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tips for new uni / college students

i’m just finishing up my first year this summer and i know lots of people are graduating and going into post secondary this semester, so here are my tips on your first year! (im in canada but these should probably be relevant for other countries? i think!) feel free to add your own! (spaces are for accessibility – sorry for the long ass post) 

  • you don’t need to ask to go to the bathroom, or to leave at all. if you’re anxious, or if you need a coffee, just quietly leave without disturbing the other students and come back when you’re ready. try not to leave in an important part of the lecture—you should preferably be doing everything you need to before/after class to avoid leaving and missing information, but this isn’t high school anymore and you can come and go as you wish. (note: if youre working in a lab make sure you follow your prof’s safety procedures around leaving to avoid bringing contaminants out of the lab with you, and do NOT leave in the middle of a test unless given explicit permission by the prof.)
  • i bought a binder for my first year and never used it. i took all my notes in a coil notebook, which is easier to keep track of, and put all handouts in the inside pocket/in a folder which was more than sufficient, since at my school most of the handouts are online anyways. if you’re more comfortable using a binder, definitely use one, but you’re probably better off using a notebook. 
  • you can bring your laptop/tablet to class to write your notes in 99% of classes. if you find typing easier than writing on paper with pen/pencil, then bring it with you - just make sure you have your charger/your laptop is charged, especially if it’s a long class. but try not to get distracted — you’re probably better off sticking to a notebook if you know you’re going to open facebook/tumblr instead of actually taking notes.
  • most professors i’ve taken still don’t appreciate texting in class. some of them don’t care, some will call you out on it. they understand if you have to quickly reply to your mom or something (or take a phone call outside of class) but if every time they look up you’re blatantly staring at your phone (or your crotch lol we all know the trying to hide ur phone under ur desk phone) they’ll probably be less inclined to help you later when you ask questions because you were too busy not paying attention 
  • write your name, phone number and school e-mail in the front of your notebook / on a label on your laptop. losing an entire semester’s worth of notes would be a NIGHTMARE and you want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who finds your stuff to return it to you. 
  • before you buy your textbook from your bookstore, check facebook to see if your school has a book exchange page and try to find someone you can buy it from second hand. it will be cheaper. 
  • if you can, buy your books used from the bookstore. renting is cheaper than buying — the buy back price at the end of the semester will be drastically reduced from what your purchased it at.
  • get familiar with the services at your school. check out the pride center and women’s center if you have one, join a club, and find a community. you’ll have a lot more fun at university if you find your niche and people who share your interests. they don’t have to be your lifetime best friends, but it’s nice to have a place to go and chat with an acquaintance during long breaks between classes.
  • use google docs or a similar cloud-based service. not having to haul your essays around on a USB is so much more convenient, and with your work stored in the cloud you won’t have any risk of it not saving or being corrupted. 
  • plagiarism is such a big no. your profs will remind you, but if you think you can get away with it, you can. plagiarism gives you what is essentially an academic criminal record and NO ONE in your faculty wants to deal with it, so just do your work okay?? trust me the consequences are way worse than just sitting down and writing the paper, no matter how awful it is
  • on the first day, if you HATE a class or the prof, drop it. add/drop deadlines are serious business 
  • if you have a few different choices for which prof to pick, check ratemyprofessor before choosing (but remember to take things with a grain of salt – they are reviews written by real people)

post-secondary is an amazing opportunity and as much as student loans and the emotional stress are hard, it can also be an incredible and fascinating experience. don’t worry too much about “finding your purpose” and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge your professors and teachers will present to you. good luck to all of you and i hope you have a wonderful time!! 

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Ben Solo (Or Kylo Ren)/Rey as a ship?

ah yes the dreaded reylo

still love those assholes, hope rey beats the everloving shit out of him and he gets off on it and they’re prickly and awful and miserable and uncomfortably understand one another despite everything 

The Trust Fall(s) to End All Trust Falls

The first time it happened, it was an accident.

