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This is probably a random and weird question but, do you, know any good ways to deal with the fear of losing someone you love a lot? ;;w;;

Hah, ain’t that the million dollar question!

If ya want me to be honest, we’re all gonna lose someone sometime. It’s inevitable. That’s why you gotta come to terms with it. I’ve spent a lotta my life runnin and avoidin it.

Somethin ive learned from my many mistakes is don’t hold back or wait for later, cuz you never know if there will be a next time. Talk to the people you care about, tell them you love them and say what you’re thinkin, all that sappy stuff. That way when they’re gone, you won’t have any guilt of things unsaid, they’ll know exactly how you felt. It’ll help prevent misunderstandings too. Trust me on that.

Dealin with someone who’s already gone, whether it be kickin the bucket or otherwise, is another thing completely.

“What’s up man?”
“Hi, first of all thank you for acknowledging me. You’re only the 5th person that acknowledged me today and I’ve been out here since 8am. I need a little help and I’d rather have 1000 no’s in one day than be ignored by people.”
“Of course, what do you need?”
He says, “Well I’m trying to get soup over here and” so I start to take out my wallet. “Wait!” he says. “I’d rather you buy the food for me than give me the money.”
“Why’s that?”
“I’m just trying something different so you have a different feeling when you walk away.”
“It’s all good man, I operate on vibes. You seem like a good guy to me. I trust you.”
“Thank you for treating me like a human being.”

You say I never needed you,
But you were wrong.
I’ve always needed you,
just not the way you want me to.

I never needed you to fight my battles for me,
I can do that on my own.
But I do need to know that you will always be on my side,
that I have your trust and support.

I never needed jewels and gold,
I live a simple life and only want for simple things.
But I do need assurance and comfort,
not of finance but of heart, that I am good enough.

I never needed to be constantly around you and wanting your every attention,
I am a big girl and can get by on my own very well,
But I do need to know that I have a place by you side, even when I am not there.

I never needed you to love me like I love you,
I am wise enough to understand not all love are requited,
But I need you to not hurt me,
though we both know that if that happens all I can do is to only continue loving you.

I never needed your heart,
for a heart should never be so easily given away,
But I need your hand,
A warm touch, a gentle embrace, to let me understand that I am safe in your arms.

I never needed your kisses,
They are superficial, and though they feel good they never convey as much as I wanted to.
But I needed your words,
Words in which I hear and can recall in dark times, giving me reason to stand up once again.

I never needed a marriage,
for marriage can be broken and I know how you always hated to be tied down,
But I needed a bond between us,
Something that is proof that this is real and not just a fabric of my imagination.

I never needed a castle,
It is big and cold and I get lost easily,
But I need a home,
A place filled with love thatI can always go back to.

I never needed to be protected,
I am not made of glass and I can look after myself,
But I need to be embraced,
To know there’s a place I can go to when I am vulnerable.

So yes, I do not need you the way you wanted me to,
But for the ways I needed you, more often than not, you weren’t there,
Which is why I am saying goodbye now,
Before this last piece of fragile heart shatters too…

Farewell my love, I hope that you can find that someone you need,
and I hope that in passing time, my heart will slowly piece itself back together,
When that time comes, maybe then we can risk seeing each other again,
with hope that the feeling of wanting to cry, to hurt, to embrace and to love you will be gone,
and then, truly then, will we be free of each other…

Until then,

—  Carmen
For PS4 players in the Dragon Age fandom

Jaws of Hakkon DLC is not earth-shattering. There are no major reveals relating to a certain elven apostate or any other post-game stuff.

Rest easy (well, you know, as easy as possible), this is good material, and a huge map worth exploring. The Avvar are great, but you are not missing out on anything related to major plot spoilers. The DLC is like DA2′s, it can happen at any point in the game once you reach Skyhold. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it that early because the baddies are like level 25 but you know.

It’s a sub-plot at best (a neat one) and there are some interesting lore tidbits that might become relevant in future games, if you’re like me and spend way too much time on the wiki/theorycrafting, but trust me when I say it is not a plot that will move heaven and earth.

Exclusivity is still crap but I just wanted to reassure y’all that this isn’t something major. There’s some new armor, new weapons, high level baddies, and a whole new map but nothing like must leave Tumblr for a while worthy.

