trust gets you killed

Stronger than His Words

Summary: You get captured by Hydra, confident that your boyfriend Bucky will save you. But they have a trick up their sleeves; the red book aiding them

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3260 (I regret nothing)

Warnings: reader gets kidnapped, winter soldier feelings

A/N: This was waaay longer than expected, but I loved writing every minute of it. Thank you so much Anon for requesting! 

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You knew you screwed up the moment you left the grocery store.

It was hard not to miss the sudden change in the air, the shadows out on the street. You just didn’t expect it to happen in broad daylight. You regretted going outside today, for craving snowballs. For not telling Bucky beforehand, like he wanted you to.

And now, you’re paying the price.

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When you work together with them on a mission

Kim Namjoon : 

He knew about your skill for fighting is more than enough, you sometimes beat 10 people up with bare hands and he didn’t protest when you asked him to tagged along in one of the mission which is very dangerous. 

“I’ll be your back-up.”

He nodded his head and smiled, “I trust you but don’t get hurt, I couldn’t stand to see you in bruises and wound.” You chuckled and nodded. Both of you walked cautiously around the abandoned building, the rivals told Namjoon to come with only one person he trusts the most so he agreed to brought you despite the risks. 

“Namjoon-ah, wait for a second,” you said. You walked ahead before him towards a door, Namjoon prepared his gun and you also did. You gave him sign and kicked the door and see one of Namjoon’s men fund dead. He sighed and shook his head, “call Taehyung to take him,” he said to you. 

You glanced and saw someone tried to shoot both of you, you pushed him behind the wall and shot the man before he got you. Namjoon widened his eyes, “what the hell?! How did you see him?” He panicked. You laughed at his expression and caressed his cheek, “I’m more aware and have a good instinct than you,” you stated making him chuckled. “I always feel lucky whenever you around me.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

Being the drug dealer is one of the most risk job because you could get kill at that time if they don’t trust you. You came to a club with Jin and waited for another dealer to come, you enjoyed the music while playing your phone not aware to the surroundings, “hey, you need to be aware y/n. You could get shot by any moment.”

“Aigoo, no need to worry about me!” You said, “the people who has a deal with us is one of my friends.” 


“Yeah, did I tell you about it? No? Oh, sorry.” He stared at you unbelievable, “how?” He asked. You shrugged and focused on your phone again, “well, I kinda close to him in high school and I sometimes beat him up because he always bully the students. He scared of me.”

He chuckled and nodded his head, “you are scary, hun.” 

Min Yoongi : 

Both of you, the aces, the most-feared members ever. Both of you have the most best skills ever so this time Namjoon put both of you into an interrogation with people who worked for the rivals. You walked behind Yoongi confidently and he also looked calm and steady. 

“Ha. They send us the lovey-dovey couple?” 

“What a joke.” You glared at them, “well, we are here to kill you if that necessary you idiots.” Yoongi stood beside you while you took a seat in front of the hostages. “Now, now, tell me what’s your purpose?” You asked. 

“LIsten, kitty, it’s a secret from my boss.” Yoongi scoffed and beat him up with no expression, “no calling her kitty, get it? And tell us your secret.” You smirked and stared at the man, “see? This guy here, my boyfriend, he’s scary when he’s angry and you know because he killed your friends-”

He slammed the desk. Yoongi acted fast and pulled you behind him while the other hand was pointing a gun to him, “sit.” The man sent you a death glared which makes you confident. 

“Your boyfriend really need to chill.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

The trade was a success and Hoseok suddenly pulled you in another direction which makes you confused. “Hoseok, where are we going?”

“It’s a date. You did a great job there and cool at the same time.”


“Let’s have a quality time for both of us. I know Namjoon would understand us, he got the money we got the time.”  

Park Jimin : 

You got into the locations with the back-ups and you thought about Jimin’s condition, you turned your head to search him. “Looking for me?” You sighed in relieve when he tapped your head. 

“I heard there was a bomb?” You said. He nodded his head and pointed the building, “over there, I need you to take over the bomb. Okay?” He said. You nodded and kissed his cheek making him blushed. Your job is very important to the team because you like to messing around with bombs and grenades. 

But still, even though you’re good at it Jimin will always tell you to be careful. 

Kim Taehyung : 

“Both of you will take this mission, just don’t kill them. Okay?” Yoongi said. Taehyung glared at you nervously, “well, I won’t but she….” You rolled your eyes, “I can hold my temper as long as they don’t do stupid things. Okay?”

You said that but, the mission was happened in  a club which is bad because a lot of girls were being clingy to Taehyung who felt uncomfortable as soon as they smiled to him. He grabbed your hand and intertwined his fingers around you. “I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend already and she’s here. Please respect her,” he said. He knew you can beat them up for a second so he won’t leave your side until the deal with the rivals off. 

Jeon Jungkook : 

You tapped your earpiece while the other hand typed something, your eyes have been wondering all the monitors you have in the room. “Jungkook, are you there?” You asked worriedly, “Yoongi oppa cannot go further, he has to deal with someone,” you said. 

‘Sure, I’m on my way.’ You turned your head to see the CCTV on the fourth floor, “it’s clear. Be careful, okay?” You said. Jungkook chuckled, ‘I have you to see the monitors so I’m pretty confident.’ You sighed, “I already have the system but you still want to bring me the disk?” He shot some bullets to three men before answering you. 

‘Yeah. you want it so I will give it to you. I promise to give everything you want, right?’ You smiled when you heard his words. But then, you heard Jimin cleared his throat, ‘we could listen your conversation you know.’ 

Hoseok scoffed, ‘you ruined the moment Park Jimin, can’t you please act like you don’t hear it like us?’

‘Jimin, you got no jams,’ Namjoon called. 

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Guys. I like this guy. And he likes me. And we're dating. And have been for almost 2 months... but his exes are.... complicated. And he's kindve an emotional support friend for this one girl who he kinda had a thing with and... well he's taking care of her tonight and she doesn't know about me yet and I'm trying to trust him and not freak out but on the inside I'm screaminggggg. Advice?

Well, if ‘e iz worth your time zen ‘e will not do anything to betray your trust, oui? And if ‘e iz a jackass and doez something, zen ‘e iz not worth your time anyway.

Yeah, enjoy your alone time lovely. People who do shit behind your back aren’t even worth the effort. Either he’s gold and or he’s trash and you stressing isn’t going to change that.

Although if he does do some shit I’ll kick his fucking ass for you.

Alex, control yourself. But you should talk to him about keeping you a secret. Unless that’s a mutual agreement. But being kept a secret is no fun, trust me.

Hey babe, I’d never keep you a secret.

Yes, Alex *sigh* I know. The entire fucking SCHOOL knows after you screamed about our first night together in the middle of the cafeteria during lunchtime.

Zat waz tres amusant.

No, no it really wasn’t.

Actually it kind of made you guys legendary.

Shut up. We’re helping our fan, not to talk about Alex’s big mouth.

You like my big mouth.

For fuck sakes!

Jealous Book 2 Part 1

Liam x Reader, Theo x Reader

Summary: In which Liam Dunbar loses Y/n McCall to Theo Raeken, thinking he stopped loving her.

Warning: Swearing, cheating

Notes: Previously, I had Jealous Book 1 for Liam x Reader, now it is Liam x Reader x Theo :) Enjoy!

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“What are we doing down here, Li?” You ask your boyfriend as he brings you down the tunnels, where you best friend got sent to hell.

“Making the worst decision I ever made in my entire life.” He says, holding Kira’s sword that her mom gave Liam. He shoves it into the ground. The floor cracks and makes a hole in the ground. Smoke fills the area as someone steps out. They are quick to pin Liam against the wall.

“Where’s my sister?”

“She’s dead. You killed her, remember?”

“I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna kill all of you.” Theo looks around the area, eyes landing on you. 



“She’s mine now, back off. Do you know what this does?” Liam says gesturing to the sword. Theo steps back. 

“Hey don’t be mean!” You say, defending Theo. Liam growls, but you growl back.

“What do you want from me?” Liam starts to explain what he wanted to do with Theo. Liam and Mr. Douglas then experimented on him if he still had Josh’s powers but he didn’t.

“Send him back.” Mr. Douglas said, eyeing Theo down with suspicion

“No!” You yell. Liam growls at you, eyes flashing amber. You scoff at his childish reactions.

“Who’s making the decisions now? Where’s Scott? Where’s Stiles?”

“You remember Stiles?” Liam asks. 

“Why wouldn’t I remember Stiles?”