When she was a child, Jeremiah would wiggle himself out of Alex’s bedroom window onto the roof as she laughed. He’d collect her into his arms and tell her about the stars until she fell asleep, until Eliza had to come to the window to help him carry their daughter back inside to dream of meteorites and lakes of liquid nitrogen.

When she was a child, the roof of their house in Midvale was her safe place. With him.

And then he died. 

Well, sort of.

And she went up there alone. 

A lot.

Alone, her knees drawn into her chest, staring up and wondering where souls went when bodies die. Wondering if souls even exist.

Wondering if her father exists, anymore.

If he was scared. In that plane. If he thought of her.

Eliza would come to the window and try to pass her eldest hot cocoa. Try to get her eldest to talk to her.

But all Alex did those days was yell. 

And then one night, she slips.

One night, she slips, her footing lost as her body convulses in a fit of futile frustration.

One night, she slips, and she screams, because she’s falling.

Hard. Fast.

Like her father had in that plane.

But then strong arms are breaking her fall, arms that are too small to carry the world in them, but that’s exactly what they do every day.

Arms that carry the world – the weight of a world lost – are carrying Alex, tonight.

Breaking her fall. Breaking her weeks of silence, her weeks of a refusal to laugh, an inability to smile.

“That was amazing!” Alex gasps at her wide-eyed little sister. “Can we do it again?”

“You… want to fall off the roof again?” Kara blinks rapidly, wondering if she should tell Eliza that Alex needs her mother.

“You’ll catch me, Kara! You’ll always catch me. Just like I’ll always catch you. Sisters, right?”

“Alex, no!” 

But Alex pouts – a pout that Kara will become an expert at – and Kara can’t refuse the eyes that haven’t glistened since Jeremiah… went away. Lips that haven’t laughed since her father was ripped from her.

“Alex, yes!” Kara’s big sister laughs, and it’s Kara’s turn to grin.

Because she’d be lying if she said it hadn’t been fun.

And it was, all throughout that night. 

Finding the best spots of the roof to jump off of, falling toward the earth – falling into Kara’s arms – spots where Eliza wouldn’t be able to see her girls from the windows.

Finding the best spots to reclaim falling, so that it was about the safety of her sister’s love, not about the death of her role model and her mother’s light.

But it’s less fun, for Kara, when Alex just decides to… leap.

Without warning, without hesitation, without consideration of the consequences.

Because she trusts only one consequence: that Kara will catch her. Always. Every time.

“Alex, no!” Kara will murmur every time, and sometimes, she hears her sister’s almost maniacal laughter in the wind.

“Alex, yes!”

But it doesn’t last.

Their nightly flights.

Alex’s extreme trust falls.

Because they could get caught. Kara could get caught. She could get sent away. Experimented on. Locked up.


And it could be Alex’s fault.

So they stop with the flying and they stop with the trust falls.

Until Geneva.

Until Alex’s plane starts going down.

Until she’s comforting the poor IT guy with a child on the way sitting next to her, desperately trying to keep her mind clear of her father. If this was how he felt when his plane went down.

Hoping Kara will be alright. 

Hoping Kara knows she loves her.

But Kara catches her then, too. And not just Alex: the entire plane.

And so the trust falls begin again.

“Alex, no!” Kara’s exasperated cries will come, and Alex will just oomph as her sister catches her deftly.

“Alex, yes,” she’ll grin, and Kara will sigh and shake her head, but she’ll smile every time.

It gives J’onn a headache and it makes Winn squeal with nervous anticipation and it makes James whip out his camera and contort his body for a good angle.

It makes Maggie comfort eat tiramisu like no tomorrow.

“She could have been halfway across the city, Danvers! What absurd version of ‘I’ll meet you outside’ has ever meant ‘I’ll casually jump backwards off the roof and hope you catch me’? It was a war zone, babe, you could have been – “

“But I’m not, baby, I’m fine. I’m here, I’m in your arms, I’m alright. Kara had me. She’s got me. Always.”

“Yeah, she’d better,” Maggie calls over Alex’s shoulder, and Kara nods solemnly behind her.

Because she always has, and she always will.

Every single time.