Really it’s a DLC for people who are max level and need new pastures to roam. With some lore hints in between. Good stuff, well worth the $15 price of admission for me. But it can wait, I swear.

I Choose Him - original print from The Worship Project.

Day 9 / 31  #‎MonthOfPraise‬

I Choose Him". I was really impacted by a simple phrase, that to be honest, I’ve known all my life. However for me, it’s been one of those truths that I’ve known in my head but not always in my heart. Not to say that I didn’t believe it, but I just didn’t always have a deep-rooted trust in this. “I choose Him, because He first chose me”

When I heard this at church today, it was not so much of a revelation, as it was a sense of fulfilment. I’ve never really liked myself, always felt like I wasn’t good enough to deserve other’s love, let alone God’s love.

Can I encourage you in this, I felt it on my heart to speak this out as a declaration over those of us who struggle under the “weight” of being single. While all our friends are in relationships, getting married, seeming to “move ahead” in life. Let me speak it again…Even though the struggle is real, with every nail, every drop of blood, every thorn mercilessly piercing His brow, Jesus chose you. He chose you and he continues to choose you.


* * *

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it’s that time again children! Come and sit and let me tell you about why you need to go watch Sense8 on netflix right now. Like right now. Open up a new tab and hit that netflix button. Trust me, children. I’ve never led you astray.

(again, I understand that not everybody in the world mainlined all 12 episodes in 12 hours. I’m sure people have much more self-control than I do. So I’m going to keep this as spoiler-free as physically possible but still beware)

  • Eight main protags. Four dudes. Four ladies. Three FOUR PoC. One trans woman. One Lesbian. One Gay dude. 
  • (I’m leaving this purposely blank because of spoilers but trust me when I say that this is the most diverse cast I’VE EVER SEEN)
  • deals with real shit I AM TALKING HAD ME IN TEARS REAL SHIT
  • villain is a scary-ass white dude
  • you will love every single protagonist even if they are pieces of shit sometimes
  • all of them
  • every single one
  • some of them will be your children, others will be precious cinnamon buns, others will be assholes that you would protect with your life
  • hrrrrnnnnnng there’s one scene about halfway through the show but I can’t talk about it cause it’s too spoilery HOWEVER
  • I will just say that this one particular scene was the greatest television scene I have ever seen
  • ever
  • i’m not joking there are people who will back me up on this
  • the man protagonists break every stereotype the world throws at them. every single one. Indian woman who is both badass with her degree in pharmaceuticals and really supportive of her religion. White bro cop that will not tolerate anything happening to his precious babies. Trans lady is literally the driving force behind the cluster and IS LITERALLY GOING TO FUCK YOU UP
  • i’m in pain because i’mma have to wait a year to get season 2
  • go do it
  • go on
  • nothing you have to do right now is more important than this show
okay but imagine:

jace hanging out with downworlders after he’s rescued from valentine

  • jace’s mental state would be severely damaged after being with his abuser for so long and the shadowhunters certainly wouldnt get it, theyd brush it off saying they were all affected by valentine’s regime 
  • however luke knows what its like to trust valentine and get used and discarded so he takes jace under his wing
  • he helps jace throughout the night terrors and the flashbacks since he’s has ptsd as well, he knows what its like
  • magnus, luke, and jace squad up, going through their struggles together
  • magnus takes jace out to downworlder parties, knowing that it’s a good distraction
  • at one of them, jace gets closer to simon and they become friends
  • simon forces jace to watch star wars with him when jace has bad days
  • jace ends up being a trekkie, simon is betrayed
  • they have group gatherings and jace has to sit and listen as raphael magnus and luke banter
  • “easy there fido” “bite me dracula” “now now boys you’re both pretty” “shut up dumbledore”
  • jace and raphael sass each other sorry i dont make the rules
  • raphael also can tell when jace isnt in the mood for sassing so he either gives him space or sits with him, not saying anything, letting jace know that he’s there for him if he wants to talk
  • the group of them are fiercely protective over jace bc theyve all seen him at his worst and they dont want anyone else to hurt him
  • luke treats jace like his own son and shows him that what valentine did to him is not how a father should treat his son
  • luke also reassures jace that he never deserved what valentine did to him
  • the falcon story? yeah luke is ready to throw hands if valentine wasnt already dead luke wouldve killed him