“He’s helpful! Let him stay babe.” You pout. Liam furrows his eyebrows and reluctantly nods.

Liam had just made the worst decisions of his life.

“You don’t have to stop.” Theo mumbles as Malia punches him repeatedly. 

“I wasn’t gonna.” Malia’s claws come out and Theo widens his eyes. Scott, Liam and you pull them apart. You tend Theo.


“T. I missed you.”

“I missed you so much.” A growl is heard from behind you. You roll your eyes.

“If you continue to care about Theo, I would send him back!”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I say facing Liam with amber eyes. Scott steps in with his alpha eyes and the two of you stop staring intensely at each other.

“He’s going back to the ground!”

“He remembers Stiles!”

“Scott remembers Stiles, Lydia and I remember Stiles.”

“If you guys want Stiles back, you got to keep him for now.” You say. 

“He knows about the wild hunt. He can help us.”

“Liam I don’t think it’s a good idea.”


“Liam I need to talk to you for a second alone.” Scott and Liam walk out. You decide to listen to their conversation.

“You really think keeping Theo is a good idea? I mean, he and Y/n had a good relationship before everything happened.”

“I don’t think so, But he can be helpful! I’m trying to help. I don’t want to be useless.” Scott pats Liam on the back and they walk back in together.

“Can’t we just kill him?”

“No. Mrs. Yukimura gave me the sword. He’s my responsibility now.”

“We can’t trust him. He tried to get you to kill me. He killed your girlfriend.”

“That’s not all true.” You mumble.

“Theo might be our only chance to get back Stiles. it might be a mistake using Theo, but everyone makes mistakes. You’ve made some mistakes when you were learning to become an alpha.”

Hesitantly Scott gives in.

Liam explains his plan to Theo. He wants to capture a ghost rider. 

“I’ll help if Malia promises not to kill me.” Malia growls

“She promises.” Malia disagrees. She says that she will not be part of the plan and leaves.

“Scott. can I stay over?”

“No.” Scott says

“Yes.” You say

“No.” Liam says.

“Scott? Please? Just one night.”

“Okay fine. But no funny business. You have a boyfriend.”

“I don’t allow.”

“Liam, please babe.” You pout.




“One night and nothing else.” You give your boyfriend puppy eyes. 

“Fine. But if he’s staying over, I am too.”

“Yay thanks babe.” You kiss him on the cheek, before dragging Theo up to your room.

“I’ll keep the door open!” You yell as you hear Liam follow you up. Once you and Theo reach your room, he sits on your bed and you sit on your computer chair.

“You’re a werewolf now?”

“Yea. I’m my brother’s beta unfortunately. It happened the day you got sent to hell. I went unconscious from the cut the beast gave me and Scott had to bite me so I could survive.”

“I see. Must suck to be your brother’s beta.”

“It does suck, now he can tell me to do things using two different titles.”

“That was the same day you and Liam started dating?” You nod.

“I still love you Y/n.”

“I always have. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you 3 months ago.”

“It’s okay, you were already injured and you were human.”

“I still have the same picture of us on Instagram as my profile picture. Even with Liam’s protests, I didn’t take it down.”

“Everyone hates me, don’t they?”

“No, not me. Theo, you’re my best friend.”

“No you don’t.”

“Stop Theo. Please. I love you. They may hate you for lying and betraying them, but I will never hate you.” You get up and kneel down in front of Theo.

“I don’t deserve you.”

“Damn right you don’t.” A mumble is heard from outside your door.

“Liam!” You yell before turning back to Theo.

“I don’t have a heart.”

“You do. You do. Is this about you being in hell with your sister?” Theo starts to cry. You hug him.

“Theo, babe. It’s okay.” You coo. You sit down on the bed beside him as he sobs. Slowly he falls asleep, leaving you in an awkward position.

You try to slowly get Theo to lie down without waking him up. Successfully doing so, you walk out your room, turning off the light and closing the door in the process. All of a sudden you are face to face with Liam.

“Where are you gonna sleep now?” 

“I’m staying with him.” You smell the anger from Liam.

“No. Keeping him was the worst idea ever.”

“He’s changed Liam. Give him a chance.”

“Why are you always on his side?”

“Because he’s my best friend!”

“I’m your boyfriend!”

“I do what I think is right.”

“You think bringing Theo back was right?”

“Li, you wanted to help! I believe it was a good choice.”

‘Was it a good choice because of that or because of something else?”

“Liam! I f*cking hate you. Get out of my house because it seems to me like my boyfriend doesn’t trust me anymore!” You raise your voice.

“Gladly.” Liam states before leaving. You re-enter your room, cuddling into Theo’s warm arms and silently cry yourself to sleep.

“Sup Y/n.” Corey says as he walks towards you at the roof. You guys were planning on capturing a ghost rider and you two were in charge of watching out.

“Sup Corey.”

“Who knew this would be so stressing?”

“I know right.”

“What’s up with you and Liam?” you furrow your eyebrows.

“Nothing.” You sighed.

“Is it Theo?” You nod.

“I shouldn’t be telling you this but Liam has been hanging out with Hayden a lot lately.” Something stings your heart.

“Why do you tell me all these upsetting things?”

“Sorry. I can’t keep my mouth shut when it comes to my best friend.” You laugh and hug him. You see Parrish walking into the small cabin. 

“Parrish is here.”

“I should go around the boundary again.” Corey gets up and starts to leave.

“Stay safe.” You suddenly felt a tight knot in your stomach. Something was gonna happen tonight. 

As Corey left, you focused on his heartbeat, until you couldn’t hear it. Worried you got down from the roof to take a look. Mr. Douglas walks past you, holding a whip. Curious, you follow him. He stops and you quickly hide behind a tree.

“Mr. Douglas, what are you doing here?” You hear Corey ask. You turn to take a look.

“Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.” The teacher says as he throws the whip around Corey’s neck until green smoke replaces his body. Tears sting out of your eyes as you run back to the cabin. When you enter, the ghost rider is dead.

“What did you do?”

“It was Mr. Douglas. He ate his brain”

“Scott was right. I was wrong. I’m sending you back.”

“Theo’s right, it’s Mr Douglas.”

“He ate his pineal gland. Those murders have been going on for weeks.” Mason adds.

“The whip’s gone.”

“He took it. And he took Corey.” You hug Mason tightly as he processes what you just said.

“Y/n are you okay?” Theo asks from behind the cell he was in. You leaned against the bars.

“No.” You say sadly. Hayden and Liam start discussing a plan to defeat the ghost riders, but is constantly getting interrupted by Theo.

“Guess who knows all about Mr. Douglas?” While the three make their deal, Mason stands beside you.

“It hurts Mason.”

“We’ll get him back, don’t worry.”

“Weirdly how am I more upset than you?”

“He’s been with you through a lot. When you got resurrected, he was the only one who talked to you. It’s okay if you’re sad.” You take out the cell phone you found while trying to find Corey.

“I found his cell. It’s a relic.” Mason takes the phone and opens the camera. He goes through pictures of them together, along with some pictures of you being silly.

“It’s just us, mostly. Is that weird?”

“No, it means he loves you.”

“You want me to tell you about Douglas. Break the sword.” Theo says.

“What’s going on?” Both Liam and Theo ignore you.

“You break, I talk. Come on guys. Look, I don’t want in anyone’s pack. I don’t want anyone’s power. I just wanna stay alive.”

“How do we know you’re not gonna run when we let you out?”

“Because I’m not letting him out. He’s staying right in the cell, away from Y/n.” You growl. Liam breaks the sword. Theo starts to tell the story.

After Theo finishes the story. Liam walks up to you.

“Come on Y/n, We got to tell Scott about this.” 

“I want to stay here. Please?” You pout. He shakes his head a few times.


“Mason!” You scream as he turns into green smoke. The ghost riders have arrived.

“Hayden!” Liam runs to save her. You watch as Liam pulls Hayden back. Two ghost riders had got their whip on Hayden’s arms. 

“Liam, You have to find Scott.”

“I’m not leaving you.” Your heart breaks. Theo grabs your hand from his cell and gives you a gentle squeeze. Liam pulls even harder.

“You have to. You can save me from the other side. I believe in you.” Liam finally gives in. 

“I love you.” Ouch.

“Then go.” Liam lets go and watches Hayden disappear into green smoke. Liam then leaves. 

“Babygirl, it’s okay to cry. It will make you feel better.” You start to cry.

“I hate him. I hate him so so much.”

Scott has been calling your mom’s phone.


“Scott, Y/n, your mom’s gone. But she’s still alive.” We discuss a bit more about the wild hunt before the sheriff comes in. 

