trunks from the future

  • Vegeta: Trunks, what is going on? Get down from there.
  • Future Trunks: This is mine.
  • Vegeta: I don’t understand.
  • Future Trunks: Chibi Me gets a childhood, a dad, a real family, AND a basketball hoop? No. I at least get the hoop I’m taking it with me.
  • Vegeta: Look, just come down and talk to me.
  • Future Trunks: Why? Why should I? You’re lame, OK? You’re just some lame suburban dad.
  • Vegeta: Why does that make you so mad?
  • Future Trunks: Because if you were gonna be some lame suburban dad, why couldn’t you have been that for me?!

“But… but you should never skip tail day!”

“Puh-reachin’ to the choir…”

“Is he stupid or something?  I’d go knock some sense into him, but it’d be too easy.  Like, a literal baby could beat him up!”

“Heh-heh!  I bet you’re right.   Y’know, I’d pay good money to see that.”

“No, shut up!  This is serious!  I’m gonna go talk to him!”

Yes!  You skip tail day!  Everyone thinks you’re a weakling all the time!  Because you’re so weak!  In your tail!”

“Buh- wha–?”

“Look, I’m not mad… I’m just worried about you, Raditz.  Some wild baby could headbutt you in the chest when you least expect it and then what would you do?”

“N-nonsense! My scouter would…”

“Those things are garbage!  I overloaded yours just standing here!  Didn’t your parents teach you anything?!”

“Well… my finishing move… I call it ‘Hump Day’, and–”


“I’m worried about your brother.”

“Huh?  You mean that green fox guy I met before the 22nd World Tournament?   Man, I ain’t heard from him in forever!  How’s he doin’ anyway?”

“Wait, I forgot you’re a damn jackass.  Never mind.”

“No problem!”

“What’s wrong with all of you?!”

“Oh.  You found out about Raditz, I take it.”

“At least he has a tail!”

“Aren’t you overreacting a little?   It’s a liability, really.  Besides, mine’s purple.   It’s a little… ostentatious, you know?”

“Dammit, this is why you’re still single, Trunks!  There’s plenty of color-blind women who’d never hold your half-breed tail against you!  Instead, you just lop it off before they even get a chance to know you!”

“Don’t you have something better to do?”

“It’s the same way you hide behind that milquetoast personality of yours!   No one even gets a chance to find out whether you use that sword to compensate for below-average unarmed combat prowess!”


“You keep building all these barriers, Trunks!  People can’t see the real you!”



The afternoon sun casted a warm glow over the patio deck of Capsule Corps, providing the perfect scenery to an outside dinner that Bulma spent hours directing. 

“Any wish you want, Trunks,” Whis’ face was painted with his natural amused expression, his hand lightly circled around his staff as he stared down at Trunks, “These super dragon balls transcend any power that comes from Earth’s dragon balls.”

Next to Whis, and not so particularly amused, stood Beerus, his arms folded across his chest, his feline eyes narrowed dangerously. “You should consider yourself lucky that Whis is being so kind to you, considering that we’ve done more than enough meddling in your illegal affairs.” A growl slithered through the god’s throat, and Bulma could tell it made Trunks entirely uncomfortable, but he managed to stifle his shudder and nod in reply.

“I’m very grateful, thank you Whis,” Trunks spoke so elegantly, a world’s difference to her foul mouthed husband and their rambunctious pre teen son, and it made her heart swell with pride. “And you as well Beerus. It’s a gift more gracious than Mai or myself could ask for.” His eyes slithered towards her slowly, a warmth seeping through his electric blues that were all business only seconds before. “And thank you, Mother. For taking time to find them all. I’m sure that mustn’t have been easy. ”

No, Bulma thought immediately, it wasn’t. While Trunks, Goku and Vegeta were fighting in the apocalyptic future, she had enlisted the help of Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and her own younger Trunks to help locate the super dragon balls. It was overwhelming locating seven otherworldly objects that were far out of her reach, but they had managed to do it in time. She thought they’d be using them for a different reason; she already imagined seeing herself asking to bring back the trio from the dead or the secret to defeating Zamasu. But once again they came through victorious, and she saw nothing more fit than for Trunks to have the wish of the spheres. She smiled at him and nodded. “It was no issue at all Trunks. I’m just glad that you can find some sort of peace in all of this.”

“So what’re you gonna wish for, Trunks?” Goku leaned back in his chair after polishing off a rack of pork, rubbing his belly satisfyingly. “I bet you wanna bring back your world as if Zamasu never came there, huh?”

Trunks’ expression turned grim, and rather serious, and he slowly shook his head. “I thought about that, Goku, but the truth is, our world is gone, and for the sake of the future itself, maybe it’s best it stays that way.”