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i dont understand where all these haters are coming from but let me tell you when i watched ratatouille for the first time and i heard emeril lagasse say “Anyone can cook” i knew i was meant for greater things i went to chef school for 5 years and graduated top of my class all because of my love for cooking and disney

so before you hate on my beignets try my recpie first before judging me…,,… trust me if you try it i know you will love it. i make them for my family every weak and they say im the best cook ever so you can stop off

everyone knows im a good cook

OUAT 5x05 - 'Dreamcatcher'

I watched OUAT because, as much as it pains me to say this, A&E’s episodes are the best ones because they focus on what the show is really about – we get great Emma + Regina moments.

There was a moment in particular that impressed me: the porch scene.

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Teen Wolf Starter Sentences

· “You want me? Come on- come and get me!!”
· “Hey there, I was actually hoping you’d be out for a few more minutes…”
· “I jumped through the window?”
· “The plan is to save you.”
· “Lower the gun…we walk away…you don’t have to get hurt.”
· “Why can’t you trust anyone?”
· “Because you trust everyone!”
· “That’s a lot of burden to carry, _____”
· “Why break your own toys when you can break someone else’s?”
· “Obviously I want my money back.”
· “It’s ‘do well’ not ‘good’.”
· "Conflict? No. Stressful? Yeah.”
· "Looks like we’re going to have to wait here and see what happens.”
· "Maybe what I really wanted to say was….I’m sorry.”
· "I wish I could have helped you…I’m sorry.”
· "No I’ve never been under his/her bed, or in it….just on it…wearing clothes..”
· "I don’t like guns.”
· "Running out of bullets can get you killed….it also makes you look stupid.”
· "You’re not worried are you?”
· "I’m guessing the power doesn’t go out that often in this hospital.”
· "How much has he had to drink?”
· "Just focus on my voice, alright?”
· “You completely and totally have a concussion, ____ lie down.”
· “I think we need a psychologist….or a medium.”
· “You don’t just accidentally lock a door.”
· “I don’t have much practice in things like..forgiveness..”
· “All you ever wanted to do was help.”
· “I know you wouldn’t want to be here if you didn’t want to talk.”
· “Three things cannot long be hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
· “Anyone can be corrupt by money.”
· “I don’t know anything about computers from the 1970’s”
· “Oh god, what have I done?”
· “You can save people’s lives, but you can’t save them from life.”
· “What’re you doing? I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.”
· “Are you kidding me? This is like 300 pounds you’re going to kill yourself.”
· "They’re still here…they’re still here!!”

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Did Bellamy ever apologize to Clarke for all the things he said previously?

“This is who I’ve always been, and I let YOU and Octavia and Kane convince me that we could trust these people when they have shown over and over who they are, and I won’t let anyone else die for THAT mistake.” (Side note: he didn’t say ‘my mistake’…he didn’t take ownership of it. He basically said that he was coned into trusting the grounders) 

“Enough, Clarke. YOU are not in charge here, and that’s a good thing because people die when YOU’RE in charge. YOU were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister. Then YOU made a deal with Lexa, who left us in Mount Weather to die and forced us to kill everyone who helped us, people who trusted me.”

[Handcuffs Clarke against her will and refuses to let her go when she is pleading with him to not take her to Pike] 


(x) nope. that was basically it. 

He said that he was angry so does that mean he isn’t anymore? He says that he doesn’t want to feel that way…so does he? or is he still trying to not be angry with her? It is a ‘want’ not a given. Does he even understand why Clarke had to leave? what she has gone through? Does he even ‘get it’? 

“You’re angry Clarke, but I know you. What you’ve done haunts you, and it is easier to hate me than to hate yourself” Bellamy hated Clarke because it was easier than hating himself, and he is still blaming people. He blamed Trikru, Lexa, Kane, Octavia, everyone other than himself. I also see Clarke enabling this too, which irritates me even more. “ The problem was solved, and then you let Pike ruin everything.” She is not associating him with the massacre and him pulling the trigger. She just said that he “let Pike”. There are many more instances of this occurring which I hate. I hate enabling this behavior of lack of responsibility taking. Clarke on teh other hand, bears it all. “I bear it so they don’t have to.” Clarke is still bearing things; things that aren’t her fault. 