“I have a son. His name is Mieczyslaw Stilinski, but we call him Stiles.” The sheriff explains that he remembers his son.

“We’re here tonight because my goofball son decided to drag Scott, his greatest friend in the world, into the woods to see a dead body.” He continued to explain how he remembered Stiles.

“And then the strangest thing happened.” He then explained that he saw some type of rift. A bright light and a male figure appeared. Lydia figured something out.

“You remembered Stiles and then a new rift was created. If the Sheriff can do it… maybe we can.”


“By remembering Stiles. We have to remember everything.”

The group part ways. But Liam stays.

“Y/n, I need to talk to you.” Scott looks between the two of you.


“No. Scott Stay.” Scott stays.

“It doesn’t matter where I go, because this is my house too, so I can always eavesdrop.”

“I think-“

“You don’t love me anymore, do you? You fell in love with Hayden. You cheated on me. I should’ve believed Corey. I hate you so f*cking much right now.”

“Y/n… I can explain.”

“Explain to me how you told Hayden you loved her right in front of me and then left without saying anything to me. I stayed at the station and fell asleep against the bars of Theo’s cell until he woke me up to tell me that Scott arrived to pick me up.” You raise your voice. Liam flinches.


“No don’t Y/n me. You’re tired of me. You think I still like Theo, after three months? Yes, Theo likes me. I’m with you. Why can’t you trust me? Why did you have to hurt me like that?”

“Then you tell me, if me and Theo were drowning, who would you save?”

“I think we’re done here. I guess now we’re back to being enemies.”

“Fine. I already have my own answer.” Liam storms off.

“This sucks. My otp just broke up in front of me.” Scott gets up from his chair and hugs me. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. everything will be okay. I promise.” You sob into his chest.

“I f*cking hate him.” You mumble.

You lost him. You lost the love of your life.

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HAH Ya’ll might’ve thought Liam and Y/n will live on, but I didn’t let it happen! HAH! Don’t worry, there will still be parts with them in it :)


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count 
: 4 791
summary : The MF gang is facing an old enemy, who has a grudge against Reader. Kai, who is her best friend, is there with her when things go sideways.
*gif by lightwoodxalec

Life in Mystic Falls had always been dangerous and for those who knew what was really going on, the term ‘dangerous’ didn’t even begin to cover it. There was a long list of (fr)enemies the gang had, but none of them could compare to the new ‘queen of Hell’. Katherine Pierce had escaped Cade’s world of hurt, thanks to the Maxwell Bell, and had tricked them into killing the Devil. Now she got free reign in both dimensions and everyone had gathered at the Salvatore house working on a strategy to draw her out and put her down for good. Including Kai, who was sitting next to Y/N on the armrest of the comfy chair. Everyone believed they had seen the last of him after Bonnie trapped him in another Prison World, and they were in for quite the shock. He had found his way out of there and the first place he had gone had been his best friends’ house. Y/N was a little more than a friend to him – she was the girl he loved more than anything in the world. About four days ago when he had come back she had seemed just as happy to see him as he was about seeing her. Four years in Hell and his feelings for her hadn’t changed a bit. Every time she smiled, looked at him or said his name, his heart skipped a beat. His love for her had kept him sane in Hell and Y/N was the only person he wanted to see after coming back. Because of her, he wanted so desperately to get free from Cade’s nightmare dimension for good. Because of her he had fought so hard to find his way out of the Prison World as soon as possible. Only she didn’t know how he felt about her.
    “There is no way she’d stay away knowing Stefan is marrying Caroline. He is her ‘one true love’ after all.” said Y/N putting air quotes around the words. “So how do we get rid of her ?”
Damon shrugged his shoulders. “Well, she is dead. We just have to find a way to make it absolutely permanent.”
Kai shifted uncomfortably and glanced at Y/N. He knew the history his best friend had with the doppelganger. A few years back Katherine had thought that Y/N was in love with Stefan and had tried to kill her. Then Y/N had been one of the first to find out Katherine had took over Elena’s body at which point the she had tried to kill her again. And later on Y/N had helped her friends get Nadya out of that church before Stefan had daggered Katherine, expelling her from Elena’s body. Safe to say that Katherine could be holding a grudge against his girl and Kai wasn’t planning on letting any harm come to her. But as far as he knew, there was no spell that can kill a dead person although there was something else they could do.
    “Maybe we don’t have to kill her.” he whispered in her ear.
Y/N looked at him, her eyes asking a silent question. ‘What do you mean ?’
    “Maybe we can trap her somewhere.” he whispered. “Like that tomb she was supposed to be in for 145 years after she turned Steven and Damon ? Or the tunnels running underneath Mystic Falls ? But we will have to tell your friends about me. Bonnie won’t be able to do the spell on her own, it will require too much power.”
    “Hey ! Earth to Y/N.” Damon waved his hand in front of her face. “Care to share with the class what has you spaced out?”
Y/N ran her fingers through her hair, looking at her friends. “Nothing, just – what if we don’t have to kill her ?”
    “We most definitely do.
    “No, that’s not what I meant. We have to get rid of her, right ? What if we trap her somewhere ? Like in the tomb ? Or the tunnels ? Just until everything blows over and we figure out a way to get rid of her permanently.”
Damon grinned. “Finally, an idea I like.”
    “That’s actually – a surprisingly good idea.” said Caroline a little excitedly. “But how to we lure her there ? I doubt she’ll believe we are having the wedding in the tomb.”
    “With me.” said Stefan, taking a sip from his bourbon. “I will drug her. Then one of you grabs her and takes her to wherever we are going to keep her.”
    “There is one thing though.” trailed off Y/N. “And I really really need you not to freak out about it, alright ?”
    “What is it?” wondered Bonnie.
A nervous smile showed on Y/N’s face and she gave Kai’s hand a little squeeze. Few seconds later he showed up right next to her and everyone’s eyes widened in shock and surprise in a split second. Damon whooshed himself towards the heretic and Y/N stood in his way.
      “How is he here?” demanded the vampire. “Bonnie trapped him with no way out.”
Kai smirked. “Owh did you really think I can’t find my way out of there ? Spelled chains ? That was a nice touch but –” he chuckled. “– it took me a couple of minutes after Bon Bon ditched me there all alone to siphon the magic away and a couple of hours to figure out from where you got the stupid Ascendant and find its mirror image.”
    “The Armoury.” muttered Bonnie, looking at Y/N who’s hand was holding onto Kai’s so tight her knuckles were turning white. “You knew about this ?! That he was out and didn’t tell any of us ? Why ?”
    “Look, I know you don’t like him but –”
    “He tried to kill Lizzy and Josie !”
    “– we need his help.”
    “Yeah, that might’ve been a mistake.” said Kai nervously. “Sorry about that. It’s not going to happen again. I am not here to hurt anyone, promise. I just want to live, frankly. I didn’t get to do much of that before everyone decided I wasn’t worth it. Well, everyone but her.”
Kai wound his hands around Y/N’s waist and pulled her towards him, both of them smiling at each other for a second before everyone’s stares snapped them to reality. Neither of her friends understood their friendship before the wedding and by the looks of it – that hasn’t changed.
    “Who’s idea do you think it was to trap Katherine?” she raised her eyebrows. “You said you liked it.”
    “I heard you.” interjected Kai. “Plus Bon Bon will need help putting that boundary up. As powerful as she is, this spell will require a lot and we don’t want anything to happen to her right ? Y/N , Bonnie and I will go there –”
    “No, no, no. There is no ‘Bonnie and I’.” protested Bonnie.
    “Can I continue please ?” interjected Kai, looking around the room. “Thank you. Since Bon Bon doesn’t want to lend me a hand, I will sprout a little witchy woo on my own then. I am mega powerful after all.” he smirked. “I’ll do the boundary spell in the tomb, tunnels or anywhere else you want to get Katherine trapped.”
    “Why should we trust you?” said Caroline, getting up. “You killed Jo, you tried to kill Bonnie. You put Elena in a sleeping curse and just tried to kill my children.”
    “They are not your children, Candice.” said Kai. “They are my sisters and about that sleeping curse. There might be a way for me to undo it, for real. All I am asking is one chance.”
A long moment passed while her friends were studying Kai’s face, trying to figure out if he was lying or not. Then Y/N broke the silence. “Trust me. If you don’t want to trust him, then trust me.”
    “Your ability to see good in everyone will get you killed.” said Bonnie.
Damon continued to look at Y/N, who held his gaze without even blinking and finally the vampire caved in. Just the thought of getting Elena back was enough to get him to consider trusting Kai, at least for the time being. “Fine.”
    “Tell them.” said Y/N.
    “Tell us what ?” said Stefan getting up with a worried expression on his face.
    “Katherine plans on nuking Mystic Falls off the map with Hell fire.” said Kai. “So if Bon Bon over there doesn’t want to help me with the boundary spell, I suggest she and Rick figure out how to stop this, because I don’t feel like burning to death or watch someone I care about do. Also, Elena is not in the coffin over there.”
Damon stared at him wide eyed and ran towards Elena. “Where is she ? What have you done with her ?!”
    “Elena is safe at the high school, in the boiler room.” said Kai and Y/N took a step in front of him. “Trapped… with a boundary spell.”
    “Why are you telling us all of this ?” asked Stefan.
Kai glanced at Y/N. “Because someone once told me, if I wanted a second chance I should do the right thing.” he said seeing Y/N smile at him. “And telling you seemed like the right thing to do.”
    “Who gave you that horrible advice?”
    “Some girl I used to know.” he tapped her nose, a smile showing on both their faces. “Look, you don’t have to like me but I will help you do whatever is necessary.”
    “Alright, you two –” said Damon, pointing at Kai and Y/N. “Go to the tomb , get the boundary spell up including the tunnels. Everyone can enter but she can’t get out. It will be fun watching her run around in circles. And if you screw it up, you will find yourself back in Hell faster than you think.”
    “I’d actually prefer it if Y/N stays here with you guys.” said Kai.
    “Why ? So you can cross us again ?” asked Bonnie.
    “No, because it’s not safe out there with Katherine and God knows who else running around –”
    “No.” protested Y/N. “No, I am coming with you. There is no safer place for me than by your side. I am not staying here and you are not going out there without me.”
A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and his eyes lit up at her words. Her friends however looked at her as if she had lost her mind but she didn’t care. Now that Kai was back there was no way she’d let him out of her sight. Not after everything they had been through.They gazed longingly into each other’s eyes and for a moment the whole world around them vanished.
    “Hello ?” said Damon, waving his hand between their eyes. “We are toast and you two making googly eyes at each other is not helping.”
Kai cleared his throat and Y/N awkwardly looked away for a second before gazing into his eyes again. “Alright then.” he took her hand. “But you are not leaving my side. I will never forgive myself if something happens to you.”
    “What is it with you two ?” wondered Caroline. “Is there something else you are not telling us ?”
Kai took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “As crazy as it sounds to you Clarisse, I actually do care about the safety of my best friend above all else.”
Y/N’s cheeks flushed and she intertwined her fingers with Kai’s before turning towards her friends. “I’ll call you when it’s done.” she said and along with her best friend headed outside. 
Damon ran after them, grabbing Kai’s hand before he had walked through the door. “Why did you trap Elena?“ 
    “You are not the only one with loved ones to protect.” replied Kai and without another word caught up with his girl. “I’m driving.” he said and Y/N tossed him her car keys. He opened the passenger door for her, waited until she got in and in a flash got to the drivers’ spot next to her. A moment later the keys were in the ignition and they headed down the road. “Your friends didn’t seem happy to see me at all. Are you sure it was a good idea to let them know I am here ? You could’ve told them all this yourself.”
    “It had to be you.” she ran her fingers roughly through her hair. “What if they saw you somewhere and killed you without realising you are on our side? I will never survive losing you again. I’d rather –”
Kai turned towards her. “You’d rather what ?”
    “N-nothing. I’ll tell you later. Take a left turn here –” she pointed when one of her favourite songs started playing on the radio and a wide smile spread across her face. “Sing with me.” Kai shook his head. “Come on, please?”
    “We are literally on the verge of Hell, which trust me is beyond it’s reputation and you want us to sing ?”
    “Why not sing ? Can’t stop enjoying life cuz everything is a mess.” she smiled. “Tomorrow Katherine will be trapped in the tomb. Stefan and Caroline will get married and everything will go back to normal – ish.”
    “So annoyingly positive.” he teased. “Everything is falling apart and you still find a reason to smile and be happy. To make me happy.” he turned towards her and even if he wanted to say no to her, there was no way. Not when he saw her best puppy dog eyes when she asked him to sing with her again. “How do you always get what you want ?” he smiled. “Like literally, I can’t say ‘no’ to you about anything.”
Y/N winked and smiled widely at him. “It’s a mystery.”

