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warning to the trans/nonbinary community: a cis woman by the url genderlizard identifies as a truscum and goes around derailing individuals who do not experience dysphoria to try and tell them they're not trans, that they've 'internalized sexism', and that they are 'really cis'. i strongly urge you to block her because she is on some real shit. stay safe!

Look out,  lovelies!

Thank you for the warning <3


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the people on hellyeahagender are NOT agender - they are cis. i have talked to them before, they believe being agender is a choice/fashion statement/"fuck gender roles" rather than an actual condition. AVEN DOES contain asexuals, but that doesn't make them any less harmful and make their misinformation legit. also, you can't have "agender days" unless some days you actually feel like you want a sexless body. gender. is. not. about. gender. roles.

ruscum are also not the devil. we are transgender people against transphobia. the urban dictionary definition is wrong, if that’s what you’re using. anyway, i suggest that if anyone, including your followers, have a question about agender people then they should ask me OR if they’re not comfortable with that then i can redirect them to some other agender people. please, listen to US, and not people who speak over us because they think our gender is edgy.


You claim to be against transphobia and just displayed it against me, so congrats on being a fucking hypocrite already. That being said on hellyeahagender they have described themselves as agender, not cis, so you just actively misgendered them. I am not going with the urban dictionary either, I’m going with the trans community. A truscum is a trans or non binary person who is transphobic against other trans people and themselves, often misgendering, policing others genders or trying to define other peoples genders for them.

If you don’t like the sources I provided that’s fine, but as a genderfluid person who needed those resources to determine my own spectrum of genders and to be able to determine which genders I was on which days they helped enormously. If followers want a NON truscum source for agender information I highly recommend therainbowgorilla as they are an excellent source (If you aren’t comfy with that shout out let me know I’ll delete it from this post) and they are agender and they have to deal with shitstains like you misgendering them constantly because you think you get to define transness for everyone else.

So, if they want an agender person I am not sending them to someone who polices other peoples genders and thinks they get to define other peoples genders or police what ‘transness’ is. FYI I don’t always have dysphoria on my agender days and many agender and other non binary genders do not experience gender dysphoria, I mostly have it on days when I’m a man, but I do get days (for long stretches sometimes) as agender. You can kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus for trying to tell me in this ask that my gender isn’t real enough for you because it shifts regularily.

ALSO none of my sources said that agender was about gender roles. Not fucking one. Find me where they said they were and I’ll believe you, but saying 'agender is not identifying as any gender’ is not saying it’s about gender roles, its saying you just don’t ave a gender.


Also can we talk about how truscum are totally victim blaming other trans people for cis people being transphobic.

“Uhm excuse me you are not trans enough and I’m kinda confused about your gender, you aRE MAKING CIS PEOPLE DISRECPECT MeE.”

I honestly think its super funny that truscum are all up in arms about nonbinary pronouns other than they and ze being “dehumanizing” when I have literally seen truscum “friendly debates” about the EXISTENCE OF NONBINARY PPL HOLY SHIT

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Have they somehow managed to never meet a non-cis dmab person who is seeing a woman? Come now. If I had a dollar for every lesbian trans woman I've ever met I could buy better liquor. I've met plenty of trans/non-binary spectrum people who are comfortable using their parts for recreation or procreation too, and some who have started biological families. I'd like to think that anyone educated enough to advocate for trans/non-binary issues knows that such people are absolutely thick on the ground.

ok im about 200% sure ryulong is truscum as soon as he dropped “diavolo shows no evidence of having dysphoria” so no wonder he doesnt believe in nonbinary identities lol

also yeah like, what the actual fuck, ive met more lesbian/bi/pansexual trans women then ive met het ones tbqh

and i dont get why people dont think that trans people arent capable of having kids like ?????????????????????????????

truscum are like poisoned grapes. They look like regular grapes so they get thrown into the fruit salad with the other grapes. And When people get sick they don’t just blame the grapes they blame the whole salad.

That’s why truscum are so hurtful, most people just sees a fruit salad that’s making people sick. They don’t take the time to figure out its just the grapes.

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So, I have to ask because this is confusing me. What exactly are truscum? I've heard the word, but never the definition.

Urban dictionary’s second definition of it describes it well:

“Truscum refers to trans people who subscribe to the idea that transgenderism is a mental disorder solely defined by sex dysphoria. They are known for calling themselves "true transsexuals”, which is why they are called and even call themselves truscum.“   They think that to be trans you have to have dysphoria. They forget that there is a difference between transgender and transsexual. Transgender means that you don’t identify as the gender you were assigned at birth. Transsexual means that you don’t identify as the gender you were assigned at birth and wish to have your body altered to better fit your gender identity as you do not feel comfortable in your birth body (that’s what dysphoria is).  Though transsexual people are transgender, you can be transgender without being transsexual. It’s like how all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares. They would be quick to tell me that because I love my DFAB body, I cannot possibly be agender. They don’t understand that I am transgender, but not transsexual. And it’s very possible to be transgender without being transsexual

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What is truscum?

Good question! Truscum are individuals who believe that: 1) being trans is a medical condition, and 2) you must have dysphoria to be considered trans. (The name comes from the divide they enforce between “true transsexuals” and everyone else.)

This seems really simple on the surface, but when you think about the number of people who don’t believe that being trans is a medical condition, which implies the standard trans narrative: “knew I was trans since I was 3-6, always hated my body/clothes/assigned gender, transitioned ASAP”.

Also, not every trans person, especially when it comes to nonbinary people, feels dysphoria, and levels of dysphoria can change over time or even lessen. Some trans people choose to go without surgery, hormones, or other treatments and don’t feel that the desire to transition is a need, or even something they want.

Truscum also have some pretty huge problems historically and even at this very moment with respecting nonbinary people’s pronouns and identities, so we don’t welcome them here.