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I can’t stop thinking about how Trunks travelled back in time, chopped up Freeza, blew up King Cold, and then popped open this freaking mini fridge full of cool pop and was like “hey everyone, sodas on me, help yourself”

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You wanna play along? Scene: Vegeta open the door to Trunkss room and his eyes widen with surprise at what Trunks was doing ... You finish the scene

Vegeta’s eyes widened at the sight of his oldest child sitting on the floor, holding an old photo album in his hands and looking at it with sad, inquisitive eyes.

“Trunks?” He finally said, awkwardly.

Trunks raised his eyes, startled by his father’s unexpected presence.

“Uh, yeah?”

“Your mother sent me to tell you dinner is served. She just finished feeding your sister.”

“Oh, right…” He mumbled, closing the photo album and standing up, holding it tightly against his chest as he stared shyly at the floor. He walked towards his father, who was standing by the door with crossed arms.

“Um, dad?”

“What is it, boy?” The Prince asked, quickly realizing something was bothering his son.

“I… I was just going through this photos of me as a baby and, you know… I saw mom and grandma and grandpa but, uh… Not you… I was just wondering why that is…”

Vegeta’s eyes widened for an instant and he suddenly felt a lump in his throat. He’d known, ever since his wife had announced her second pregnancy, that things would be very different with Bra. What he hadn’t anticipated was his son asking these kinds of questions or, at the very least, not so soon.

He exhaled heavily through his nose, trying to find the right words so as not hurt his child’s feelings.

“Things… Things were different at the time, Trunks. I was a different man back then.”

Trunks’ face fell into a sad frown, and the Prince felt his chest tighten at the sight of the boy’s bright blue eyes filling with disappointment. It was the same look his wife had whenever he’d unintentionally hurt her feelings in the past.

“So… We didn’t do stuff together when I was a baby like you and Bra do now?”

Vegeta shook his head slowly.

“No, Trunks, we did not. It was only when you started to walk and I commenced your training that we started to spend some time together.”

The boy bit his lower lip, feeling his eyes burn with unshed tears. He knew his father detested public displays of sentimentality.

Before he had time to retort, he felt a warm, heavy hand on top of his head, softly ruffling his hair.

“I immediately saw your potential, boy,” his father said solemnly. “And I knew someday you’d become a fine Saiyan warrior and you’d make me proud.”

Trunks eyes brightened at his father’s unusual words of encouragement.

“Really?” He enquired excitedly.

His father grunted.

“You already have, Trunks. Now let’s go have some dinner, boy.”

Vegeta turned around, closely followed by his son, who seemed to be in much better spirits than he was before, but the Prince thought that, perhaps, he could still give him a little additional push.

“Are you done with your homework for the weekend?” He asked while they were entering the large kitchen, where Bulma and the rest of the family were already waiting at the table.

“Yeah, why?“

“If your mother is okay with it, we could do some night training after dinner. There’s no school tomorrow, right?”

“Really, dad? Cool!” Trunks replied enthusiastically. He then walked towards his mom, who was still holding a now very sleepy Bra in her arms and gave them both a big hug.

“Hey, sweetie! Aw, that’s nice!” Bulma said, hugging him back. “Did you wash your hands?”

Trunks rolled his eyes.


“Go wash them then, young man…”

Trunks run out of the kitchen while Vegeta took a sit next to his wife, who leant towards him curiously.

“What did say to him?” She whispered in his ear.

“What are you talking about?”

“I think he was feeling a bit down earlier.”

“Was he?” The Saiyan asked, feigning indifference and already digging into his first steak.

Bulma leant back on the chair, holding baby Bra a little closer and softly patting her back.

“I don’t know what you just said to him, but whatever it was, it worked. He was beaming.”

The Prince shrugged.

“I just told him the truth, woman,” he replied mysteriously.

Bulma smiled, lovingly kissing her newborn’s rosy cheek and whispering against her soft skin.

“You see, baby girl? Your daddy does have a heart…”

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Prompt #97: Are you trying to flirt? because you're embarrassing yourself.

Written for @marcella-duchamp


Bulma juggled a bowl of popcorn and drinks into the living room, carefully setting them on the table. “Trunks!” she called up the stairs, wiping her brow, “come on and let’s start the movie!”

“Coming, Mom! ” Trunks levitated down the stairs quickly, blowing past his mother. He plopped down on the sofa and grabbed a handful of popcorn, delighting in the buttery salty goodness. Finally he got a good look at Bulma and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so dressed up to watch a movie, Mom?”

Bulma looked down at her black turtle neck dress that hugged her curves tightly. She smiled, moving a piece of her bangs out of her eyes. “Well son, your father is coming back from training with Goku today, and I wanted to look nice for him. Do you notice your mother’s new hair cut?”

Trunks nodded, stuffing the last kernels in his mouth before reaching for more. “You like nice, Mom, but why are you doing this all for Papa? You know he doesn’t care about things like that.”

Bulma frowned and placed her hands on her hips, standing right in front of her young son. “Trunks Briefs, you take that back! I’ll have you know that your father loves when I look beautiful.” She placed a hand to her chin, a conceited expression stealing her face. “He only wants the best as a Prince, you know.”

“Whatever you say, Mom,” Trunks scratched his head, commenting mentally on how strange he thought adults were.

“You’ll understand someday, son, ” she replied before the sound of the back door interrupted her. Perking up, she smoothed out the front of her dress and straightened her hair. “Speaking of the devil…”

Vegeta strolled in through the living room, stopping at the sight of his wife and son. He bounced his gaze around to both of them, a question lingering in his brows. Finally he settled his glare on Trunks. “What did you do now, boy?”

Trunks raised his hands defensively, popcorn falling to his lap. “I didn’t so anything this time, Papa, I swear!”

Vegeta nodded, turning to Bulma. “Why do you guys look so strange?”

“Strange?! ” she shouted, prompting Trunks to cover his ears, “is that what you say to your beautiful wife when you haven’t seen her in so long?”

“Hmph,” Vegeta said, crossing his arms, “I see even six months doesn’t strip away your vanity.”

“You love it hun,” she walked closer to him, placing a hand to his shoulders, “so, do you notice anything different?”

He studied her, taking in her pretty face and delicious curves. “New outfit and hair?”

Bulma beamed, smiling snarkily at Trunks. “See? And what do you think, Vegeta?”

Vegeta felt his forehead go damp. He hated when she made him so this. Earthlings were so peculiar in their way of giving compliments. He distinctly remembered his father giving his mother the head of someone who insulted her attire one evening, and she had practically thrown herself at him all night during dinner. Simple. Bulma required too much of his brain.

But he knew the consequences of he didn’t comply to feeding her ego, and he would avoid that headache.

“Your haircut doesn’t make me angry when I look at–”

“NO! “she cut him off, glaring at him.

He took a deep breath. "That dress is impractical, and I don’t see how it can protect you, but perhaps—”

“Absolutely not!”

Jesus, what did she want from him? “That black marker you put around your eyes is enticing–”

“—There you go! –”

“—It looks like you were in a serious fight. ”

Trunks chuckled on the couch while Bulma growled. “I’m sorry, are you trying to flirt? Because you’re just embarrassing yourself!”

“Papa, ” Trunks interjected, “do you remember the last movie Mom forced us to watch?” Bulma turned to glare at him and Trunks cleared his throat, correcting himself. “I mean, the last movie we all enjoyed as a loving family?” Bulma smiled, satisfied.

“What about it? ”

“Well,” Trunks shrugged, “don’t you remember what that old dude did in the end? To make the woman love him?”

“I thought we told you to close your eyes on that part! ” Vegeta roared.

“ B-before that part! ” Trunks chuckled nervously, “the big speech that he gave. The one you said was silly.”

Vegeta chewed over his lip in thought. Oh, so that was what she wanted. He cleared his throat and turned to Bulma wrapping his arms around Bulma’s waist. “Woman,” he said, his tone dropping several octaves, “you are the most ethereal creature I have ever seen. And even though you constantly change your hair like you change underwear, I love each style that you choose. I especially love that you no longer wear that atrocious birds nest like when we first met—”

“You’re pushing it, Vegeta. ”

“Let me finish!” He raked his eyes down to her frame, smirking. “And that dress is practically painted on and it’s making me want to send the boy to his room. One look at you in this and I know that we’ll need to soundproof this entire street. You’ve done well to satisfy my manly needs.”

Bulma giggled like a school girl while Trunks groaned loudly. Leave it to his father to overdo something, considering that the man in the movie had only called the woman ethereal.

“It’s a little far fetched but I’ll take it, ” Bulma replied, wrapping her arms around his neck. She kissed his lips gently, giving him compliments about how form fitting his training suit was.

Trunks grabbed the popcorn bowl and left the living room, disgusted. “You guys have a bedroom, you know!”

“Shut it boy!” Vegeta called after him.

Trunks headed to the kitchen to phone Goten, hoping Chi Chi would agree to letting him spend the night. There was no way he was staying at Capsule Corps tonight.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice-Prelude

Pairings- Loki Laufeyson x reader

This is the prelude to a Loki x Reader mini-series that I’ve had planned out for a long time, which I was initially going to post on AO3. Feedback is really, really appreciated and so are any requests or ideas for this series. Basically, I’m begging for feedback.

Plot- Loki takes on an apprentice, but finds himself getting strangely attached to her over time.

Takes place before the events of Thor.

(y/n)- Your Name

(f/c)- Favorite color

It was his refuge- his, and his alone.

   He fancied he was the only one to ever come to these woods-ever since they were children, he and every other Asgardian had been warned of the dangerous dark magic that was rumored to enchant the woods.

   It was just an old wives’ tale, he now understood. His magic was mature enough to detect other kinds of magic and their presence, and he had long since realized that the woods weren’t home to dark magic. They were simply dark, dark as in they didn’t allow much light to penetrate their thick canopy of trees.

  But almost nobody else had the ability to detect magic as such, and the story kept people away.

   And so the woods were Loki’s refuge. The one place where he could have some real alone time.

  The day had been quite unpleasant- he had had to put up with constant ribbing from his oaf brother and his stupid friends, the Queen was busy planning an upcoming ball and had no time for him, and the Allfather….well, he never had any time for his younger son.

 So he was here, in the heart of the woods, with nobody to bother him. His only company was his pet raven Aren, perched on his shoulder as he leaned against a wide tree trunk, playing with illusions in his hands.

  Then Loki sat up straight-his keen ears had picked up a noise that surprised him.

  “Aren,” he said cautiously, “do you hear someone…crying?”

  Aren turned his head to one side as if listening.

Picking himself up, Loki followed the sound a little deeper inside the woods. As he drew nearer, he began to sense something. Magic.

  He found himself drawing near to a clearing, where a maiden was sitting cross legged in the middle with her back turned to him. She appeared to be sobbing and ripping out tufts of grass angrily.

   Suddenly, as if she sensed his presence, she turned around. Her face was streaked with tears and her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, but her countenance was angry.

   “Who are you?” she demanded, getting to her feet while her hands glowed with (f/c) magic.

  Loki leaned against a tree trunk, raising an eyebrow.

 “You don’t know who I am?” he asked, a little amused.

  She eyed his royal garb, then scoffed.

“You’re some big-headed nobleman, I suppose,” she said sourly. “I care not for you lords, leave me be.”

  “I would, but it doesn’t please me to do so,” Loki replied carelessly- but his interest had been piqued by the strong magic he could feel within her. And somehow, also by her rudeness.

   “I wish to know who you are, impertinent girl,” he continued.

She opened her mouth to reply, but was distracted by Aren flapping down to sit on Loki’s shoulder- he had flown up to a tree when she had turned around.

  “Is that bird yours?” she asked, the anger gone from her face in an instant, replaced by curiosity.