Sterek A-Z: one word prompts

Week 22: V - Vulnerable 

Derek Hale did not trust easily. Trust, like respect, was a privilege to be earned rather than expected. Since the loss of his family to misplaced trust and teenage infatuation, he found that he couldn’t even trust himself. It was a work in progress.

Only one person had earned Derek’s unequivocal trust and respect, and consequently his heart. His name was Mieczyslaw Stilinski, though he was far more likely to answer to Stiles.

Derek curled his fingers around Stiles’ as they walked down a darkened path through Central Park late Thursday evening.  Normally, they’d never be out on a weekday, but Stiles didn’t have class the next day, or a shift at the restaurant until late afternoon, so predictably, he had dragged Derek out of their apartment for what he called fun and excitement.

“Basically Confucius’ idea of a good person is someone who shows respect to people, but only the right people, and follows the proper social ritual,” Stiles said between lazy licks of his ice cream cone. 

Derek snorted and dragged Stiles down to sit on a nearby bench before the human tripped over his own feet while trying to do too many things at once. “The five cardinal relationships are the basis of Confucian ideology,” he said. “Someone in a position of power does demand a certain level of respect.”

“Yeah, but just because someone is in a position higher than you doesn’t automatically mean that person deserves respect or loyalty, especially when one of the relationships is husband to wife, and trust me, the woman does not come out well in that mess,” Stiles argued. His hand narrowly missed a collision with Derek’s nose. “I mean, come on. By that logic, Scott should have automatically deferred to you and all your mighty alpha wisdom after you off’d your uncle.”

Derek leaned back and draped his arm over the back of the bench behind his boyfriend. “Stiles.”

Stiles hummed and lapped at his ice cream.

“Shut up,” Derek said, and Stiles snorted ice cream out of his nose.

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Ayy what are some pros and cons of dating Hara and Hanamiya? I hope you've been doing well so don't forget to take care of yourself either!

:)) will do, have a good day! also, i’m super sorry if you (or anyone) thought i was being too harsh on the following characters. we all have our own interpretations and i completely get that some people may see hanamiya as a really nice boyfriend or others may see him as a player but below is 100% my opinion and so not fact - make your character interpretation anything you want! 

Hanamiya Makoto Pros: 

  • practically having a bodyguard
  • no lack of body contact, pda and all that
  • has two pillows in his bed but only sleeps with one; you can steal the other
  • getting to spend time with his mother, an angel
  • study help (if you blackmail him enough to get it) 
  • you can steal his jacket (once you’ve been in a relationship long enough)

Hanamiya Makoto Cons: 

  • insults (get over them or get over the relationship)
  • having problems with people you’ve met once just cause hanamiya was a jerk to them
  • don’t think you’ll ever get to steal his food
  • he’ll take you to group events with kiridai and abandon you
  • jealousy, potentially aggressively
  • don’t expect him to be tactful about your favourite shows
  • he will try provoke you to get into fights
  • hanamiya has two types of relationships: people he fucks around with and that one person he’ll have a serious relationship with
  • it’s hard to tell if you will be the former
  • in consequence, trust between the two of you ain’t gonna be there for a while

(just try really hard with him, understand him, and it may just work)

Hara Kazuya Pros: 

  • p good texter
  • will watch your favourite shows (just won’t hold himself back from insulting them)
  • humour gone wild
  • supports you taking his clothes
  • he will go places with you, like to abandoned buildings
  • again will fight anyone who’s got an issue with you
  • singing badly as he plays the drums and everyone’s happy
  • not 100% against matching outfits (as long as they’re aesthetic)
  • his siblings are great fun and although the older brother can be a pain when hara’s not there to fight back, the younger one is always up for doing something with you
  • a really chill guy

Hara Kazuya Cons:

  • will steal your whole plate of food
  • will keep making jokes even if they upset you 
  • rarely apologises, practically never
  • v good at pissing people off, you have to kinda calm them down
  • struggles to comfort his s/o
  • at one point in the relationship, he will get bubblegum in your hair
  • dealing with his vaping, having to go to parties with him in case he gets too drunk
  • also really bad at showing when he’s upset so you’re gonna pick up really minimal signs
Enneagram Type Six - The Loyal Skeptic

Loyal Skeptics believe you must gain certainty and security in a hazardous world that you just can’t trust. Consequently, Loyal Skeptics are intuitive, inquisitive, trustworthy, good friends and problem-solvers, but also can be doubtful, accusatory and fearful.

