Truscum stalker alert, avoid and tell to fuck off if possible!

Tumblr user transcoma is harrassing several trans women right now and is being an overall creep.

So let’s agree on getting his massive ass-backwards arrogance and bullshit the fuck away.

I don’t care what you do, but freaking make sure he unfollows every single trans woman in question.

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warning to the trans/nonbinary community: a cis woman by the url genderlizard identifies as a truscum and goes around derailing individuals who do not experience dysphoria to try and tell them they're not trans, that they've 'internalized sexism', and that they are 'really cis'. i strongly urge you to block her because she is on some real shit. stay safe!

Look out,  lovelies!

Thank you for the warning <3


It’s not transphobic to not be attracted to certain sets of genitals.

Some people are attracted to masculinity and/or femininity and don’t have a genital preference.

Others are attracted to either penis or vagina. These people can’t help it. It’s not a choice. It’s not bigotry to not be attracted to either of those parts.

What IS wrong is if you think the people with the genitals you aren’t attracted to are completely repulsive and unlovable. But not being attracted to someone doesn’t automatically mean the person thinks that.

Some thoughts on the 'Truscum' v 'Tucute' debate.

I’ve been seeing several arguments on Tumblr about the validity of trans identities, all occurring within the trans/gender-variant community, between people called ‘truscum’ and ‘tucutes’.

Let’s start with some definitions
Truscum is Tumblr slang for those trans people who experience dysphoria, want to medically transition and see their being trans as a medical condition. ‘Tucute’ is slang (that I only found out about yesterday, but I’ve seen those people around without knowing the name) for people who don’t think dysphoria is necessary to identify as trans. (They’re also associated with the people who like to use ‘nounself’ pronouns like ‘faeself’ and ‘bunself’.)

The debate between classical transsexuals and other trans people is NOT NEW.
It’s not a ‘Tumblr thing’. This debate dates back to the 60s and 70s, so the ‘truscum’ v ‘tucute’ thing is not new. It’s just new names plastered over conversations the trans community has been having for the past forty to fifty years.

Before they would have been referred to as ‘transsexual’ and ‘transgenderist’, ‘transsexual’ referring to people who matched the classical medical model, and ‘transgenderist’ referring to people whose narratives didn’t. Here I’ll talk about ‘classical transsexuals’ to refer to the people referred to as ‘truscum’ and use different terms to refer to trans/gender-variant people outside that mould, depending on how they identify themselves.

Cristan Williams, in her blog entry ‘Tracking Transgender: The Historical Truth’, discusses the use of ‘transgender’ by several different activists and medical professionals. You’ll see mentions of the distinctions between transsexual and transgenderist that people made back in the 60s and 70s. Yes, people were arguing about this when most Tumblr users’ parents were kids. (And judging by how young some of them are, it’s probably before some of their parents were born, since a lot of them would have parents born in the late 70s.)

More recently (as in the 2000s), there were debates between trans third-wave feminist activists and the ‘Harry Benjamin Syndrome’/‘Women Born Transsexual’ trans women. ‘HBS’ trans women hold similar beliefs to Tumblr’s ‘truscum’, though the truscum bloggers seem to be predominantly trans men, whereas the HBS people are predominantly trans women. (Natalie Reed has a good article about the issues surrounding the HBS narrative.

I don’t deny that recognising and treating the dysphoria of classical transsexuals is important. It is a medical condition for some trans people. I’M a trans guy that had severe social dysphoria before transitioning, and some degree of physical dysphoria remains. If you want to use Harry Benjamin’s scale, I’d be a type 5; I’ve been Officially Recognised as being trans. But there’s a difference between recognising that one form of being trans exists and advocating for good medical care for that segment of that population, and invalidating other experiences of being gender-variant or trans. (I’m not going to touch the nounself pronouns right now, I’m not really interested in it, first off, and second, I consider it a distraction.) Yeah I’d like people like me to be helped with their dysphoria by being able to access physical transition through hormones and surgery but it’s not the only narrative there is, and I really hate how some classical transsexuals want a monopoly on trans identities and discourse.

The debate that’s going on is kind of white-centric, classist and potentially racist.
It’s a bunch of privileged white trans people (mostly men in the case of Truscum) in countries like America, the UK and Australia arguing with other privileged white trans people, for the most part. I don’t deny that people of colour are part of this debate, but for the most part, the loudest voices represented are white. I have not seen a single black, South or East Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Latin person visibly involved in this argument.

I almost wonder if some of that is because the arguments some of the the classical transsexual posters use against ‘tucutes’… wouldn’t work for trans people of colour. For example, for black binary trans people, the threat to your life can increase regardless of whether you’re a trans man or a trans woman. In the US, black and Latina trans women are disproportionately likely to be the victim of transphobic hate crimes, including murders. As for black trans men, anybody who’s perceived as a black man is at risk of racial profiling, police brutality and other difficult realities that face black men. (This mostly applies to the US, or at least the police brutality does. But that doesn’t mean that people of colour in other areas can’t experience stereotyping based on both their ethnicity and the gender they’re perceived as in society.) I’ve BEEN racially profiled and I am really fucking terrified of the police. That’s what it means to be a black man in America. And it’s not just about the US, either. There are a lot of trans-related murders in Brazil. To claim that trans people of colour in societies that form many of their social prejudices based on race and on gender would transition just to be ‘trendy’ and ‘different’ is insulting in the extreme.