  “Mm,” said Loki. “You have not yet answered my question.”

“I answer to no one,” she said, scowling. “Not even the likes of you.”

“Wouldn’t you answer even to the King and Queen?” he asked innocently.

  “Not unless I felt like it,” she muttered.

Foolish girl. She could get into big trouble for her coarse words-but as long as he felt vaguely entertained, she was safe, and vaguely entertained he felt.

   “I suppose you wouldn’t answer to either of the princes then, either,” mused Loki.

  “No,” she shot, “but I might answer to the younger one.” This last part was mumbled, and obviously she had not meant for him to catch it, but he did.

  “What was that now?” he asked, stepping forward with a small grin. “You might answer to the younger prince? Pray, do tell why you deemed him fit for such a privilege as your cooperation.”

  She flushed a bright red, but answered with her chin up. “I have heard he is a powerful sorcerer. I respect sorcerers.”

   “You are one yourself, I see,” Loki said with a nod to her hands, who were still glowing faintly.

  Something about the comment seemed to remind her of her initial misery; she clenched her jaw, but tears welled up in her eyes. She blinked them back furiously.

  “Where do you study magic?” Loki asked, paying no attention to the fact that she was liable to start sobbing any moment.

  “I don’t study magic,” she said. “My family does not approve. I taught myself some from books.”

  Loki felt a pang. He could commiserate, of course, he had been through that- the Allfather was most displeased when he had announced he was going to choose magic as his area or expertise.

  “You have no master to train you,” said Loki, genuinely feeling sorry for her.

  “No, I don’t,” she said, her tone snappish all of a sudden. “Now, if you’ll give me leave, I must go. It is remarkably foolish of me to stand around talking to some stranger.”

  “And if I don’t give you leave?” he asked.

   “I shall leave anyway,” she said, and turned. Or, tried to. Her feet were fixed to the ground, bound there by magic that glowed green around her ankles, and at Loki’s fingertips.

  A blast of (f/c) energy was thrown at Loki- it was a clumsy, amateur move. he deflected it with relative ease, but the quantity of energy she had thrown at him impressed him.

  “Calm down,” he said. “You said you would answer to the younger prince? Well, I hold you to your word. You must answer to me- I am Prince Loki.”

  Her eyes widened in momentary shock, followed by a look of discomfiture. 

 “Oh,” she said.

  “Now, girl, what is your name?” he asked.

“(y/n),” she replied, sounding resigned.

  “(y/n),” he said, “your magic is powerful. Have you never received any formal training?”

  She shook her head. “My aunt and uncle, whom I live with, detest magic. I have been forbidden to practice any sort of sorcery. They found my few books on the subject today- the books were promptly burnt.”

 Perhaps that’s why she was crying. If Loki had only a few books on magic and they were burnt, he would tear the palace down.

  “My sympathies.”

She had more than just his sympathies. She had his attention. His interest. Her aunt and uncle would soon have his ire.

 The magic binding her feet released her.

  “Do you wish to study magic?” he asked.

  “Very much,” she replied.

 “Good. Follow me.”

The Heart Wants What It Wants - Chapter 6

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“Is everything OK,” Maya asked me when she saw the look on my face, after I had read the message from Jared.

“No, nothing’s OK,” I sighed and leaned my head against the back of the seat, closing my eyes for a moment.

“What happened,” she was a bit worried.

“Jared just texted me,” I whispered and looked at Rachel, making sure she wouldn’t hear me.

“Wow, he’s apparently interested in you,” Maya nodded and smiled, starting to prepare her headphones to listen to music. Rachel took her headphones and turned the music on, so now Maya and I were able to speak normally.

“That’s not a good thing. He’s not supposed to do that… Plus, how on Earth did he get my…” at one moment as I was speaking, I looked at Maya and by her body language, I could tell she was hiding something, “ number,“ I finished, crossed my arms over my chest and turned to face her.

She was silent, kept her head down and took her phone to play music.

“Maya,” I said and expected her to look at me.

“Hmmm,” she played dumb and didn’t look at me.

“How DID Jared get my phone number,” I asked even though I already knew the answer.

“I told you that man is more resourceful than CIA,” she still couldn’t look me in the eye.

“Yeah, especially when he knows which source of information to turn to,” I said and raised my eyebrow.

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The Patronus of Credence Barebone

So can we talk about Credence’s patronus in a world where he ends up somewhere safe after the events of the first movie? Because I’m personally torn between two directions, myself.

Because originally I was struck by the thought of a Whale Shark. This great fish, all its spots alight, just silently and peacefully chasing off the darkness - a gentle giant, just like Credence.

But then…

Credence is lost in a dark wood. Newt had been with him, but he’d lost track of his friend, his rescuer, his mentor. They were trying to locate a herd of Unicorns that had somehow ended up in a remote area of Ireland where the veil between their world and the Nevernever ran thin, and relocate them lest darker creatures prey from them - whether for food or their more unique magical properties.

Newt had run off, thinking he saw a glint of white in the darkness, and just like that, Credence was alone. It’s dangerous to be alone in these woods, he knows, and while he worries for himself - he mostly worries for Newt; and being abandoned. Worried that the whole mission was just one great plot to get him alone and leave him, a dark creature left to be lost in the dark wood. 

His heart plummeted. He’d never get out, he’d never find Newt - he felt darkness pulling from the dark seams of his coat, pulling the threads apart into particles that waved agitatedly around him. Which only made matters worse. Credence felt his breath fall short. He couldn’t get enough in or enough out. He couldn’t breathe.

And then he heard him - a sharp call in the darkness, anchoring him down.

“Credence!” Newt called. “Credence, quickly!”

Credence had never run so quickly in his life. Long legs pulled him through the wood - dark, gnarled trees passing him by in great blurs as his feet cut through the smog. 

“I’m coming!” He called back.

But Newt didn’t answer.

It only made Credence run faster. In the silence, his breath was deafening. He could hear just as much as feel the thick thump, thump, thump of blood in his veins; throbbing, aching, dismayed.

He stumbled into a clearing and staggered to a painful stop.

There, slumped and unconscious at the foot of an ancient looking Elder Tree, was Newt - paler than Credence had ever seen him. His hair looked flat and lifeless all of a sudden, his normally spunky curls lax and limp where they framed his face. And his eyes - blank and fluttering and confused. His chin was tucked to his chest, too heavy to lift, and his hands lay slack on the ground at either side of him - his wand long where it lay in his lax fingers.

“Newt!” Credence whimpered, eyes wide and unsure as he looked from the limp figure of his friend to the tall, imposing curtain of darkness that hovered over him. Newt had tried to warn him of the dangers of the forest before they entered. He had told him to be aware of the Sidhe and the Sluagh and the Banshee. 

And of them, he could remember Newt falling still at the table across from them - lit only by a candle, seemingly at war with himself.

“There is one more creature I must warn you of, Credence,” Newt had said, gaze long and far away. “It is unlikely that we will run into such a creature, but you should still know what to do if we do…”

Credence only needed one look to know they had run into the very thing that, of all the creatures Newt had listed, the magizoologist had worried most about. The tall, tattered cloak. The way it hovered, towering and dark. The long, gnarled fingers - pale and dead - that reached out from the darkness of its sleeves. The small trail of light slowly slipping from Newt’s slack mouth and the harsh, whispering suck of the creature stealing him away.

A Dementor.

“You’ll need to think of something happy. Something that makes you light up here,” Newt had said, pointing to his own chest. “And you’ll need to focus on that feeling, Credence. Let it build until that feeling might explode, and then say the words ‘Expecto Patronum’.”

“I don’t know if I can…” Credence remembered whimpering, afraid to let Newt down. Afraid to try.

Newt took his hand and smiled.

“So long as you still breathe, there is hope,” he said, eyes impossibly warm - impossibly trusting. “I have faith in you.”

Credence closed his eyes, heart pounding, and tried to ignore the way his heart thundered painfully in his chest. He thought of Newt’s smile. Of the first time he successfully performed magic. He thought of warm tea in a mug between his hands and the feeling of the Mooncalves laying on his knees. He thought of the Niffler bringing him little gifts when it realized he had nothing of worth for it to steal and he thought of Pickett bringing him little buttercups when he felt sad.

And the more little things he thought of, the more big things came to mind. Waking up in the safety of Newt’s case. The sound of Newt cheerfully whistling early in the morning as he fed his creatures. The first time one of the more restless creatures trusted him enough to let Credence touch it. The first time he watched a creature be released into its natural habitat. The happy smile on Newt’s face as it disappeared. The tears he couldn’t hide at saying goodbye.

The first time he woke up and realized he would never be struck by a belt again.

The words bellow from his chest with a fierceness he hadn’t realized was building.

Expecto Patronum,” he called, his wand lashing out in a way that reminded him of Mr. Graves’ rage. And from its tip, light burst out like a broken hydrant, and from it - 

Credence stilled, in awe as a huge creature sprung to life from the force of his memories. It charged across the space between them, its trunk raised and raging as it let out a warning call into the darkness. Credence could feel the bass of it rumble up the soles of his feet and thunder in the cavity of his chest.

It slammed into the Dementor before it could even turn to regard it, its huge tusks thrusting it off into the darkness with a fierceness that left Credence speechless. 

And once the Dementor was gone - nothing but a shrinking dark smear in the night sky - Credence turned to catch the gaze of his Patronus.

An Elephant stared back at him, standing all the while above Newt like it could protect him from the world. They say Elephants have excellent memory. And in its eyes, Credence saw all the moments that made him who he was. The weight of the belt in Mary Lou’s hands. Modesty’s smile when he snuck her a snack from the market. Graves’ - no, Grindelwald’s - hand at the back of his neck. Newt’s gentle patience. 

The Elephant’s gaze felt impossibly old, and Credence was so lost in it he hadn’t even realized he had been approaching the huge creature until he was right in front of it.

It’s large ears twitched gently and it dug patiently at the dirt as it watched him, and once he was close enough, the Elephant took the final step to close the space between them. He felt his Patronus’ trunk slide around him and bring him close.

And Credence smiled.

“Thank you,” he said, one hand up to stroke the brilliant light that formed its trunk. And with one last trumpeting call, his Patronus disappeared - leaving him face to face with a smiling but exhausted Newt Scamander.

Credence rushed to him in an instant and fell to his knees, hands shaking where they hovered over his friend - unsure of where to start. 

He stilled, eyes wide, when Newt merely brought a trembling hand up and clutched Credence’s shoulder - eyes wet and proud.

“I knew you could do it, Credence.”

Credence smiled and filed away the memory for the next time he’d need his Patronus.


The sun was just beginning to rise over the rubble of the city below, its orange and pink haze covering the mounds of broken concrete and wood like fire. It was summer, and though it was only six in the morning the heat was already into the 80’s. The dry earth and brown shriveled trees echoed the dry, empty atmosphere that had come along with the androids. From his spot high atop the hill, Trunks could see everything; all of the devastation and heartbreak and broken dreams of thousands of people. It hummed in his bones like an angry wind. And despite all of it, all of his hatred towards the beings (if you could even call them that), that had caused this, he was here because of her.

Because she had asked.

She’d delivered her hurried message late last evening in the form of a crumpled ball of paper dropped onto his forehead through the skylight as he slept. She’d flown right above him, the easiest of targets and he hadn’t even noticed. The androids didn’t emit ki, so trying to track them was useless. It’s what made his mission to destroy them damn near impossible. Hell, he didn’t even wake up until he’d felt the message drop right onto his face. It asked him to wait for her here, in this spot at dawn. And despite all of his better judgement, and everything she had done, here he was.

The sound of quiet footsteps came from behind him. He knew she was only making noise for his sake.