Focus of attention - What could go wrong, worst-case scenarios and how to deal with them

Life lesson - To reclaim trust in yourself, others and the world, and live comfortably with uncertainty

Speaking style - Thoughtful, questioning, engaging and information-oriented. Others may perceive Sixes as pessimistic, contrary, challenging, doubting or controlling.

What Type Sixes tell us about themselves

  • I am preoccupied with safety and security concerns.
  • I greet everything with a doubting mind and contrary thinking.
  • My vigilance, active imagination and intuition help me anticipate and avoid problems.
  • I question authority and people until they gain my trust.
  • I procrastinate because I fear making the wrong decision.

Relating to Sixes

  • Be consistent and trustworthy.
  • Disclose your own personal feelings and thoughts.
  • Appreciate their attention to problems; agree on rules and procedures.
  • Join them in acknowledging what can go wrong before moving ahead.
  • Put your cards on the table as much as possible – don’t be ambiguous.

Sixes use their perception and intellect to understand the world and figure out whether other people are friendly or hostile. They focus on guarding the safety of the group, project or community. Sixes are good at anticipating problems and coming up with solutions. They can oscillate between skepticism and certainty, rebel or true believer. When phobic, Sixes are cautious, tending to hesitate, worry and procrastinate. Counter-phobic Sixes rush into action and brace themselves to overcome their fears. As Sixes learn to trust themselves and others, they become more flexible and develop the courage to act, even in the presence of doubt or ambivalence.

Basic proposition - You can assure life and certainty by avoiding harm (the phobic stance) or facing it (the counter-phobic stance) through vigilance, questioning, and either battling or escaping perceived hazards.

Strengths - Perceptive, sensitive, loyal, warm, witty, courageous and strategic thinking

Challenges - Anxious, hyper-vigilant, pessimistic, contrary, over-active imagination

Defense mechanism
Projection – attributing inner concerns and fears to others and external situations

Sixes use projection to avoid personal rejection and maintain a self-image of being loyal. To assure safety and justify loyalty, they project positive feelings onto a relationship or an external authority figure. To explain internal feelings of fear and distrust, Sixes project negative feelings onto others, and then look for evidence to support these projections.

Awareness practice

Observe your habit of mind or focus of attention with as little judgment as possible. Ask yourself the following questions, while noticing your feelings and how your body responds:

  • How do I get fearful, alarmed or anxious?
  • How do I question and doubt in my internal dialogue?
  • How do I magnify situations in my mind?
  • How do I project my positive or negative feelings onto others?
  • When has fear of making a wrong decision held me back?

Type Six’s journey is more obvious and straightforward than for any other type. The child who experienced the world as threatening and unpredictable, and fell into fear and doubt, needs to regain faith and trust in self, others and the world. Faith is a big stretch for the Loyal Skeptic because faith comes before proof.

Path of Integration

Mental: Doubt > Faith
Emotional: Fear > Courage

The aspect of awareness called the Inner Observer allows us to witness the internal patterns that drive outer behavior. The practice consists of focusing inwardly and becoming aware of the thoughts, sensations and other objects of attention that arise within us. This allows us to be fully present, thus relaxing type patterns and increasing receptivity.

For Sixes, take a moment to reflect on the following principles:

  • Insecurity is part of life.
  • Flight, fight and freezing are all reactions to fear.
  • Courage is not the absence of fear; it is moving ahead in spite of it.
  • When we relax our vigilance and stay in the present moment, we notice that everything is ok.
  • When we cultivate faith rather seeking certainty, we begin to trust in the process of life.

