trust exercise

Trust Exercise - A Phan Fiction (Based off PINOF7)

Name: Trust Exercise

Pairing: Dan and Phil - Phan

Length: 391 words (it’s hella short but it made me laugh)

Warnings: None

Genre: High school!Phan AU, fluff

Inspiration: PINOF7 & Anna 

Plot: Dan and Phil didn’t really know each other in school. Their teacher makes them do a trust exercise, which leaves Dan literally in Phil’s arms.

Credit goes to pepperoni-puppies (Anna) because she totally gave me the idea. You should check out her blog and follow her! She’s hella rad and so is her blog~


“Okay, class. We’re going to do a trust exercise today,” the teacher, Ms. Wespen, spoke from the front. Phil smiled, he was ready. He leaned forward in his seat, due to the anticipation. “You’ll need partners for this, and I’ve already chosen them,” Ms. Wespen started rambling off names and who their partners are. “…And last but not least, Phil Lester, your partner is Dan Howell,” she finished.

Phil was fine with that. Dan and him never really talked, but he couldn’t complain. He definitely could have had a worse partner, like Smelly Joe, or Sticky Stephen. The teacher instructed them to spread out around the room with their partners close to them.

“Hey, Dan,” Phil walked over to the chestnut haired boy. “I’m Phil.” Dan noticed Phil had raven hair, and a smile that resembled actual joy itself. Phil reminded Dan of sunshine.

“Hello,” Dan nodded, stood up, and followed Phil to a corner in the room.

“Right, now you’re going to fall into your partner’s arms, for a trust exercise,” Ms. Wespen explained. Phil smiled, and held out his arms to Dan.

“No,” Dan looked at Phil and drew out the ‘o.’

“Yes,” Phil replied, smirking.

“No,” Dan drew out the ‘o’ again.

“You’re the one that has to fall,” Phil smiled.

“No, that’s not a good idea,” Dan disagreed. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Dan gave in and turned around, his back faced Phil. “I’m actually scared,” Dan put his arms up.

“You can do it!” Phil encouraged.

“Phil, you better-”

“I’m going to catch you!” Phil interrupted Dan. Dan paused. “Fall.”

“Oh my god,” Dan panicked.

“Fall,” Phil repeated. Dan slowly fell backwards, and began screaming while he was going down. It was so high-pitched, it made Phil chuckle. Phil caught Dan, and started pushing him back up.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Dan kept repeating, obviously shocked he didn’t collapse onto the ground.

“That scream was incredible,” Phil chuckled.

“You caught me!” Dan yelled. “I didn’t die!”

“Yeah!” Phil exclaimed. Dan and Phil high fived, and thus began a beautiful friendship.

~five years later~

Ms. Wespen,

Thank you for introducing us. We’d like to invite you to our wedding.

Date: November 29, 2015

Place: London Chapel

Time: 8pm

Hope to see you there!


Dan and Phil Lester

(A/N: I’m not even sorry. Based of Phil Is Not On Fire 7. Thank you Anna for the idea.) 

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I want to try a thing.

This is mainly to organize and better understand my fears. Feel free to reblog and add your own.
I am not scared of heights, I love them really. I’m scared of falling.
I’m not scared of change, I’m scared of getting stuck.
I’m not scared to try new things, I’m scared of failing.
I’m not scared of getting attached to people, I’m scared of being abandoned.
I’m not scared of being physically alone. I’m scared of being lonely.
I’m not scared of bettering myself, I’m scared of what I already am is all there is to me.
I’m not scared of people learning about my secrets, I’m scared of what they might do with the knowledge.
I’m not scared of dark thoughts, I’m scared of never finding the light again.
I’m not scared of giving in, I’m scared of losing control forever.

kcg4  asked:

Hi, I know you've already did a ESFP vs ENFP post, but I'd like to see a Buffy summers vs Veronica mars post , as they are both female main protagonists and are often compared with each other. thanks a lot :)

This is the last one of these comparisons I’m doing. Tumblr users, you’re smart. Trust yourself. Exercise those analytical skills. None of you need me for this.

Buffy and Veronica. Both smart-asses. Both sass-a-frasses. Both intelligent. Both tend to emotionally withdraw and process their emotions on their own, as all true Fi’s do. Both use Te to plan things, get paid (well… Veronica anyway), take affirmative action and… well, bitch-slap people.

That’s where the similarities end.

Veronica: is a Ne/Si. She’s an intuitive. Gut instinct drives all her conclusions. She’s sometimes wrong (she doesn’t figure out her friend’s murderer until it’s nearly too late, she accuses the Caines of all sorts of nefarious deeds, and she suspects Logan when for once, he didn’t do anything wrong) but she’s also often … right.

Who stole the money at the Christmas poker game? Veronica nosed around, and added up disconnected events in her head – boy toy is pretending to be drunk and drinking tea (because he can’t add up a good tip when he’s soaked, yet that night, he did); Logan tore the place apart looking for the cash – not guilty; the super star is drinking diuretic tea, which makes him need to pee all the time; gangster boy had no motive, or reason to retaliate; … the butler’s son did it. His daddy answered the door at the big house. Intuition. Quick to add things up – in abstract realms. Good with ideas. Sometimes too imaginative.

Then there’s… the past. Si. She’s hanging on to old boyfriends, way past their prime. She’s constantly revisiting her friend’s murder, obsessed with all the minor details. Her perceptions of other people aren’t always accurate, or to be trusted, since they’re mere sensory impressions. She sometimes falls deep down into self-destructive, repeating patterns of negative behaviors. Did something to me once, world? SCREW YOU FOREVER!!

I should probably also mention that Veronica’s lack of Se means she doesn’t give a rip about expensive stuff, beyond if it’s useful to do her job.

Buffy: Se/Ni, polar opposite of Veronica. She loved being the cool girl at school. She likes shopping. She’s the first person to leap into her environment and either fully engage with it (dancing, music, boys, sex, fun!) or use it to beat the crap out of whatever vampire that happens to be stalking that day. Buffy pays attention to what’s going on around her. She reacts to it. She gets bored if she doesn’t have a physical challenge to rise toward – and excels, when she’s pushed to the limit. She doesn’t over-think everything, like Veronica. Why should she, when the world is so apparent to her, in its brutal reality? She lives in it. She is IN it. She has no delusions about it. Nothing gets between her, and what’s actually going on.

Her lower Ni comes out once in awhile, when she becomes convinced there is only ONE WAY to solve whatever problem she’s in – even if that means dying (at least twice) or putting herself in harm’s way, or killing the vampire she loves. Her gut tells her this is it, this is her destiny, and she acts on it. You have to think about the future once in awhile, even if those thoughts do tend toward… well, flames… and burning… and screaming… and death… I have to do this. And all of you, you have to live on.

ENFP and ESFP: one of effortless, self-contradicting multi-angled analysis, and one of total immersion into and objective assessment of the environment. One prone to sentimental bouts, the other prone to occasional futuristic notions. Of the two, the ENFP is more likely to hop on a new abstract trend of thought without enough pause, and the ESFP is more likely to come up with some weird singular futuristic theory detached from reality. Both impulsive, but Ne sees past the object to what it represents, and Se sees it for what it is.

Yes it’s 2016 but I have some feelings about foreshadowing in this moment. Anna throws herself off the face of the mountain, an example of her probable but as of yet unfounded habit of trusting people too quickly. And what does Kristoff do? He catches her. He doesn’t let her fall. He immediately proves his trustworthiness. At every moment when she needs him, he is there. Anna put her trust in someone who didn’t throw it away or push her away. Crazy trust exercise indeed :’)