Trunks turned his head, body tense as Android 18 walked up to him, hand on her hip. Her platinum blonde hair covered one half of her perfect elfin face, ice blue eyes piercing him with a pleased glint,“You’re here.” She stated, not surprised in the least bit.

She knew he would come. Why wouldn’t he? It was an opportunity too good to pass up. Mortal enemies, one inviting the other to a meeting of unknown circumstances.

He nodded slightly, scowl deepening, “That’s what the note said to do.”

“And do you always follow directions like a good boy?” 18’s voice was light, teasing, so human-like it made Trunks uncomfortable. She was close now, just behind him on the cliff ledge he was sitting on. It was closer than he’d ever been to her without the two of them going at one another like rabid dogs. He registered then how beautiful she was, lithe and still muscular. It was a damn shame she wasn’t real. An illusion. An android. And dangerous.

He should destroy her now, get it over with. It would be so easy.

But there was something about her posture that made him pause. It was relaxed, calm…


This killing machine was trusting him with her existence. For whatever crazy reason.

Instead of following his Sayian instincts boiling just below the surface urging him to rip her to shreds, he relaxed his clenched fist and said, “Well, considering the fact you could have blown me up while I slept last night and didn’t I figured this wouldn’t be a trap.”

18 noticed his body relaxing and raised an incredulous eyebrow, “You’re too trusting. It’ll come back and bite you in the ass if you’re not careful. You never know where the big-bad-wolf could be hiding.”

Trunks decided to play his trump card, the one he had suspected since he received her message last night, “Shame your Brother couldn’t be here. Where’s 17?”

18 froze. He knew he had her then.

“He doesn’t know you’re here…does he?”

“It’s none of his business.” She looked guilty and suddenly very nervous.

“He’s your other half, you’d think he’d be interested in this little meeting.”

Her ice blue eyes glowed with anger, “You’d better not tell him or-”

Trunks held up a hand, and couldn’t help but smile. Damn his Saiyan ancestry. It would surely be the death of him some day. It was stupid, but this was almost…fun. This conspiratorial deal with the devil. This beautiful, dangerous devil. “Don’t worry,” he chuckled, “I figured as much. I won’t say anything. After this, we can forget and go back to trying to kill each other. Deal?”

She sighed, then nodded. Trunks wondered if she really even needed to breathe, or if she did so out of habit. Was she human at some point? Who was she?

While he was lost in thought, 18 without hesitation came and sat beside him, their shoulders almost touching. Trunks tried not to faint at her forwardness. She crossed one of her thin legs over the other, clad in tight black leggings and short denim skirt and dangled them over the edge. It was so natural looking for her, so unapologetically girly. He couldn’t help but stare at her profile; he’d never had the opportunity to do so before. 18’s skin was pale but not unnaturally so, with a light flush across her high cheekbones. Her thin nose came to a point over her full, rosy lips. Her eyelashes were blonde, like her hair and they were long…almost impossibly so.

“See something you like?” She asked, eyes still locked on something far away in the distance in front of her.

Trunks felt himself blush; it was always easy for him to do so. Unfortunately easy. His mother found it endearing. He found it miserable, “S-sorry.” He muttered, finally tearing his gaze away from her. An awkward silence followed. What was he doing ogling her? She must think he was a weirdo.

Wait. Why would he care what she thought of him?

Trunks’s face grew hotter, and he knew his cheeks must be flaming red. This was stupid. HE was stupid. She was a stone cold killer, murderer of his best friend and thousands of others. The last thing he should be doing is thinking about is what SHE thought of HIM…

Cool fingertips brushed across his forehead, palm resting against his skin, “You look ill.” 18’s voice was matter-of-fact and collected, as if touching him was the most natural thing in the world; as if they weren’t trying on an almost daily basis to kill one another.

It took everything in his power to keep Trunks from melting into a puddle or flailing away to hide. This…this was ridiculous! His large blue eyes blinked helplessly at her as 18 brushed a lock of his lavender hair to the side, her expression growing more puzzled by the second, “Hm,” she mused, “your not ill at all-”

“N-no.” His voice cracked, betraying his effort at regaining control of the situation. With as much restraint as possible he took her by the wrist and pushed her hand back into her lap. 18 smirked at him, bemused. Whether or not she realized what her actions implicated, Trunks did know she could sense his quickened heartbeat. It was painfully obvious she had the upper hand; it was just a question of if she intended it.

Trunks cleared his throat, “Listen, you’re the one who called me out here. It seems like your stalling. Your note said you had something important to discuss with me, so what is it?”

18’s smile faded, expression losing its playful edge, “What’s your favorite color?”

If Trunks hadn’t been sitting he was sure he’d have fallen through the earth, “Wha-what?!”

“Color. What’s your favorite?” She repeated it slowly, like he was some kind of idiotic, alien life form. Which to her, he probably was.

This conversation wasn’t happening… he was dreaming. Maybe dead. She hypothetically could have already blown him to smithereens and he didn’t realize it. This female half of the duo who had killed Gohan, his mentor and only friend, was asking him questions you’d expect to hear when you were on a date for the first time.


Was that was this was?

This was surreal; ludicrous.

“Blue.” Trunks blurted, unable to control his brain anymore.

18 smiled, and it was beautiful. “Why?”

His first horrific thought was, ‘It’s the color of your eyes.’ But that was so wrong he felt like throwing himself off the cliff. “It’s… the color of the sky.” Trunks finished lamely.

“The sky can be many colors,” 18 said, “why blue? Why is it so special?”

“What does it matter?”

“Because it’s my favorite too. At least, that’s what my programming says.”

Trunks exhaled, just a little too loud, “Oh.”

The way she was looking at him was unnerving, “What’s your favorite food?”

“Are we seriously doing this right now-”

“Humor me.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to escape the way she seemed to look right into him, “…Cheeseburgers.”


“Wha-geeze, I don’t know. Because they taste good. Haven’t had one in awhile though.”

Because of her. Because of them. Any shred of normalcy was all gone because of she and her brother.

“I don’t need to eat; but I wish I could.” Her voice was composed, but unusually quiet.

Trunks raised his head and frowned, his expression apparently asking the question he was thinking because she answered, “I used too…once. I can’t really remember though.”

“Oh.” It was all he could come up with. Suddenly feeling… guilty was not something he was expecting, “So, why don’t you have to anymore?”

Shrugging, 18 kicked her feet back and forth over the edge, “It’s unnecessary. Our genetics and tissue makeup have been redesigned to where nutrition is obsolete. We’re still all human parts, just more efficient.”

Trunks stared at her, stunned, “Why are you telling me all this?”

“Figured someone should know.”

“Hn.” Trunks dropped his eyes to look at his hand, resting so close to hers. 18’s hands were much smaller than his. If he were to take it, no doubt the whole thing would be engulfed by his tan palm-


This was wrong. So, so wrong.

His fist clenched, gathering earth in between his fingers. It was a welcome distraction. Was he really that lonely? That starved for human interaction that he was willing to humor this lifeless being? This murderer? What would his mother say?

Worse, what would his father say? The one he could hardly remember; the prince of a distant planet would no doubt be disgusted with him. Trunks was also a prince by birthright, and he certainly wasn’t playing the part right now. And Gohan…

Trunks tilted his head forward so that his mop of lavender hair put up a shield between him and her. He’d never get over it; seeing his mentor dead and laying like trash in the mud. They’d left him there.

SHE had left him there.

Once again, those cool fingers brushed his hair aside, her curious, unnerving blue eyes peering at him, “Tell me why your crying.”

Was he? He hadn’t realized. Trunks tore his face away from her, feeling the hot tears now, “You killed him.”

“The one armed man?”

“Yes!” Trunks turned on her, grabbing 18 by the shoulders and squeezing as hard as he could, “His name was Gohan, he was brave, he was good and my only friend-” his voice cracked, and he could feel his strength waning, “you killed him.” He finished miserably, sobs wracking his large shoulders. She sat still, letting him cry, saying nothing. The tears went on for several minutes, until finally Trunks released her from his grip, wiping his eyes on his bicep.

18 reached forward, brushing a stray trail from his face, causing his cheeks to once again burn crimson, “Saying sorry will fix nothing,” She said simply, but not unkindly, “if it was that easy, I would have said it a long time ago.”

“Yeah well, thanks for the sentiment,” Trunks muttered, voice wet, “he’s gone now; thanks to you. He was to good for this planet anyways.”

18’s lips tightened, “You understand as well as I do the nature of our existence. Our two sides can’t coexist with each other. I have a mission, just as you do.”

“Yours is destruction,” Trunks could feel the all familiar burning in his core of his power level rising, wanting to be unleashed, unhinged, “its mine to stop you.”

She nodded, “Yes. You are correct.”

“Then, why are we here?” He made a large sweeping movement with his arm, “why did you ask me to come here?”

“I wanted to know more about you.”

“Why? Isn’t the fact that we want to kill each other enough?”

18 lilted her head to one side, eyes traveling over his body, “No. I want to know YOU.”

Trunks froze; did she mean…

This was insane. Completely insane. He was inexperienced with women in every way imaginable. Was she propositioning-

18 smirked, a soft laugh escaping at his utter confusion. It was a very musical sound.

And with that Trunks felt his heart soar from the pit of his stomach into his throat. It was undeniably wrong, but he knew in that moment something had changed. Whether or not it was for the better was undetermined, but at that second he would have done anything she asked to hear her laugh again.

“L-listen,” he stammered, “it’s not that I don’t think you, you know aren’t pretty or anything-”

18 raised an eyebrow.

“B-but I’m not that kind of a guy, and this whole us talking thing is new and who knows where we’ll stand in the morning-”

“Hey, relax big guy,” she smiled with white perfect teeth, “I didn’t say anything about that. I just think you’re interesting and wanted to know more about you as a person.”


“So you… didn’t mean…”

“Mean what?”

Trunks stared at her in wide-eyed horror. Oh no. What had he just done?

She winked, “I’m not that easy. You’ve got to butter me up more than that. You’re not very smooth there, buddy. You’re as subtle as a freight train.”

The nervous nausea gripped him and Trunks heaved out a groan, resting his head in his hands, “You were teasing me-”

“Of course,” she grinned, “had to change the subject somehow.”

He couldn’t help it, Trunks laughed. And 18 looked pleased. After the moment had ended, he looked at her and said softly, “You know, sometimes you seem like you’re not completely terrible.”

18 shrugged, suddenly looking embarrassed and smiled. She nudged his shoulder with hers, “It’s a trick.”

With a snort, Trunks nudged her back. They continued their questions for a time, Trunks growing all the more aware his mother would be looking for him soon. His conflicted feelings pulsing between hatred and adoration were also starting to wear on him. As the sun continued into the middle of the sky, he finally asked, “So, you’ve probably got to get going soon, huh?”

Her smile faded, attention being turned back to the broken city beneath them, “Yeah.”

Sighing, Trunks leaned back until he was resting on his elbows. The ease he felt around her now was dangerous, but for once it just felt good to be a boy and a girl getting to know one another, “Well, this probably can’t happen again.”

18 glanced at him over her shoulder, something unreadable in her eyes as she regarded him, “Meet me here tomorrow. Same time.”

Trunks blinked, eyebrows reaching his forehead, “But, this is dangerous for both of us; your brother-”

“Don’t worry about him. I can protect you.”

Stunned, Trunks felt something hot in the pit of his stomach, curling and twisting him up in knots. Though he refused to give that feeling a name, he knew what it was and the excitement that came with it was laced with guilt. Perhaps, there was far more to 18 than he realized. Maybe he should give her a chance, she’d already surprised him today; and something within him demanded to know her more.