As mental types, Sixes use their keen perception to anticipate problems, find solutions, and establish rules and procedures that create safety and security. Some Sixes are cautious while others jump into action. But all Sixes have a very sensitive neurological alarm system that puts them on high alert when there are signals of danger, even when the danger is imagined or magnified. Cautious or phobic Sixes tend to withdraw, either by physically leaving situations or going into their heads. Counter-phobic Sixes tend to accumulate more muscular tension and rigidity. The diaphragm and throat are control centers, which can result in a halting or stuttering style of breathing and speaking.

If you are a Six…

Your task is to develop a sense of safety within yourself. Start by becoming centered and grounded in your body. Take slow, deep breaths and stretch the actual muscle of your diaphragm, then release the exhalation as much as possible. It’s important to notice when your alarm system is activated for the fight, flight or freeze response. To help restore calm and reduce anxiety, breathe slowly and deeply into your belly, allowing pleasurable sensations to build. If you need more energy to deal with challenges, practice breathing into your chest. And when you find yourself worrying and holding your breath, return to the practice of slow, steady breathing.

    Compromised | Bill x Laura (BsG)

    @thisisamadhouse Marie, my wonderful sister, happy birthday once again ♥ a day late because being sick totally thwarted my plans. Here’s you Space Parents goodness, I didn’t even do angst, be proud!

    A/N. First part of a two-chapters “what if” post-Hand of God in season 1, where the Commander and the President celebrate their unexpected and welcome victory against the Cylons… and it’s all about sexual frustration. Rating will go up in second chapter ;)


    “You seem distracted.”

    Laura stopped sliding her finger over the rim of her wine glass and looked at Adama, subtly leaning on the table towards her as he watched her with a gentle smile that showed curiosity rather than concern. She smiled back, straightening up in her seat and taking a burning sip of ambrosia, her tongue shuddering under its bite. Even if she closed her eyes, there was no way her memory would be able to replace the taste of the strong, green liquor with the heady delicacy of wine.

    And memory was all they had left.

    “Something on your mind?”

    “You could say that again.”

    Just like ambrosia would never make for an honest substitution of more refined beverages, the hurried, stolen moments of pleasure she’d found at her own hand in her rare times of solitude would never replace the triumphant bliss of shared sexual intimacy.

    She was craving it.

    She’d always lead a healthy sexual life (she couldn’t say the same for the relationships that intersected with it), and she never denied herself when she had an itch to scratch. Her frustration at the forced celibacy her job entailed was scraping her raw. It wasn’t like she could just frak anybody. Had she been President on the colonies, she could have managed casual relationships, but neither the circumstances nor the place were propitious to any kind of illicit intimacy. And that was just what she needed. A good, uncomplicated frak with someone she could trust, no drama, no consequences.

    It was even harder today, after Kara’s embrace. It woke something in her, a stirring that had her realize she hadn’t felt a friendly body pressed against her own since the attacks. If you added the constant duress she was under, the decorum she had to maintain, it was no wonder she was so wound up.

    “Wanna share with the class?”

    She chuckled politely, noticed how his eyes had gone from curious to teasing, and wondered how much impropriety she could get away with tonight.

    It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it.

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    I hope the show doesn't introduce the Alliance Rune and then... forget it exists and never mention it again like in the books. I could see it been a bit overpowered if able to be used a lot, so maybe they could have a downside to it, like after using it and the Rune burns out, both Downworlder and Shadowhunter are exhausted/drained, so they couldn't just use it all the time.

    clary??? having weaknesses to her rune powers??? how dare???

    i’m kidding but yeah same i don’t know how they’ll handle it. they really need to put a cap on clary’s powers whatever they are, like jace i’m cool with bc he’s pretty much like a normal shadowhunter except he doesn’t need his magic wand all the time but clary’s are rapidly getting out of control. from a narrative perspective, it just doesn’t make sense for her to be able to do all this without some kind of consequence.

    i’d like to trust they’ll introduce the consequences later on (beyond “everyone is jealous and wants her powers/destroy her for being too powerful” or something silly like that) buuuut who knows they’ve never been very good at being thoughtful about clary’s character.