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anonymous asked:

Y;know what? I'm just gonna say it: If 18 was gonna be with anyone or "thank fuck" anyone for saving her from Cell, it should have been Gohan. HE'S the one who saved her from absorption. The only thing Krillin did was take credit in hopes he could smash. It's not only a sexist relationship, it's based on a lie, practically rape. How can you support that?

Actually no he did not. I mean Cell was already perfect when Gohan fought him, correct? So that already negates your first stupid statement. 

There is no ‘thank fucking’ going on at all and Krillin did not even have that motive. Sure he had a crush but his ultimate reason for not destroying her was because of her practically not doing anything wrong in the present timeline. Plus he actually thought she and Seventeen were an item…don’t sound like someone who only does something to gain something.

And rape? WTF Anon, what kind of series have you been watching? Or been reading for that matter. ( Even TFS doesn’t go that far in their jokes so don’t even try and bring that up) 

Not only is that statement utter bullshit, Krillin never laid a hand on her in the first place and he is not a character that would. Something tells me you’re trollin’ me. Or have some very unhealthy views of the world around you.  I mean, according to you a grown ass woman should fuck an 11 yr old.

Their relationship sexist? Let me guess because in super Frieza saga Krillin wanted Eighteen to stay home? Or maybe because he was the one going with Goku and the others in the Buu saga and Eighteens stays behind with their daughter?

Think again, the buu saga , Eighteen flat out refused to go. Super? Yes she wanted to go and help, yes she is stronger but this was something Krillin had to face. He was the one who had faced Frieza in the past, he is the first line of defence because guess what? Marron is much safer with her mother. First off, Eighteen does not register with a ki signal so she can hide but if it comes to it, she is the last line of defence for her daughter. I don’t blame Krillin for wanting her as the last defence BECAUSE she is the strongest of them both.

Oh and if we talk about saving her, all other things aside.

Tien saved her, Android 16 tried to protect her. Krillin saved her from destruction and tried to protect her, Future Trunks didn’t blow her up but instead told her to leave so he saved her in a way DESPITE coming from a future where her counterpart destroyed EVERYTHING.

 Gohan was the cause of her being regurgitated but guess who kept her safe after that? That’s right; Krillin. 

He left her behind to help Gohan, fully expecting to die. He makes a wish for her, not expecting anything in return at all, since Seventeen and Eighteen are an item, right? I mean that was what he thought until Eighteen set him straight. 

Again, thank fucking? WHERE? Eighteen clearly stated she doesn’t owe Krillin anything, nothing, nada. I mean she screams her head off at him in a moment of anger. 

And Krillin doesn’t force himself on her either. He is trying to make her life easier and maybe a bit more ordinary by trying to wish her back to who she once was, a normal human girl. When that doesn’t happen, he wishes for her AND SEVENTEEN’s bombs to be removed so they can at least live a relatively normal life.


Hmm, feel stupid yet?

As for their relationship, Toriyama himself said they were the most ordinary couple/household on the show amongst the main ships. Their relationship is built on mutual respect, something that is clearly visible through the interactions they have with each other and their daughter. But since you watch/read the series with your special glasses, you prolly missed it.

Honestly, I am not even sure why I answer this, knowing I have dealt with people like you all the time in the fandom, I highly doubt you will even listen to a word I say. If I sound rude, bite me. I’ve had enough of people like you trying, again and again,  to besmirch this wonderful ship with their ridiculous theories and slander. Go back to shipping what YOU want, respect what other’s ship and leave us alone. We as fans of K18 aren’t harassing anyone.

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Since you're an analyst, what're some plot holes in dragon ball?

First of all, thank you for the compliment :3

But there’re too many to name! XD But I’ll just list the ones most irksome to me XP I don’t wanna make this post TOO long! XP

Okay this dates all the way back to the whee old days of Dragon Ball where Goku goes to retrieve his grandfather’s four star ball after the World Tournament arc. The problem with this is that Bulma stated how it takes a year before the Dragon Balls are traceable so logically, it shouldn’t be traceable when you keep in mind that from the Emperor Pilaf arc to that arc, it was only eight months.:

The next comes during the King Piccolo Saga where Korin states that anyone killed by King Piccolo or his children/the demon clan are doomed to limbo for all eternity and can’t pass onto the afterlife. My problem with this is that Goku and Raditz were clearly offed by the offspring of King Piccolo

My problem with this is that we see Goku able to pass on to the next world with Raditz being said to have been sent to hell.

But if we consider Korin’s words from above, Goku and Raditz should’ve been trapped in limbo then. Also, I should point out that Piccolo isn’t even a demon but a Namekian. Kami says this is because Piccolo’s not super evil anymore but this is before Piccolo befriended Gohan so this makes no sense.

