (Whatever, been here before, I’ll just play it cool), but he fails miserably. When she asks him what’s going on he opens his mouth, goes full-fish, and can’t say anything. If his reaction in this scene doesn’t prove how much he loves and cares about Chloe then I don’t know what will. (I mean, maybe if he died for her or something…oh BUT HE DID.)

And the parallel to the ending of 1x12 is so obvious it hurts.

When fanfic changes you,

(Not easily conquered)

“She’ll say yes. She’d say yes if you asked right now. She’d wear a God damn ring from a Cracker Jack box if it was all you had, trust me on that. She’s your forever girl. At least those are the things I’m gonna tell you the night before you propose, nervous and pacing and wanting to practice on me. 

Then again, maybe I won’t live to see it. Sometimes I hope to God I won’t. 

When it comes right down to it I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it. I don’t know if I’ve got it in me; I don’t know if I can just stand there while you seal the deal.

I’m no good at watching you walk away from me. 

The God’s honest truth is that I ain’t ever gonna love again. She’s your true north. I know what that means, because you’re mine.“

I don’t normally do this, make a whole new post and tag people to recommend a story but when you come across a fic that touches you so deeply as this one has touched me, you make an exception.

I’ve never been much of a shipper, quite the opposite actually, and when people recommended me Stucky fics in the past I was always hesitant and said that ‘it wasn’t my thing’. Even though I had no issues with the pairing. I just didn’t feel it. 

I didn’t get it before. And then I read this story and I sure as hell get it now.
And boy do I feel it too! In fact I am drowning in feels, you warned me @lowkeysebastianstan, I should have known.

I lack the words to describe how well written this fic is and how emotional it makes you. It pulls you in and holds you and when it’s done you’re the one who can’t let go. 

Words are incredibly powerful tools, this story is the perfect example of that.

“The closest I’ve ever been to the Garden of Eden is the genesis on the battlefield when the shrapnel’s still falling like hail on a tin roof. You look at me with those blue eyes all hot and electric in your face, blood on your cheek, soot smudged over your nose. Bone of my bones. 

Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you. I want you now, same as I wanted you before, prettier than hell even with a bloodied nose and split knuckles. Don’t care you were smaller. Liked it, even — same as I like you this way too. You make me hungry. You understand? You make me hungry.”

The rest is going Under the cut because I don’t want to flood your dashes.

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They say that capricorns are stubborn and hard headed. I love too hard and too often for my own good. I trust very few, but when I do– I give you my everything. You can call me naive, sure. But that’s the truth about me. Maybe it’s the only truth about me… I have learned a great deal from loving people. I know ten different ways to break a heart, I would never hurt you intentionally. I know that you wake up wanting to off yourself. I know that you don’t want to be here. Have I given you a reason to not trust me? It’s hard to make connections even if you find all of the numbers and dots. It’s hard to unlove people. Would I tell you if you’re annoying? Would I leave? You want me to say yes. That’s the answer that you want. But it’s not the one that I’ll be giving. Not to you. They say curiosity killed the cat. They tell you to ask questions. I’ve been asking myself about meaning as of late. You know what? Some questions don’t have answers. They don’t. You question the very idea of who I am to you. So of course I’m upset. I was never good at much, but loving friends? I was always good at that. You want to know something else? If I asked the same question to you– your response would be the same as mine. Because even if I’m annoying. Because even if I’m unbearable and self-destructive– you wouldn’t leave. That’s why I’m upset. Because you don’t want to hear my answer. You want to hear yours. You don’t want to listen to me. You want someone to walk out on you. It’s your complex. Well, I’ve got some news for you. Just because people CAN leave, it doesn’t mean that they WILL. Just because you’re annoying, it doesn’t mean that people will leave your side. We bug people that we love, it’s unconditional. Okay?

