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Trucvm or trucum

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What does truscum mean?

transphobia tw

I’ve been really out of touch with tumblr discourse for a few years now but if my memory serves me right ‘truscum’ or transmedicalists/transmeds are trans people who believe that dysphoria is an essential component/symptom of being trans and must be present in order to be ‘diagnosed’ a real trans person. There’s definitely a few flaws with this argument of course, the biggest ones in my eyes being that you can’t actually define or quantify gender dysphoria since it manifests in so many different ways in so many different people, and that being transgender isn’t an illness that is managed/‘fixed’ with transition the way other mental illnesses or disorders can be managed with medication.

The other big issue is that transmeds tend to be exclusionists, in that they don’t believe non binary people are real/valid/trans and think that they, or any person who doesn’t experience dysphoria in the way they define, shouldn’t have access to hormones or surgeries. (or that if you don’t want certain hormones or surgeries then you “aren’t really trans”) 

These are the kind of people who use terms like “transtrender” unironically.

If anyone wishes to discuss this further feel free to message me @wlckdgvme as I try to keep this blog as free of dicourse as I can.


Something I thought I would address

1. It’s completely okay to question your gender, and have a gender identity for a while and, then decide that that gender identity was wrong. It’s okay to go back and switch around a lot (it’s also okay to ID as Genderfluid because of this), and it’s okay to question end explore your gender. Hell it’s okay to do this your whole life. It’s also completely okay to just know your gender, it’s okay to just find what fits very quickly. 

2. Don’t ever expect everyone to know everything about all things gender or being trans. Also don’t expect everyone to align to your own ideas of these things. People reach self realizations in millions of different ways. We are all different and that comes with different ways of being individual’s who probably don’t fit into what you would consider is a correct way to be something. Just let people exist as themselves, even if you doubt that. 

3. Don’t be that asshole that asks for the “proof”. No one really gets this shit, no one fully understands it, hell the top ranked gender scientists don’t really fucking get it or they wouldn’t have a field to even work in. So, let people declare their own understandings of themselves, and don’t try to police that. 

4. This is not being a “transtrender” what the fuck even is that? This buzzword means nothing. 

5. Stop harassing young people online over this or you’re an asshole :) 

It’s not transphobic to not be attracted to certain sets of genitals.

Some people are attracted to masculinity and/or femininity and don’t have a genital preference.

Others are attracted to either penis or vagina. These people can’t help it. It’s not a choice. It’s not bigotry to not be attracted to either of those parts.

What IS wrong is if you think the people with the genitals you aren’t attracted to are completely repulsive and unlovable. But not being attracted to someone doesn’t automatically mean the person thinks that.

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What is transmedicalism? I saw the term earlier or at least a similar term. What does it mean & what do these types of people believe?

They’re assholes who think you need to have gender/sex dysphoria in order to be trans.

Those trans people who are assholes to 13 year olds who just came out and use nounself pronouns?  That’s them.

-Mod Virgil

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what's truscum mean?

Hey! This is a bit of a loaded question for complicated reasons that have to do with the fact that tru.scum…

…breaking the word up so it doesn’t land in their tag because they are notorious harassers and have a very rosy picture of what their community is actually like; they jump on these posts to explain that they’re Not Really Like That, that anti-tru.scum need receipts to prove the vile and violent harassment they receive, etc)…

see their community and the meaning of the label differently than pretty much any other trans person or well-informed medical professional. I prefer avoiding them, because they’re pretty much adhering to outdated and gross things like gatekeeping and promoting views of trans people that were popular before people began to understand transness. They’re also pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of transness, activism, our future as trans people, etc. The only reason I engage with them is because young trans and nonbinary people on this site often don’t realize this and think tru.scum are accurately representing the medical profession’s views on trans people, or doubt themselves and feel worse dysphoria due to tru.scum’s treatment of people they don’t think are trans.

In short, tru.scum think that dysphoria is necessary to be trans (but only the types of dysphoria they deem okay, which change — at first, it was “only genital dysphoria”, then “only physical dysphoria including genital” and now some tru.scum seem to include social dysphoria, I think), and often that transness is medical and trans people should fulfill the standard cissexist, ableist, and generally gross trans narrative (“feels like boy born in girl’s body, feels crippling dysphoria, transitions medically as much as possible to feel better”, etc).

When they find people they think don’t fit their narrative of what transness is — often DMAB transfeminine people and trans women, DFAB nonbinary people, and pretty much anyone who isn’t a trans man, as the overwhelming majority of tru.scum are white, aged under 22 or something, trans men, and have not begun transitioning medically or have recently begun (they conducted a survey on themselves that confirmed this) — they call that person a trans.trender, special snowflake, or some other derogatory term and try to refuse “admission” to the “trans community” or something.

In reality, the attempts made by tru.scum to define who trans people are and aren’t will always be ableist, racist, and transphobic, because they can’t seem to accept that gender dysphoria manifests in many ways, some trans people do not feel dysphoria, and that the gender binary is a racist, white supremacist, and colonialist concept from top to bottom that we can’t use to enforce how trans people are “supposed” to feel about themselves.

Here are some links to explain more! (one) (two) (three) (four) (five, an apology post from a former tru.scum).

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what does "hbs" stand for?

Harry Benjamin Syndrome -

He was a “sexologist” and endocrinologist and he was responsible for creating the first requirements for being diagnosed as a transgender person(they used transsexual back then).

HBS-ers still believe those rules, created by an old white cishet man.

The rules are pretty much the same as what truscum/transmedicalist believe.

-Mod Virgil

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warning to the trans/nonbinary community: a cis woman by the url genderlizard identifies as a truscum and goes around derailing individuals who do not experience dysphoria to try and tell them they're not trans, that they've 'internalized sexism', and that they are 'really cis'. i strongly urge you to block her because she is on some real shit. stay safe!

Look out,  lovelies!

Thank you for the warning <3


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I believe in trans without gender disphoria but under certain circumstances. Isn't disphoria a major factor in how we realize we're really trans?.. Anyways, so, if you don't have a visible chest and if your body is manly in your own definition, there's no need for disphoria. But how can someone with like a D sized chest that doesn't wear a binder be caller trans?!

Because they aren’t the gender they were assigned at birth. Your body, how you feel about it, and what you plan to do with it have nothing to do with your gender.
- Andy

Ps I have a d chest and don’t bind thanks for the invalidation! :)) I am still trans.