*     *     * 

Around mid-day the next day, shortly before the wedding, Stefan sat alone near the Salvatore crypt at the cemetery. Only he wasn’t alone. His brother and fiance were there, along with Matt, Y/N and Kai who had put a cloaking spell on all of them. Last night, after the boundary spell had been put up, they had all devised a plan. Two plans actually, to ensure Katherine won’t be a step ahead. Damon kept a close eye on Kai, who didn’t appear to care about that at all. He and Y/N were having fun watching some video online, listening with their earphones while waiting for the queen of Hell to show up. Meanwhile at the Armoury, Bonnie along with Rick and Doriam looked for a way to stop the Hell fire and perhaps destroy Hell itself.
A syringe with sedative rested in Stefan’s pocket as he knelt down on his mother’s grave leaving a flower. Not a minute later everyone heard a familiar giggle and turned into the direction the sound had come from. From behind one of the large tomb stones appeared Katherine, who looked exactly the same as when they had last seen her in Elena’s body.
    “Shouldn’t you be with your 'future wife to be’?” she said putting air quotes around the words took a step towards him.“It’s your wedding day. Why aren’t you getting ready, getting dressed in a suit ? You always look so hot in a suit –”
    “Miss me ?” she smiled innocently at him. Stefan shook his head. “You wound me, Stef. First you fall in love with my dullest dishwater doppelganger Elena and now – Caroline? Out of all people ? I knew there was something between you two at the Bitter Ball –”
    “I never loved you Katherine.” he replied sitting on the bench next to her.
    “I think you did. A lot more than once.” she smiled, brushing her palm against his cheek until he turned towards her. “You can deny it all you want, but I know the truth. You were this close to loving me again –”