It comes with the territory.

anonymous asked:

Okay so MAYBE I've been reading too much Xmen but I'm really into the idea of characters meeting their time displaced future kids and I'd die to see a Penumbra version? Bonus points if they're from ~the darkest timeline~ where their parents are dead 🖤🖤 (I love u and your headcanons so much ur a gift to us all)

ohhhh, Anon, I have spent the last two weeks binging arsPARADOXICA, and trust me when I say right now my head is full of future selves and dark timelines and people making terrible, terrible decisions with time travel. consequently this may have gotten away from me and I may have written this instead of taking notes in my last class, but please accept this totally unbeta’d 2.5k.

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i dont understand where all these haters are coming from but let me tell you when i watched ratatouille for the first time and i heard emeril lagasse say “Anyone can cook” i knew i was meant for greater things i went to chef school for 5 years and graduated top of my class all because of my love for cooking and disney

so before you hate on my beignets try my recpie first before judging me…,,… trust me if you try it i know you will love it. i make them for my family every weak and they say im the best cook ever so you can stop off

everyone knows im a good cook

If you like super cute guys and badass girls with swords then honestly go and see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies okay please it’s so good. 

Also I honestly consider it a feminist film like Matt Smith plays Mr Collins and he’s the only one that’s kinda sexist and he’s the most ridiculous character so you can’t take anything he says seriously which is amazing. It passes every single test I know of. 

Also Mr Darcy in leather, like all the way through, like even at his fucking wedding. He’s a gruff little cutie pie that turns into an absolute mess around Elizabeth. 

AND ELIZABETH. What a gal. Defending her sisters. Sticking up for herself. Refusing to relinquish her sword even if it means she won’t marry well. LITERALLY kicking the shit out of Darcy when she finds he’s messed with Jane and Mr Bingley. 

Just… Just watch it okay. It’s everything to me. 

la douleur exquise (prologue)

La Douleur Exquise (French) - The excruciating pain experienced when wanting someone you cannot have.

→pairing: taehyung | reader

→genre: smut | angst

→word count: 1,235

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But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

God is saying to us, “Focus on Me, and i will give everything that is good for you. Focus on Me and your desires will be conformed to Mine. Focus on Me and i will orchestrate your life in a way that will glorify Me.”

God doesn’t want us to live a life of worry, He wants us to be filled with peace and trust that we have a Father who loved us dearly and will take care of us no matter what. When we focus on Him, He will direct our path into His plans and whatever we need in that path He put us into, He will provide for us.

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.      -Psalm 37:4

As you delight in Him, He will change you and in that changing, your desires will be the same as His and He said that whatever we ask according to His will, He will give!

-January 6, 2017 / 9:25 pm 

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Hello! Regarding Chapter 4, just before the execution, it struck me as interesting how Ouma had cried and post-execution he continued on with his usual facade. It struck me as something interesting, what do you think about this?

This is a really good question to ask! A lot of people’s uncertainty with how to react to Ouma I think stems because his huge 180 in Chapter 4 roped not only the characters in but also the people playing the game themselves. Considering Ouma calls himself a huge liar at almost every twist and turn, people were very understandably wary to let their guards down around him and trust anything he says, even when he claims that it’s actually the truth this time. And when he pulled the most drastic switch of the entire game and not only begins acting horribly, but also calling both the characters and the players out on believing him, it caused a lot of feelings of hurt and betrayal. Needless to say, this was all intentional, both by Ouma in-game and Kodaka as a writer.

There’s actually a few reasons for the huge dissonance between the way he acted pre- and post-execution in Chapter 4, and they all add to why he’s such a complex and interesting character.

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anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I sometimes feel like I'm messed up because I'm a lesbian? It's always suppose to have been a man and a woman and I don't at all feel attracted to guys so maybe I am a mistake? Maybe there's something wrong with me?

that, my dear, is internalized homophobia. and it’s bullshit and it sucks.

but trust me when i say that your gay love is just as good and real and valid as ~one man and one woman~ love. there is nothing wrong with you. at all.