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    First, thank you so much for this blog. Even if you don’t get to my ask, you’ve already helped me so much! So. The healing magic in my world is largely limited to imaging. They have sanitation and herbal medicine, but their materials are low-tech. Glass and resin but no plastic and only very small amounts of metal. Character (a large, healthy adult) receives rabbit punch to base of skull. He is confused at first, then unconscious in minutes. (1 of 2)

    The healers immobilize him and take him to their clinic. Swelling gradually makes his symptoms worse over the course of about three hours. Eventually he would be unable to breathe on his own. Does this sound about right for a spinal cord injury? Would there be anything the healers could do for him at this low tech, or is everyone just waiting for him to recover or die on his own? Thanks again! (2 of 2)

    Hey there! Thanks for the ask. (It feels good to work on fresh asks again!!) 

    No, this does not sound like a spinal cord injury. If this was a spinal cord injury, he would stop breathing immediately, because the base of the brain is high up enough that a spinal cord injury will cut off innervation of the muscles that keep the character breathing. SCIs tend to have instant effects, especially when it comes to paralysis. 

    (As for the location of the injury, the “base of the skull” is C1-C2. The rule is “C5 stays alive”; C5 is one of the lowest neck vertebrae. SCIs above C5 are fatal without a ventilator, and even then, they’re often fatal anyway.) 

    What it does sound similar to, however, is a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is when the character blacks out, wakes up, then rapidly returns to unconsciousness as the bleeding in the skull puts pressure on the brain. 

    With no way to vent the pressure short of crude brain surgery (with an almost 100% chance of infection), no, your healers cannot fix this. However, just because he gets incredibly sick, doesn’t mean he’ll die from it. He may just have brain damage and ongoing issues with seizures. 

    What I would really hate would be if your character was just unconscious and recovered back to their full self. It betrays realism and your reader’s trust: that things have consequences. I know that you know this, but this character needs some form of change because of what happened to them. Otherwise, what’s the point? 

    Medically speaking, I would suggest starting with the #coma tag, the #tbi tag and the #head injury tag and going from there. (You’ll see this post on those lists; scroll past.) 

    Best of luck!! 

    xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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    “Don’t look so terrified, Jim. It’ll be fine. You know he likes you.”

    These words did not seem to ease your boyfriend’s fears much as he sat waiting in your quarters for the connection to be established on the video call you’d be .doing with your father. It wasn’t often the Enterprise was in range to make such calls, so you took advantage of the times you did have.

    This call would be a little different, though as you were going to break the news to your dad of your new romantic relationship with one James T. Kirk.

    Jim knew your dad very well, but was very unsure how he’d react to the news, given that he was fond of playing “big scary Admiral” to anyone who looked twice at you, a tendency which annoyed you a lot less when you were out in space.

    As pilot, You saw Jim a lot when you relieved Sulu and frequently, he’d stay on the bridge longer than he was supposed to. Eventually, he got up the courage to come talk to you and admit he wanted to be friends. You’d heard plenty about the crazy rule-breaking genius from your dad, whom he’d given many grey hairs during his time at the academy.

    Jim, however, had obviously grown since then and you found you had a lot of things in common, including the love of fast starships and a nose for danger. (You’d famously attempted to break the academy speed record in the training shuttle and nearly been kicked out.)

    Jim was currently standing in the furthest corner of your room, waiting for you to give him the cue to join you in front of the screen.

    You’d practiced this little speech over and over and hoped it would placate your very protective father.

    “Hi, dad!” You greeted brightly, when your father’s face appeared on screen.

    “Hi, honey,” he returned, with a relaxed smile that said he was in a good mood. “How’s space? Meet any new species lately?”

    “A couple, but they didn’t really like us, so we didn’t stick around. How’s the admiralty these days?”

    He sighed. “Tolerable. Komack’s off planet, so there’s been peace in the ranks lately. How’s the Enterprise handling? She giving you any trouble?”

    “None at all. She’s as steady as ever,” you said affectionately. “There is something I do need to inform you of, though.”

    He leaned forward and squinted at you as if he was trying to read your mind. (He was infuriatingly good at that.)