About 10 metres away Kai put his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, unable to tear his eyes away from his girl completely ignoring Katherine’s attempts to get Stefan to love her again. He had had an ear full of this back in Hell. To Kai it only mattered that his girl was right there next to him but even though she was smiling, he knew something bothered her. Kai had wanted her to stay home, all her friends had but Y/N had protested until they all caved it. He knew the risk she was taking, what Katherine might do if she gets the chance but even pointing that out to her hadn’t been able to stop her from being there by her friends’ side, helping them take Katherine down once again.
    “I still think you should’ve stayed home.” he whispered in her ear. “I love being with you, but this is dangerous –”
    “Where else would I be, but by your side?” asked Y/N, turning towards him. “Also I don’t trust Damon won’t do something Damon-level-stupid.”
Damon scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Your friend promised to bring Elena for real this time. I don’t plan on doing anything stupid… yet.”
    “Hilarious.” she replied. “Touch him and guess who won’t be here for Elena’s return.”
Damon started to reply when Stefan groaned in pain, getting everyone’s attention when Katherine stabbed him in the abdomen with a dagger after he tried to sedate her. Caroline and Damon rushed to his side as he crumbled on the ground and the cloaking spell broke.
    “Awwh the whole welcome committee is here.” said Katherine mockingly. “The brother who loved me too much and the one who didn’t love me enough. Goldy locks, blue eyes, the bookworm – and you ?” she pointed at Kai. “Why are you with them ? Is it because of her?”
    “None of your business Katherine.” replied Kai. “Why don’t you do us all a favor and crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out from ?”
Katherine took a step towards them, her expression changing twice in a split second until she looked almost sympathetic. “Y/N. I see you are still… a fragile human being.” gloated the doppelganger. “Shouldn’t you be tucked away safely somewhere ? Out of danger?“ 
Y/N took a deep breath, feeling Kai squeezing her hand. “Not afraid of you Katherine.”
    “Why ? Because your boyfriend is here to protect you ?” said Katherine amused. “Aahh that’s right. He is not your boyfriend. A girl like you can never get a guy like him. He will ruffle your perfect white dove feathers beyond repair and then – what will you do ?” she then turned towards Kai, placing her hands on his chest. “Did they promise to accept you in their group ? They never will and you know it.”
    “I don’t care what they do or don’t do. I am not here because of them.” Kai pushed her hands away, noticing Y/N tense behind him a little and her heart rate changing. Her hand held onto his tight while Katherine took a few steps away from them giggling.
    “Hey, twirp.” called out Damon. “A little help ?”
Kai glanced at him, Stefan and Caroline and reluctantly let go off his best friend’s hand to go help her friends. Matt took a step between Katherine and Y/N, holding the doppelganger at gun point. A sigh left Y/N’s lips and she took a few steps back to get her phone from the tomb stone she had left it on. Everything else she could find a way not to get upset about but seeing someone else touch Kai had thrown her into anger like she had never known before in her life.
    “Aww Matty-Blue-Blue.” giggled Katherine, biting her thumb while looking him up and down. “You have gotten hotter. The police uniform suits you –”
    “Sheriff’s uniform.” interrupted Matt.
    “So hot , I just –” she bit her lip taking a step towards him, feeling his muscles. A second later she grabbed his gun, knocked out Matt and turned towards Y/N. “You and I have unfinished business.”
Y/N held her head up high as Katherine raised her hand and put her finger on the trigger. “I bit you and Stefan healed you. I compelled you to kill yourself but clearly your friends found a way to save you again. What is it now ? Strike three? I’ll make sure this time, I get things right.” she said pulling the trigger.
Everything was happening both too fast and too slow at the same time. Kai, who was currently healing Stefan with magic, turned towards Y/N and his eyes went wide. A scream left his lips and he got up in a flash before the first bullet had reached his best friend, shielding her with his body. Kai didn’t care the gun Katherine had taken from Matt could be filled with wooden bullets. Nothing could’ve stopped him from standing in the way of the rain of bullets coming towards his girl. He’d rather die saving her life than live a second without her in this world.
    “Kai ! No !” screamed Y/N, trying to get to him. To push him out of the way but Caroline held her back. “She is killing him ! Let me go !”
Tears began rolling down her cheeks and she continued thrashing in her friends’ grasp unable to tear her eyes away, feeling a sharp pain in her heart with each shot. Bullet after bullet Kai’s body shook. Y/N lost count – were they ten ? Fifteen ? More ? All the sounds blurred together and nothing else mattered after he fell on the ground covered in blood. By then Damon had finally sedated Katherine and Caroline let go off her, immediately running towards Kai.
    “Oh my God !” Y/N knelt on the ground next to him, tears streaming down her face. He reached for her hand and she held onto it, watching his blue eyes flutter open and closed when she caressed his cheek. A nervous smile spread across her face and Kai felt relief like never before. The bullets hurt but there was no blood on her clothes other than his, no wounds –
    “That h-hurt a lot l-less than I thought it w-would.” he managed a laugh. Liar , she thought. “A-are you o-kay ?”
    “Am I okay ?!” she asked incredulous, tearing his shirt. “You are the one who got shot like a dozen times. Hold still, okay ? I’ll get them out.”
Y/N’s fingers reached inside his body, pulling out the bullets closest to his heart first. Bullet after bullet she pulled them out feeling relief flood her body realising those were regular bullets. Matt had switched his guns. Meanwhile Caroline fed Matt her blood, Damon got Katherine’s body and whooshed them to the tomb and Caroline helped Stefan up. So much was happening around Y/N but she only saw Kai, who had risked his own life to save hers. Why had he done that ? And why was he looking at her as if he was seeing her for the first time, with eyes filled with warmth and love –
    "Do you need any help ?” asked Stefan. Caroline’s arms were wrapped around him, holding him steady just in case. “I have more experience with th-”
    “N-no. No, I got it. Go get married you two.” she smiled at them. “Kai and I will be fine on our own.”
    “Oh-kay.” replied the youngest Salvatore. “Hey, Kai ?”
    “Yes?” wondered the heretic, looking up at Stefan.
    “Thank you for – healing me. And for saving her.” he managed a smile. “Perhaps there is some good in you after all.”
Kai grinned, flinching in pain a second later. “Any time Steven. Any time.”
Y/N laughed under her breath. A few minutes later the last bullet was out and she wiped her forehead with her hand, getting some of Kai’s blood on her face. He sat on the ground and immediately put his hands around her.
    “I thought I’d lose you.” he muttered, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “That was the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life. I never want to feel like that again.”
    “Why ? Why would you risk your own life ?” she wondered, pulling him closer to her. “Those bullets could’ve been wooden. You could’ve died !”
    “You could’ve died. I couldn’t let that happen.” he pulled away, tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. “You die, I die.” he managed a small smile. “Y/N, there is something I have to tell you. I should’ve told you before.”
    “Wh-what?” she asked, feeling her heart about to leap out of her chest.
A nervous smile spread across Kai’s face and he brushed his palm against her cheek, longingly gazing into her eyes. So many times he had tried to tell her before he got sent to Hell and even after he came back. So many times he had missed the opportunity or they had gotten interrupted. He didn’t want to wait any longer, he couldn’t.
    “You know, this is the exact spot where we met.” he smiled, taking her hands in his. “Four years, two months and three days ago. I was so different back then, not knowing a thing about emotions. Never believing that there might be someone out there who would even want to consider giving me a chance after learning all that I’ve done.” he wiped a tear away from her cheek. “And then you showed up. The day you gave me a chance was the happiest day of my life, right after the day we met.”
Y/N smiled at him, the memory of how they met popping into her mind. He had tried to get Jo to take her magic back after which Alaric had knocked him out. Damon had asked her to keep aye on him for a few while he and Rick went into town and she had sat on the ground watching him. A few minutes had passed and he regained consciousness. It had been the moment their eyes first met that sealed the deal with her. His brilliantly blue eyes had been filled with so much curiosity and instead of running or hurting her, they had talked before her friends dragged her away for her 'safety’.
    “Four years, two months, three days and –” she glanced at her watch. “– four hours and 35 minutes ago.”
    “You counted the hours and minutes too.” he said more to himself than to her, the corners of his mouth twitching. “Y/N, I love you. I fell in love with you. At first I had no idea what those feelings meant. All I knew was that I wanted to be with you every minute of every day. To see that sparkle in your eyes I love so much. To see you smile and hear you laugh. Every moment without you felt like torture and then when we got separated the first time, I felt like I couldn’t breath until I saw you again.” he smiled at her. “I was in Hell, but the real Hell was not being able to see you or hold you in my arms. And even during those four years, you were always on my mind. Every time I closed my eyes I saw you and you were the only thing that kept me from giving up hope.”
    “Me ?”
    “Yes !” he rested his forehead on hers, gazing into her eyes. “I love you and that will never change. I love you and I will love you even if you don’t love me back. I stood in the way of those bullets because I – I’d rather die than live in a world where you no longer exist.”
    “I’d rather die than live in a world where you no longer exist too.” she smiled. “Kai, I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I want to be with you, always, but it was so reckless of you to jump and –”
Kai didn’t let her finish. His lips pressed against hers, lightly at first slowly getting more demanding while he put his arms around her, holding her towards him. Thousands of butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach at his touch and her heart tried to leap out of her chest. Four years she had loved him, wanted to be with him even though it appeared there was no way for that to ever happen. Now there was no way any of them would allow another separation.
    “I’d gladly die for you any day.” he whispered. “As long as you are safe.”

note : i may be writing a part two of this, cuz while writing i got an idea on how to fix 8.16😅 couldn’t help myself with this one.🙈🙊.

Jorah warned Dany about undercover lover

And here’s why:

1. In the books, Barristan was undercover when he first met Dany, so he’s seen this trick before.
2. Jorah warned Dany she is being too trusting of people that flock to her. They may look “loyal” but are actually using lies and deceit. 

At this point in time, when Jorah is still in her good graces, she resists his advice and doesn’t take his warning seriously.

Dany starts out the scene (in Book 3) daydreaming of Westeros, like Sansa from Season 1, Episode 1:

I am still half a world from Westeros, Dany reminded herself, but every hour brings me closer. She tried to imagine what it would feel like, when she first caught sight of the land she was born to rule. It will be as fair a shore as I have ever seen, I know it. How could it be otherwise?