Trunks could feel the shift in his demeanor and he pushed himself to sit upright, suddenly feeling more possessive than he ever had in his life. 18 had also noted the change, her eyes going wide as he leaned closer to her, his blue gaze refusing to let hers go, “Thank you.” he murmured, his voice deeper than he’d heard it before.

18 blushed, “It’s nothing. Just repayment for humoring me.”

“Sure,” Trunks smiled, “I offer you my protection as well.”

She looked flustered, cheeks going pink again as she flipped her hair over her shoulder and turned away, “If it’s not me kicking your ass you mean.”

“Even then,” he chuckled, “I promise.”

“Hmpf.” 18 crossed her arms, irritated and flustered, “you’re a stupid boy to want to trust me.”

Trunks shrugged, “What else do I have to lose?”

“Good point.” 18 pulled her legs beneath her, rising to her knees and facing him head on now. Trunks had come to realize during their brief truce that she had no sense of personal boundaries, and this only proved more true when she shoved her face into his, nose tips touching, “you only have your life. And you’re stupid enough to put it in my hands.” Her cool breath washed across his mouth, “See you tomorrow.” She said. It wasn’t a question.

He nodded dumbly, gaze traveling shamelessly to her lips.

He wanted to kiss her.

The reality hit him like a punch to the gut. Before he could stop himself he took both of her shoulders in his hands and angled his face, nose brushing off to the side of hers and for the briefest moment he could feel the softness of her bottom lip caress his…

And then she was gone, and his hands were empty.

He groaned, fingers fisting in his hair as he flopped backwards in an emotionally drained heap. What an idiot he was. He really was just a stupid boy. Closing his eyes, he let the sun heat his face and just accepted the fact that there was no chance in hell she was meeting him again tomorrow-

Until he felt the gentle brush of hair on his cheeks, and the warm breath that hovered over his lips. Trunks’s eyes snapped open, and saw 18 was above him, sitting near his head with her hands now touching his face. She looked worried, “Sorry.” she said.

“For what?” Was that his voice? It sounded breathless.

“Running. Like a coward.”

She was still so close, maybe even closer now. It could have been his imagination.

“Your no coward.” He murmured, reaching up to brush her hair behind her ear. It was soft, like silk.

“Was that your first kiss?”

Trunks flushed, “Yes.”

“Mine too.”

He swallowed, “Were you programmed to think that?”

18 looked thoughtful, “No. It’s a feeling.”

Face burning, Trunks asked, “…can I try again?”

18’s eyebrows knitted together, uncertainty etching across her face, “Are you sure you want that? You’re to good for-”

Trunks wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her lips against his.


Thank you so much to the wonderfully talented @mandy-mo for letting me base this story off of that gorgeous picture you see above it! Her art is inspiring and made my heart sing with joy as I wrote this.

My Naruto and Dragon ball character comparison post.

My Naruto and Dragon Ball comparison post.

I was bored after watching the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. I thought I should write something about it. I first thought about writing a review but I thought that would be a bit boring considering other reviewers have said what I wanted to say on a much larger platform. I felt it would be a bit redundant if I write the same things as a reviewer.

At this point was brainstorming ways to show my love for Dragon Ball while giving some sort of interesting information for my audience. So, I came up with a detailed comparison post on the relationships with in the Naruto and Dragon Ball universe. I am aware that Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, is heavily influenced by Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter. Those are just facts that you can look up yourself. The story and designs of the characters are very similar. There are very obvious similarities between the series and I don’t want to point too much of that stuff out in this.

Also for this post I will consider Naruto the Last movie a cannon fact, because I take Kishimoto’s word for it and I don’t care much for the part where Hinata and Naruto met when they were young because that is an easy slip up that even authors of novel mess up. I know it’s a small mistake that seriously mess up the continuity of the story but I also feel that Naruto could mess up the wording when he was young and his chakra control is very low, so regardless the outcome would be the same. Also it is very likely Kishimoto actually watched the movie before anyone else and did not catch the slip up. Usually with big animated and even live action movies the author is able to watch the movie beforehand. If you don’t agree with me using the Last as a cannon movie and it truly bothers you, I ask you to not read this from here on out.

This post will be talking about the relationships formed within each universe respectively and how they compare with each other. If you want to add anything I ask you to make a post response and link me, or reblog/message me and then it will be added. If you disagree then please tell me what you disagree on and I will try to see your side of the issue.

Now that that’s all out of the way let’s get into it.

Goku and Chichi vs Naruto and Hinata:

Hinata and Chichi actually have a lot in common ideals, children, how they married their husbands, their character color, and even their fighting styles.

Hinata is a very shy and introverted individual which is a huge contrast compared to Chichi and her over the top attitude towards life, however, Chichi and Hinata have very similar ideals in the sense that they are very traditional thinkers. Now mind you, I am not calling them simple minded. I am just saying that they like to follow a very traditional mindset. Proof of this would be their weddings. The way they conducted themselves during their weddings was very particular. Hinata is seen wearing a traditional outfit. She is also from a higher class family. Chichi wanted to wear her mother’s dress when she got married. The dress was also very traditional. I believe Naruhina and Gochi both got married outdoors as well.

The way the two couples fell in love is also a very similar to one another. Goku got engaged to Chichi at a very young age and he didn’t know what marriage was. He honestly thought it was a food and years later Chichi, who is at marriage age, wants Goku to go through with his promise to her. After a series of events Goku and Chichi are officially engaged to be married and wants to get married at Chichi father’s (The Ox King) kingdom. However a large fire engulfs the palace and traps her father and her mother’s wedding dress in the tallest tower. Goku and Chichi try to find a fan that can put out the flames and during that mission Goku realizes that Chichi means more to him than just a friend. They save her father and the dress and get married. Which marks the end of Dragon ball and Dragon ball z starts soon after that. They then go off and have two boys Gohan and Goten.

Comparing this story to the Naruto the Last movie story line you will find a lot of similarities. Naruto goes on a mission to save Hinata’s sister. On this mission he starts falling for Hinata and later in they get married. They marry in a very traditional fashion as well. This marks the end of Naruto’s story line and the beginning of the new generation’s story (Ex. Naruto Gaiden= Sarada and Boruto Naruto the Movie).

Naruto’s similarities with Goku as a father is basically they both are absent (due to their jobs/death) for a fair amount of time in their children’s life. However, Naruto is still around actively contributing to the family and is able to see what his child is struggling with, whereas, Goku is out of the loop for a long time due to his death during the cell arch.

Hinata and Chichi’s parenting styles are probably very different but I think their end goal is the same. This is my speculation due to the fact that we don’t see much of Hinata as a mother because the Boruto movie is not out yet. I will add to this part of the post after the movie has been out for a couple of months (that way we have time for accurate translations).

Naruto and Sakura Vs. Bulma and Goku

The relationship between these two have always been a topic of discussion but I am not talking about them in a romantic relationship. I am talking about them as comrades and friends. Seeing that their relationship NEVER progressed to the romantic realm. Yes, Naruto had a major crush on Sakura but that doesn’t mean that she is obligated to fall in love with him because he’s the main character. I think that the parallel between NaruSaku and Goku and Bulma is pretty straight forward. Goku and Bulma are just partners in crime and that sums up the relationship between Naruto and Sakura pretty nicely. Naruto and Sakura are banded together through Sasuke. Without Sasuke’s presence (or lack thereof) they wouldn’t have much to work with. They are banded together towards a common goal: bring Sasuke back to the village. Same as Goku and Bulma are banded together towards the goal of collecting the dragon balls. That is all I have to say about NaruSaku and GokuBulma.

Bulma and Sakura have a quite a lot of similarities.

Physical features are they both are very fashion forward and have unusual hair colors. Bulma’s hair was actually supposed to be Lavender but due to Dragon ball being in a time where animation was still very primitive with the color schemes they decided that blue would be the best option. This is why Trunk’s hair is lavender and not blue like his mother in the animation. Sakura’s hair is a very pale pink and she is known for her red Chinese style dress. She goes through a plethora of hairstyles through the years but she tends to keep it short. Bulma also went through a lot of styles until finally going with a short bob style haircut. They also have very striking eye colors. Sakura’s eye color is a leaf green shade and Bulma’s eye color is a sky blue ( in the manga it’s lavender like her hair).

Intelligence wise Sakura and Bulma are both arguably the smartest females in their specific series. Sakura is basically the best doctor of in the ninja world and Bulma is an engineer/business women.  They are both easily the prettiest women of their series. Bulma is constantly showing off her body and her good looks and Sakura is constantly hit on by her fellow shinobi.

Sakura and Bulma are both mothers to a child that the raised by themselves during the beginning. Sakura and Sasuke’s child Sarada has very little memory of her father due to the fact that he had to leave for a long time in order to protect the village. Sakura essentially had to raise the child alone for a time and balance work and single parenting for a bit. However Sasuke does come back to the village and he and Sarada have a good relationship now. Bulma and Vegeta have Trunks during a time when Vegeta had a lot of pride issues. So, due to Vegeta’s pride Bulma raises Trunks by herself for a bit. Vegeta realizes his family is important and becomes a better father to his son and daughter.

The audience never sees the marriage of these two couples ever. We never know if they went through a traditional marriage or is it something they just say. They are very committed to each other so I don’t think it matters but it is an interesting similarity.

Sasuke and Vegeta look almost the same. They have very similar tempers and beliefs. Their relationship with their rival and wives are very similar. I think that the only difference is that Sasuke is much more gentle when he talks to Sakura then he is with other people. This is contributed to the fact that Sakura is much more emotionally sensitive to Sasuke and he realizes this. Vegeta likes to get his wife, Bulma, mad at him. He enjoys teasing and having someone to argue with. They have a very playful relationship. 

Sasuke is the last heir to the Uchiha name and Vegeta is the last heir to the Saiyan Empire. They both lost their families and home at a young age and have an affinity towards vengeance. However, they also both went through periods of being unstable emotionally. Which caused pain to the people they loved. They are now more stable, but if anyone touches their families they both get very emotional and attack with all their might. Sasuke and Vegeta tend to take things very far and their emotions do get in the way of them making important decisions. Sasuke tends to think about things in a more complex manner and his mind is very scientific, whereas, Vegeta has these traits but allows his temper to get the better of him. They both value their family and heritage. Sasuke holds his Uchiha status very dear to his heart and Vegeta basically announces his status as a saiyan whenever and where ever he can.

Sasuke and Piccolo (based on the trailers for the new movie)

In Boruto Naruto the movie, Sasuke becomes a mentor to Boruto. He teaches Boruto how to hone his raw talent into a power he can use. A lot like how Jiraiya did with Naruto.  He teaches Boruto about his father and what Boruto should do in order to surpass his father. He even gives Boruto life lessons. (When the movie come out I will add more, but for now this is all I have.) Boruto is the Gohan to Sasuke’s Piccolo.

When Goku dies and goes on Snake way, Piccolo takes in Gohan has his student. Seeing his potential as a strong fighter. Piccolo at first is reluctanct to teach his rival’s son, but Gohan’s gentle nature grows on him and Piccolo becomes a father figure to Gohan. He watches over Gohan as he grows and even attends his wedding.

In a recent interview Kishimoto-sensei tells the interviewer that he wanted to have a Piccolo-Gohan type of relationship in the new era. So, he decided that the best candidate would be Sasuke seeing that Sasuke and Naruto are rivals and so is Goku and Piccolo. (When I find the source I will add it.)

Krillian and 18 vs. Shikamaru and Temari.