Next up is the Frieza Saga where Frieza states how Saiyans can’t survive in outer space.

But this is contradicted in the Battle of Gods arc when Goku is just chillin’ above the earth’s atmosphere along with Beerus

And speaking of this arc, when Mr. Popo makes the wish to revive everyone killed by Frieza and his men, I want to know why this wish didn’t bring back Nappa, Yamcha or Tien?

If Guru passing away from old age counts as him being killed by Frieza and his men, then Tien dying from a suicidal attack aimed for Nappa and Yamcha being killed by a Saibamen is the same as being killed by Frieza or his men as far as I’m concerned.

Next up is the Cell Saga where Cell explains his origins and how the spiral robot didn’t need Future Trunks’ cells since the spy robot had enough Saiyan DNA. My problem with this is that Cell comes from a timeline where Trunks wasn’t in the past. Or in simpler terms, he comes from the same shoddy future as Trunks, i.e., the one where Goku died from a Heart Virus and the Androids came and messed shit up and made the world into a living hell. 

Speaking of Cell, let’s talk about his regenerative properties.

After Goku attempts to stop Cell’s self-destruction with his instant transmission, Cell states how as long as his head is intact, he can recover from anything. But if we wind the clock back 11 chapters ago….

Cell’s head was definitely blown off. And so if we go by Cell’s rules on his regeneration, technically Goku killed Cell…..

In the Majin Buu arc, Piccolo states how selfless heroes who have fought to protect their worlds are allowed to keep their bodies while people with a trackrecord like Vegeta lose their bodies and they’re reincarnated into new lifeforms. Okay, pretty fair.

…If it wasn’t for the fact that Frieza was shown chillin’ in Hell with his body

I could move on to Super but I think this post is long enough as is. XD

2-0 - Sensing and Manipulation - “Breaking the Natural Flow”

How does that picture book retelling of the Cell Games go again? We had it at one point, a staple of Pan’s bedtime routine. You can never find these things when you need them of course but I’m sure I remember the broad strokes.

Once upon a time there was an alien called Cell. Cell was very bad. It liked to eat people for dinner, and the tastiest people of all were the scared kind. One day, Cell snuck down to Earth to eat. It gobbled up one person for breakfast, but that wasn’t enough. It gobbled up two people for lunch, but that still wasn’t enough. It gobbled up THREE WHOLE people for dinner but yet that still was not enough! Now, scaring people was hard work and always left Cell hungry. If it was going to eat its fill, Cell needed to scare the entire world at once…

Cell was cunning, and devised a plan to challenge the world to a tournament. If Earth could beat it it would go away hungry, but if Cell won it’d eat everyone for its dinner! But Cell was also a cheater. It used explosions and magic tricks on its TV show to scare everyone away from competing. He decided to let the world stew in fear for nine days. The longer people were afraid, the tastier they would be. It licked its lips in anticipation, thinking itself so very clever.

But Cell did not expect Mr. Satan, the World’s Champion to come to the rescue! Cell threw fire and lasers to scare Mr. Satan into giving up, but he was brave, and saw through its lies. Cell was not strong at all - it was all just magic tricks! Cell pleaded for its life but the alien had been too wicked across the Galaxy to escape justice. With one huge Satan Punch, Cell was defeated. His punch was so strong it undid all Cell’s evil and everyone came back to life! Mr. Satan had saved the world, and he keeps us safe to this day. The End.

It’s an alarmingly dark story of good and evil, how we should fight against trickery and be brave in the face of adversity. Even better because it’s true, yes?

For those old enough to remember The Games themselves, I’m sure you’ll agree the picture painted above is a gross simplification at best. Notable omissions include the civil unrest after Cell’s broadcast, Mr. Satan’s initial loss in the ring before all pretence of the tournament was lost and of course the mysterious challengers - me and my friends and family. In fact our presence is completely glossed over these days in material for all ages. This is by design. We would rather you forget about that ragtag band using the same magic tricks as Cell. The most charitable accounts of our appearance say we were misguided amateurs wanting to make a name for ourselves. The least forgiving say we were in on the plot. Very few theories have the measure of it.

If you were to root through ZTV’s archives, deep in the vaults below ZPress’ main headquarters, there, on an unassuming rack, you’d find the original battered camera footage and corresponding Cell Games’ broadcast tapes. These tapes went missing until very recently. Oh, their absence was noted, though never publicised - what an embarrassment that would have caused. I know because I had them at home on my own shelf. I was curious what little footage there was towards the end of the bout, as my own memories were vivid but distorted over the years. Suffice to say that with what they showed I was a little reluctant to return them. Still, after this, I’m sure they’ll be hauled out, and with a little imagination and extrapolation there’s enough there to confirm my story.