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idk if this has been done, but listen: neil taking advantage of the fact that he can live a normal (or as normal as it can be) life and deciding he wants to try and get a job since he couldn’t before 

  • he gets one at starbucks, first off
  • it’s during the season he doesn’t have exy
  • can’t risk it interfering with his one true love (that isn’t andrew)
  • and the foxes
  • oh man
  • they aLWAYS stop by out of spite
  • plus allison may or may not have a starbucks addiction 
  • nicky, being nicky, has fun with this
  • he always tells neil to put different names on the cup
  • it will range from things like “dragonborn” to “the dark lord loki”
  • neil doesn’t know who loki is and accidentally puts “low key”
  • (my friend did this once and the person put that. I still have the cup)
  • anyways
  • most of the time the foxes just loiter around
  • anyone else who doesn’t know the foxes lives in fear of the five foot blonde one that’s downed like ten cups of coffee waiting for his boyfriend
  • plus they swear they see a dark aura coming off him
  • don’t give andrew the option to get coffee
  • neil, out of spite, puts things like “queen” on kevins cup just to make him mad
  • (usually he just has to settle for putting a symbol near his name so he doesn’t get caught)
  • no matter what though, andrew always stays the longest after everyone else has gone
  • “I don’t trust you enough to not get killed”
  • “im just making coffee, andrew”
  • “and it’s you.”
  • (nah, he just likes seeing neil happy and enjoying what he couldn’t have before)
  • (he’ll never admit it, though)

saturday nights

pairing: Yoongi + ♀ reader ft. hoseok
summary: he wanted to tell her he loved her, instead he ended up killing his best friends girlfriend.

based on my prompt list

feedback is greatly appreciated!

Originally posted by yoonggi

Saturday nights the three of them would have diner at his apartment. It used to keep their friendship floating. Now it suffocated Yoongi. Watching her lean on Hoseok as they watched their movie. Watching Hoseok laugh as he gave her a bite of his dessert. It drove him insane. He didn’t mean to snap at her that night. After diner Hoseok had to run somewhere, and he ended up having to take her home himself. Normally, even though he knew it was wrong, he loved being alone with her. Loved having her smile all to himself. But his insides were burning. He was suffocating. Because he loved her and she was dating his best friend. She had made a comment in the car, something small, about him finding a girlfriend and suddenly he snapped.

“Don’t you fucking understand anything?”

There was only a split second of silence. Her eyes went wide. He had never snapped at her. Never rose his voice at her. Her mouth opened, went to say something. And then… nothing.

His eyes left the road for a second. But it was enough. There was a loud noise ringing through the air, a bright light, and then something slammed on the side of where she was sitting.

Later, the doctor told him she died on impact.

He was left to pick up the pieces. Hoseok completely vanished after the funeral. He still remembers his face when he arrived at the hospital. He could practically hear Hoseok’s heart stopping when they told him they couldn’t do anything. Hoseok was always an emotional person. But he didn’t cry. He turned pale. So pale. He stumbled into a chair, eyes wide, mouth slightly opened.

The next time Yoongi saw him was at the funeral. He left as soon as her the casket was placed six feet under. He didn’t hear from him again for months. He got constant phone calls from not only her mother, but his too.

“Where is he?”
The only reason he knew he wasn’t dead was because he got a call from a payphone one night.

I’m fine. Tell my mother.

Yoongi wanted to scream. Wanted him to suffer. He should have been grieving but instead he ran away. He couldn’t bring her back. What was he chasing? Hoseok was suppose to be the one that comforted her mother. He was suppose to be the one that left roses for her. But Yoongi couldn’t say anything. It was his fault after all. Hoseok wouldn’t have to run away if he hadn’t looked away from the road and seen the other car. It was a drunk driver. Driving in the wrong lane. But if he had seen him, maybe she would still be there.

If he could take back time he would. If he had to sit through centuries of seeing her happy with another man if it meant he could see her smile one more time he’d reset time over and over again. But he couldn’t. He was still alive and she wasn’t.

Months passed and he was still suffocating. He was left to clean her apartment. He was the one that had to go through all her memories. He was the only that had to pack her things and send them to her mother. He was the one that had to look through the all the pictures of the three of them. He was the one that had to touch her sheets and realize that they would never smell like her again. He was the one that had to pack her away. Had to remove her existence from the place she used to call home. But he was the one that killed her. It was only fair to have him do it.

She’d visit him in his dreams sometimes. She was always eighteen in his dream. She was wearing that white dress he got her for her birthday. He still remembered that day. It was when he realized he loved her. Hoseok had been running later. A song was playing throughout her living room, and all Yoongi wanted to do was ask her to dance. He wanted to tell her he loved her. But Hoseok had arrived before he could ask her to dance. He swept her of her feet and after Yoongi couldn’t help but feel like he was suffocating. But in his dream…. she’d smile at him and ask him if he wanted to dance. “What about Hoseok?” Yoongi would whisper, but he was gripping her in his arms already. She smiled. A secretive smile. “This is about you, Yoongi.”

Even in his dreams he was selfish.

But he kept dreaming the dream. The dream that he longed to be reality. If things were different… if he had asked her to dance that night, he wondered what would have changed? Would she still be alive?  Would her smile be directed at him, even if it was for a only a while?
Yoongi wasn’t sure. He just knew it was a fantasy that could not be achieved.

So he kept pushing through time without her and without his best friend. Until eventually one of them came back.

He came back a year after that saturday. He was dripping wet from the rain outside. When Yoongi opened the door that night he almost had a heartattack. Almost didn’t recognize the man in front of him.

“I can fix this.” Hoseok told him, coming into his apartment without waiting for an invitation. Yoongi turned to look at him, suddenly angry.

“Fix what?” He screamed at him. Because when it needed to be fixed, he hadn’t been there. He ran away.

Hoseok glanced at Yoongi, who never rose his voice at him before then his eyes drifted around the room. Yoongi  had a picture up of the three of them from when they were kids. All of them smiling into the camera, holding hands and being happy. It had been hanging in her apartment before. It was the only thing that he kept. It was the only picture of them as kids left. Leaving it behind was like leaving her behind.

“I had a dream. It told me what I had to do. What I had to do to fix this. Now I know. I know how I can fix this. But you have to trust me.”

“Don’t you fucking get it? You can’t fix anything! I killed her. I killed your girlfriend!”

Hoseok shook his head. He leaned over, taking small steps towards Yoongi. He had a look in his eyes that send a shiver down Yoongi’s spine. Made him feel like he was suffocating and would stop breathing at any moment. He grabbed his wrist and looked him straight in the eyes.

You have to trust me. It won’t work if you don’t trust me.” 

Hoseok was crying now. He hadn’t cried when she had died. Hadn’t cried at the funeral. But he was crying now. Seeing the tears stream down his face brought back Yoongi to when he was younger and Hoseok fell of his bike. He cried for a minute or two before Yoongi stumbled across him with her. He’d carried him back to his house on his back, while she rode on Hoseok’s bike, giggling.

“Yoongi is like your big brother, always taking care of you, Hoseok!”

Hoseok had nodded that day. A toothy grin replacing his tear streaked expression.

One day I’ll take care of him!”

There was a split second of silence, but then Yoongi let out a breath. The room was suddenly spinning, but it felt like he was finally able to breath properly in what seemed like years. He didn’t feel like he was suffocating. He felt like he was floating. Felt like everything was okay.

“You have to ask her to dance.”

Yoongi’s eyes went wide and then… nothing.

Yoongi woke up. He groaned and leaned over his bed. He was going to be late if he kept stalling. She’d be mad if he was late for her birthday.

Getting there was quick. He didn’t get lost. It would be the first time he’d visit her new apartment. But he was determined to get there. Seeing her smile when she opened the door was worth waking up early to make sure he was there on time.

“You’re here!”

She had music ringing through her apartment. Yoongi smiled and closed the door behind him. His eyes drifted around the apartment. The walls were painted a bright color that matched her personality. He chuckled and glanced around the walls. A picture frame caught his eyes. It was him and her when they were kids. They were both smiling at the camera, tiny arms wrapped around each other. It was the only picture they had together as kids. She was turning 18 now. Time had flown away.  There was a pang in his chest. He wanted to smile, but something in him was telling him that he was missing something.

“Are you okay?” She asked as she poured a drink into her glass. Yoongi fell silent. The music was ringing through the room. It felt like he was forgetting something.

And suddenly it hit him.

“Do you want to dance?”

devicing  asked:

I might have missed an ask along the way, but have you discussed the dynamic between Momota and Ouma yet? I understand Japanese enough to get by without the occasionally misinformed/misleading translations and I am FLOORED by the lack of people talking about the dynamic shift between them in chapters 3 and 5. I guess I just wanted to know what you had to say on their relationship since your metas are always on point (also bc my friend and I can only scream at each other about these two so much)

I wanted to answer these two questions together because I’m actually very excited to have a chance to talk about this! Ouma and Momota’s relationship and the way in which the dynamic between them shifts is one of the most fascinating parts of Chapter 5, in my opinion.

If Chapter 5 in every DR game is about encouraging the player to put aside their preconceptions in order to find the truth (trusting that Kirigiri is lying to Naegi for a good reason, understanding that just because Komaeda’s murder was gruesome and horrible didn’t necessarily mean he was killed by someone else, etc.) then ndrv3 Chapter 5 really, truly takes the cake: complete cooperation between a culprit and victim is definitely a first in a DR game.