Krillian is the best friend to the main lead, Goku, and his wife was a former enemy turned good guy. Although Shikamaru is not the “best friend” to Naruto I feel that they were pretty close childhood friends. Naruto and Shikamaru care about each other a lot and Shikamaru cares about Naruto’s well-being enough to become his adviser. Krillian is sort of an adviser to Goku. Sometimes Goku forgets what it means to be human and gets so involved in a fight that he forgets his own strength. Krillian acts as his reminder that humans can only take so much. He is stabilizing character for Goku reminding him that as much as Goku is a warrior he is also a family man as well. This is what Shikamaru is to Naruto. Sometimes, during the course of the series, Naruto becomes so wrapped up in the search to save his friend that he forgets that Sasuke is a rough ninja. Shikamaru basically tell is to him straight. He’s a very smart, lazy character and this balances out Naruto’s dumb, hardworking character.

Temari is the only daughter of the Suna’s leader. She has a cocky attitude that is backed up with a highly intelligent set of skills. She is much more mature than her brother and in many ways advises them as they go from being public enemy’s number 1 to become the most respected siblings in the ninja world. Temari is kind person but due to her upbringing she has to conceal that kind heart with colder exterior. She and Shikamaru start of as enemies during the Chunin exams but later become comrades and then lovers.

18 and Krillian start off as enemies and become comrades before finally become husband and wife. They have a child names Marron and they live their lives Roshi’s island. 18 is an enemy with a heart that has an explosive in it. Krillian wishes for it to be taken out her. 18 sees this and is touched by the act they soon start dating afterwards and get married. She was taught to be a heartless killing machine by her father, Dr. Gero, along with her brother 17. She grows to hate her father and brother and decides to work against them.

Temari and 18 are both tomboys with a girly side. They are highly skilled and start off as enemies. They care about their comrades and fall in love with the cowardly, lazy, and friendly Shikamaru and Krillian. They both only have one child with their husbands.

Whelp this is getting long so I think I will cap this where it is. I will add more when I have the time, but for now this is all I have. These are the similarities between the two shows and I hope you enjoy my opinion on this. If you would like to add something please message me or reblog and add it there. I will make sure to source you! If you disagree please message me or make a separate post and tag me, so I can see if I messed up anywhere. I’m sorry if there is any grammatical errors, I try my best to catch as many as I can but I do miss some. I’m not the strongest when it comes to my English skills, so sorry. If anything confused you please let me know!

May your days be filled with smiles~

-Gagesol ♥

Big Shot

Based On:  Imagine Fili trying to catch your attention because he has a crush on you

~Because you had to be a big shot, didn’t you?
You had to open up your mouth.~

Kili sat beside his brother, counting the arrows in his quiver for the sixth time. It was so utterly boring sitting there in the camp that even Fili could not amuse him. Well, he would if he would take his eyes off of that damned she-dwarf. He did not know exactly when it had started, but as of late his brother had been enraptured by the rough and tumble dwarrow. Personally, Kili was a bit intimidated by her, the way she held her ax and the way the light glowed behind her eyes when she did.

Yet, his brother was not always the brightest and Kili could not deny the more endearing traits of the she-dwarf. She laughed at their jokes and the way she seemed to growl when annoyed was quite amusing. Fili seemed to find everything she did to be so; even when she had split an orc’s skull with her ax he seemed to have been mooning over the gruesome sight.

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Request: “That is my girl!”

Request: Could you write an imagine for Tig, the reader and him are dating and the reader is a little bit more on the girly side by can still stand up for herself and the guys always tease Tig about it?

Hello everyone,

Here we are again with another lady kicking some ass LOL  😉

Enjoy! Love you all!

Originally posted by alil2confident

You knew that black was the main color of the old ladies’ clothes, but you didn’t care. You liked colorful clothes and nails matching. You also knew what people thought about you around the club and that didn’t bother you either. You kissed your boyfriend, Tig, and left the TM, already late for work.

He waved at you and watched as you left. Tig lit a cigarette, walking towards the picnic table where his brothers were.

“How did you ended up with her?”, Bobby asked, narrowing his eyes through the smoke of his cigarette.

“Oh shut up”, Tig groaned, already knowing where that was going, “Not this again”

“She is like a doll”, Jax smirked, “Hair, nails, clothes always on point”

“You don’t like your old lady to be pretty?”, Tig shrugged.

“Aye, pretty, but capable to kick some ass”, Chibs added.

“My girl can kick some ass”, Tig said, “You will see, you will see…”

It didn’t matter what people said, or your perfect clothes and nails. Tig loved you and you were a breath of fresh air in his life, always kind and patient with him. Yeah, you were a little bit girly, but he knew you were more than what people saw and that you were strong. Someday you would show it to his brothers…


You didn’t know what was happening, but everybody seemed tense those days. Tig was quiet and spending almost every night at your house, sometimes just to sleep with you, no sex. You didn’t ask, you had learnt not to push and just be there for him. You kissed him that morning, at the doorstep, and heard, for the thousand time, his advice.

“Stay safe doll”, he kissed your forehead, “Call me if you need anything”

“I’ll baby”, you smiled, “Gemma asked me to help her with the kids today. I’ll go to the clubhouse later”

“That is great”, he smiled, “See you later”

You watched as he left on his bike and closed the door, glancing at the gun over the table.


Leave the clubhouse with Abel and Thomas was almost like a road trip. You and Gemma put the boys on the car and drove to the supermarket. You worked fast, trying to get what you needed and get back soon. You put the bags on the trunk while Gemma sat the boys back on the car. You walked away just for a minute to return the cart, but that was enough for Gemma to get in trouble.

You saw a guy standing behind her and their posture was telling you that he had a gun and was threatening her. You put your hand inside your purse and held your gun, carefully walking closer, while Gemma was closing the back door under a gunpoint.

“Drop your gun”, you said, your voice strong and determined. Your gun was now pressed on the man’s forehead. You saw Gemma freeze and the man swallowed, “I’m going to count to three, dumbass and you better not try anything stupid…One…Two…”

“Alright!”, he said and put down the gun. You kicked it away and hit your gun on his head, making him fall. You put your foot on his neck, still pointing the gun to him.

“No, no, no darling, stay DOWN”, you said and looked to Gemma, “Can you find something to tie him up please?”

“Of course”, she said, her eyes wide as you kept the man down on the floor. Your heels were hurting his collarbone, making a thin thread of blood flow. The parking lot was, thankfully, empty when you and Gemma tied the guy and put him in the trunk, “Okay…Let me call Tiggy now”


You called Tig and he didn’t even let you explain what happened. He just heard that a guy attacked you two and said he was on his way, hanging up. Gemma was seat on the back of the car with the boys, while you were leaning against it.

“You did well sweetie”, she said, “Really brave, a true old lady”

“Thanks”, you blinked a few times, surprised by her compliment. You had a good relationship with her, but you knew nobody on the club gave you much credit. Soon you heard the bikes and Tig ran to you, cupping your face.

“Are you okay doll?”, he asked. His brothers came closer too, Clay checking on Gemma and Jax looking at the boys.

“I’m fine Tiggy”, you smiled, “The guy is on the trunk”

“What?”, Bobby raised his eyebrows, surprised.

“He had a gun”, you sighed, “I used mine against him, made him drop the piece and we tied him. He is in the trunk”

All the boys were surprised, eyes wide and mouths open. Bobby opened the trunk and the man was there, a tape on his mouth and his hands tied.

“See?”, you said, “He is alive. We didn’t do anything”

“How about the blood?”, Chibs asked seeing the stain on the man’s shirt.

“Oh that was my heel, when I held him on the floor”, you shrugged.

Suddenly Tig hugged you, lifting you and smiling. “I told you!”, he said to his brothers, “I told my girl could KICK…SOME…ASS!”

“Yeah”, Clay smiled, “Good job girl. Let’s take this dickhead to the warehouse and find out who he is”

Tig put you back on the floor and you heard a few compliments while you followed Gemma back inside the car. The boys took the guy to the van. You put your sunglasses back on and waved to them all, finally feeling part of the family.

Seokjin Scenario: Once Upon A Dream - Part 2.

Request:  Hey can you make a Seokjin scenario where he’s a prince looking for a bride (BTS are the royal family) and he chooses you, a commoner? Thanks!

Genre: Romance / Royal AU.

Part 1

The sound of a person moving close to him, made him stop. He wasn’t startled because he knew exactly who that was.

–Your highness – You appeared in front of him, your pretty hair down and free like the first night, your dress a pretty shade of purple and your smile as welcoming as it could be. –What could have brought you here? –

Seokjin smiled when you did a courtesy for him, you were well past that stage for his own request, and you only did it now when other people were looking or when you wanted to play with him. He approached you more and did a reverence for you as well while you looked at him with playful eyes and rosy cheeks that gave away the rushed walk you’d taken to see him that night at the same tree where you first met.

–Y/N, there’s no one around – you giggled at his comment and Jin felt his heart swell. –And you know why I’m here, to see you–

Of course you knew, you just wanted to hear those words from his own lips. Somehow, even after all the time, shared talks and walks, it was still surprising to hear that the prince wanted to be with you. It was weird at first to call him by his name, but he had insisted so much, you’d been a little wary at first not knowing what his intentions with you were, because after all, you didn’t belong to his world, not completely at least. But somehow, Seokjin made you feel like your differences weren’t that much, that you weren’t so far from each other, and above all, that you mattered to him.

–I can tell you’re worried Seokjin, what’s troubling your mind? – you signaled with your hand for him to come closer and sit at the base of the tree with you. You were now used to his constant proximity, to the sort of intimacy of your situation.

Jin rested his back against the trunk and sighed tiredly, raising his face up and you felt the want of running your fingers through his hair, his cheeks, feel the touch of his skin. The prince was attractive, every girl in the kingdom knew it and you weren’t the exception, he was captivating beyond words and after meeting him the way you’d done you knew you were in love, which was frightening because you didn’t want to end with your heart broken at the end.

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(the ringing in my ears)

Post 3x07 missing scene / canon divergence for the following Neverland Renaissance 2.0 prompts:

  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • Emma tells Hook that Neal left her in prison pregnant
  • Hook tells Emma he’s glad Neal is alive

~1.8k Rated K. Just a little conversation where Emma has a bit of a rant. Not very pro-Neal, ftr.

Emma does her best to ignore the rustling of the leaves as somebody approaches her little clearing, wrapping her arms around herself protectively as she stares into the small fire she’s lit the old-fashioned way. The flames flicker higher and brighter as they get closer, and she recognises the solid footsteps of her father. Each one feels like a punch in the gut, the knowledge that he’ll die if he leaves this island twisting her stomach into knots.

“We wondered where you’d gone” he says from behind her, “thought you might want to celebrate.”

Emma stares at the flames, unblinking until their orange glow is imprinted on her retinas, and bites hard at the inside of her cheek. Clearly, her impending parental abandonment isn’t playing on his mind in quite the way it’s playing on hers. Maybe David’s just used to it. Letting her go.

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My Stilinski Twins VI (Part 6) - Stiles Stilinski and Stuart Twombly Imagine

My Stilinski Twins VI (Part 6) – TW Imagine (AU)

Prompt: You and Stuart decide to go to the beach together as a date, but Stiles decides to tag along. What happens when you start to get memories from the past you want to forget about when you finally go to the beach?

A/N: I am SO SO SO sorry for the long wait! With exams coming up, I’ve been hella busy. This is just a filler chapter, so I hope that’s okay. I really hope you guys like this :)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader x Stuart

Word Count: 1457                                

Originally posted by changeyourlife08

Your POV

“You guys ready?” Stiles shouts out from the back of the car. “Uh, yeah!” You shout back. “Does he have to come with us?” Stuart whispers as he sits on the driver’s seat of Stiles jeep. You tie your hair up as you get ready to go to the beach with your ‘boyfriend’? And his brother. “I mean, this was supposed to be out first date!” He sighs in frustration, looking out the window as he thinks like he always does. “I know,” You place your hand over his, causing him to look at you but smile sadly. “We’ll still have fun, trust me.” You reassure him. “Thanks, Y/N.” He kisses the back of your hand as the bottom of his glasses lifts up from the bridge of his nose abit. “So what did you plan for us-“ Just as you were asking a question, the car door opens and slams back closed as Stiles hops into his own car in the backseat.

