11-11 is Pocky Day 

and dan covering his face from embarrassment is my ultimate aesthetic. 

i want you to trust me

i am yours.
i know they said the same thing
i know they said they wouldn’t hurt you,
i know they said a thousand things that they didn’t mean. i know they lied.
but did they prove it?
no. they didn’t.
every word they said was just to make you feel better.
make you fall for it. but no.
i’m not like the others.
i want you to trust me.
i swear i’ll spend every second of every goddamn day just proving to you how bad i want you and how i’m here to stay.
i’m not going anywhere.
i’m not going to hurt you.
i’m not going to leave you.
i’m not like the others and i swear to you. i promise you. i will prove every word i say.
you don’t have to believe me just yet, i know it’s hard.
i know they made this hard for you.
but i want to make it easy.
please trust my actions.
i want you to trust me.
i am yours as long as you are mine.
i want you to trust me.