trust me i'm a liar


Decided to paint this to see if this scene still hurts. The answer is yes. Yes, it does.

anonymous asked:

We've had a bit of a rough relationship because he's a very emotional guy so he puts a lot of stress on me saying I'm a liar and he can't trust me (which isn't true I just won't tell him when i'm upset). I just don't know what to do. I've been texting him and calling him but he wont answer. It's 4am right now so he could be asleep but usually he's up till 6am or 7am. oh my god I just feel so betrayed

I think you shouldn’t talk to him at all. he knows that you’re trying to chase him even when he’s hurt you. and that’s just plain wrong that he was talking to other girls even though he told you to not to talk to other guys?? he knows you want him so you need to act like you’re completely fine alone. it'l make him feel worse tbh. you don’t need someone who does that to you!!