    “And what would that be?” He said, with a gleam in his eye.

    “I…. uh….have a boyfriend.” You admitted.

    “Mm-hmm.” He sounded completely unperturbed, but that didn’t mean anything. Your dad’s poker face was unmatchable.

    “Who’s the lucky soul that I should put the fear of God in?”

    You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face in embarrassment.

    “You can talk to him, but only if you promise not to kill him. He already has a healthy respect for you, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

    “Put him on then,” he said and you beckoned Jim forward. The captain slowly crept forward and sat beside you, looking like he was afraid to even breathe. There was a moment of silence as your dad’s jaw hung open and he processed this revelation.

    “Is this some sort of joke, Jim?” He asked at last, squinting again.

    “No, sir,” Jim said. “Y/N and I are dating.”

    “Since when?”

    “Two weeks ago.”

    “I see.” He pondered this information for awhile and put on the Concerned Dad Look.

    “Is this just a bit of fun, or are you somewhat serious?”

    You and Jim looked at each other.

    “Serious!” You answered in unison.

    “Jinx!” You whispered and winked at him. Jim was too intimidated to smile back, because the Concerned Dad Look had transitioned into the Scary Dadmiral Look, a look you knew all too well.
    (Christopher Pike did not play around when it came to his family.)

    “Jim, being that you are a mature officer, I trust you understand what the consequences will be should this result in conduct unbecoming or Y/N being hurt.”

    Jim gulped.

    “Dad….” you groaned, but he quelled you with his Dad Eye.(Another Look he was a master at)

    “I understand sir. I have no intention of hurting Y/N. If I do, I’ll deserve to be thrown out on my ass, if not shot out the airlock. She’s very special to me and I will not do anything to break her trust or yours.”

    Jim was very serious as he said this and you knew it came from his heart. Your dad had been the one to get him to quit wasting his life and join Starfleet and Jim was very loyal to him. Holding your breath, you watched the stern Dadmiral face relax finally.

    “I believe you son. Now tell me, what was it that attracted you two to each other? I’m guessing it had something to do with fast starships?”

    “That, and his pretty face,” you admitted, grinning at Jim.

    The Captain blushed. He was adorably awkward with compliments and usually turned red or quickly deflected. He was supposedly an egomaniac, but you had discovered that wasn’t the case, at all.

    “She has this fearlessness about her and can fly a ship like no one’s business,” Jim said. “Then there’s the fact she’s got a brain that reads mine uncannily well and well, very good genetics.”

    He was trying to butter up your dad, but it kind of was true. You definitely inherited your take-space-by-storm traits from him.

    On the screen, your dad chuckled.

    “You two are going to be trouble together, I see it already, but I won’t try to discourage you. Your mother is going to be very anxious to hear about this, you know.”

    “Yes,” you sighed. That would be a much longer conversation, but the worst was now over, and Jim was still alive, so you figured you had the admiral’s stamp of approval.


    He helps you with your insecurities about your acne / 5SOS Preferences

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    Luke: Every day you forced yourself through the same procedure, you’d get up, take a shower, put on clothes and do your makeup. The makeup part was the most crucial procedure for you. Ever since you were a teenager you’d have problems with acne, the other kids in school would make fun of you. You’ve heard everything anyone could come up with and the words had burned into your mind. ‘Ugly’ and 'disgusting’ were yet the most harmless things you had endured. Kids could be cruel and not only did you have scars on your face but carried some in your soul as well.

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    Peebee + Vetra discuss food
    • Peebee: Hey, have you tried any angaran cuisine? Fire-roasted spire beetle is the best thing.
    • Vetra: Wouldn't touch that even if I could digest it.
    • Peebee: Well no one from the Milky Way can really digest it, but trust me the consequences are so worth it. Also, the roasting doesn't actually kill the beetle. It just makes it angry enough to spit...literally. A meat that makes its own gravy! It was amazing.
    • Vetra: And somehow I want to eat this less than when you first started talking about it.

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    How do you interpret Snape's Occlumency? Do you think it was trained and honed with a teacher, or was it unconscious and something he was born with, like Queenie's legilimency? Or was it Occlumency at all? I've seen interpretations that the real way he blocks Voldemort out is by doing what Harry did at the end of OOTP, which is focusing on his grief and love (for Lily) and that's why he didn't allow himself to move on. Voldemort cannot penetrate this since he doesn't understand love.

    I’ve got a few Occlumency asks in at the moment; my lack of response to them is not lack of interest - it’s perhaps the opposite…too much interest to nail my thoughts down.  So, I will try in this post - but it’s all going to be rather loose and embryonic.

    What’s particularly interesting to me about Occlumency is that Snape’s Occlumency seems to transcend how others use it.  For instance, Draco simply flings up a block when Snape attempts to use Legilimency against him.  Now, that can’t be Snape’s method, because otherwise Voldemort wouldn’t trust him.  

    Consequently, I think Snape has to be concealing certain memories whilst giving prominence to other memories.  It’s possible that he’s misdirecting - perhaps bringing memories to the surface that aren’t relevant to create an impression.  For instance, if Dumbledore reacted in a measured and calm way to a situation, perhaps Snape would show Voldemort an unrelated scene where Dumbledore flew off the handle at him, to suggest that was Dumbledore’s response.  It’s perhaps even possible that he constructs narratives by splicing memories.

    It is this reading that gives weight to the idea that Snape can’t show any kindness to Harry, because he requires Harry’s responses of hatred and anger to store as memories for later use - for proof for Voldemort.

    But I think that ties into your point; is that still Occlumency?  Or is it Occlumency, but it’s Occlumency at a level that few have documented, so nobody imagines it is possible?

    And that brings us on to the next point with Occlumency - what came first, the chicken or the egg?  It is paramount for Snape’s spying efforts that he’s an Occlumens, as both Voldemort and Dumbledore are Legilimens.  It’s reasonable to think that Pettigrew didn’t necessarily need the ability during the first war - he was able to fly under the radar, but was the same true of Snape?  Did he have any Occlumency ability during that first war?

    Did Dumbledore show an interest in meeting Snape as a Death Eater because he was aware that Snape was a natural Occlumens, so he knew he could use him as a spy if he agreed?  Perhaps Snape inadvertently revealed his ability during the aftermath of the werewolf incident if Dumbledore tried to read his mind?  Or had something happened at Hogwarts and Dumbledore was aware that someone had taught Snape Occlumency (Slughorn or Pomfrey, perhaps)?  Or did Dumbledore teach Snape Occlumency as an adult when he’d signed up to being a spy?  Maybe Snape didn’t require it during the first war because he was relatively low down and wasn’t under scrutiny, but Snape learnt it between wars?

    It seems outrageously convenient that the one Death Eater who decides to defect just so happens to be an Occlumens.  …but his Occlumency is so good, I find it hard to believe that he picks it up in his spare time between wars.  

    I suppose my current personal reading is that Snape was a natural Occlumens, or was taught Occlumency at a young age - perhaps by his mother, perhaps from a book to block out his parents’ fighting, perhaps even by a teacher as a means of controlling his emotions…because young Severus is a very emotional man.  I see him as having a natural aptitude for the subject, and just as we see him pushing boundaries by creating spells, and by improving potions, he decides to push the boundaries of Occlumency; he doesn’t settle for blocking others out, but attempts to lie to them.

    I suppose there is an argument that he only grew the ability to do this between wars, as I think Snape has to have some sort of weakness when he fully defects - else Dumbledore would be left thinking, “Was that one of his creative lies as well?”  …so I think I would lean towards him being naturally gifted, keeps his head down during the first war - and allows Voldemort to see into his thoughts on occasion, so Voldemort doesn’t suspect him as being able to block.

    …and then, once he knew he would have to return, he worked on improving his Occlumency to a level that would stand up to scrutiny against Voldemort.

    I also headcanon that it’s some form of Occlumency that he regards as being a better way of dealing with a Dementor.  If he thinks that as a youth, at OWL/NEWT level himself, then I think that points to him starting to utilise Occlumency by that age.