“Tell me why again I’m in the back?” He asks as he peers his head to the front. “Cause this was supposed to be my date with Y/N, but you decided to tag along so I get to drive your precious jeep.” Stuart pulls out of the driveway and starts to drive to the Beacon Hills beach.

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elegansproelior  asked:


Send 💤 to fall asleep on my muse!  

The sunset was just so beautiful to behold from the raised trunk of Vah Ruta. While it wasn’t the highest point in the area, it just so happened to give the perfect height and location for the best view. Peaks could be too high, the beach was far too low, and the trees blocked everywhere else.

Here atop the mechanical elephant, they could see the changing colors at their best. Though Link was concerned that he hadn’t heard Mipha say anything in quite some time. Looking over to the Zora, he found her head against his shoulder, and her breathing was soft and slow.

They must have been up on the Divine Beast for much longer than he thought. He should wake her, but he knows she deserves the rest; not to mention needs a little bit of it. A few more minutes wouldn’t hurt, and it wasn’t as if the weight was uncomfortable.

Remember - Nash Grier

y/n and Nash remember a handful of things.. for their own benefit, of course. this is quite lengthy and kinda dirty oops fwm


“Where’s Johnson, again?” I asked, sitting at the edge of the pool and beaming down at Cameron as my legs dipped into the cool water. 

Cameron’s eyes devoured my body, his eyes skimming over my thighs and my legs before he let out a small gulp, locking eyes with me. “He’s going to be coming in here later,” he spoke, obvious tension in his voice. “He’s probably in the room making a vine or something.”

I giggled, rolling my eyes playfully. Cam’s eyes stopped at my thighs once more and I blushed, awkwardly shifting my body to another position. “Okay, so where is Nash?”

Gilinsky swam over to us, chuckling to himself. “Nash is always late,” he pointed out. His gaze followed Cameron’s, onto my thighs. I blushed once more, biting my lip and snapping my fingers to tear their attention away from me.

“Guys,” I giggled. “My eyes are up here.”

Cameron nodded, his eyes raking my legs once more before smirking slightly. “Yeah, but your thighs are down there and holy shit they’re sexy.”

“What was that, Cam?”

The three of us turned to see Nash, arms crossed and a lingering glare to his two friends.

Cameron’s face fell and he paused, turning to Jack. “I, uh, um—”

Nash walked towards him, fists balled up at his sides. “I don’t want to see you fucking look at my girlfriend like that ever again, or I’ll be sure you give you both something to worry about.”

Cameron and Jack groaned and swam to the other end of the pool, away from Nash and I. I looked up to him, rolling my eyes playfully as his glare followed them.

“Relax, Nash! They were only giving me company while you were running a little late. It’s no big deal; I don’t care for either of them like I care for you. Remember that.”

Nash studied my eyes, his face softening as he placed a light kiss to my lips. “I know, but I can’t help it. You’re mine, and they better fucking understand that or there will be several problems.” Without warning, Nash’s arm snaked around my waist and he lay on his back, pulling me on top of him to straddle his hips. 

I smirked, rolling my eyes as his jealous behavior. “Stop,” I giggled. “We’re in public.”

Nash’s baby blue orbs stared into mine for a few minutes before he sighed, allowing me to lay down next to him on his beach towel. “I know,” he sighed, defeat laced in his voice.

I turned to him, looking up into his eyes. “Do you remember our first time at a hotel pool together?”

Nash’s eyebrows furrowed together and he let out a loud snort, giggling at the memory. “Yeah, I remember when Hayes accidentally pulled at your binkini strings and your top flew up in front of everyone! You were so fucking embarrassed! It was so damn cute.”

I blushed, rolling my eyes at him. “Shut up,” I giggled softly back. I looked into his eyes and bit my lip, my gaze traveling down his body and stopping at the small tent in his trunks. I pretended not to notice and placed my hand on his muscular bicep, tracing shapes into it softly. 

“You’re so cute when you remember things,” I giggled, trailing my fingers down to the waistband of his trunks.

“Babe,” Nash warned, raising an eyebrow at me. I smirked up at him, taking my bottom lip between my teeth teasingly. “N-not in front of Cam and Jack, okay?”

I looked into his lust-filled eyes, batting my eyelashes innocently. “Do you know what I remember?”

Nash grinned down at me innocently, and it almost made me feel bad for what I was about to pull on him. “What, y/n?”

I ran my fingers along his chest and down his abdomen teasingly, biting my lip once more and closed my legs to create more friction.

“I remember the way you’d hold my thighs with your hands as your tongue plunged into me, making me shiver in pleasure, and the way you’d pound into me and fuck me into obviation if we’d ever argue over something so fucking stupid.”

I turned my attention towards him, suddenly becoming very needy for his touch. “Do you remember that, baby?”

He gulped, squeezing his eyes shut. “Not here, not now.”

“Do you remember the way I’d get on my knees for you and take you into my mouth, hollowing my cheeks and licking your base until you whimpered in complete bliss? I remember that, too.”

Nash nodded, his bulge now very prominent. “Babe, stop.”

I trailed my fingers down his chest, giggling mischievously as I placed a chaste kiss to his jaw line, trailing them down to his collarbones. I sucked on his collarbone harshly, blowing cool air onto it as Nash tried to suppress his light whimpers.

Nash let out a groan, trying to cover it up with a cough. He pushed me away from him and stood to his feet, grabbing my wrist in his large hands and dragging me behind him into the hotel entrance.

“Where are we going?" 

Nash brushed past Johnson, who walked down the hallway of their shared room. "Hey Jack,” I smiled at him. “Are you headed to the pool?”

Johnson nodded, shooting me a cheeky grin. “I was going to, but maybe I’ll just stay with you guys in the room,” he winked.

Nash stopped dead in his tracks, turning to Jack with a glare. “Fuck off, Jack. You’d better be at the pool by the time I get back down there.”

Before Jack could answer, Nash slammed the door to his room shut, leaving the two of us alone and locked in. He turned to me, dark blue eyes glistening in anticipation.

“So you think it’s funny to tease me down by the pool in front of the guys?”

I bit my lip, watching as Nash stepped forward to me as I stepped backward. The back of my legs hit the bed and I crawled onto it, anxiously waiting for what I’ve been craving since we first set foot at the pool.

Nash crawled on top of me, straddling my hips and lightly grinding them against me. “Answer me, sweetheart." 

I looked into his dark eyes and wrapped my legs around his waist, shaking my head innocently. "No, Nash, I don’t think it’s funny.”

He smiled down at me, pulling at the string of my bikini. “Then why’d you do it, love?”

I bit my lip, grabbing Nash’s chin with my hand and lowering it down to my lips. “I want you, Nash.”

Nash sat up, smirking slightly at me. “What do you want from me, babe?”

His lips found the spot below my ear, kissing it and nibbling on it every once in a while before blowing cool air onto it. His hand came up and stopped right at my hip as my other hand resting teasingly onto his hipbone. I rubbed it, earning a deep groan from the back of his throat.

“Don’t fucking tease me,” Nash growled, sucking harshly at my sweet spot, sure to leave a mark. He broke skin and lapped his tongue at the skin vessels, soothing the pain as he blew air onto it teasingly.

“Nash,” I whimpered, tired of the teasing. After what seemed like hours, I finally pushed him off of me and onto the bed, so I was straddling his hips.

I kissed down his bare chest and stopped at the waistband of his tented swim trunks. I traced the outline of his member, listening as Nash went crazy. “Babe, please, enough teasing today.”

I pulled down his shorts, his member springing free from the tight trunks. I pumped him a few times with my hand, listening to Nash’s breathless moans. “C'mon baby, let’s feel those pretty little lips wrap around my cock.”

I took him in my mouth slowly, my tongue swirling around his head and shaft as I started to feel his hand come to the back of my head. Teasing him more, I kissed a trail up the bottom of his length, watching his face as he whimpered softly, trying to push my mouth back onto him. I took him entirely in my mouth, to his surprise.

Nash let out a loud moan, tightening his grip on my head as I bobbed up and down, hollowing my cheeks as I went. “Fuck babe, you look so hot down there.”

I felt a simple shiver run through him underneath me, automatically letting me he was close. His hips jumped up to meet my mouth, so all I could feel was him thrusting into my mouth as I took him all the way to the back of my throat. I sucked him particularly deeper and harder, causing him to come deep into the back of my throat.

He let out an animalistic moan as he came, his head falling back and his eyes squeezing shut.

I pressed a final kiss to his tip before smiling up at him, watching as he shot me back the same grin. He flipped us over, kissing my heat through my bikini bottoms. “Your turn, baby,” he smirked.

He ran his large hands along my thighs before pulling down my bottoms and gently kissing my inner thighs. My thighs instinctively curled around his neck and he brought his lips painfully close to my center, his warm breath sending a tingling down my spine in anticipation. 

“I’m not going to start until you beg for it, y/n.” I looked at him incredulously, and he only teased me more, coming painfully close before retreating once more.

“You can’t be fucking serious,” I giggled, shaking my head at him. 

He raised an eyebrow, smirking at me. “I can remember how you used to beg for me until I’d finally give you what you want, making you scream in pleasure.” He paused, biting his lip. “Do you remember?”

I bit my lip, remembering exactly that night. “P-please, Nash,” I begged, my voice cracking lightly as I felt the familiar feeling of neediness between my legs.

Nash stared up at me, smirking wickedly. “What else do you say, baby?”

“Make me feel so good I won’t be able to remember to speak anything but your name, Nash. Fuck, just get on with it. Please!” Luckily for me, he got to work straight away.

He licked a long stripe up my slit, immediately causing my hips to tense under his touch. Fuck, I never knew how badly I missed him.

I felt him smile against me as he approached my clit, swirling his tongue around it as my breathing started to get heavier. I laced my fingers through his hair as he explored me with his tongue, paying extra special attention to the places that made me gasp in pleasure. 

He inserted a finger inside of me, and then two, causing me to moan unexpectedly and tug tighter on his hair. Bending his fingers, he hit my g-spot. I felt my heart beating deep my core, knowing I was close.

He reconnected his lips to my clit while continuing to graze past my g-spot, making my toes curl in pleasure and my lips part slightly as I edged closer to my peak. He continued faster and I finally let go, holding the back of his head in my hands and tightening my legs around his neck as he slowly sat back up, kissing my neck and finally back to my lips again.

He slowly hovered over me, spreading my legs slightly. “Are you ready, baby girl?”

I bit my lip and nodded as he nudged my entrance with his tip, then pushing in and filling me like no one else could. 

He and I both knew as we locked eyes for a brief moment until I squeezed my eyes shut, the pleasure washing over me completely.

Nash placed a finger underneath my chin, tilting my head upwards to look up at him. “Eyes open, beautiful. I want you to look me in the eyes when you come.”

I pried my eyes open, biting my lip to suppress my moans. My mouth fell open at the sensation and Nash stared down at me in admiration and chuckled lightly at how I reacted to him.

“You’re incredible.” He breathed quietly, then pulling his hips back before thrusting into me again. He picked up pace, timing each movement and touch perfectly in accordance to my body. One hand lifted from the sheets beside me, then tracing over every ridge and curve of my body until it was resting under my left thigh.

The pleasure was unbelievable, and I couldn’t believe Nash was the one that continued to make me feel this way

A familiar wave of pleasure rippled through my body and I moaned softly, grabbing Nash’s neck and pulling him towards me for a kiss. I smiled softly, my lips brushing against his as I knew then and there how I really felt for him. “I love you, Nash; I really do.”

