no offense not to be dramatic but calling me (a trans person/an nb person without sex dysphoria) a terf or a truscum is (1) shitty, (2) proof u love downplaying the actual damage that terfs and truscum cause, (3) lowkey triggering bc ur namecalling is both baseless and ,, transphobic ,,,, like ppl are gonna be shitty but for the lov of god don’t call ur local nb a terf or a truscum (unless they’re actually a trans exclusionary radical feminist or a transmedicalist)

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im literally getting a headache bc of these labels im so confused how can a man be a lesbian that reminds me of what t we used to say in like 5th grade ab how all guys are lesbians and all girls are gay its just wrong

We get it you’re a terf now leave me and my blog in peace.

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anyway im A Trans, even by truscum standards, and "transtrender" is an awful and transphobic term and I welcome all non dysphoric trans people (and all trans people who don't experience Truscum Approved™ dysphoria, like those who only experience social dysphoria or dont experience bottom dysphoria)


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what are truscum, transmedicalist, and gatekeeper? :^0

tru..s..cum - believe that u have to have dyphoria to be trans - believe u have to want to transition to be trans
gatekeepers - gatekeeping,,, can mean a lot of things so i understand ur confusion. if you dont believe nonbinary people should identify as LGBT, thats gatekeeping. if you dont think a..s..pec people belong in LGBT, that’s gatekeeping. if you don’t think transwomen belong in feminism, that’s gatekeeping (t..e..r..f..s obviously are just the worst). 
an irl example of gatekeeping is how endocrinologists often vet candidates for hormone replacement therapy to make sure they experience dysphoria and are a True Trans or you won’t get them. 
does someone have a actual definition? :P 

this is probably somehow going to wind up in tags so: this is not a discourse blog please do not attempt to start discourse with this blog.

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Radical feminism focuses on sex-based oppression, which affects all females regardless of gender identity. Since this includes all afabs, "trans exclusionary" is a bit of a misnomer. Prior to queer theory coming out of postmodern academia in the 80's, all feminism was trans exclusionary. Gender was understood as the word for sex roles, the sociocultural expectation of masculinity and femininity. Radical feminists do not believe gender is innate but enforced and see dysphoria as medical.

ummm im not understanding everything ur saying but that just sounds like terf and truscum/transmedicalist.

sad that thats what “radic/al feminism” is. it doesnt sound like a bad thing by itself. fuck yah im radical. but wait. how is it radical to exclude trans women? its not. its the same shit as ever. everyone hates trans people. its not new and radical lol. 

anyways, this isnt a discourse blog but thanks for the sure answer. run away from rad.fems

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I just realized that you didn't want people to reblog if they're truscum, so I wanted to apologize for that, I hope I didn't bother you too much

eh, /i/ don’t mind too much because a. this /is/ an anti terf blog and i personally think that truscum aren’t too different and b. some days i gotta let off steam by fighting strangers through my laptop screen. 

still, thank you for apologizing, and respecting the other mods’ boundaries -💐

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Why are truscum such transphobic trans people who throw around ableist slurs all the time and call any partially-boy or partially-girl people cis? Like I don't see the point

They have too much internalized transphobia and refuse to do the work to fix it.

They hold on to the words of transphobic cis doctors.

They hold on to cis ideals.

They are so intent and enthusiastic about pleasing and catering to cis people that they forget that no matter how much they throw their siblings under the bus, no matter how many speeches they make that end with tears in a 13 year old trans kid’s eyes, no matter how many times they force someone into the closet, they will never be accepted by cis society.

Do you hear that, truscum/transmedicalists/hbs-ers?

They will never fucking accept you because society is cis-centric and inherently transphobic because of it.  You worrying about a nan0girl is not going to stop the TERFs from excluding trans women and invalidating trans men.  Your anger at a genderqueer person is not going to stop the fucking bathroom legislation.  Your disdain for every single person without dysphoria or who doesn’t ID the way you see fit will not end the trans panic defense.

You are doing nothing.  NOTHING.

You are literally just hurting your own community so you can be praised by some cisgender asshole who will misgender you the moment you look away.

By forcing non-dysphoric trans people, nonbinary people, trans people who don’t WANT to medically transition, out of the community you are just hurting the people who are standing for you every step of the way and you are just making the community weaker.

Get the fuck over yourselves and do the goddamn work to improve yourselves.

-Mod Virgil, who is in a very fucking angry mood right now because I just saw a black kid get a fucking gun pulled on him for literally standing there and trying to sober up so I am not to be messed with today.

It’s not transphobic to not be attracted to certain sets of genitals.

Some people are attracted to masculinity and/or femininity and don’t have a genital preference.

Others are attracted to either penis or vagina. These people can’t help it. It’s not a choice. It’s not bigotry to not be attracted to either of those parts.

What IS wrong is if you think the people with the genitals you aren’t attracted to are completely repulsive and unlovable. But not being attracted to someone doesn’t automatically mean the person thinks that.

Truscum stalker alert, avoid and tell to fuck off if possible!

Tumblr user transcoma is harrassing several trans women right now and is being an overall creep.

So let’s agree on getting his massive ass-backwards arrogance and bullshit the fuck away.

I don’t care what you do, but freaking make sure he unfollows every single trans woman in question.