There are so many intentional parallels and points of difference between them, in much the same way that there are parallels between Ouma and Saihara, or Saihara and Momota. I feel Saihara himself managed to summarize it best when I was translating the Chapter 5 post-trial, and when he said that they “had lost the friend that they could trust the most and the friend that they could trust the least at the same time.”

I’ll be discussing Ouma and Momota’s relationship pretty thoroughly under the read more, so there will be quite a few endgame spoilers. Please read only if you’re comfortable! I’ll also be referencing things from the Chapter 5 post-trial quite a lot, so if anyone hasn’t read it yet, there’s a translated transcript of the whole thing here!

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requested by a kind little nonny. 

  • “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?" 
  • "You’re all horrible”
  • “Many boys will bring you flowers. But someday you’ll meet a boy who will learn your favorite flower, your favorite song, your favorite sweet. And even if he is too poor to give you any of them, it won’t matter because he will have taken the time to know you as no one else does. Only that boy earns your heart.”
  • “The heart is an arrow. It demands aim to land true.”
  • “Fine. But if ____ kills us all, I’m going to get ___’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.”
  • “My ghost won’t associate with your ghost" 
  • “When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”
  • "It’s not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand.”
  • “We are all someone’s monster.” 
  • "I love puzzles. Trickery is just my native tongue.”
  • “The easiest way to steal a man’s wallet is to tell him you’re going to steal his watch. You take his attention and direct it where you want it to go.”
  • ”_____, this whole ‘shoot me’ thing is starting to concern me.”
  • “Maybe I liked your stupid face.”
  • “I’ll acquire expensive habits in the afterlife.” 
  • “You wouldn’t know a good time if it sidled up to you and stuck a lollipop in your mouth.” 
  • “Do you have a different name for killing when you wear a uniform to do it?”
  • “Maybe your tutors didn’t cover this lesson, but you do not argue with a man covered in blood and a knife up his sleeve.”
  • “I want you to stay. I want you to … I want you.”
  • “Facts are for the unimaginative.” 
  • “None of us move on without a backward look. We move on always carrying with us those we have lost.” 
  • “I practice the art of ‘pull his shirt over his head and punch till you see blood.” 
  • "Oh, it’s worse than that, ___. If I fail, I don’t get paid.” 
  • “Statistically, he’ll probably only get some of us killed.” 
  • “I wouldn’t trust you to tie my shoes without stealing the laces,___.” 
  • “If we make it out of here alive, I’m going to kiss you unconscious.” 
  • “Usually people don’t start hating each other until a week into the job, but you two have a head start.” 
  • “If your god is so delicate, maybe you should get a new one.” 
  • “Any other impossible feats you’d like us to accomplish?”
  • “Better terrible truths than kind lies.”
  • “If any of you survive, make sure I have an open casket"
  • “I’m not sure I have a heart to give any more, ___.” 

A little gift for @lara-games , she has been really depressed lately, so I wanted to make this for her. I hope you feel better, and know that things will get better!! If you kill yourself things will never get better, trust me. Even when everything seems lost. And please, dont harm yourself it only makes your life worse.  Im not the best at making speeches, but know that you are NOT ALONE. There are so many people who go through the same situation as you, and they eventually get better.

We all care about you lara.


Goth is by @nekophy

Lara is by Lara-games

anonymous asked:

I just read the s/o drunk talking to the Arcobaleno and I love it. How about the reverse version with the Arcobaleno being drunk and talking about how and what they love so much about their s/o ?:D Please make Reborn's the longest!

this goes past my character limit for scenarios so imma do headcanons


  • He mentions your eyes a lot.  Because apparently that was the first thing he was drawn to, was that strong look in your eyes.
  • Starts showing you off to Colonnello when he is drunk, bragging that you are better than who ever Colonnello is with.  
  • Gets very handsy depending on where you two are at and is more likely to shoot someone for looking at you for more than two seconds.  
  • Sometimes he forgets you are actually dating him and starts hitting on you and being the suave Casanova that he is.  Colonnello recorded him one time but the video ‘mysteriously’ disappeared as soon as Reborn learned of it’s existence.
  • And the pick up lines are cheesey as fuck.  Like “those are some nice pants, but they would look better on my bedroom floor,” and “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and straight into my heart”  
  • He leans on you a lot as well, partly because his balance is off, but also because he just wants an excuse to touch you.


  • Every other sentence out of his mouth is how hot you are and how you two are the hottest couple around.
  • Will probably start telling everyone about the first time he met you and then lead into the first time the two of you had sex so be careful with leaving him alone.
  • Will constantly spank your ass and whisper in your ear about leaving where ever you are to go have sex.
  • Mentions how good you are to him, putting up with his long missions and trusting him to not get in trouble or killed and how you stay faithful even with Reborn around since he thinks Reborn always wants to sleep with his partners.


  • He gets talkative when drunk.  Unfortunately, he generally speaks in Chinese which sucks unless you know the language.
  • Will not let go of your hand.  At all, through out the entire night.  Even if you have to use the bathroom, he will be right outside the stall talking to you about how you no longer love him because you took your hand away.  Not that you would understand his slurred Chinese.
  • Will start dancing with you randomly.  Even if there is no music, he just starts swaying with you in his arms.  It’s actually really fun.
  • Will whisper sweet nothings in your ear the entire night like how lucky he is to have you in his life.


  • Will for once not talk about his experiments but he still says nerdy, sciency things to you as if they are sweet nothings.
  • Winks a lot at you too.  It confused the shit out of you at first because you didn’t know what was about to happen.  Turns out, nothing other than him trying to slide closer to you at the bar and buy you a drink.
  • Hits on you with science.  Like he’ll offer to show you some cool chemical reaction or mentions something about yours eyes in the most technical of terms.
  • Gets drunk quick and stays drunk longer so be expected to drag him home while he drunken hits on you and brags about how good he is in bed.


  • He has a surprisingly high tolerance when it comes to getting drunk, but get’s buzzed quick.
  • This leads to him, after just one drink, giving you the puppy dogs eyes and asking you to tell him why you love him because he needs to reassurance that you do actually love him.
  • Will definitely brag about you to Reborn and Colonnello.  Just expect to be dragged over to them in the middle of your conversation as he blurts out how amazing you are to them.
  • Gets very clingy that turns into handsy after more drinks.  He especially loves giving your ass a good smack.


  • He said that he once thought about spending money on you and honestly that warmed your heart more than anything else he said.
  • Talks about how he is better than the rest of the Varia because he has you and you are amazing.
  • Will flip his hood back when drunk and laugh really loud at everything you say whether it’s a joke or not.  It gets annoying quick and you cut him off until he sobers up some.
  • Will start talking about the sex if you don’t shut him up.  Mainly he’ll brag about how much he’s getting laid compared to the rest of the Varia.

◇ Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ mafia!au

◇ length: 745

◇ extremely self indulgent bc i finally got around to watching the loyalty mv and it was fire and i had to write smth off it. Tbh listening to the song while reading is best!! The song’s by kendrick lamar ft rihanna so go listen lol


“Kill him.”

Jungkook was unbothered when a gunshot exploded into the air, only lighting the cigar he had fished from his pocket and blowing a puff of silver into the air.

“Asshole,” some bloodied up thug seethes from the floor, following his words with a spit to the floor.

“I’m a savage, I’m an asshole, I’m a king,” Jungkook sighed, tilting his head condescendingly. “Seems like you scum still haven’t thought of anything smarter.”

Only ragged breaths filled the air. Jungkook scoffed, turning on his heel. The sound of a single gunshot followed him, as it should. Traitors get what they deserve.

In the world he ruled, lived in, breathed in — loyalty was hard to come by. Seemed like everyone was trying to stab you in the back or slip by while you weren’t watching. He wanted a ride or die, somebody who would always support him.

Love’s gonna get you killed, but pride’s gonna be the death of you.

That’s what they told you. You loved too deep and did what you wanted but you didn’t care, did you? You began selling yourself when you were 17, and you brushed off the advice you were given because you didn’t like admitting you were wrong or that you made a bad decision. So here you were, years in the game.

You’re on the street passed midnight, dressed in a skimpy white dress and a fur coat, chewing gum leisurely as you waited for your weekly to drive by. What you were faced with, though, was a greasier man than usual, leaning towards you with black teeth and beer breath.