His thrilling blue eyes lit up and he grinned passionately kissing me back the best he could, resulting in Nash letting out a soft moan and pulling away. “I-I love you too, y/n. Fuck, I really do love you.”

His voice was breathless, indicating that he too was near his end. His eyes met mine and his range of motion increased as he pulled up and he was quickly pounding into me harder than ever before, my toes curling and eyes rolling back in my head, the pleasure unbearable, as I was soon crumbling into nothingness as I whimpered his name.

“Go on baby.” Nash spoke from above me, then leaning down one last time to hover over my lips. “Come.”

Without hesitation, I clenched around him twice, earning a loud moan from Nash. His moan spurred me on, making me come right on the spot.

Soon after my release, Nash’s muscles tensed against my skin as he stilled for a moment, then relaxing and thrusting sloppily through his high.

Nash pulled out slowly, falling heavily at my side, both of us more than content at what had just happened. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling my tired body closer to his and pressing a light kiss to my shoulder.

“I’m so lucky to have you,” he chuckled, “Remember that, y/n.”


ask / request here || masterlist here

01. I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 12, and I don’t know how to roller-skate or ride a scooter or a skateboard.
02. I’m flat-footed, with my left foot far worse than my right. For this reason I wore corrective shoes with arch supports until I was 13.
03. And maybe this is why I love buying shoes now: Nike, Toms, FitFlop, L.K. Bennett, Nine West, Sanuk, and Jimmy Choo.
04. I’ve danced ballet with Ballet Philippines. It was The Nutcracker. I was 8 years old.
05. I was a classical piano scholar in UP.
06. I am woefully absentminded. I can memorize full scripts, but cannot remember where I put my phone or keys.
07. I learned to drive at the age of 30.
08. The first car I ever owned was a Toyota Corolla.
09. I once thought I could actually talk to God; turned out I just had an overactive imagination.
10. I’ve only gotten the flu twice in my life: once at 18 and then at 22. I get my fly shot every year now.
11. I have 5 piercings in total, 3 on my left ear, 2 on my right. Each piercing on my ears represents an emotional event. The last one I got was to show my daughter it wasn’t painful. Epic fail! It hurt!
12. I swear like a sailor.
13. I had a sizable Game & Watch collection (most of which is actually still in my mom’s closet).
14. I also collect Swatch watches… and elephants with their trunks raised up. My Auntie Daku (my mother’s eldest sister and mother to prima ballerina Maniya Barredo) gave me my very first one at the opening night of Annie.
15. I’ve never worn braces.
16. I make the sign of the cross before I go onstage. Always.
17. I’ve only attended Jesuit universities (Ateneo and Fordham). Yes, I’m biased.
18. I love popcorn, especially with plenty of butter and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.
19. I was allergic to shellfish until my teens. Thankfully it’s something I eventually outgrew.
20. As a child I fell asleep with books under my pillow.
21. I am not technically the eldest child… my mother suffered a miscarriage in her seventh month of pregnancy, a son she named Leo. (And that’s why I’m named Lea.)
22. The only knot I remember from being a Girl Scout is the square knot. It’s incredibly useful!
23. I like assembling things: Lego sets, jigsaw puzzles, Ikea furniture, or remote control cars.
24. I can pick up things with my toes. (Salonga thing.)
25. I can wiggle my ears. (Imutan thing.)
26. Favorite drink: Hendrick’s gin & tonic. But I won’t refuse a glass of German Riesling. Or anything with Grey Goose or Ketel One vodka. Ha!
27. Favorite video game: Assassin’s Creed 2. Ezio Auditore is hot. Requiescat in pace.
28. The one movie I have to finish when I accidentally catch it on TV: Tango & Cash.
29. I prefer 440 over 442, and I’ve never sung at 432. (Music geeks will dig this one.)
30. I used a pacifier until I was 5.
31. I put my left shoe on first before my right.
32. I start going up or down a flight of stairs with my right food and end with my left… unless there’s an odd number of steps, in which case I’ll start with my left or switch feet somewhere in the middle.
33. First kiss: 6 years old. And no, I am not sharing with whom it was!
34. I’m a bit of a word nerd.
35. Facebook is my other job.

Mirrored Illusions || Jeonghan || Pt. 9

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7// Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 //

Word Count: 2820

Genre: adventure, superhero/villain!au, fantasy

Summary: Just because of one dream, your life is turned upside down. And you had the worst companion to go through it with.

“We’ve been walking and hiding for the past three days. How big is this forest?!” you shoved your boot into the dirt path and kicked upward in a plume.

Jeonghan waved a hand, dispersing the sand away from his face with a delicate cough. He turned to you with a slightly amused smile, “Would you like to rest?”

“No, I would not like to rest,” you grumbled, “I want to get out of this forest. Maybe the key is to get unbearably lost and stray from the path!”

“I know you’re frustrated—“

“Don’t you dare use your charm speech on me,” you snapped.

Jeonghan closed his mouth, hands up in resignation, “Alright.”

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Where You Belong

It feels like he’d waited forever for this. Christ, it’d been a month. All he needed was another hour of your time with him taken away with a stupid flight delay. His impatience had gotten the best of him of course- even though he’d known about the delay, there he was speeding to Heathrow with nothing but how good it would feel to haveyour arms around him in his mind.

“Can I help you, sir?”

“No thanks, just uh killing time,” he said to the cashier as he paced through the little gift shop.

He kept glancing at his watch, glancing at the gate, glancing back at his watch, checking the large screen on the wall for your flight number. He kept tugging his hair out of his bun and tying it back up again, becoming easily annoyed when he’d miss a strand. He settled down finally, finding a little coffee shop and ordering himself a drink, taking a seat near your gate to wait for you.

You stretch your arms above your head when the plane hits the ground, smiling to yourself when you look out at the sun setting over the city, over home. You jump out of your seat when you’re permitted to remove your seatbelt, sliding through the cramped area to get your bag from the overhead compartment. You throw it over your shoulder and join the slow moving line out of the plane, hoping that you don’t have to wait long for baggage claim. You just want to get home and see him. You thank the flight attendant that stands by the exit as you make your way out, your legs sore from the flight. But as your eyes land on someone you didn’t expect to see so soon, you forget about the soreness. You spot him before he sees you, but you notice his eyes scanning the crowd for you. When his gaze finally meets yours, you’re already running towards him, your bag bumping uncomfortably against your back. You let it slide down your arm, dropping to the ground as you wrap yourself around Harry. He lifts you into his arms, squeezing you as tight as he can as you bury your face in his neck, holding him like you’re never going to let him go. And you don’t intend to, not any time soon.

“Babe,” you hear him, you feel the word breathed against your neck.

“Hm,” you mumble, not bothering to lift your head from him.

“Can you look up for just a second?” he pleads, the smile audible in his voice.

You pick your head up and are quickly met with the warmest, most desperate kiss he’d ever given you. Your lips mold together, but you’re interrupted by your own giggles at the “Mommy, why are they doing that?” you hear as you stand in the middle of the airport, still in his arms, still not on the ground, and still kissing him even though you’re smiling. He smiles against your lips, squeezing you tight again and shaking you side to side gently.

“I missed you,” he says quietly, resting his head on yours after he’s set you down on your feet.

“I missed you,” you reply, your words muffled slightly by his shirt.

You keep yourself held tightly against him, your palms pressed into his back and his arms wrapped around your waist. Nothing can compare to feeling so at home in the arms of the one you love, who loves you just as much. Nothing feels this good, this warm, or as safe as he does. You rest your chin on his chest now, looking up at him affectionately.

“We should probably go to baggage claim before someone else takes my bag,” you tell him and he just nods, not moving an inch.

You take the first step, pulling him with you as you go to grab the bag you’d dropped on the ground. You wrap one arm around his waist, smiling up at him when his arm instinctively wraps around your waist.

“Did you have a good flight?”

“I mostly slept.”

“I can tell,” he says warmly, his eyes meeting yours. “Your eyes look a bit puffy.”

“I must look like a complete mess,” you say with a giggle, shaking your head and covering your face.

He reaches up, placing his palm on the back of your hand and lacing your fingers together, dragging your hand gently away from your face.

“I haven’t seen you in a month,” he starts, his eyes boring into yours. “Don’t you dare hide from me,” he says playfully, kissing the top of your head. “And you look beautiful,” he adds with a smile, his bright eyes taking you in again.

You burst into a fit of giggles when his kisses spread from your hair to your cheek and then your neck. You shove him playfully, watching as he stumbles back a bit. His arms wrap around you from behind as you walk towards baggage claim, your eyes scanning the round-about for your two bags. You spot one and of course, Harry insists on grabbing it- only he doesn’t wait till it comes around, he just climbs over like he knows he’s not supposed to and grabs it, hopping back down and dropping it on the floor next to you. You shake your head at him, glaring at him as he just shrugs, a smug little smirk on his lips. You spot your larger suitcase and wait for it to come around, grabbing it yourself when it’s close enough.

“I could have grabbed it,” Harry argues, helping you hoist it onto the ground.

“You might have gotten yourself in trouble.”

“How?” he asks, sneaking away and climbing onto the conveyor belt. “By doing this?”

You look up instantly, shaking your head as you call his name.

“Harry! Get down!”

You hear his giggle as he moves to the other side, climbing over so he can start another lap. You can barely keep your lips in a flat line, amused as always by his boyish behavior. You watch him from in between your fingers, afraid he might hurt himself.

“Harry, please,” you call to him, startling when another call follows yours.

You turn to see a man in uniform walking towards you and you see Harry’s head pop up on the other side. He curses under his breath and hops over one last time, grabbing one of your bags and then your hand, pulling you behind him as he rushes out of the airport. You both laugh as you half run through the crowds, arriving at his car after a few short minutes.

“You could have been in so much trouble,” you tell him, catching your breath after you’ve thrown your stuff in the trunk.

“We,” he corrects, raising an eyebrow at you. “I would have taken you down with me.”

“Please,” you reply, rolling your eyes as you climb into the passenger seat.

“Right, love, like you wouldn’t have taken the fall with me anyway.”

He turns slightly in the driver’s seat, his eyes narrowed at you accusingly. You shrug your shoulders, tilting your head slightly to one side.

“Guess we’ll never know.”

“I think we both do already, actually.”

You just smile as he leans closer, his hand finding yours. Your fingers lock with his as you meet him halfway, pressing your lips gently against his. Your smile fades as your lips move against one another’s, longing for each other.

“God, I missed you,” he repeats when you break the kiss.

You lean your forehead on his, your eyes closed when he moves away, pressing a soft little kiss to your forehead before starting the car. Your hands stay locked together for the car ride home, his thumb stroking small circles into the back of your hand. He glances at you from the corner of his eye every so often, just to look at you, to remind himself that you’re really here and really with him. He didn’t realize how much he’d missed you till he felt the weight in his heart lift as soon as he saw you. He didn’t realize it till he’d felt his heart beat so fast it could burst when you jumped into his arms and he just held you in the air.

As for you, you kept your eyes trained on the passing city as he drove so he wouldn’t see your eyes welled up with tears. You knew he was looking at you, maybe waiting for you to look at him, but you didn’t want to right now. Skyping and calling hadn’t been nearly enough and your heart ached every day without him. You missed him so much it hurt, waking up to an empty bed, wearing t-shirts that only smelled faintly of him since he hadn’t worn them since before you’d left. The trip had enough stress, but without him there you felt it even more. You’d needed him more than he knew and to finally be back with him, to feel his arms around you so tightly as soon as you’d stepped off the plane was enough to bring you to tears. Your heart felt so full now that you were back here with him and you didn’t ever want to be without him like that again.

“Babe,” he calls to you, snapping you out of your daydreams. “We’re home.”