To me, Bellmay sees her Wanheda title as her getting something out of the massacre, while he didn’t. This is something even vocalized by ALIE!Raven, “Does it bother you that you don’t get any credit for the genocide at Mount Weather?” (x)

It just really irritates me how he doesn’t seem to understand the pain that Clarke herself went through. She was alone. Bellamy had people around him, his friends and his family, Bellamy fell in love with Gina and wasn’t miserable for 3 months. He had bright spots. The car scene is one of those moments. Clarke on the other hand suffered alone and had no relief. She had no distraction from her self-loathing. 

Okay, i could go on and on about how disappointed I am in Bellamy. Where is the guy who said to Clarke, “You did the right thing”? or “It had to be done” when he was referring to Clarke closing the dropship doors? Where is the guy that has this empathy or understanding that the things Clarke has done haunts her every being? I will probably attract some Bellamy stans with this post and get some hate. I understand what Bellamy has gone through and how it has changed him. However, the lack of taking responsibility and being selfish is what is rubbing me the wrong way. I adored season 2 Bellamy, but season 3 Bellamy is really off putting. 

Taurus Sun & Capricorn Moon

I am calm and patient. You can trust me with your secrets. I will never betray you. I will never misuse info against you. I will never manipulate you. I will catch you when you are lying and manipulating me. On the outside I may appear unaffected, but on the inside you will never know how much you hurt me. I will never show you my pain. I will smile through it all. You’ll say I’m strong, I’m not, I’m just good at hiding my scars, and I see light where there is none. [Info on sun and moon signs]

Signs As 1989 Lyrics
  • Aries:"Boys only want love if it's torture. Don't say I didn't, say I didn't warn ya." // Blank Space
  • Taurus:"But people like me are gone forever when you say goodbye." // All You Had To Do Was Stay
  • Gemini:"Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats." // Welcome To New York
  • Cancer:"Two AM, here we are. See your face, hear my voice in the dark." // I Wish You Would
  • Leo:"We show off our different scarlet letters; Trust me, mine is better." // New Romantics
  • Virgo:"Love's a fragile little flame, it could burn out." // I Know Places
  • Libra:"And to the fella over there with the hella good hair: Won't you come on over, Baby? We can shake, shake, shake." // Shake It Off
  • Scorpio:"Remind her how it used to be, with pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks." // How You Get The Girl
  • Sagittarius:"And you understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars." // You Are In Love
  • Capricorn:"Lantern burning, flickered in my mind for only you." // This Love
  • Aquarius:"I said, 'No one has to know what we do,' His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room." // Wildest Dreams
  • Pisces:"You're still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can't wear anymore." // Clean
Just a friendly PSA for my followers

- You are beautiful/handsome/pretty/etc as fuck like seriously look in a mirror and marvel at how good looking you are babes
- You are so beyond loved. Even if it’s just by some dork on Tumblr named Baylie who has the capacity to love all of you. YOU ARE LOVED
- Whenever you feel down, please come talk to me. I deal with depression everyday, and I have learned that listening to people and helping them, it in turn helps me deal with my own demons.
- Trust me when I say this, tattoo this on your forehead, scream it from rooftops once a day. “I AM A BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING AND I AM GONNA KICK THIS DAY IN ITS ASS.”

Just I really care about all of you, and I want you to know that my heart bursts with love and pride for all of you ❤❤

This Isn’t Fair | Closed (Jimmy)


❝Mom come on this isn’t fair. I just wanna spend the weekend with Dad and then come home for my birthday on Sunday.❞ Claire sat in the kitchen the night before while her mom put the things from dinner away, she shook her head at her daughter and leaned against the counter. “Sweety I said no. You’re dad has scheduled times when he sees you and we can’t just let him take you for the weekend.” Claire rolled her eyes ❝Why? Why can’t he have me for the weekend? WHY do you HATE him so much?❞ Amelia shook her head. “Sweety I don’t hate your dad alright. Trust me this is all for your own good. We’ll have your dad over next weekend to celebrate your birthday like we planned.”

Claire shook her head, getting up from her stoll and storming off. ❝Whatever. I have homework.❞ She heard her mom say something before getting to the top of the stairs but she didn’t bother to listen. At this point, when she was about to turn 16, all she could think was how much she hated her mom. It had been a long time since her parents split up. There was a custody battle and once the court caught wind of her dad being forced to ‘seek thearap for his delusions of the angels the court determined him unfir for parenting, granting custody to her mom. He was only allowed to see her when her mom was around. Sometimes they would go to his house, the same house she grew up in but most of the time he came over to her mom’s house. She hated this. She couldn’t wait till she was old enough to move out, then she would be out of there. Before going to bed she pulled out her phone and opened her text messages, going straight to the one titled Dad.

[TEXT: DAD, 9:45PM] Night Dad. Miss you.

She curled up in the blanket her dad had bought her for her last birthday and drifted off into sleep. The next day drug on but finally she was out of school for the weekend. Normally she rode the bus home but this time, this time she would be walking. Walking back to her real home. The house looked just like she remembered it. She took a deep breath and clutched her backpack that was full of clothes for the weekend. She walked up the stairs to the large porch and knocked on the door, practically bouncing with joy. Her mom worked till 7, so she had at least until then to come up with a game plan.

Aftermaths of social skills lessons

Anonymous said to realsocialskills:

I’m autistic, I went to a group that was supposed to help me with autism-related issues, and they gave me some social skills advice that I honestly think was terrible. And the group was pretty terrible in general.

I ended up quitting for various other reasons, but it’s still sorta bugging me ‘cause what if they’re RIGHT.

The advice went like this: It’s okay to disagree with someone, but it’s never okay to explain WHY, because that’s pushing your opinion on them and that’s wrong.

realsocialskills said:

That rule is way too oversimplified to be useful. It’s true in some circumstances, and completely wrong in others — and completely useless at helping you to understand when it is and isn’t ok to contradict people.

The truth about social skills is that all rules are approximations at best. And often, as in this case, rules taught in social skills classes are completely useless and misleading.

Learning to be good at social interactions isn’t a matter of Learning the Rules; it’s a matter of learning to develop your judgement. Approximations and rules of thumb can help with this. They can’t replace the need to think for yourself and rely on your own judgement.

Social skills classes often teach people really destructive things about themselves and about social interaction. Here’s one way that can happen:

  • They tell you that autism (or whatever else) is preventing you from understanding social situations
  • They tell you that there are rules and that everyone else knows the rules naturally
  • They give you some simplistic rules and tell you to always follow them
  • The rules might sometimes be plausible-sounding or half-truths
  • Following the simplistic rules does not actually get the results they claim it does (because life is more complicated than that)
  • This can be really confusing
  • If you express this confusion to them, or say that it isn’t working, they attribute it to your autism and tell you to try harder or trust the process or something
  • They sometimes say this in a harsh way, they sometimes say it in a gentle or encouraging way. That difference is mostly aesthetic.
  • Either way, it amounts to the same pressure to believe them unconditionally and stop thinking for yourself

I suspect that something like that is going on here. The rule itself is useless. There’s no way to use it to tell whether or not it’s a good idea to explain your reasoning to someone you disagree with.

But it sounds just-plausible-enough to fuel self doubt, because there are some situations in which it really is mean to explain things to someone. (An example that’s been circulating on Tumblr recently: It’s ok to dislike Minions. It’s not ok to hassle kids about liking Minions or try to convince them that it’s bad and they shouldn’t like it.)

It can be hard to remember that these tiny kernels of truth aren’t actually meaningful. But they’re not. Kernels of truth in a simplistic rule don’t make it useful — and they don’t make the people pushing simplistic rules right.

Also - people who are wrong aren’t always wrong about everything. They may have told you some things that were true. They may have told you some true things that you didn’t know. And they may have told you some true things that you *still* don’t know. That doesn’t mean that their overall approach was ok, and it doesn’t mean you should trust them or doubt yourself.

I think, push come to shove, you have to think for yourself and develop your own judgement about these things. And sometimes that will mean that you make social mistakes — but they will be *your* social mistakes, and you will learn from them. It’s ok for autistic people to make social mistakes. Everyone has to learn this stuff, not just us.

tl;dr Social skills groups can really undermine your ability to trust your own judgement. They give you simplistic rules that are impossible to follow, then blame you when it doesn’t work. It’s not your fault if this happened to you, and it’s not your fault if you’re having trouble recovering.