Taurus Sun & Capricorn Moon

I am calm and patient. You can trust me with your secrets. I will never betray you. I will never misuse info against you. I will never manipulate you. I will catch you when you are lying and manipulating me. On the outside I may appear unaffected, but on the inside you will never know how much you hurt me. I will never show you my pain. I will smile through it all. You’ll say I’m strong, I’m not, I’m just good at hiding my scars, and I see light where there is none. [Info on sun and moon signs]

10 tips I learned from my first trimester of pharmacy school:
My last three advices are optional but it may/may not help depending on you.
  1. FIND A GOOD STUDY BUDDY! This is extremely important. Do not wait a few weeks to find one. Make friends during your interviews and exchange numbers!!! You don’t even have to study together all the time. My study buddy checks in occasionally with me on assignments and makes sure I do them. 
  2. READ the syllabi! For every single class, the second the syllabus is posted or given to you. Know the distribution of points and who is teaching what days (if your class has multiple professors teaching). Trust me when I say you’ll like certain profs over others. Use Google calendar or icalendar and input all exams and major assignments. Use tasks for smaller assignments and daily quizzes. Do this and you’ll never be surprised.
  3. Find your study space. It can be the library, your desk at home, a coffee shop. Any place where you can be productive with minimal distraction and free of stress-inducing factors. I know some people advise on staying after class on campus to study but DON’T do it if it doesn’t work for you. I learned that the hard way. For me, staying on campus after hours of classes and forcing myself to study was a huge drain. The library was also distracting for me. My bed is my best study space lol. 
  4. Talk to your professors. They are there to teach you. They want to see you succeed. Take advantage of it. Seek help when needed! To be honest, I don’t know any of my professor’s office hours. If they’re in their office, I just plop in. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to email them! I have never had professors send me soooo many emails in undergrad. Now, I get emails all the time. (On that note, turn your email notifications on!)
  5. Find your study style. Depending on the class, you will have different ways to study for them. Rewriting notes, relistening to lectures, practice problems, study groups/sessions etc. Find the best one(s) for each class. DO NOT do all of them. You’ll save time and effort. If one way does not work for you, DISCARD it and find another study method. 
  6. Use a note taking program. I personally use OneNote. There is also Evernote. If you want all your notes in one place for all your classes, DO THIS. There are youtube tutorials on how to use them if you don’t know how. Here’s a link to my post about OneNote and how I use it: click here.
  7. Talk to your classmates. You’re with them for the next three or four years, might as well get to know them. I have a small class so everyone knows everyone. It is not like the dog eat dog world of undergrad. My classmates genuinely helps one another. In our Facebook page, we would constantly remind others of due dates for assignments and SHARE NOTES before our quizzes, exams, finals. I knew I had a badass vaccine chart with everything you needed to know about it (info, vaccines available, dosing schedule, indictions, contraindications, administration etc) and it took me a long time to do it but I knew my classmates will benefit from it as well. I saw so many of my classmates with printouts of my chart the next few days. xD
  8.  Go to events/join clubs. It’s a nice way to bond with your classmates and meet with practicing pharmacists or to talk to your professors/faculty more. My class also has post exam gatherings the weekend after every exam. And although events such as APhA, CPha, OCPhA costs money, I think it’s worth if you put in the effort. Do not attend these events just to be there. Be active! Help out with interviews, tours, information night etc. 
  9. Do not date! This only applies if you’re single lol. Don’t go looking for a S.O. Use that energy instead to focus on studies. Tbh, I assure you, 80% of the class is already married, engaged or have a S.O. Besides, if you do hook up with a classmate, your entire class will know and it will be awkward for everyone when it doesn’t work out. At least wait a year or two lol.
  10. Lastly, don’t freak out. It can be overwhelming at times but freaking out when do more harm than good. If you need to, take a break. Work out, take a hot shower, watch a movie etc. Then go to sleep or take a nap. Start the next day with a better mind set and tackle your classes again. 

I hope these tips help!