Pan very much enjoyed the picture book - cajoling her Gramps to act it out with her when they played. But when she was old enough to understand how to keep secrets I retold it - the story being told somewhat differently in our household nowadays. Bear with me as the truth is a little more winding; with a far larger cast filled with knights, monsters, witches and wizards, giants and the Chimera itself, and begins some three years before the Games themselves.

Are you tucked in tight? Good. Then I’ll begin.

There once was a boy called Trunks. 

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Did Goku Even Want to Be the Main Character?
  • -Start of DBZ-
  • Goku: Hey guys, long time no see!
  • Goku: Sorry I haven't seen you for five years, I've just been spending time with my family and raising my son and just being happy!
  • Goku: Heck, I don't even need the Dragon Balls!
  • Raditz: Hey there. I'm your brother.
  • Goku: Wha-
  • Raditz: And I'm gonna kidnap your kid, invite my homies to come take your dragon balls, threaten the earth, and kill you!
  • Goku: WHA-
  • - After Saiyan Saga-
  • Goku: Okay, Saiyans are defeated!
  • Goku: Every bone is broken in my body, but okay! I just have to heal and-
  • Gohan: Daddy, I'm gonna go to Namek and use their Dragon Balls to revive Piccolo
  • Goku: Oh...okay...I'll catch up with you later then?
  • -On Namek-
  • Goku: Okay, I'm gonna defeat these baddies, help revive Piccolo, collect my son, and-
  • Frieza: Hey there. I'm the guy who killed off your entire race.
  • Goku: Wha-
  • Frieza: And now I'm gonna kill your best friend, threaten your son's life, and threaten to destroy your planet when I'm through killing you!
  • Goku: Son of a-
  • -After Yardrat-
  • Goku: Okay, I'm back from Yardrat, learned a cool new technique and can control my SS form now, plus Frieza's dead! Isn't this great-
  • Future Trunks: So in the future you die from a heart virus and these androids appear to kill everyone off but your son because one of your former enemies was super salty about you defeating him.
  • Future Trunks: I guess you guys should, I dunno, train or something.
  • Goku:
  • -After Cell-
  • Goku: OKAY. I am finally out of the spotlight, I am DEAD now so aliens and people will stop threatening the Earth to kill me!
  • Goku: I'm just gonna attend this World Tournament for one day, catch up with my family and friends, and have a good time. Nothing is going to go-
  • Supreme Kai: Hi there. I'm gonna need you to stand by as these obvious bad guys come in and stab your eldest son.
  • Goku: Oh
  • Goku: Oh no.
I’ve been stewing on this for a while, but I shall stew no longer

Okay so are we all just gonna ignore that the timeline that Goku Black got his body from and killed Goten and Chichi literally cannot be future Trunks’ timeline? Because according to the official Toei timeline he got his body from future Trunks’ timeline.

I’ll give you the short version if you’re not big on trying to decipher this mess: green box means Future Trunks’ timeline and at the very bottom on the right in green it says Goku Black got his body, therefore he got it from Future Trunks’ timeline.

So what’s this mean? Why does it matter? It means Blue hair Future Trunks from Super and Purple hair Future Trunks from Z (henceforth known as Blue and Purple Trunks) cannot be the same Trunks. To explain, let’s build a basic timeline from what we’ve seen in Z and accept as canon.

Purple Trunks’ timeline:

- King Cold and Mecha Freeza arrive on Earth and are defeated by Goku and/or Z fighters, doesn’t really matter

- Everyone lives in relative peace and happiness for two and a half years

- Goku dies of heart virus half a year before androids 17 and 18 show up

- 17 and 18 kill the cast of DBZ with the exceptions of Gohan, Trunks and Bulma

- Gohan and Trunks train and fight against the androids

- Gohan loses his arm

- Gohan dies

- Trunks achieves Super Saiyan

- Bulma makes a time machine and sends Trunks back to change the past and save Goku.

The rest of it plays out as we see in Z.

Now if Blue and Purple Trunks are the same then Goku Black has to take the body of Goku from before him dying of the heart virus because we clearly see him alive and kicking when Goku Black takes the body. You know who else is alive? Goten. Goten. Goten who cannot be as old as he is in the flashback since he isn’t born ‘til after Goku dies of the heart virus if he’d even exist in the unchanged timeline to begin with.

While y'all were having the kisscoruse, you missed a more prevalent and important little fact that Toei royally fucked up. Anyone who wants to add to points I made or missed please do so, I’d love to talk about this with anyone.