I’m sending you a wave of positive energy, to shield and uplift you. There’s a bit of irritable energy in the air today - please don’t let negativity pull you down.

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Story Shard 335

“Do you trust me?” Their wide, round eyes watched me carefully as they held a hand out to me.

“That is such a cliche line.” Their hand started to fall and mine darted out to catch it. “But I hope you have a plan to get those two back.”

They smiled at the sight of our joined hands. “I do.” They turned to face the edge of the cliff. “Do you trust me?”

“Yes, already.” I rolled my eyes.

“Then don’t let go.” They interlocked our fingers and squeezed. “And jump.”

Tips for Overcoming Insecurity

1. Believe you can make progress, and start to overcome it. That is the first, and the most important, step.

2. Think about a time when you took a chance, and pushed through your fear, and it worked out well. Remember that feeling – it can happen again.

3. Look for a role model - someone you relate to - who managed to overcome their insecurities. Let them inspire you and learn from their success.

4. Let go of the past, and whatever holds you back. Just focus on this moment, and taking one step now.

5. Stop resisting change – let whatever happens happen. You may discover that it works out even better than you’d thought.

6. Let the stress fall away and allow peace to flood your mind. As you learn to relax you’ll start to feel more confident.

It wasn’t the distance that scared her. She was scared of the idea that he’ll find someone better in between their distance apart.
—  This is killing me.

I’ve been neglecting my tumblr a bit over the past months. I keep meaning to revamp it but things get in the way. Story of my life, anyhow this is a piece I did for the Gravity Falls show at Gallery Nucleus. This was a fun piece to execute, and by fun I mean tricky. It’s mixed media and measures about 30 cm by 30cm. It’s still up so check it out if you’re in Los Angeles. This was my favorite scene in the show so I’m happy I got to capture it for this very special show. 

I need trust in a relationship. You could wait four years to tell me you love me, you could make me wait 10 to meet your mom. 
But I want to be the person you tell everything to. I want my word to be above anyone else’s. I want my ears to be your diary.
I know I won’t have all of that right away, but I need trust in my relationships. 
Without it? It won’t work. End of story.
—  Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
I wanted you to stay . And I think you wanted to stay too. But something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the timing. Or fate just pulling us apart. Maybe it was because I didn’t trust people and you thought I’d never trust you. But you left that Sunday morning. I don’t know which felt emptier the bed without you in it or my heart.
—  I never trusted anyone after you