You can’t remember what he said exactly, but he called you a whore and even though many would argue that that was exactly what you were, you’d always hated the word and that was the reason why you spat your chewing gum into the fancy leather of his Mercedes Benz.

You kept your cool even as he cursed and stormed out of his car, fists clenched and on his way towards you, when suddenly some guy comes along and beats the shit out of him. Not what you were expecting, but you wouldn’t complain.

Besides, with his floppy black hair and sharp jawline and rugged looks, you wouldn’t mind spending a night with him.

Turns out you got more than you bargained for, because all of a sudden you’re Jungkook’s favourite fuck (and he has thousands of girls at his disposal), but then you’re not fucking, you’re going for drives at 3AM because a deal went sour and sharing the same cigarette.

You learn that Jungkook is obsessed with finding loyalty — enraptured with the idea that he was that important to someone. He loved the idea that you were his, and in return promised that he was yours.

He grunted it against your cheek when he fucked you, muttered against your palm when he kissed your hand like he was some fucking king. Which he was, in a sense.

Looks like they were right. Love was gonna get you killed. “You trust me?”

But it was hard to care when the wind was whipping in your hair and the smell of his cigarette smoke still lingered in the cool night air.

You intertwined your fingers, eyes hooded and smirk pulling at your painted lips as he trailed the very loaded gun from your stomach, to your neck, against your jaw and lips. You mouth opened coyly, eyes not leaving his as your tongue trailed over the muzzle.

“You’re fuckin’ crazy,” he chuckled, pulling the gun from your mouth and throwing it to the desk in front of him. And he loved it.

“And you love it.” You pout teasingly, running your thumb over his bottom lip. “I know you better than you know yourself, boy.”

“Boy?” Jungkook repeats incredulously, nipping at your thumb all the same. “I don’t think so, baby. This boy controls everything around you.”

“Don’t remind me,” you groaned, knotting your fingers in his hair. “The club, the men, the weapons, the drugs, the police. I know.”

“And if this boy falls…” Jungkook trails off, voice falling as you leaned forward, lips barely brushing.

“Then I fall with him,” you replied, equally as quiet, before you took his bottom lip between your teeth and a groan filled the room.

Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.

“'Back in the day, Jake, you made more heavy decisions than any ten men would have to in a hundred lifetimes. You made life-and-death calls. You got us up to our butts in alligators, and you got us back out. And, sorry, but it’s not what people think, that you were some kind of military genius. I’m better at tactics than you are.’

<And humble, too,> Tobias muttered.

‘It’s true, and Jake knows it,’ I shot back. 'Jake, you won because you didn’t scare. You didn’t panic, you didn’t scare, and you didn’t play a part or strike poses wondering what history would think. You made the right calls without regard to all that. But then, when the shooting was all over, you started questioning everything you did. You armchair quarterbacked your entire life and decided you made mistakes. Well, no kidding. Surprise: You’re not a god.’

Jake nodded. 'This time I won’t make mistakes.’

'Don’t tell me that,’ I said. 'You want a zero-screwup fight?’

'I got Rachel killed. Wouldn’t you like me to keep that from happening to you?’

'Yeah, I really would. But you start thinking that way, and that’s when you’ll get me killed. You have to trust your instincts, not your doubts. I’ll trust my life to your instincts. If we’re fighting again you have to be able to make the same kind of crazy, reckless, ruthless decisions you made before. We beat an empire, my friend, the six of us, and we did it in large part because you didn’t know any better than to trust your own instincts.'”

- Book #54: The Beginning (Marco), pg. 135 (by K.A. Applegate)




 If you don’t know how to be an SB then get the FUCK OUT of the tag- not for my sake, but for yours and the sake of your fucking followers!

 What is this shit I’m reading on some of your SB stories? Some of you have a bloody screw loose!

 Here’s an example of what an SB story should NOT look like:

 “Soooo…I met this guy on AM and he looked really nice. said he was looking for a financial arrangement. I said my minimum allowance was 4k a month for three meets he agreed- he said he would take me to a restaurant, take me shopping, give me the first part of my allowance and then we could have sex at his hotel. Then a couple of days before our meet he changes his tactic and said that he won’t give me my allowance until AFTER I sleep with him and I was like ookaay?? Like I wasn’t okay with it, but I’m a pro SB so I kept it cool. So we meet up and he was super aggressive and controlling- he said he wanted to keep my bag in his car for ‘safe-keeping’ and I was like, okayyy then wtf?? But I did cos them dolla bitches ;P Anyway we got dinner at the Red Lobster and he got me some things at Sephora…he said we should take his car so we did. Then I found out it wasn’t a hotel at all, it was his house?? And it wouldn’t tell me where we were?? But I was cool cos I’m an SB after all… So we did it, I come down the next morning and there’s only $70 on the counter? I mean ugh- SALT alert! Never again, hunnies! But POT date tonight planned so yah hopefully things are better.”

 -This piece is dedicated to the hundred fucking ridiculous stories I have thus seen today.

 If you see yourself at all in this piece and think: “Did she maybe read my story and…?”


 - NEVER lower your standards. You see when the girl in the fake story, let’s call her Miss A. You know when Miss A backed down on her set conditions to accomodate what he wanted. A) That makes you look desperate. B) Now he knows he can back you down. C) Now she’s agreed to have sex with him before he gives her the allowance- why is this wrong? Well…

- NEVER have sex with him before he gives you the allowance. Read this back. What did I just say? “But he-” NOPE. “He promised-” NO. “But he’s a Leo and I’m a Scorpio and Leos never lie to Sc-” FUCKING LISTEN. DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM BEFORE THE ALLOWANCE IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THIS RULE THEN STOP BEING AN SB IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

- “But he bought me some gifts first!” So fucking what? He took you around the mall and got you some $50 hand soap, I don’t see the cold hard cash, do you?

- NEVER get in his car. Don’t go near his car. Don’t leave your stuff in it- jesus do you really need me to tell you this? Do you want to get raped/killed/kidnapped? Don’t. Fucking. Trust. Him. He’s a man you just met and you are a young girl, fucking don’t fling yourself arse first in dangerous situations!

- Also, what happened to Miss A? They ended up at his house. What’d you think I’m going to say about that? Consider it. What do you think I’m going to say? DON’T GO INTO A POT’S HOUSE. EVER. NEVER. I don’t care if your appendix is bursting and you need a place to lie down and you’re in a middle of the desert with a thunderstorm above you and his house is four yards away. Gather bush craft materials and stay fucking smart.

- So Miss A got fucked out of her money. Did she deserve it? You might think yes, but I don’t think any working girl should get fucked out of anything. This is sad truth and happens to a lot of girls. Unless the 90% of stories I’ve been reading on the tag are dummied up. “How do I avoid this?” If you read the above of this text, you already know how.

- Miss A rationalized her lack of action with ‘keeping cool about it’ or ‘being cool’. Is being cool more important than not being raped? Is it more important than gathering up the beer stained 1s off the counter after a night of terrible sex? If something isn’t right- MAKE A FUSS. If he starts behaving weirdly, raise your voice, start to cry, get people to NOTICE the situation because nothing scares a potential rapist/murderer/fuckboy off more than people scrutinizing the situation. And NOW he knows you’re not going to stand there like a mute dumbfuck while he goes about his fuckery.

- You see how Miss A jumped right back into her sugar game after this monumental series of mistakes? You see how she didn’t take a breather, reevaluate her game, even recognise the places where she went wrong? If Miss A and you could be SB twins, listen to me: You’ve been stupid but I love you and here’s what you have to do:

- Take out at least two weeks of serious thinking. Firstly, is this really for you? It’s okay if it isn’t by the way. Set limits, goals and STICK TO THEM. See my safety guidelines up there? Please for the love of anything you believe in: FOLLOW THEM.

- Background research. Research your POTs as much as possible. Look at the SB blacklist.

- When messaging, be classy, confident but FIRM. Let them know they can’t fuck with you and what you say goes.

- Get the money FIRST.

- No ‘private spaces’ on the first date. Some SBs might tell you different and that it’s a ‘personal choice’ but honestly if you’re already entangled in Miss A’s situation, just don’t.

- Is he acting creepy? BOLT. BOOK IT. LEG IT. IT NEVER ENDS WELL. “Well maybe he’s just a little awkward.” Yeah and maybe he’s got girl’s severed heads lined up in his basement. Is it WORTH IT?!

Look. I had to write this. I had to at least try to do something about the influx of young, sweet SBs who get stars in their eyes from all the designer bags and money shots from the older ladies on the tag.

 How did the experienced, successful SBs we know and love get there?

 Not by being Miss A.