trust me it's organic

also? I think drag race has become a little too formulaic and the queens know what to expect now. I really want them to shake up the format somehow and throw these queens for a loop next season.

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*TRIGGER WARNING- self esteem, weight* Idk if it's because I'm fucking weird but I fucking hate myself Bc I'm so fucking fat omg, I'm like 145 (probably by this point) and 5'4-5'5 and I fucking hate myself so much and tbh dans picture made me feel worse about myself because it just drilled harder into my head how much skinnier everyone else is then me, I've tried fucking everything and can't loose weight I'm sorry I'm fucking weird

Dude no, youre gorgeous. Weight has nothing to do with beauty. Weight has everything to do with what your body needs to survive and keep your organs in place. So if your organs are in place and youre living, then i think you have one A+ body, my friend. Lemme tell you something. Im 5"1’ and i weigh 155lbs. Ive had a lot of trouble coming to terms with my weight for the longest time. But then i saw some people who were fucking GORGEOUS who weighed as much or even more than me and i decided to embrace the curves, because that just meant theres more of me to love. Youre wonderful and youre beautiful. Dan and phil have chub as well. In that pic you just cant see it because hes covering his stomach, but trust me, its there. Everyone has chub because thats where your organs are and you gotta have stretchy skin to make sure your tum doesnt rip. Youre doin great, your body is great, and whenever you get down on yourself just look in the mirror and focus on aspects of yourself you like. Dont focus on the bad, just focus on the good. You like your eyebrows? Cool, write down you like your eyebrows down on paper. Do that whenever you feel sad about yourself. Eventually, youll come to love yourself as much as i love you.

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honestly a group chat on discord would be Way better than kik. it can be super organized and stuff, its just the best trust me

i tried using it and didn’t like it :( im just used to kik and that’s what people recommended

just so we’re clear:

Maria immediately offers Melinda a place in her work to start over on world security. No hesitation. 

Coulson gets a suggestion he go to Stark for a job, probably a genuine offer, but also something they both know isn’t going to be taken seriously. 

Hill cares that both of them land on their feet, but at the end of the day, May’s the one she wants alongside her.