10 tips I learned from my first trimester of pharmacy school:
My last three advices are optional but it may/may not help depending on you.
  1. FIND A GOOD STUDY BUDDY! This is extremely important. Do not wait a few weeks to find one. Make friends during your interviews and exchange numbers!!! You don’t even have to study together all the time. My study buddy checks in occasionally with me on assignments and makes sure I do them. 
  2. READ the syllabi! For every single class, the second the syllabus is posted or given to you. Know the distribution of points and who is teaching what days (if your class has multiple professors teaching). Trust me when I say you’ll like certain profs over others. Use Google calendar or icalendar and input all exams and major assignments. Use tasks for smaller assignments and daily quizzes. Do this and you’ll never be surprised.
  3. Find your study space. It can be the library, your desk at home, a coffee shop. Any place where you can be productive with minimal distraction and free of stress-inducing factors. I know some people advise on staying after class on campus to study but DON’T do it if it doesn’t work for you. I learned that the hard way. For me, staying on campus after hours of classes and forcing myself to study was a huge drain. The library was also distracting for me. My bed is my best study space lol. 
  4. Talk to your professors. They are there to teach you. They want to see you succeed. Take advantage of it. Seek help when needed! To be honest, I don’t know any of my professor’s office hours. If they’re in their office, I just plop in. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to email them! I have never had professors send me soooo many emails in undergrad. Now, I get emails all the time. (On that note, turn your email notifications on!)
  5. Find your study style. Depending on the class, you will have different ways to study for them. Rewriting notes, relistening to lectures, practice problems, study groups/sessions etc. Find the best one(s) for each class. DO NOT do all of them. You’ll save time and effort. If one way does not work for you, DISCARD it and find another study method. 
  6. Use a note taking program. I personally use OneNote. There is also Evernote. If you want all your notes in one place for all your classes, DO THIS. There are youtube tutorials on how to use them if you don’t know how. Here’s a link to my post about OneNote and how I use it: click here.
  7. Talk to your classmates. You’re with them for the next three or four years, might as well get to know them. I have a small class so everyone knows everyone. It is not like the dog eat dog world of undergrad. My classmates genuinely helps one another. In our Facebook page, we would constantly remind others of due dates for assignments and SHARE NOTES before our quizzes, exams, finals. I knew I had a badass vaccine chart with everything you needed to know about it (info, vaccines available, dosing schedule, indictions, contraindications, administration etc) and it took me a long time to do it but I knew my classmates will benefit from it as well. I saw so many of my classmates with printouts of my chart the next few days. xD
  8.  Go to events/join clubs. It’s a nice way to bond with your classmates and meet with practicing pharmacists or to talk to your professors/faculty more. My class also has post exam gatherings the weekend after every exam. And although events such as APhA, CPha, OCPhA costs money, I think it’s worth if you put in the effort. Do not attend these events just to be there. Be active! Help out with interviews, tours, information night etc. 
  9. Do not date! This only applies if you’re single lol. Don’t go looking for a S.O. Use that energy instead to focus on studies. Tbh, I assure you, 80% of the class is already married, engaged or have a S.O. Besides, if you do hook up with a classmate, your entire class will know and it will be awkward for everyone when it doesn’t work out. At least wait a year or two lol.
  10. Lastly, don’t freak out. It can be overwhelming at times but freaking out when do more harm than good. If you need to, take a break. Work out, take a hot shower, watch a movie etc. Then go to sleep or take a nap. Start the next day with a better mind set and tackle your classes again. 

I hope these tips help!

If you like super cute guys and badass girls with swords then honestly go and see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies okay please it’s so good. 

Also I honestly consider it a feminist film like Matt Smith plays Mr Collins and he’s the only one that’s kinda sexist and he’s the most ridiculous character so you can’t take anything he says seriously which is amazing. It passes every single test I know of. 

Also Mr Darcy in leather, like all the way through, like even at his fucking wedding. He’s a gruff little cutie pie that turns into an absolute mess around Elizabeth. 

AND ELIZABETH. What a gal. Defending her sisters. Sticking up for herself. Refusing to relinquish her sword even if it means she won’t marry well. LITERALLY kicking the shit out of Darcy when she finds he’s messed with Jane and Mr Bingley. 

Just… Just watch it okay. It’s everything to me.