The ‘Surgery über alles’ mentality of some classical transsexual folk ignores the fact that a lot of trans people, especially poor trans people, trans people of colour and people in countries or regions where trans-related health care is difficult to access, cannot get surgery through no fault of their own. They’re not lesser trans people because of their socio-economic status or their geographic location - I won’t put up with that bullshit here so don’t even think about it.

tl;dr I don’t have any goddamn time for this truscum/tucute bullshit, y’all need to cut it out.

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the people on hellyeahagender are NOT agender - they are cis. i have talked to them before, they believe being agender is a choice/fashion statement/"fuck gender roles" rather than an actual condition. AVEN DOES contain asexuals, but that doesn't make them any less harmful and make their misinformation legit. also, you can't have "agender days" unless some days you actually feel like you want a sexless body. gender. is. not. about. gender. roles.

ruscum are also not the devil. we are transgender people against transphobia. the urban dictionary definition is wrong, if that’s what you’re using. anyway, i suggest that if anyone, including your followers, have a question about agender people then they should ask me OR if they’re not comfortable with that then i can redirect them to some other agender people. please, listen to US, and not people who speak over us because they think our gender is edgy.


You claim to be against transphobia and just displayed it against me, so congrats on being a fucking hypocrite already. That being said on hellyeahagender they have described themselves as agender, not cis, so you just actively misgendered them. I am not going with the urban dictionary either, I’m going with the trans community. A truscum is a trans or non binary person who is transphobic against other trans people and themselves, often misgendering, policing others genders or trying to define other peoples genders for them.

If you don’t like the sources I provided that’s fine, but as a genderfluid person who needed those resources to determine my own spectrum of genders and to be able to determine which genders I was on which days they helped enormously. If followers want a NON truscum source for agender information I highly recommend therainbowgorilla as they are an excellent source (If you aren’t comfy with that shout out let me know I’ll delete it from this post) and they are agender and they have to deal with shitstains like you misgendering them constantly because you think you get to define transness for everyone else.

So, if they want an agender person I am not sending them to someone who polices other peoples genders and thinks they get to define other peoples genders or police what ‘transness’ is. FYI I don’t always have dysphoria on my agender days and many agender and other non binary genders do not experience gender dysphoria, I mostly have it on days when I’m a man, but I do get days (for long stretches sometimes) as agender. You can kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus for trying to tell me in this ask that my gender isn’t real enough for you because it shifts regularily.

ALSO none of my sources said that agender was about gender roles. Not fucking one. Find me where they said they were and I’ll believe you, but saying 'agender is not identifying as any gender’ is not saying it’s about gender roles, its saying you just don’t ave a gender.


Also can we talk about how truscum are totally victim blaming other trans people for cis people being transphobic.

“Uhm excuse me you are not trans enough and I’m kinda confused about your gender, you aRE MAKING CIS PEOPLE DISRECPECT MeE.”




it makes me feel as fucking shit i know that you try to be supportive and all but please don’t do it for fucks sake it alienates trans people so much 

the majority of population is cis i don’t want to see that in your about

I dont want someone to look at my blog and wonder if im cis because I didn’t put it in my about BECAUSE I DONT HAVE THE LUXURY TO DO SO AND IT HURTS SO MUCH


the issue is much more complicated but im pissed off and my dysphoria is triggered because i just saw that so im not going to write anything more

truscum totally care all about dysphoric trans people!

unless said dysphoric trans person is a trans woman, in which case they intentionally trigger her dysphoria while simultaneously accusing her of triggering theirs.

I honestly think its super funny that truscum are all up in arms about nonbinary pronouns other than they and ze being “dehumanizing” when I have literally seen truscum “friendly debates” about the EXISTENCE OF NONBINARY PPL HOLY SHIT

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Have they somehow managed to never meet a non-cis dmab person who is seeing a woman? Come now. If I had a dollar for every lesbian trans woman I've ever met I could buy better liquor. I've met plenty of trans/non-binary spectrum people who are comfortable using their parts for recreation or procreation too, and some who have started biological families. I'd like to think that anyone educated enough to advocate for trans/non-binary issues knows that such people are absolutely thick on the ground.

ok im about 200% sure ryulong is truscum as soon as he dropped “diavolo shows no evidence of having dysphoria” so no wonder he doesnt believe in nonbinary identities lol

also yeah like, what the actual fuck, ive met more lesbian/bi/pansexual trans women then ive met het ones tbqh

and i dont get why people dont think that trans people arent capable of having kids like ?????????????????????????????