You climb out of the car, grabbing your bags from the back and following him inside, your hands still locked together.

“We’re home,” you repeat once you’ve dropped your bags on the floor in the foyer.

You immediately wrap your arms around him, pressing your cheek against his chest and forcing him to drop the bag he’d been holding to wrap his arms around you.

“You alright?” he asks, looking down at you.

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay. I just…” you pause, sighing and breathing in his scent, squeezing him a little tighter, “missed you,” you finish, smiling when he rocks you side to side.

“I know, love,” he replies softly, kissing the top of your head.

You stand just like that, holding each other, swaying a little bit. You can hear his heartbeat in his chest and the sound soothes you. His voice breaks the silence though, but you don’t mind. You want to hear him, see him, talk to him, taste him for hours to make up for all the time you lost.

“Wanna go unpack? Want something to eat?”

“Let me go unpack,” you reply, stepping away from him and grabbing your bags.

“I’ll help you,” he states, grabbing the larger bag from your hands and following you up the short set of stairs to the bedroom.

You drop your bags by your dresser and take a running start to jump on the bed- yours and Harry’s bed that was as comfortable as they came, that held memories of many nights spent together. The bed that had his side and your side. You grab the sheets and bunch them up in your hands, mushing your face into the surface and breathing in. You smile when you hear his chuckling in the background and you roll over, stretching your body out as you face him. He hangs his hoodie up in the closet and kicks off his shoes, walking around the bed and pressing his hands down, leaning over you.

“This is like Spiderman,” you observe with a grin.

He giggles and leans lower, pressing his lips against yours. Your lips part against his and his tongue slips into your mouth, deepening the kiss. You long for the taste of him, to feel him more. You nod your head once, pushing your mouth harder against his. Your lips move together for another long moment before he pulls away, lifting himself a little higher. He crawls on the bed now and you smile when he settles himself in between your legs. You sit up, sliding closer to straddle his lap, laying your arms over his shoulders. You reach up and tug the little band out of his hair, letting his curls fall loose around his face. He shakes his hair out and combs his finger through the curly locks. You ruffle his hair a bit before resting your palm against his cheek, gently caressing his lower lip with your thumb. He puckers his lips against the tip of your finger and you smile when he looks up at you, nipping gently. You let your hand drop from his face, resting your arm over his shoulder again. He lays his palm in the crook of your neck, stroking your jaw softly before he leans in for another kiss. Your lips move harder than before, more desperate for one another as you attempt to be as close to each other as possible, your bodies pressed together and your limbs wrapped around each other. Your tongue slides over his and you feel an ache in your chest when he pushes back a loose strand of hair that had fallen in your face, kissing the spot, then planting a kiss on the tip of your nose and then your cheek before finally finding your lips again. You hold him by the back of his head, keeping him close as you taste one another. He breaks away and your eyes flutter open as his hands reach for your shirt, pulling up from the bottom. You raise your arms in the air and he pulls the fabric off you, dropping the shirt on the bed. He sighs as he holds you again, planting soft, warm kisses on your neck and shoulders and chest. You smile when he kisses a ticklish spot and he catches your quiet giggle, kissing the spot once more just so he can hear that sound he loves so much. He leans forward, forcing you back a bit. You bend back, holding onto him as he balances you in his arms, kissing down your chest and in between your breasts.

“I adore you,” he breathes in between kisses, the words felt on your skin as his hot breath pours from his lips.

You hum as he kisses back up your body, nuzzling his nose against the base of your neck.

“I like the sound of that,” you whisper as he comes back to your lips. “Adore,” you repeat.

He smiles against your lips when he pulls you back to him. You bend your head slightly to kiss him, holding his face in your hands again, eager to just hold him. You want to do too much at once, you can’t kiss his lips at the same time as his neck, and you can’t hold his face while you feel his shoulders, but you’re desperate for him. You settle for just wrapping your arms around him and burying your face in his neck again, kissing and nipping the skin there, nosing his chain. You lift your head slightly and spot your bags left discarded on the floor.

“I should unpack,” you say, giving him another quick peck on his lips.

“Now?” he pouts and you smirk at him, kissing him again. “C’mon can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

“You’re the one who suggested it,” you argue jokingly, shaking your head at him.

“I take it back,” he replies, throwing himself back down on the bed and bringing you with him.

You laugh as he lands on his back, his arms still wrapped around you. You roll off of him though, sitting up and crossing your legs next to him. He joins you and you look around the room, at him, down at your bed again.

“Are you sure you’re alright, love?” he asks, pulling you back into him.

“I just- I dunno it just feels so good to be home,” you reply.

You feel yourself being pulled backwards and you follow Harry’s lead, getting comfortable against him after he’s fixed some pillows against the wall and leaned himself against them, his legs spread for you to sit in between. You settle down with your back to his chest, his arms wrapped loosely around you. He rests his chin on your shoulder, nuzzling against your neck before he speaks again.

“You haven’t told me about the trip.”

“You haven’t asked,” you reply with a smirk, giggling when he nips playfully at your shoulder.

“C’mon,” he urges you, sensing that you probably didn’t have the best time.

“It was good but there were just… it was stressful, Harry,” you say with a sigh, burying your face in your hands.

You feel his fingers on the backs of your hands and he pulls them away from your face, bringing one to his lips and kissing your fingertips. He plays with your hands absentmindedly as you talk, focused on your words more than his gentle actions as he watches your face from the side, his chin still perched on your shoulder. It’s so easy to go on talking forever just knowing that he’s the one listening, but you stop yourself.

“Look, I’m talking too much,” you tell him and he pulls you closer, wrapping his legs tighter to force you against his body.

“No you’re not,” he assures you in between kisses pressed to your neck and shoulders. “I wish you would have told me sooner.”

“I was trying to get through it, I guess.”

“Well you did,” he replies, giving your shoulder another kiss. “You got through it and now you’re home. You’re here with me and you’re home,” he says, wrapping his arms tightly around you.

“You are home, Harry,” you say softly, more to yourself than to him.

But he hears. He knows already. That home is in each other’s arms and on each other’s lips. Home is the way he’s holding you right now, with your head turned to the side so your lips can reach his and meet in a gentle, loving kiss. You pull away after a moment and stand up, smiling as Harry’s touch lingers on you, his fingers dragging along down your arm as you move away from him, locking with yours and stopping you from moving any further.

“Where are you going?”

“Just to the bathroom to freshen up.”

“Hurry,” he whines, pouting as you draw your hand away from his, watching him watch you over your shoulder.

You pause to dig out your little bag of toiletries from your luggage and step into the bathroom, eyeing your slightly smudged eyeliner and shaking your hair out a little. You go through your nightly routine, scrubbing and brushing and such, and as always being interrupted by Harry who saunters in with a grin on his face, snatching up his toothbrush and joining you in front of the sink. You watch each other in the mirror and you giggle when he makes funny faces, showing his teeth and sticking out his tongue, his mouth foamy with toothpaste lather. You bump your hip against his and he cracks a smile, wiggling his hips at you. You both finish up and you walk with him out of the bathroom, his arms around your waist as he follows behind you.

Once his arms are no longer around you, you get comfortable, stripping out of your jeans. You feel his burning gaze on your back as you take your bra off and he makes his way back to you, dragging the straps down your arms and kissing your shoulders as he does. You pull the straps the rest of the way off and lean into him, your bare body pressed against his. You turn to face him, your chests pressed together now as you kiss his shoulder through his shirt. His palm rests on your neck and he guides you to look up at him, your eyes meeting his bright ones.

“Are you waiting for one of my t-shirts?” he asks after a moment, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

You giggle, nodding as you lean your head down on his chest. He shakes his head at you, smiling nonetheless as he steps away from you. You reach out for him, forcing him to pause when your hand wraps around his and you guide him to come back to you. You guide him to lift his arms in the air and he raises them above his head, watching you as you peel his shirt over his head, pausing to admire his inked body, toned, but somehow still so soft.



“I can’t see.”

You jump when you realize you’ve probably been daydreaming about licking ice cream toppings off that stomach for a second too long and you pull his shirt over his head, revealing his dimpled grin and a playful look in his eyes. You kiss the adorable little dent in his cheek and pull his shirt over your head, throwing yourself back onto the bed now that you’re all set for bed. You lay on your stomach, kicking your legs in the air as he pulls his jeans off, stumbling to one side when he struggles to get his leg out. You giggle at him and he glares jokingly at you as he steps out of them finally, wiggling his hips at you as he walks towards the bed.

“I know you must have missed all this,” he says as he climbs onto the mattress, kneeling in between your legs and grinding his crotch against your bottom.

You shriek, throwing your head back and laughing when he flips you over, covering you in kisses over the fabric of his stolen t-shirt. Your giggling fades when his lips hover over yours, his chain dangling in between your bodies and his breath fanning over your mouth. You close the small space in between your lips and his, your mouth pressing against his, your lips parting to let him in. You explore each other’s mouths, breathing each other in until your lips are swollen and tingling, pinker than usual. He breaks the kiss only to press his lips to your neck and chest and tummy, looking up at you as he does. He sits up then and you join him, pulling the covers over you and holding them up for him to slide in next to you. You wait for him to get comfortable, watching quietly as he wiggles under the covers and fixes his pillows. He stretches his arm out, inviting you to claim your spot beside him and you fix yourself next to him, your legs tangling with his instantly as you lay your head on his chest, your arm stretched so it rests on his bare body. You sigh contentedly, pressing your lips to his chest softly before resting against him again. He kisses the top of your head and you feel your entire body relax, you feel warmth spread through you like his lips lit a match.

“You sleepy?” he asks, his voice barely a mumble.

“Not as much as you are apparently,” you say with a laugh and you hear the light puff of air from his nose, too tired to even laugh.

“I was- sorry,” he breathes when he interrupts himself with a yawn, “I didn’t sleep much last night. I was too excited for tonight.”

You lift yourself to kiss his lips once more, falling in love with him for the millionth time tonight when he flashes you a lazy, sleepy grin.

“Good night,” you whisper after you’ve reached over him to shut the lights off, laying your head back on his chest.

“Night,” he mumbles, his breaths relaxing as he falls into a deep sleep.

You weren’t sure how soon you fell asleep after Harry, but what you did know for sure was that you hadn’t slept that well in weeks. You rub the sleep from your eyes, opening them to see Harry still asleep, his lips parted slightly and his breathing only slightly audible. You stifle a giggle and sit up carefully, stretching your arms over your head. You look down when you feel his arm twitch around you and he rolls over on his side, his curls splayed out on the pillow. He closes his mouth and his fingers wiggle, searching for you.

“Morning,” you greet him, stretching your legs out now. You cross them under the blanket and his arm stretches across your lap.

You admire his shoulders as he stretches away the soreness of a much needed good night’s sleep, biting your lip at the sound of his raspy “Morning, love.”

“This feels incredible,” he mumbles against the pillow, his puffy eyes barely open and his swollen lips turned up in a little smile.

“What does?”

“Waking up with you,” he says and you melt at his words, at the sound of his voice laced with sleep and love.

You lay back down, settling on your side so you face him.

“Can we stay like this all day?” you ask and he inches closer to you, kissing your forehead and then your lips.

“All day,” he promises, draping his arm over you and kissing your lips again, ignoring the sounds and light coming from outside, ignoring whatever either of you may have had to do today.

All today held for you was each other and you wanted nothing else. You wanted him, you wanted his arms around you, you wanted his sleepy kisses and his wide awake, urgent kisses. He wanted your arms around him and your body pressed to his and your hands in his hair. You wanted each other all to yourselves, and he didn’t intend to waste a second, ditching sleep to pull you on top of him and start your day with tangled limbs and warm kisses under cool sheets.