Me: *is trans without wanting to have my genitals surgically altered*

Truscum: *large crying voice* No.. you dont underknow .. Stop.. thats not a trans you are wrong… please… please stop calling yourself transgender you are too wrong for it… You cannot say this fake thing

Me: luv these genitals

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warning to the trans/nonbinary community: a cis woman by the url genderlizard identifies as a truscum and goes around derailing individuals who do not experience dysphoria to try and tell them they're not trans, that they've 'internalized sexism', and that they are 'really cis'. i strongly urge you to block her because she is on some real shit. stay safe!

Look out,  lovelies!

Thank you for the warning <3


I actually don’t understand truscum. They call themselves scientists but literally HALF of science is exploring, and creating, and classifying. They obviously don’t understand how complex the world is because they just accept things as they are. The world’s scientific knowledge can only be furthered by challenging its current system of beliefs.

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*urgent* I was just looking at the blog agender-offender (I think that's the url) and now I'm not really sure what to do. They said that genderfluid isn't real and being pansexual/romantic is biphobic. It's sending me to the verge.

Ren says:

Hello my friend - that blog is a known truscum / nasty nasty person. Here is my suggestion: close the blog, and tumblr savior their URL - they are not worth wasting your time on.

Take a deep breath, remember that some people are full to the brim with turds and there is little we can do about it, and move onto better things…like my favorite collection of hedgehog vines.

I love you! Please keep yourself safe, and don’t torment yourself by reading that junk anymore. <3

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the people on hellyeahagender are NOT agender - they are cis. i have talked to them before, they believe being agender is a choice/fashion statement/"fuck gender roles" rather than an actual condition. AVEN DOES contain asexuals, but that doesn't make them any less harmful and make their misinformation legit. also, you can't have "agender days" unless some days you actually feel like you want a sexless body. gender. is. not. about. gender. roles.

ruscum are also not the devil. we are transgender people against transphobia. the urban dictionary definition is wrong, if that’s what you’re using. anyway, i suggest that if anyone, including your followers, have a question about agender people then they should ask me OR if they’re not comfortable with that then i can redirect them to some other agender people. please, listen to US, and not people who speak over us because they think our gender is edgy.


You claim to be against transphobia and just displayed it against me, so congrats on being a fucking hypocrite already. That being said on hellyeahagender they have described themselves as agender, not cis, so you just actively misgendered them. I am not going with the urban dictionary either, I’m going with the trans community. A truscum is a trans or non binary person who is transphobic against other trans people and themselves, often misgendering, policing others genders or trying to define other peoples genders for them.

If you don’t like the sources I provided that’s fine, but as a genderfluid person who needed those resources to determine my own spectrum of genders and to be able to determine which genders I was on which days they helped enormously. If followers want a NON truscum source for agender information I highly recommend therainbowgorilla as they are an excellent source (If you aren’t comfy with that shout out let me know I’ll delete it from this post) and they are agender and they have to deal with shitstains like you misgendering them constantly because you think you get to define transness for everyone else.

So, if they want an agender person I am not sending them to someone who polices other peoples genders and thinks they get to define other peoples genders or police what ‘transness’ is. FYI I don’t always have dysphoria on my agender days and many agender and other non binary genders do not experience gender dysphoria, I mostly have it on days when I’m a man, but I do get days (for long stretches sometimes) as agender. You can kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus for trying to tell me in this ask that my gender isn’t real enough for you because it shifts regularily.

ALSO none of my sources said that agender was about gender roles. Not fucking one. Find me where they said they were and I’ll believe you, but saying 'agender is not identifying as any gender’ is not saying it’s about gender roles, its saying you just don’t ave a gender.


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Truscum are the opposite of honesty, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and laughter. (I wasn't keen on their ideology in the first place, but then I saw what kind of people they were and I was like, NOPE.)

The elements of hatred

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I am sorry if I seem rude but why are the terms MTF and FTM problematic?

Because a) it implies that people who have transitioned ‘were’ their assigned gender before they transitioned, which is very rarely true and potentially dysphoria-inducing, and b) it implies that people who haven’t transitioned aren’t actually the gender they identify as. Basically, it’s truscum rhetoric. - Balloon Mod