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Hey do you have any fic rec for bottom-kook? (anythng would do: baby kook/ mpreg/ sassy soft kook... with any hyung..) I will read anything you recommend for me, I love your blog btw.

aww thanks ♡

all the fics in my ficrec that have smut are bottom!jeongguk, but i’ll rec them here too (all of it is yoonkook expect the last two):

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So now that we have Lightning doing Louis Vuitton commercials can we finally have:

  • Sephiroth as the new face of L'oreal  ( “Believe me, I put my hair through alot everyday! *shot of him in burning Nibelheim* And look at this shine! Crazy!”)
  • Cid starring in a series of funny Lipton tea commercials just going “Shut up and drink your *blip* tea” at the end
  • Zack doing Calvin Klein underwear
  • And Cloud making men worldwide question their sexuality by doing this

oh my god it looks like they’re trying to advertise that they’ll fix your kitchen

based on this post. I saw the guy playing the broom air guitar and had to draw pyro doing that. Then engi came along for the ride.


Alden Ehrenreich photographed by Jake Michaels for The New York Times

Mr. Ehrenreich is suddenly being discussed all over Hollywood, as trade papers and gossip columns on both coasts trumpeted this week that he has landed the role of Star Wars’ Han Solo in the coming Solo standalone movie, scheduled for 2018, rumors of which have circulated for weeks. When asked, Mr. Ehrenreich said he could not say anything about it, though he did cop to being a Star Wars fan. (“Who isn’t?” he said. Star Wars vs. Star Trek? “Probably both.”)


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I love your theory about Father kidnapping Kazuma with a mask. That makes Father even more dangerous, because not only can he liberate shinki, he can kidnap and control them with masks as well.

Exactly! This doesn’t bode well for Yukine either, since he’s currently undergoing Liberation and Father did say that he wanted to make Yukine his. So the threat of Father kidnapping a shinki directly falls on Yukine as well.

(Personally, I think it would be great narratively if Father liberates and kidnaps Kazuma after he loses to Mizuchi, and it’s up to Yato and Yukine to save Kazuma. I can also see it happening the other way around - Yukine getting liberated and kidnapped with a mask, and then Kazuma using his tracking abilities to find him - but honestly, Kazuma is the one who screwed Yukine over, it’d be nice to see Yukine being the Big Damn Hero to Kazuma.)

Built in the Empire as a KX-series Security Droid, K-2SO was reprogrammed by the Rebel Alliance to serve them instead of the Empire. He is a member of Extraction Team Bravo and close companion to Cassian Andor. Unlike most KX droids, minor glitches in K-2SO’s programming left him with a self-aware personality after his reprogramming. He is cynical, sarcastic, pessimistic and stoic. K-2SO has a habit of disobeying orders to prove his worth during missions. He ignores direct orders he feels to be counterproductive and scolds others for neglecting to listen to his advice. Despite his attitude, K-2SO is loyal to those he trusts.

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Legit bro, you should change your username. Trust me, not adding words associated with negative emotions will be much better for your mindset. If you need help, ya can always ask us

I want to change my name I really go I sorta hate my name ATM but like I don’t know what to change it to that’s my problem like I know I am trash but I am sorta gettin better so like I sorta deserve a name change cause I don’t draw bad art I draw mediocre art so if you want to help shoot some ideas I’ll think about it and change it but like don’t just take toe loser and the bad out of loser who draws bad art cause I want something original so yea 

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aaaa sorry to bother but could you add my witch blog ( @enchantedcrystals ) under crystals, divination, empath, sea witch, healer, mentally ill, LGBT+, elemental, and weather please? (iM SORRY IF ITS A LOT I JUST AM A LOT OF THINGS ITS OK IF U CANT DO THEM ALL AAAA HAVE A NICE DAY!!!)

I’ve done bigger lists, trust me.

You’re added now c: