trunk of our car

Many years have passed since. Time has smudged the memory like ink on damp paper. Still, I managed to remember the important parts. Or at least I think so. How do we know what is important if all the other details are forgotten?

It was the middle of summer. A muggy day in a town I’d never been before. We stayed in a small house by a green lake. My father handed me my bag from the trunk of our Volvo. A screen door creaked shut behind me. It was not long before sand had seeped into every slit in the hardwood and every crack in the sofa. My mother never could seem to sweep it all up. I remember flip flops and sunburns and tangled hair. I remember the sound of my parents’ bickering turning into shouting.

Much of that day I spent underwater. I think I liked the way the silence was loud enough to block everything else out. Maybe that green lake was my friend in that way.

I don’t remember the reason why they fought or if it had truly been as bad as I thought. And yet the reasons seemed so important then. No matter how hard I tried to ignore their voices, I found myself replaying their words in my mind. Trying to figure out how to mend their wounds. I always thought there was something to be fixed and someone who needed to do the fixing. I thought I was that person. I know now that I never was.

My father took me outside. We sat side by side in plastic chairs. The sunlight had disappeared behind the trees. I could feel his eyes on me, mine stared ahead; too weak to look back without giving into the tears. He told me it wasn’t my fault. Then he told something I haven’t been able to get out of my head since that night.

“Ilee, how are you supposed to know when you’re truly happy if you don’t know what it feels like to be sad?”

I stayed quiet and the next night put my bags back in the trunk of our car. Sand had found its way into my socks, in the spaces between my toes. I guess that was a part of that place that I carried home with me.

No one said much on the car ride home. And when we finally got home, things went back to the way they were. I still thought about what my father had told me. I found myself thinking of my life in terms of opposites. Could I only know love if I first understood hate? Could I only really know wealth if I once knew misfortune? These are questions I still ask myself. But maybe it is not about knowing but appreciating. Perhaps you cannot truly appreciate happiness without first experiencing sadness.

For the rest of that summer, I appreciated every moment of happiness with more vibrancy. Or perhaps it just felt more vibrant in comparison to what I had felt that day by the lake. Or maybe there is no a difference.

—  I.W.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Besides a curse word here and there and some awkward fluff, nothing much

A/N: I don’t know where this idea came from but I definitely took some inspiration from a churro I ate earlier

word count: 1.8k

“Mom,” I said banging my hand against the trunk of our parked car, “MOM!” 

After school, my mother and I went grocery shopping, and I was currently trying to get her attention from the back of the car to the front seat where she was happily chatting away to god knows who on the phone. When my mom talks on the phone, it seems as though she never stops talking, and it’s almost impossible for me to get her attention. 

My mother huffed from the front seat and pulled the switch that opened the trunk.

“Thank you,” I muttered to myself.

I pulled the trunk all the way up and began to formulate a plan to get most -if not all- of the bags out of the car. Ya girl is not taking more than one trip to the eighth floor of this apartment building.   

As I started loading multiple bags on each arm, my mom finally decided to step out of the car and help me.

“Ok. Uh huh,” my mother laughed, “Yeah, okay, bye now! Mmhm, of course! Bye bye now, bye.”

“I lost count of how many times you said ‘bye’,” I joked to my mom as she helped with the rest of the bags.

“So now my kid thinks she’s a comedian huh,” she teased playfully, closing the trunk in the process.

“I’m no Kevin Hart, but I try,” I shrugged.

My mom rolled her eyes and led us to the apartment.

“Can you wake me up when dinner is ready? I’m gunna take a nap,” I told my mom after I helped unload some of the groceries.

“A nap? It’s 4 in the afternoon,” my mom questioned me as she started taking pans out to cook with.

“Yeah, well all that exercise today really tired me out,” I said.

“Are you talking about school or taking up the groceries just now?” she said while quirking an eyebrow.

“Both,” I smiled.

“Don’t you have homework to do?” she further prodded.

Mother,” I sighed dramatically and placed my hand on my chest, “you know I am most productive when the sun goes down.”

I call my mom “Mother” when I want to be dramatic -which is quite often if I’m being honest. But it seemed to work because she laughed and finally gave in.

“Alright, but I’m not letting you take those four-hour-long naps, just until dinner is ready, okay?” she scolded me.

“If dinner happens to take you four hours to make then..” I said walking away to my room down the hall.

“I heard that young lady!” my mom called from back in the kitchen.

I grinned to myself and dropped my backpack at the foot of my bed. I took my shoes off and sighed contently.

Finally, I thought to myself, I can nap my problems away. Said problems being a test I have on Friday -two days from now.

My window blinds were still open from this morning, so I decided to shut them; however, it felt real stuffy in here so I opened the window to let that New York breeze in. 

“That’s better,” I said out loud to myself.

I suddenly became conscious when I heard talking. Grumbling into my pillow, I was hoping that whoever was talking would, I don’t know, stop.

I am too comfy to move, I thought sadly to myself. 

I turned over and hoped that I could fall back asleep, but god damn, this person would not. stop. talking. I grabbed my phone from my night stand and saw that I only slept about 50 minutes.

Not even an hour, I sighed.

Furrowing my brows, I realized that the talking was coming from outside my window. My window? Who the hell is on my fire escape? My eyes widened at the thought of a potential burglar. I did the first thing that came to mind and grabbed my baseball bat that I kept under my bed. If there is anything I can learn from Stiles Stilinski, it’s that a baseball bat always comes in handy. I also had 911 dialed on my phone -just in case. I didn’t want to call the cops until I knew for sure. I mean, It could be my down stairs neighbor talking loudly on their fire escape, right?

I crept to my window slowly and quietly across the carpet. The talking got louder and my anxiety got stronger. I tightened my grip on the bat in one hand and shoved my phone into my back pocket once I got to my window sill. I decided to rip the band-aid and just pulled my blinds up really fast. I heard a yelp immediately and stared in shock at the sight in front of me.

“What the fuck,” I whispered, my heart hammering in my chest. 

Sitting on the rail of my fire escape was some dude in red and blue tights. He looked like he dropped something and reached for it. I gasped in shock because this guy is seriously about to fall to his death because of a-

“My churro!” he cried as he reached for it with one hand.

He grabbed his churro and shoved his phone into his belt? What in god’s name is he wearing? And how did he do that?

My brain finally caught up and I realized that he practically stuck to the side of my fire escape. He fumbled with his mask and tugged it down. Then he climbed over the railing -as if he’s done this several times- and gave me a wave.

“Uhh hel-,” he cleared his throat and tried to sound deeper, “hello there mam, how ya doin’?”

I waved my bat at him and said, “How did you do that, how- how did you get up here and why are you wearing a- what are you wearing?”

He shuffled on his feet and raised his arms at me, “Whoah whoah whoah, okay there Babe Ruth, let’s take it easy, yeah?” 

I raised my brow at him skeptically and mumbled, “You don’t look like a burglar.”

“A burglar? What? I’m, I’m not a burglar, I’m Spider-Man!” he said, almost sounding offended.

Spider-Man? Oh my god, I know this dude! How could I forget that video of him stopping that bus? It was all over school the next day.

“Wait, you’re the guy from Youtube? You look different. And you sound more like a Spider-Boy. Spider-Kid? Spider-Guy?” I rambled stupidly. I was starting to calm down. This guy didn’t seem like a threat to me; especially when he was waving that churro around at me as he talked.

Man, okay? Spider-Man. With a hyphen,” he said, trying to use that deep voice again.

I set my bat down and propped my elbows against the sill, resting one of my hands under my chin, “Yeah. Okay, Churro Boy. Oh, I mean Churro-Boy with a hyphen.”

“Churro- you know what, I don’t have time for this,” he mumbled in his regular voice, starting to leap over my rail.

“Wait!” I called out to him.

Why did I do that?

He turned to me, waiting for me to say something.

“Is that a new,” I paused thinking of the right word, “suit?”

“Yeah!” he said, perking up and stepping back down, “It’s sort of a new upgrade, it’s pretty cool. Way cooler compared to my old one at least”

Must’ve said the right thing. I almost said costume. Maybe that would have offended him..

Well, it definitely seems cooler,” I smiled slightly, “anyway, next time you wanna talk to your -whoever- on my balcony, can you warn me? I was trying to nap and you talk…a lot.” 

 If I wasn’t mistaken, it seemed like he was blushing under that mask; he stumbled over his next words.

“Oh, uh, god I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that someone was in there -I mean usually I just go unnoticed when I do stuff like this, which is pretty often. Surprisingly. The crime rate seems to be low in Queens, and it’s Queens! You’d expect a little more action around here, don’t ya think? I gave an old lady directions today and she gave me a churro,” he laughed lightly, scratching the back of his neck when he realized he was rambling, “oh wow I do talk a lot don’t I? Sorry…again.”

He is so cute. What? No, what am I thinking? Stop it Y/N. His voice isn’t nice or cute and the rambling is annoying! Definitely NOT adorable!

You’re fine, it’s fine. I tend to ramble a lot too when I’m nervous,” my eyes widened as I lost my cool demeanor. “I’m not saying you’re nervous though. Maybe you are? I mean, you almost dropped your churro and that was…scary,” I laughed awkwardly. “I’m Y/N by the way,”

I stuck my hand out through the window and he clasped it with his own, shaking it back. “Yeah, I know,” he said letting go.

My face contorted into one of confusion, “You know my name? Do we know each other?”

He stumbled once again, “Huh? No! I meant I- I know that…it was scary! The churro thing. Almost dropping it. Yup. Terrifying, even!” He sighed to himself after seeing my expression and then said in a softer voice, “I’m sorry, I’m just nervous.” 

“Oh, okay,” I said unsure.

That voice…

Just as I was about to reply, I was cut off by my mom.

“Y/N! Dinner is ready!”, my mom called from afar.

I turned back and yelled a reply, “Okay! I’m up!”

When I turned to apologize to Churro-Boy for the interruption, he was standing on the railing again. 

“I uh, gotta go,” he said, pointing over his shoulder towards the city.

 “Oh,” I said suddenly disappointed, “no yeah I totally get it. Gotta go give old ladies directions and collect those churros right?” I tried joking. 

“Obviously, I want my churro collection to grow so,” he joked back. “Do you- do you want the rest of it? I’m kinda full anyway”

He offered the churro to me and I took it, “Eh, why not. If Spider-Man offers you a churro, one cannot deny it, right?” I smiled softly.

“Right,” he confirmed. “Churro-Boy out,” he saluted as he shot a web and swung away.

I mock-saluted him even though he didn’t see it as I bit into the churro. I closed my window and took out my phone to get rid of the 911 dial; I didn’t wanna risk butt dialing the cops. I could only imagine how that conversation would go. After I put my phone away, I made my way into the kitchen and greeted my mom.

“Morning Mom,” I mumbled, taking a bite.

“Where did you get that churro from?” 

I smiled knowingly and said, “Your friendly neighborhood Churro-Boy gave it to me”

“I don’t even wanna know,” she muttered. “But that better not be code for drugs.”

Mother!” I exclaimed with my posh voice, “I would never!”

Part 2

maybe we’re tired of tragedy maybe the world said: welcome home, it’ll be a beautiful ride. maybe the world lied, maybe the lifelines on your palms are no more than some ancient tragedy dragging its teeth on your skin like an animal that refuses to die
no matter how many times you shoot it.

maybe i’m applying lipstick in the front seat of my car and the leather smells like my friend rushing out to throw up. we are all rushing out to throw up because we live in a time of cataclysm, every day might be a new catastrophe.
nuclear apocalypse is the new black
and we are already putting shotguns in the trunks of our cars.

you blow a breath of smoke and i want to know why everyone tells me that cigarettes are bad for my health when the sky over my hometown is no longer the blue my grandmother remembers, and why you think that i am destroying myself when the world is being destroyed and you just throw the leaflets away. we are not trying to kill ourselves here, we were just born exhausted, and i don’t see people in the streets, i see moving muscles and bones. we all want enough breathing room but our lungs would break apart if we got oxygen.

there are people who have never even seen the stars and now you tell me that elon musk wants to launch us into space. to do what?
to destroy, which is the ancient tragedy, which is the only thing we know how to do right. i weep for the stars and for the galaxies and for some passengers two centuries into the future, the child with curly hair pressing her nose
to the shuttle window as Earth burns burns burns,
the only legacy we ever left.

Death Dying and Solarpunk

 I posted this a couple of years back but it never got many notes and I don’t think many people read it. But Solarpunk is a lot more popular now and I know that a lot of people have found my blog through Solarpunk so I decided to repost this because it is my opus.

I have a lot of opinions on the subject of death and dying so this will be a long post and I will need to break this subject into multiple parts - you have been warned.

First a little of my back-ground. I come from a tight-knit extended family and grew up spending a lot of time with grandparents, aunts and cousins. When I was 13 my Nana started ‘acting a bit funny’ - she had the first in a series of small strokes that left her in a home with dementia where she eventually died.  My Grandad and Aunty (my much loved great-aunt) also ended up in rest-homes dying slowly for years. My father died suddenly of a cerebral haemorrhage when I was 16. 4 years ago my Mum, step-dad and I bought a small 26 bed rest-home and we have averaged about 9 deaths a year.  I’ve been around death a bit. It blows my mind that I know people who are grown adults and have never experienced death.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about dying a death and modern society and most of it boils down to: for the most part, we’re doing it wrong. Doctors treat the ends of our lives as something to be fought off with fire and pitchforks. They prescribe a pill for this and a treatment for that, and how can we prolong this person’s life? Not should we prolong this person’s life? Lives have been massively improved and extended with science but we are decaying organisms and there is only so much that can be done. There comes a point when quantity of life is irrelevant because that life has no quality.

The current generation that are in rest-homes are scared of death, for them it is a specter of their childhood. When they were young people died of infectious disease all the time, they died of what are now treatable diseases, they died in poor work conditions. People died in their homes and at their work - all of these people would have seen a dead body. These people grew up burying loved ones. They’ve spent their whole lives seeing death being fought and conquered. New medicines, vaccines, treatments, improved health and safety.  Death has been pushed back and fought off but now it’s coming for them in a way science can’t fight - natural death. Because it’s a specter, they’ve never talked about it with their families and the families don’t know what to do so they stick them in a rest-home and come to visit when they can then get outa there as soon as they can.  

For the generations after this one, death is a failure of the science they have lived with their whole lives. They haven’t had the childhood experience of death. Burying a loved one is an uncommon occurrence and it has become taboo. Nobody talks to children about death, nobody talks to each other about death. Unless you are diagnosed with a terminal illness nobody prepares for death.  Sick people are kept in hospitals and hospices, elderly people are kept in rest-homes and dementia units. We have put death in boxes. We need to get it out of the box.

So how do we do that? How do we start doing death right?

I personally plan to make sure everyone around me knows what I want for when I am dying and when I am dead.  I plan to sit down with a lawyer in a few years’ time and make a living will with instructions for what to do if I become incapable of making decisions. I will also sit down with a doctor and make a long term care plan so that as I age and things a breaking down I don’t get any treatments that I don’t want. If I am diagnosed with any form of dementia I want to be taken off all life prolonging medications and treatments. Let me have painkillers and medications to prevent anxiety and/or depression but nothing to prevent organ failure. I’ve had this discussion with my mother and that’s what she wants as well - I intend to make sure it happens. We really really need to have these conversations with our loved ones and in an ideal society it would be completely normal to sit down with your family and say ‘When I’m dying…….’.  Talking about dying needs to be normalized.

We also need to make death part of the community again. Let me tell you a couple of stories from my family’s rest-home. One of our staff members got married at the home, we have a lovely garden and she really wanted to get married in our gazebo so we hosted the wedding. We decorated beautifully; we had about a million flowers, my step-dad made butterfly cakes. One of the residents had been declining for a while and we didn’t really expect her to be able to participate but she bucked up for the day. She got dressed up in her best clothes (so did all the other residents), she watched the ceremony with her daughter, she scoffed a butterfly cake. I took a lovely picture of her daughter and her and their nice clothes. She died the next day. I was able to give her daughter that beautiful picture of the 2 of them.  We often have the local school choir come in to sing, good practice for the kids performing and lovely entertainment for the residents. One year in December they came to sing carols and we had a woman in her room dying. The family asked if maybe some of the kids could come into her room and sing for her? After talking to the teacher and explaining to the kids that this lady was not well and probably wouldn’t live until Christmas but that was nothing to be afraid of, it was completely natural; the kids went into her room and sang Silent Night. It was so incredibly moving and she was so happy. The kids felt incredibly proud that they could make her that happy. 

We try very hard to bring life into our rest home. Our nurse lives in a house at the back of the home with her family. She has a 14 year old and 10 year old and 7 year old. The kids are in and out of the rest home with their friends all the time. They run errands, stop and chat with the old folks, play with the rest-home pets, sit on the floor in the lounge and watch Disney movies with the residents. We have 2 cats and my mother brings her tiny dog, Lucy, into work every day. All of the animals have been left behind by elderly owners who passed away in our care.

In my ideal Solarpunk world hospitals, hospices and care-homes would be part of a larger complex that would also include crèches, classrooms (both for young children and also for continuing education for adults), community spaces and animal rescue facilities. The wider community, especially children, would be encouraged to come into the spaces inhabited by the sick and dying. It would not only help the people who were dying, giving them distraction and entertainment; but it would also help the young and healthy to accept mortality and see that death is a natural part of life and not a scary bogey man. It would give the dying a chance to pass on skills and stories, it’s amazing what you learn when you sit down and spend time with someone who is at the end of their life. Also in my ideal Solarpunk world being a hospice nurse would be as admired and aspirational as being a midwife. Whenever someone tells you they’re a midwife, or they want to be one, your immediate reactions is usually ‘Wow it would be awesome to see new lives come into the world every day’. It’s actually just as much of a privilege to help someone depart this life as it is to help someone enter it. I have been in the room, several times, with someone who is dying. It’s an indescribable feeling – I have actually felt their departed loved ones come to get them. Being able to help ease someone out of life and help their family through losing them is a huge honor and it is a job that no one starts out wanting (because we are taught death is scary) but once you’ve done it once or twice you recognize it for the miracle it is. Everyone talks about the miracle of birth but death is its own renewal and potential and celebration.

We’ve had some awesome funerals in my family. Does that sound odd? But it’s true. I have nothing but good memories of funerals. As much as I cried at the time, it’s the stories and the music and the coming together that I remember about them. It’s the tribute to a life well lived and the celebration of the love you feel for that person. I live in New Zealand and in native Maori culture it is traditional for the family to fill in the grave themselves. My family is white and I remember when we buried my Nana we were going to do the white thing and walk away after the service. My cousin Glen just stood by the grave-side and went: Nope. He has Maori cousins on his dad’s side and it felt wrong to him to walk away from an unfilled grave, luckily those cousins had come to support him and had done what they usually did for a funeral – turn up with a car trunk full of shovels. Our closest friends and family stayed when everyone else had left and we all took turns to help with the digging until we had filled the grave. It was like the service before had been the public expression of respect, open to anyone who knew Nana, but this was a private time for the people who really loved her and those who loved us and stayed in support of our grief.  We have followed this tradition for every person we have buried since.  We had Grandad’s funeral at a chapel that was just one street over from my mother’s house. All of our closest family gathered there about an hour beforehand; then we took a pleasant walk down a tree-lined side street to get to the chapel. There was something centering and sacred about walking with my family under those trees. After it was all over we went back to Mum’s house and had a barbeque in the back yard. We took millions of pictures and those are some of my favorite family photos – I think Grandad would have liked that the generations that had come from him and Nana gather together like that. Aunty’s funeral was all about the details. Mum picked out the bright blue coffin. My Aunty Judy found the purple suit Aunty was buried in. My cousin Becks made a powerpoint photo tribute. I chose the flowers. It was all organised by a funeral director but it really felt like we all had a part in making it special and exactly what Aunty would have wanted

Funerals are not for the dead, they are for the living. They are a way of letting go. Cry, laugh, tells stories, pay tribute; and move on. A funeral shouldn’t be a somber affair, oppressive for those who loved the person you are fare-welling and awkward for those who didn’t know them as well. A funeral should have laughter and stories and music that the person loved. A chance to remember the good, forgive the bad and celebrate the time you had. I think a Solarpunk funeral would be a lot more DIY than commoditized, picked-from-a-brochure, funerals we see now. One friend or family member would do the flowers, another would do the music, another the food. The community would come together to support the loved ones of the deceased and to give them special memories of the day. And currently, funerals are expensive, often leaving a family in debt – if everyone pitched in then it could be done cheaply and not leave the family with a financial burden.

So now what do we do with the body? Did you know our bodies are chock full of toxins? Cremation sends those toxins into the air. Burial leeches them into the earth. Not to mention the crap that’s in chip-board coffins with their plastic handles. Permapunk pointed me in the direction of these awesome Mushroom Burial Suits which use mushrooms to help with decomposition and to process the toxins in our bodies so they’re not so hazardous. I’ve also come across these awesome Organic Burial Pods that turn your body into nutrients for a tree that is planted directly above. I think it would be great if you could combine the two so that the mushrooms process the toxins in your body and make it’s nutrients safer for the tree. I can imagine wonderful memorial forests where you could take your grandkids to visit your parent’s trees and watch them climb all over them, or you could decorate your sister’s tree with ribbons on her birthday, or you could watch your child’s tree blossom in spring. Or you could choose to be buried in a plantation and your tree could be harvested to be made into a special piece of furniture for future generations of your family (“Nice rocking chair” “Oh yeah, that’s Great Uncle George”), you could will that your tree be used in the building of a hospital, or a school, or a community hall – or whatever institution you would want to be a permanent part of, your tree could be pulped and made into books.

Let’s do death differently. Let’s make it less scary, make it part of the community. Let’s make funerals less of a drag and a burden and make them something you would enjoy attending and carry away great memories from. Let’s memorialize people in ways that contribute positively to the future, improving the environment and giving future generations something to enjoy.

Say You Won’t Let Go - Jughead Jones

Request: I just read your Happier imagine and I thought it was great! Can you do a Jughead imagine based on the song Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur thank you 

Thank you! I had fun brainstorming this one, i feel like it turned out kind of shit tho. I’m just not confident in myself at all recently, i’m sorry if it’s not what you were looking for :) Hope you enjoy it though <3


Words: 3,014

Warnings: Swear or two :3 ALSO NOT PROOFREAD, DON’T HATE ME.

Jughead watched from the sidelines, behind a wired fence as the constructions workers flooded the grounds. He had tried hard to save the Twilight Drive In but at the end of the day, it hadn’t paid off and he had pretty much lost everything. With his bag slung carelessly around his shoulder, he walked away from the feeling of comfort and safety, his home.

He found himself sitting in a lonesome booth at Pop’s, trying to pull through the lowest moment he had suffered in a long time. He was pretty much having a existential crisis. Where would he go? Could he tell anybody? Would Jellybean ever be able to come home?

“You look even more depressed than you usually do,” Veronica Lodge slid into the opposite side of the booth out of nowhere, sundae in hand. “Is it about the Drive In?”

A part of Jughead wanted to get up and leave, but he knew she would keep persisting and he was tired of closing himself off, so he decided to open up… slightly.

“It just… it meant a lot to me Ronnie. I’m trying to carry a lot of cooped up stress on my shoulders and this on top just hasn’t exactly helped,” He sighed, rubbing his face. Veronica slid her sundae across the table, over to him, knowing that if she were to cheer him up, food would be the place to start.

“You sound like you need a break, something refreshing, something new,” She tapped the table, her sharp nails creating a loud drum beat. Suddenly she squealed, clasping her hands together with delight, which caused Jughead to look at her warily.

“What do you have in mind?” He groaned, anticipating the worst as she shuffled around excitedly.

“Clubbing!” She proposed and the groaning intensified. “Hear me out, you can just sit at the side, with a drink and your phone doing whatever the hell you want to do. Fresh environment, fresh faces, who knows what could happen? It’s exciting, live a little!” Veronica was already texting Josie and co, spreading the word.

“I wouldn’t exactly call a club, surrounded by sweaty, tight bodies ‘fresh’, would you?” Jughead retorted, but Veronica wasn’t listening.

“Josie, Kevin, Joaquin, Reg- actually maybe not Reggie, you two aren’t exactly the best of friends,” This caused Jughead to scoff, as Veronica continued to scroll through her contacts list. There was no way in hell, Jughead Jones was going clubbing.

“So how the hell did you get Jughead Jones to go clubbing?” Kevin whispered to Veronica, as they stood in the queue outside Riverdale’s most infamous new club, “Flash”. Jughead stood in front of them, wearing a grey hoodie with some black jeans, his usual beanie still in place.

“Let’s just say, that boy is Scooby Doo. Pop’s burgers are his scooby snacks,” Veronica smirked smugly, ignoring the fact that Jughead looked more uncomfortable then he’d been when he first met Nana Blossom.

There was no way he was going to enjoy this evening.

Believe it or not, he found a way to enjoy his evening. Veronica and her entourage immediately headed for the dance floor, but Jughead had decided to go straight for the bar. He watched the TV in the corner, showcasing sports highlights from the day and general news, whilst absentmindedly ordering more and more drinks as the night went on. Jughead was one of those drinkers where he seemed more emotional, more open but at the same time more confident. He decided he would try and find his friends on the dance floor.

The club was dimly lit, and he was already stumbling down the stairs. He ended up tripping on the last step, flying forward until someone caught his arms, steadying him.

“Hey watch it, who do you th-” You paused.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the boy in front of you. He grinned at your laughter and you pulled him out of the middle of the crowd of grinding bodies, to the side, where the two of you sat down in an empty booth. Neither of you knew why, but you were just going with the flow for once.

“You have a really nice laugh,” Jughead smiled once your laughing fit had died down. You were glad the club was dark, as the blush on your face wasn’t as evident.

“Thanks, you too I guess,” You reached into your purse for a bottle of water, chugging half of it down before sliding it across the table to him and gesturing for him to drink. He nodded, as a silent way of saying thanks. “My name’s (Y/N),” You giggled again, sticking your hand out for him to shake. He did so, smiling brightly.

“Jughead,” He responded. You looked at him, puzzled.

“I may be drunk but did you just say Jughead?” You raised an eyebrow skeptically, and Jughead laughed once more, nodding his head erratically which caused you to burst into another fit of giggles. Your laughter sent butterflies swarming through his stomach, and it seemed so cliche but your smile seemed to light up the darkness of your surroundings. 

“Hey, Drughead,” You paused, waiting for his reaction to his new nickname and his laughter stopped as he gave you a playful glare. “Wanna dance?” You bit your lip, nodding your head towards the dance floor, as the speakers blasted out an upbeat song. 

“I can’t really dance,” Jughead scratched his neck awkwardly and you rolled your eyes, climbing out of the booth. His heart felt heavy all of the sudden with the thought of you leaving him, but suddenly, you grabbed his hands and pulled him along with you.

“Nonsense my amigo, just let loose and move around, it’s not rocket science. We’ll go for a round of drinks after, on me, I promise,” You pouted with the puppy dog eyes, which weren’t that effective considering Jughead couldn’t really see them, but he reluctantly gave in, shaking his head at you as you excitedly dragged him towards the centre of the club.

“Who’s idea was this?” You moaned, as another load of vomit blurted from your mouth and into the toilet. You were currently in one of the club’s empty bathroom cubicles, throwing up the contents of whatever you had drunk into a dirty toilet. Jughead, being a gentleman, had come with you and helped you hold your hair back as you continued to puke.

“Yours,” Jughead sighed, cringing at the odour that the sick-filled toilet was now giving off. 

“Oh yeah,” You chuckled before another round of sick came, causing Jughead to shield his eyes. This went on for another 10 minutes or so.

“Geez, I’m sorry Jughead, this probably wasn’t how you were planning to spend your evening,” You looked down at the floor, embarrassed and almost ashamed. You wiped your mouth with some baby wipes that you had stored in advance in your purse, feeling guilty and selfish.

Jughead shook his head with a laugh and smiled at you. “It’s been a lot more eventful and… interesting than I planned. But that’s not a bad thing.”

A rosy blush crept its way onto your cheeks, and you timidly smiled at the floor. When you looked back up, he was staring at you intensely, which caused your blush to deepen. You were about to ask him if anything was wrong, before he interrupted you.

“I’m homeless,” He suddenly confessed, still staring at you. There was a pause.

“Pardon?” You mumbled in return, not sure if you had heard him clearly.

“I’m homeless. I don’t want to live with my Dad because he has an alcohol addiction and drove my family away from home. That included my little sister, who was pretty much my partner in crime. We spent every day together, playing spies and detectives, reading comics, playing video games or doing whatever we could to pass the time. Sometimes we would just sit and talk in my room, with music playing in the background and she would parade around in my beanie, doing impressions of me. She was only 7, she’s 10 though now. We would hide in the trunk of our car so that we didn’t have to pay as much to get into the Drive In, and we would spend so much time just watching movies together. When they left, I went to live in the Drive In, it reminded me of her. But now they’re tearing it down to build God knows what. They’re taking away the last piece I have of my sister that’s here in Riverdale and now I have nowhere to go and I don’t know what to do an-” Jughead suddenly realised he was releasing the secrets that had been weighing him down for so long, to a total stranger… in a toilet cubicle.

He’d only known you for a few hours and he’d just given you the short version of his life story. How could he trust someone so foreign like this? Was it just the drink talking? Jughead wasn’t sure.

You sat there, mouth agape, trying to comprehend his rushed words. You opened your mouth several times to speak, but you couldn’t seem to form proper words. Jughead’s intense stare remained, as he awaited your reaction. You shuffled along the floor, closer to him before smiling up at him, reassuringly. 

“Your sister, she sounds like a lovely girl,” You watched as his eyes suddenly sparkled. A wave of sobriety hit him like a brick, as he stared at you in this moment. He felt an odd desire to spend every day with you, to talk to you, to get to know you, to understand you. To hold your hand and spontaneously kiss you. To promise he would always be there for you… to marry you. But that’s what love is… right? The feeling of wanting to be with someone forever. These days, love didn’t always last long. But that first feeling, that first, powerful touch. You wanted to spend the rest of your days at the side of that person.

But this wasn’t love… right? He’d only known you for a few hours. No, it couldn’t be love… yet. 

“She is,” He whispered, before reaching forward and pulling you closer to his chest, into a tight embrace. He’d never been like this with anyone before, let alone a practical stranger. You willingly fell into his arms. resting your head on his shoulder. Suddenly, you began laughing again, pulling back to stare at him.

“Hey, hey. Your life is shit, you should stay at mine considering you’re homeless and shit. Man that sucks,” You gave an exaggerated pout and Jughead rolled his eyes with a sad chuckle.

“I think that’s the drink talking (Y/N), I’ll walk you home okay?” He stood up, holding out his hands to pull you off of the floor. 

“But where will you go?” You crossed your arms, eyes laced with true concern.

“I’ve got some friends that won’t mind me couch surfing for the night,” He assured you but your eyebrow raise was clearly skeptical. “Trust me.”

He wouldn’t let you object, despite your stubborn nature, as he pulled you of the club. He held your hand, almost protectively, as he walked you home. Little did he realise that when you left the club, Veronica Lodge was busy trying to figure out the name of the ‘mysterious girl’ that Jughead had left with, so she could come up with a ship name.

You directed Jughead towards your house and as you walked up the drive, you planted a soft but lingering kiss on his cheek, before slipping something in his pocket. You quickly rushed to your front door, turning around to wave him goodbye before rushing inside.

Jughead stayed there for a while, embracing the ghost of your lips on his cheek. He stuffed his hands in his pockets as he left, before pausing. He took out a crumpled napkin, that had been at the bar of the club. On the napkin, scribbled messily in black sharpie, was a phone number along with the message; Seeya around Drughead.

He looked up to the window of your bedroom, only to see you giddily smiling at him. He smirked up at you, before confidently strutting down the street.

It just seemed to keep going forward from there. Jughead had texted you the second he got home, and you weren’t going to make him wait for a reply. Who cares if you came off as eager, this was the first guy that you had met whilst you were out for the night who hadn’t come off as a complete douchebag.

Jughead however, was new to this. He didn’t know what he was doing and was afraid you only liked him because you were in the heat of the moment or drunk. So he was less frequent with the texts, attempting to play it cool. He didn’t exactly want to pour his soul out over text, on how he felt that you were beautiful and funny and made him feel confident and worth something. Slowly though, over time his dorky attitude let loose and it honestly made you love him more.

You too, had felt something that night at the club. You too, believed it was in the heat of the moment. But you didn’t want to let that moment go. You had spent the past 8 months building up your relationship with Jughead, and now you truly begun to feel the extent of what you felt that night. You spent hours on end in Pop’s. Talking about Jellybean, school, his Dad. He finally had someone to act as his own diary, someone who he could just tell everything about. It felt so nice to let the secrets, that had been acting as weights on his shoulders, go.

There was one day in Pop’s where you were talking about your own family. Describing your younger brother’s hobbies and annoying habits as if they were the most interesting things in the world. He loved the way that your hands would make big gestures, and your facial expressions would deliver a variety of emotions to go along with your story. This made sense, as you had told him before about how badly you wanted to be an actress. Sometimes, he would run lines with you or listen to you deliver a monologue. You loved doing something that you loved with him, and would even sometimes print a script off of the internet and lie it was for an audition, when you really just wanted to read and act with him.

Jughead’s attention was not focused currently on your story though. He was thinking about the two of you, your future. He wanted to ask you out, make it romantic, something special that the two of you would never forget. From there you would never stop loving each other, you’d have children, live together in a modern apartment. He would work as a novelist whilst you worked as an actress. He contemplated marriage, but he was scared of the idea. He had always wanted to avoid something like marriage. His parents were living proof that marriage wasn’t a happy ever after written in stone. But the two of you weren’t your parents. You were different.

He took in your features. You were so beautiful to him. Every part. Your flaws were no different to your redeeming qualities, in that they made Jughead just love you more. Even as you got older, you would age gracefully, never losing that beauty that you possessed. Those passionate eyes that sparkled whenever you told your stories or took on a character. Your eyes said a million words with just one blink. Your kids would have those eyes, your nose too. Jughead’s moles. They would all look beautiful, just like you did. Jughead would wake up before you, so he could make you breakfast in bed. You would be awake by this point though because the kids would be jumping on your bed, like they did in the movies, chanting your name. He would tell the kids to go get dressed for school, breakfast tray in hand, delivered fresh along with a sweet kiss on your head. It would all come back to that night.

Jughead never thought he’d say this but, thank god for the stubborn Veronica Lodge. Speaking of Veronica, she was the most hardcore shipper of your relationship ever, and was practically the paparazzi whenever you two were seen in public at school or at Pop’s. 

When you finally became a couple, it’s not like the two of you would never have arguments. You did of course. Who would you be if you didn’t have arguments? They were mostly over stupid, careless little things though or momentary disagreements. Sometimes he wouldn’t feel like he was good enough for you, sometimes it would be the other way round. Any arguments, big or small, would always end in a cuddle and movie session. When they passed though, your relationship came back, stronger and tougher than it had been before and that’s what mattered. You weren’t going to let something small escalate and hurt the two of you. Nothing was worth that.

You did get married one day. You defied standards and stayed together for as long as you could, sticking to your marriage vows, living your lives to the fullest as mature adults.

Or at least you would of. If only…

“Hey watch it, who do you thi-” You paused.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the boy in front of you. He stiffened. You looked so beautiful, somehow lighting up the dimly lit club with your smile. He awkwardly broke apart. Nope, this isn’t what he wanted. He was already mildly drunk and he hated it. It reminded him of his Dad. He didn’t want to be here anymore. He stepped back abruptly, bumping into another couple. He looked to the floor, shoving past you as he made his way out of the club, leaving you standing by the stairs, bewildered.

If only…

Whoops I decided to be a bitch ahahaha sorry not sorry, if you want to blame someone, blame @kingpendleton and @betty-coopers-number-one-stan with their surprise plot twisty angsty ending thingies, I had them in mind whilst making this. 

The ending was also an excuse as to why the middle part made no sense I guess, and how they were ‘in love’ so quick.


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hey js if you leave your cart in random parking spots instead of walking your lazy ass to a place where you can drop off carts you're a huge asshole

I agree.

I once went shopping with my mom when I was 15-16ish I put our shopping in the trunk of our car and since I worked as a nagger at the time I put the cart in the corral in the parking lot so the person running carts doesn’t have to chase them all down. There was a lady in the car next to us packing her car at the same time. When I walked back to our car from putting my cart away there was a cart behind my car. The lady push her cart behind my car and got into her car to leave. I did what I think most people would have done and I put it right behind her car. She proceeded to run over said cart. She had the nerve to yell at me and tried to say it was my cart and she put hers away. I calmly asked her to wait for the police to arrive and look at the surveillance camera footage to see who is at fault. (It was the late 80’s so there wasn’t any cameras in our store at all but I wasn’t telling her that) she pulled the cart out from under her car and pushed it in the middle of the lot and peeled out of there like she robbed the store. And as long as that store was open I never saw her back.

Interesting side note she was a customer at the second store I was transferred to. But she didn’t remember me.



We stopped at a farm on the way home from Asheville (where I locked our keys in the trunk of the car - good times!). We wanted to see more animals, but it was very hot and sunny, so we only said hello to the baby chicks and the goats.


Jughead x Reader

Its the summer before the reader goes off to college, and she doesn’t want to leave without letting the raven-haired boy how she really feels.

Warnings: None

Word count: 2, 166

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever, just know that I’m still here. Let me know what you think? I’m just trying to get back into the swing of writing things cause my motivation is at an all time low rn. It’s also my finals week so after that’s over fingers crossed I’ll have more time, although I’m working two jobs and have a summer class to do and have to get in shape this summer so who the fuck knows, but thanks for sticking with me, I’ll try to make my writing worth it. <3

The Song


I wanna pick you up and scoop you out

I want the secrets your secrets haven’t found

I honk the horn in front of the trailer that Jughead has been living in for the past year and a half. I wait a few moments, and nothing happens so I honk the horn again.

This time the door bursts open and he walks out, adjusting his Southside Serpent jacket over the rest of his ensemble.

“Were you this late when you went to Riverdale High?” I ask as he opens the door and slides into the passenger seat.

“I’ve been at Southside for the past two years, when are you going to stop pulling that ‘Riverdale High’ crap?” he smirks, putting his feet up on the dashboard.

“I’m not going to stop until you come out the first time I honk.” I smirk back at him, shifting the car into park for the moment instead of keeping my foot on the brake. The conversation flows easily, as always.

It’s never been much trouble with mister Jones, especially after he fully committed to staying at Southside and becoming a part of the Serpents. From then on out, we took care of him like family, as being the daughter of a  Serpent has always been a part of my identity. Although, I didn’t know that you were supposed to think about your family the way I think about Jones.

For a long time I felt guilty about it, but then he told me that he broke up with Betty just a few months after I met him. He said it was because things were getting too difficult and they weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. I helped him through it, and I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t appropriate, but I couldn’t help myself, from then on out my feelings were a non-stop waterfall that seemed to be overflowing, only with nowhere to go.

“You just hate that I get a place to myself.” He folds his arms across his chest, the leather making noises I can’t describe without becoming tongue-twisted.

“By pure circumstance, Jones, pure circumstance.” I remind him, letting out a small laugh.

“I guess only the lucky ones get foster parents that let them move out.” he retorts back, then putting his hands behind his head, always the fidgeter.

“Oh please, you left cause you couldn’t stand being away from your own bed.” I shove him lightly on the shoulder with my hand, earning a laugh from him. I’m pretty sure if the only sound I heard for the rest of my life was his laugh, I would be living in heaven and not on earth.

“In your dreams, (Y/N).” he says, nudging me back.

I take the opportunity to shift the car back into drive and pull away from the trailer park. I don’t know where we’re going or what’s going to happen, but I turn up the radio and blast some music to drown out my thoughts.

“If only you knew.” I whisper, pulling onto the road that leads to Southside.

Jughead shifts in his seat, sliding out of his jacket to reveal a gown underneath. He somehow got to forfeit the cap for his beanie, which is probably the most Jughead Jones thing that he could ever do. He tosses the jacket in the back where he’ll be able to pick it up after the ceremony.

It’s graduation day, and I have to try to keep myself together as I know that this is the last summer I get to spend with my best friend. The last summer before we have bigger responsibilities and things going on in our lives. The last summer I have to finally admit the feelings that came over me from the moment he walked into school.

Paint me in trust,

I’ll be your best friend

Call me the one,

this night just can’t end.

As the graduation ceremony comes to a close, I try to find him in the sea of gowns while everyone else tries to find their caps that had been thrown in the air.

My eyes scan over heads, finally landing on the grey and black combination on the head that is Jughead Jones.

I break into a run, yelling his name. There’s a grin on my face from ear to ear. Graduating from high school is probably the biggest accomplishment of my life so far, and compared to everyone else in Riverdale I think that’s saying something.

Jughead turns around just in time to get tackled by me in a hug, his arms going around my waist as my arms go around his neck.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), done with high school.” he says, holding me close.

“Jughead Jones, a graduate.” I say, going to let go, but he holds on a moment longer. I begin to feel his hands on my lower back and my heart goes from calm to racing in a split second. I’ve never known anything except joking with him to cover up feelings, and so this slight deviation from that has my stomach in knots.

He pulls back from me with a smirk on his face, “A graduate who has no idea where he’s going.” he retorts back, and I immediately think that everything I just experienced was all in my head.

I laugh and shove him with my shoulders.

“Just come to university with me.” I tease, letting hope rise in my voice, forever the hopeful that he might actually take me up on the offer this time.

“Hmmm… a dorm room with a roommate or a trailer to myself… I wonder which is the better option.” he says, letting a fake sort of wonder slip into his voice.

The crowd begins to disperse, leaving the football field nearly empty. I look around and realize that this is finally over. All the days of waking up early and trying to look nice. All of the days of seeing all my friends, seeing him, are over. All of the days of dealing with all of the drama finally done.

We walk back to my car, disposing of our gowns in the trunk. I get in the driver’s side and take out my keys. I wait for him to get his jacket and sit up front next to me again, his shoulders relaxing as the leather slips over his arms.

“Where to now, mister Jones?” I say, starting the car. The engine hums underneath my feet as Jughead reaches over and turns up the radio. There’s some summer pop song that starts blasting, and I think that he’s gonna change it, but he doesn’t. Instead, his hand drops from the dial and he closes his eyes.

“Let’s get as far away as we can from this small town.” he says, rolling down the window. I match him and roll mine down as well, blasting the music even louder for the people still loitering around the school to hear.

I pull out of my parking space and leave the lot of Southside High for the last time, and I only have to make a few turns before I’m on the highway and we’re headed north.

I don’t know where we’re going, but I don’t care as long as I’m with my best friend.

Time tics on, fast and slow all at the same time. The songs change, shifting our moods from chill to screaming along with the lyrics in a matter of minutes. The tollway provides fast enough speeds to where the wind on our faces makes it seem like we’re the only two people in the world.

I drive until the sun starts to set. I then notice that there are signs for the nearest city, and so I figure we might as well give it a go.

I turn off the tollway and head towards the buildings on the horizon that go higher than anything I’ve seen before.

The lights illuminate the drive as we wind through the windy city.

I want to give you your grin

So tell me you can’t bear a room that I’m not in.

“Where are we?” Jughead asks, the first time he’s spoken something instead of sang it the whole drive. I can tell his voice is tired from screaming, and it makes me laugh.

“Welcome to Chicago, Jones.” I give him a cheeky smile and this look comes over his face that I can’t describe.

“What are we doing here?” he asks, looking from me to the streets around him.

“I have an idea.” I say, keeping him in suspense.

I drive around for a bit more, observing all of the people walking to and from their work, everyone going out or coming in for the evening.

The setting sun provides a red and pink hue to come over all of the tops of the buildings, reflecting into the streets below. There’s something in the air in this city, a feeling of life coming over me as I myself figure out the perfect spot to park and spend the rest of the night.

I pull into a spot on the first floor of the garage nearest our destination.

“A parking garage? Wow, beautiful.” he jokes, unbuckling his seatbelt.

“Just come on.” I tell him, turning off the car and unbuckling my seatbelt, opening the door.

Once we’re both out, I take his hand and pull him along, out to the street. I look around to orient myself and smile at the thought of what the night holds.

“Close your eyes.” I tell him. He gives me a look that says that I’m absolutely crazy, but then I give him a look that tells him to trust me. He nods and closes his eyes, putting the hand that’s not in mine over his face.

I lead him down the sidewalk, over grass and gravel before the sand starts to seep into my shoes.

I look around and see boats in the distance, illuminated by the city lights and the sun that’s just below the sea line.

“Open.” I tell him, and his hand falls from his eyes. He looks around for a moment, and then looks at me, but I can barely see it from my peripheral vision, because I’m too focused on the nature that surrounds us and the nearly empty beach.

“Beautiful.” he says, and my heart starts pounding, but then I remind myself he must be talking about the sunset.

“It’s Lake Michigan. I’ve always wanted to see the sunset from here, over the water.” I tell him, taking a few steps more onto the beach, letting go of his hand. I immediately notice the disconnect and wish that I hadn’t done it.

“What are all those lights sticking out onto the water?” he asks, motioning towards the distance.

“Navy Pier, Jones. That’s Navy Pier.” I let out a laugh, realizing that he’s never seen anything like this.

I’d only ever seen it once when my mother took me here for a birthday when I was really young, before the serpents, before the drama, before Riverdale and the Southside took over our lives. It’s something from a time that was better, a time that was pure, and it’s something that I’ve never forgotten. I’ve wanted to come back ever since, so maybe my subconscious led me here once more with my best friend after all these years.

“This is amazing.” he says, and I have to turn around to make sure he’s being genuine and not making a joke, but as soon as I do I can tell by the look on his face that he really means that.

I feel the sand between my toes and close my eyes, feeling the breeze come up behind me from the water. I really try to feel the moment, and how I’m here with him.

When I open my eyes again he’s right in front of me, our faces almost touching.

“Also..” he says, moving in what seems like slow motion. His hand reaches up to cup my face and he brings his lips to connect with mine. I bring my body close to his, my hands going to the back of his neck. My eyes close again and take everything in, take him in.

He releases a moment later, our foreheads still pressed together.

“Jones…” I say, breathless, not sure what to do.

“Please, please just say my name.” his voice sounds desperate yet kind, in need of something.

“Jughead.” I tell him, my fingers tangling in the strands of his hair.

His body relaxes and it’s as if me saying his name just gave him everything he’s ever wanted, everything he’s ever needed.

“If only you knew how long I’ve wanted to do that.” he says, a smile coming over his face.

“I think I have an idea.” I tell him.

I have a feeling this summer is going to be one I’m never going to forget.

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Worried Sick | Niall Horan

“Hello love!! I really enjoy your writing!! Can you write a Niall imagine where guys are going to visit your family over the weekend and he goes to bed that night says his tummys feeling kind of iffy but he just says he needs some rest but in the middle of the night it gets worse and he wakes up really nauseous and being sick and you’re trying to comfort him because he’s really stressed and upset about it because  he doesn’t like throwing up? thanks love!!“ from @niallhasmehard .

This smiley gif isn’t mine!

A/N: I used Michigan as the destination since that place is still fresh in my mind from vacation! Also if you don’t know what the card game ‘Spoons’ is, then look it up. AND I MADE THIS SUPER LONG WHOOPS

“And how long are we going to be gone?”

“Just the weekend, babe.”

“So… two days?”

“That’s typically how long a weekend lasts, Niall,” I reply with a giggle as I fold up another t-shirt to place inside the suitcase. My eyes watch him pace at the end of our bed after I put the cotton tee inside. “I don’t understand why you’re so nervous. You’ve met my parents already.”

He stops in the middle. “Yeah, but only for dinner a few times, not the entire weekend.” He sighs and rests his hands on the gray comforter. “I’m afraid they’ll find something wrong with me.”

“Like what?”

He shrugs then chuckles. “I dunno, maybe that I laugh too loud, or my accent is weird, or that I leave you alone for months at a time? They probably think I’m cheating on you.”

We were dating for a month before he met my parents for the first time. They were in Los Angelos doing usual tourist things when they decided to pop by our house unexpected. It was so impromptu that Niall had a mini freak out session. He knew they were in town, but he didn’t expect them to stop by at random; he wanted to prepare himself at least, he said. He was so caught up in making a good first impression that he was stumbling over his words throughout dinner, and his cheeks flushed pink the entire time. It didn’t help matters any when my father put on the whole ‘tough as nails’ act. Although Niall said he felt like an idiot, he won over my parents with his 'words’. They didn’t mind that he was a musician: as long as he is doing what he loves, and making their daughter happy that’s all that matters.

“Niall stop putting all these thoughts into your head. My parents love you, and more importantly, love you, so that should be the only thing that matters.” He lets out a defeated sigh. “You’ll be all right,” I reassure him with a warm smile which spreads across his face after a few seconds. He presses a kiss against my forehead.

“You’re right, I’m worrying too much. I’ll go pack!” He exclaims, then disappears into our closet, the light flicking on. 

“Don’t forget to bring a sweater! It gets cold up there!”

* * *

We boarded our plane at ten in the morning, and six hours of naps, and bad movies, we landed in the upper peninsula of Michigan. If we drove another couple of hours from my parents’ place, we would be in Canada. As I make the final turn onto their road, I feel a shiver of excitement rush through me; the giant grin couldn’t be wiped off my face. Occasionally, I glance over at Niall who admires all the tall pines, birches, and oaks. “Isn’t this exciting?!” My hand falls onto his knee and gives it a small shake. He averts his gaze from the window with a look of content. 

“It’s gorgeous up here, princess. Why did you move away from this?” His large hand rests on top of mine, squeezing it. 

“As lovely and isolated as it is, there wasn’t a lot of job opportunities here, and I wouldn’t have met you, sugar-bear.” He rolls his blue eyes at the nickname.

He leans forward in the seat to get a better view out of the windshield as we pull into the driveway. “This is your folk’s place?” Nodding, he gasps in awe. It’s nothing too special: just a four bedroom, two bath cabin with a small boat house a twenty feet away. The siding it has makes it look like logs, but it’s all fake. When I pull into the drive, I see my mother lying in one of her favorite places: the hammock strung between two large pines just beside the house. A book is in her manicured hands. I don’t find my father anywhere yet.

“You’ll be okay, Niall. They adore you, and remember it’s only the weekend.” I reassure him when his smile fades at the sight of my mother walking over, beaming with joy. Climbing out of the car, I walk into her open arms and hug her tight. The faint smell of her cucumber and green tea shampoo reminds me of my childhood. “How was the flight?”

“Eh, long and tedious. Nothing new.” Another car door closes, and my mother calls out to Niall when he steps around to the other side. She hugs him the same way she did me, and I can see his cheeks turn pink when they pull apart. 

“It’s good to see you again, (Y/M’s/N).” He says the tone of his voice is a little uneasy. 

“And you as well! I missed you, guys! How long has it been? Almost a year since I’ve seen the both of you?” She glances between the two of us. 

We both nod. “Yeah, I think the last time was Christmas. Speaking of, where is Dad?”

She walks to the trunk of our car and pops it open, eager to get our suitcases out so we can unpack. Niall and I walk over to assist. “Oh, he took a walk down to the lake to see how rough it is. You know your father, he basically lives at that beach down there.” She giggles. “Go ahead and make yourself at home while I go fetch your dad! You can have any of the guest rooms.” She says after passing me the last suitcase from the trunk.

Thanking her, she heads towards the gravel road to make her five-minute descent down to the beach. We step inside the cabin, then head upstairs to the room on the far right. I step my belongings on the end of the bed while Niall sets his on the ground next to it, then collapses on the comforter. Niall lets out a sigh of relief like he was holding his breath the entire time. “Are you sure you’re okay? You don’t look too good.” I address paling skin and raise a brow when I feel his forehead that burning to the touch. But he brushes my hand aside and reassures me that he’s alright with a little bite in his tone. Rolling my eyes, I head downstairs to the kitchen to grab him a glass of water and some Tylenol. When I reach our bedroom, I see him still in the same position, but now he the crook of his elbow over his eyes to block out the sunlight. “Here Ni,” He peeks, spotting the glass and two pills, but shoos me away. I love him, but he can be stubborn as hell sometimes. He never wants to admit he’s wrong. 

“I said I’m all right, babe. I’m just tired is all.”

I set the glass and medicine on the side table. “If you say so, I’ll let you get your beauty sleep.” Giggling, I place a kiss on his the tip of his elbow, then head toward the door when I hear my mom’s voice call out to me. “I’ll wake you when it’s time for dinner.”

* * *

The next couple of hours I spent catching up with my parents. Pretty much just filling in the blanks of everything the missed between last Christmas and now. There isn’t much to tell since we do keep in touch on a regular basis. We played a couple of round of cards, then my dad and I went down to the lake to watch the sunset disappear beneath the watery horizon. Now, I’m in the kitchen with my mom helping her fix dinner: fried fish fresh from the lake and an assortment of steamed veggies. The smell is making my stomach grumble. The last time I ate was after our plane landed, so I’m starving. The faint noise of fish sizzling in the pan is accompanied by the cheering television as my dad watches some sport in the living room. “I’m going to see if Niall is awake,” I state, wiping my hands on a piece of paper towel after placing the carrots into the steamer. My mom nods and I take few a few steps out into the foyer then freeze when I see him coming down the stairs, his natural brown locks a disheveled mess. He still looks a little pale, and the bags under his eyes are more prominent. “Have a good nap?”

He shrugs nonchalantly. “It was okay, would’ve been better if you were there with me.” He kisses me on the forehead and manages a small smile. His palm is like ice as he grazes my side. He’s definitely getting worse.

“Did you take that medicine I gave you?” That just makes him groan. “Niall, if you’re sick you need to tell  me so I can take care of you.”

“(Y/N), for the hundredth time. I am fine! You don’t have to worry.” He murmurs, but I’m not convinced. He sighs at my somber expression, then lifts up my chin with his index finger. “Princess, promise me you won’t worry anymore?" 

My eyes narrow. "Fine,” He thanks me, smiling bigger with relief, then kisses my forehead again. I follow him to the living room, leaning against the doorframe watching their reunion with a grin. My dad rises from his special chair and brings him in for a hug, patting on the shoulder blade twice before pulling away. They both sit back down, Niall taking the sofa catacorner to the chair, talking about whatever was on television. Not interested in sports talk, I head back into the kitchen where my mom slides the last piece of fish onto the paper toweled plate. The veggies are already mixed and placed into a bowl. “Hey, looks good mom!”

“Couldn’t have done it without you, sweetie. We make a great team! Can you grab the boys, tell 'em soups on?”

* * *

Throughout dinner, the focus was mainly on Niall. No surprise considering he was asleep for the rest of the day. He talked about his upcoming album, tour, and even showed us a few demo songs he didn’t put on the record. He was beaming throughout the entire conversation, and I started to think he was right. Maybe he wasn’t sick after all? After dinner, Niall and I helped my parents clean up the kitchen; then we played a few rounds of spoons to which things got pretty heated. I ended up in a tug of war for a piece of silverware with my boyfriend. Being the good man he is, he let me have it, costing him the game, but hey we are a competitive bunch.

Now the time is almost eleven-thirty. I’m sliding into bed with nothing except for one of Niall’s shirts, cuddling into his side. “Did you have fun today? I know it wasn’t a full day and we didn’t go fishing yet, but still!”

“Yeah, I forgot how nice your folks are. It doesn’t seem like they hate me.” He chuckles lightheartedly. “Who knows though, it could all be an act!”

I smack him lightly on the chest. “Quit being melodramatic and go to sleep!”

“T'was nothing but a joke! Good night princess, love you.”

“Love you, too.”

* * * 

Being the light sleeper that I am, it was no surprise when I felt the shifting weight of the matress, multiple times throughout the night. By the fifth time, I sat up in my bed, squinting at the bedside clock to read the time: 4:00. My hands search the sheets next to me to find warmth, but instead, I find emptiness. Rubbing the sleep away from my eyes, I then scan the room and spot the bathroom door closed with a tiny sliver of light peeking through the bottom. Throwing off the covers, I head over to the door and just before I knock I hear the toilet flush. When I creak open the door, I see Niall resting his head on his arms that lean on the toilet seat. “Babe? What’s the matter?” I squat down next to him.

“Man, I was hoping you wouldn’t wake up,” He mutters.

“Why? Do you not want to help you?”

“No, babe. I shouldn’t even be sick. This is stupid.” He picks his head up only to rest his chin back on his arms. His eyes are watery and bloodshot. “I was fine when we came up here, I promise, but I just kept thinking about meeting your parents again… It just freaked me out a little bit.”

“More like a lotta bit if you’re in this state. I’ve told you a thousand times, Ni. My parents love you, and even if they didn’t, it wouldn’t matter because I do." 

His bottom lips juts out. "I’m sorry, I should’ve just listened to you, and now I’m all pukey.”

Giving him a soft smile, I pat him on the arm then get up, walking to the doorway. “I’ll make you some mint tea, and Niall?”


“I still love you even though you’re all pukey.”

He chuckles. “I love you, too, princess.”

double destiny be damned; continued


Veronica is determined not to cave. Pete is in for a challenge. CUE THE FLIRTY BANTER. Enzo is being an annoying little shit. Continued from the previous chapter. Next part will most likely also be a continuation too. ;P  yeahhhh..  this is gonna be another actual fic.

Using a/b/o dynamics [ spoiler alert] aaaand the soulmate prompt where everyone is given a timer when they’re born and when your timer reaches 00:00, you’ve found your soulmate. Because apparently, this is what happens when I watch Pete Dunne tribute videos AND replays of that epic punch Pete gave Enzo. 

[ fanfictions ] [ part I ]

[ tag angels ]

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~So this is a Kozik origin story, song fic. Trigger warning- Drug abuse and Death.

Here’s the song- ~

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…


Summer day

Bobby and this girl would wake up every summer day

This boy and girl had nothing, they were runaways

Kozik POV

The sun came pouring in through the window. I groaned and wrapped my arm around you tighter. I buried my head into your hair to block out the sun. I felt and heard you giggle as my breath tickled your neck. I smiled and kissed it softly.

“Mmm you awake, baby?” You asked.

“No,” I shushed you softly. “I’m sleeping…” I felt you try to wiggle out of my arms and I held you tighter. You let out a frustrated sigh after a bit of trying. I chuckled and bit you softly. You let out a moan and smacked my arm.

“Don’t do that! Jackass…”  You grumbled. I put my head on your shoulder and kissed your cheek softly.

“I’m sorry beautiful. You’re just so damn delicious.” I told you and you giggled and playfully glared at me.

“You’re so fucking cheesy.” You told me.

“Yeah but you love it.” I said.

“Yes I do and I love you.” You said.

“I love you too.” I turned your face towards me and gave you a slow, hard kiss. You kissed back with as much love and adoration as I was putting into it. I ended the kiss with a soft bite to your bottom lip. You let out a shaky breath and opened your eyes to look at me.

“I’m going to marry you.” I said in a whisper. I hadn’t meant to say it but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. I loved you more then anything, I had since our first day of high school, when we met.

“How about we get married when we both have stable jobs and we don’t live in our car anymore?” You suggested. I looked around the trunk of our car that we were currently laying in and nodded.

“Deal, I’m going to get a job and take care of us. I promise, Y/N Kozik.” I kissed you and then started getting ready for the day.

So in love that now all they wanted was pain and so it came

Never had a silver spoon present in the past

Now at last, the spoon is present and so the boy wet it

Told her bring him a slab, a cotton swab, and a match

And told her one day they’ll fly across the world and have a wedding

Like “baby I have a plan, come with me to this place

Baby give me your hand, now flip it give me a vein

Baby take off your belt, we’ll use it as a restraint”

She sees that it starts to melt, he reaches inside a case

Fills the needle with food, flicks the needle with haste

Brings the needle to her, she isn’t right in the face

The boy can tell that she’s scared, he says “I love you, okay?”

Then shoves it into her arm and says “how the fuck does that taste baby?!”

Kozik POV

A couple of days after promising to marry you, I had met some guys who offered me a job. Which wasn’t a bad thing, the downside of it though was it was a job selling heroin. Within the first week of selling I had managed to make enough money to rent us a house. You were so excited when I told you that, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you what I was doing for a job yet.

You were out looking for a job while I was out dealing. After selling, the guys I started dealing for offered me a couple of ounces to go with my payment. Curious about the stuff that I was dealing, I took it. When I got home you weren’t home yet so grabbed one of your belts and loaded some into my arm.

I kept it hidden from you for the next week and a half. You started picking up on the fact that I was hiding something though. You kept pressuring me about it and finally I couldn’t keep it from you anymore.

“Baby please just tell me what’s happening!” You sighed.

“I can’t, okay? Just leave it at that!” I raised my voice slightly.

“Are you cheating on me?” You whispered like you were afraid of your own voice. That made me pause. I never wanted you to think that. I couldn’t even think of anyone else, you were everything to me. I was never going to love anyone else.

“Fuck no! Never, baby.” I sighed and put a hand on your cheek and lifted your face so you were looking in my eyes. “You aren’t going to like what I’m going to tell you.”

“I love you and nothing will change that, Koz.” You said and kissed the palm of my hand softly. I took a deep breath.

“I’m selling heroin…” I told you. “I’ve also been using it.” I waited for your reaction. You looked confused for a second before your mouth opened slightly as it clicked.

“Oh.” You said.

“Oh?” I asked, trying to prompt more out of you.

“Is that why you were able to afford this place so soon?” You asked. I nodded. You bit your lip and thought about everything. “Are you in any danger?”

“Some but it’s worth it. If I can give you everything we’ve ever wanted then it’s all worth it. I’ll make enough money and we can buy a house and I’ll take you to England and we’ll get married. You’ve always wanted to go there.”  I told her.

“Just be safe, we can’t get married if you die on me.” You said. I smiled and kissed you softly.

“You want to try some baby?” I asked.

“Heroin?” You asked.

“Yeah, come on baby it’s a rush! Trust me.” I took your hand softly and lead you to the kitchen. “Take off your belt baby, I’ll use it as a restraint.” You took it off and handed it to me. I flipped your hand and tied the belt to the upper part of your arm. I sat you down in the chair and prepared the needle. When it was ready I flicked it and looked down at you. Nervousness was written clear as day on your face. I kissed you softly and tried to put as much comfort as I could behind it. I pulled back and looked you in the eyes. “I love you, okay?”

“I love you too.” You said and smiled softly at me. I found your vein fast and shoved the needle in. I watched as your eyes started to glaze over and smiled.

“How the fuck does that taste, baby?”


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

See Bobby had joined the army

Been gone for a couple months

she did anything for that feeling

But then she started that feeling, early morning she’s kneelin’

In front of the toilet look at her belly there’s no concealing

That she’s expecting a child

This woman is living foul

She’s only 20 years old

And hardly can even smile

Reader’s POV

Kozik had joined the marines a couple months ago. Cops were busting down on dealing so Kozik figured it would be a steady paycheck until things calmed down and then he would come back to deal again. When he left so did the free heroin he was bringing into the house.

The little stash that we had only lasted a week and then I started buying from the dealers that he was working for. I started stealing money and selling anything that I could to buy more and more. The more I bought, the more I needed. Everything hurt when I stopped using, especially the pain of Kozik being away.

I was so wrapped up in needing hit after hit that I didn’t even notice that my stomach was growing, not until I went to go load up and had the overwhelming urge to throw up. I rushed to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet just in time before I threw up. Once my stomach was empty I looked down and took in the growing bump.

I stood up slowly and rinsed my mouth off before looking in the mirror. My skin was covered with sweat and my hair was a mess. My eyes were bloodshot and had bags under them. My hands started to shake and my eyes filled with tears. I let out an angry scream and punched the mirror. Glass flew everywhere and blood started pouring down my hand. I barely paid any attention to it as I walked out and loaded up.

Ultrasound shows a baby that’s barely over a pound

Sold everything in her house just trying to score an ounce

News of her baby’s father was that he died in the war

Now that syringe is all that keeps her alive anymore

No mattress, so her and her child dyin’ on the floor

As a letter’s at the door reading:

“I’ll be home tomorrow. love, Bobby”

Reader’s POV

I went to the clinic just to see if I really was pregnant. When the ultrasound showed my baby, I began to cry. Kozik should be here for this, I shouldn’t be using, this whole situation should be different. I left the clinic and went back home even more depressed than before. I tried to stop for my baby, for Kozik. I managed to make some progress even with the withdrawal hitting me so hard I thought that I was dying.

That was until Kozik’s brother came to visit me. I had managed to clean the house up before he came. I made it like it was before I started using. He had knocked on the door and I opened it. I hadn’t seen him since Kozik and I took off when we were 17 so my eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Can I come in?” He asked. He looked nervous and I nodded. He came in and he took notice of my growing belly. “That’s… are you..?”

“Yeah I am.” I confirmed.

“Is it…?” He started.

“Your brother’s? Yes.” I nodded. He nodded and avoided my eyes.

“Not to be rude but why the hell are you here?” I asked. He took in a deep breath and then looked me in the eyes.

“Herman’s dead, Y/N.” He said. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I looked to the ground, my head swirling.  

“W…What?” I asked. My breathing came faster and I looked at him, desperately hoping that this was a joke.

“Something happened and his ship blew up.” He told me and placed his hand on my shoulder to try and comfort me. I jerked away from him, harshly.

“Get out…” I whispered harshly.

“Look, I know how you feel. I loved my brother.” He said. I didn’t want to hear it though.

“Get out!” I screamed at him. He seemed to take the hint this time and went to the door fast.

“If you or the baby need anything let me know.” He said before leaving the house. Once he was gone, I ran to my room. I found my stash and quickly set up. Just before I stuck the needle in the sobs racked my body. Days went by and I couldn’t get the heroin fast enough. The only time I felt like I could breathe was when I was high. I sold everything that I could to get more money to buy. I couldn’t even keep track of how much I was using just that I kept adding more and more to each hit. The last hit I took three needles at once and passed out on the floor. I didn’t check the mail before that, so I didn’t know about the letter in the mailbox that Kozik had sent saying he’d be back tomorrow.


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

Knockin’ at the door but doesn’t get an answer

Bobby’s nervous, his heart starts to beat faster

He hasn’t talked to his girl in so long

She sold his phone for a hit, damn how he wish that he could hear her laughter

But his drug hit her like a cancer

And he forgot ‘cause he had left and cleaned his act up

Passenger seat in his Acura got a picture of ‘em kissing

Under the words “happily ever after”

Kozik’s POV

I came up to the house that I hadn’t seen in months. I nervously ran a hand through my hair and looked at the picture I kept in my car. It was us sitting in the trunk of it during the time we were staying at the beach. A random tourist had a polaroid camera and asked if we wanted a picture. We had said sure and I kissed you while she was taking it.

Above the picture of us was “happily ever after” written in your handwriting. I smiled and ran a finger over the picture. I set it down in the passenger seat and got out of the car. I walked up to the house and knocked. When you didn’t answer after a couple minutes, I knocked again.

I hadn’t talked to you for a while. The phone I had left with you went out of service a while back. I figured you were still upset with me and started writing letters to you. I looked at the full mailbox and started to panic. I kicked the door in and ran inside.

He walks into the house, it’s a fuckin’ disaster

Every step he takes his shoe crushes a capsule

Holds his breath, he knows what he smells isn’t natural

Looks down, it’s the body of the queen of his castle

“Baby please, baby please!!!”

“Wake up!!!”

He screams on his knees and he sees her hands around her stomach

Inside was a child

And realizes it was his…

Kozik’s POV

The house was bare except for the bottles of alcohol and the capsules that littered the floor. I gagged as the smell hit me, full force. I put my shirt up over my nose and kept walking through the house.

“Baby?” I called for you. I made my way to our room and opened the door. My whole body froze as I saw your hand laying on the floor. I followed it to the rest of your body and my stomach lurched painfully as I noticed how still you were.

“Baby please, baby please!!! Wake up!!!” I rushed to your side and shook you lightly. I kept begging you to wake up as I shook you

“Fuck! Baby! Come on!” I let out a sob as my hands touched your cold cheek and I looked down from your face to see your other hand curled around your stomach. It was a lot bigger then I remembered. I touched it lightly and it suddenly clicked that you were pregnant. I let out a loud and painful scream of anguish that echoed through the empty house.

‘cause a facade made a girl give her love away

But those were Bobby’s consequences that he had to pay

Love is pain

Kozik’s POV

I pulled your cold body close to mine and kissed your forehead softly. I just kept mumbling how sorry I was and how much I loved you as I rocked back and forth slightly.

“It should’ve been me… I started this… I did this to you. I’m sorry baby, forgive me…” I whispered as I pulled the engagement ring I had gotten you out of my pocket and slipped it onto your ring finger. “I love you.” I kissed the knuckle above it lightly and pulled you closer as I sobbed harder than I ever have in my life. I had lost my whole world and it was because of my own stupidity.


Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry go round…

Merry, merry, merry go round

I don’t want to see you down

I don’t want to see you frown

Merry, merry, merry go round

~Thanks to @juiceboxxortiz for editing! @codenamekaraortiz, @dolphingoddess81~

A Garden of Chances {1}

This is an avengers x reader imagine. It is mostly platonic but there might be relationship developments later on. This will mainly be in first person but could change from chapter to chapter. I will be using Y/N to replace the main characters name because I don’t feel like making one up. I hope you enjoy! 

(should I continue this?)

      People say it’s easy. They don’t know anything. Growing up with something you can’t control and doctors don’t know how to help makes the situation even worse. People say it’ll go away. You only hope it does. Always being the center of unwanted attention does something to you when you’re a kid, something bad, something irreversible. When I was five my powers started to develop. They hurt. I hurt. My parents were oblivious, blaming the phenomenon’s on bad weather or coincidence. They tried their best to get me help when my power started going out of control. To most people my power seems beautiful and a gift from whatever god they pray too. In reality its the opposite. 

      Flowers and vines appear on the top of my very skin. They grow and move at my will. Sometimes I can appreciate the random lilac’s that appear on my fingertips but other times I cry when they grow too big and almost suffocate me. Over the years I’ve slowly gotten the hang of manipulating the stems and vines that curl around my arms. Sometimes though, it gets too much to handle and it feels like a burst of adrenaline as the flowers wrap around my body and weave themselves around objects near me. It doesn’t happen as often anymore. 

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Out of Nowhere Chapter 2

Originally posted by jjeonguk

On the car ride to Jungkook’s house I learned that his father had stepped down from his position. He had offered it Jungkook’s older who declined as he had started his own company. Jungkook after graduating from college decided to take on the position a couple months later as I was told. “Just make the sure kids are safe that’s all I ask”, he looked back at the kids who were smiling at him. His smile got bigger as Jeongsan and Jinhee blew kisses at him ,and he pretended to catch them and blew some back at them making them giggle. “That’s the number one priority right now is making sure they have a good babysitter, and getting a ring on your finger soon”, after I shrieked again he laughed at my shocked expression and held my hand on the middle console.

Originally posted by jeonwilds

“What? It’s true I do want to marry you and I’ve told you that before”, he kissed my hand that was intertwined with his. I kissed his cheek as we drove up to his house which the kids pointed at and tried to get out of their car seats. “Jeongsan, Jinhee sit down so Mommy and I can get you out”, they pouted but listened to Jungkook as we got out of the car. They still stared at the house in awe which is beautiful I’m not going to lie.

Jungkook grabbed the twins as I grabbed our bags from the trunk of his car. They ran up the front steps as fast they could with their little legs. As we reached the front door Jeongsan pulled on Jungkook’s pant leg making him look down. “Appa can I get on your shoulders?”, when Jungkook crouched down to let him climb on his smile widened. “Appa you’re so smart, strong, and tall I want to be just like you when I get big!”, Jungkook looked like he was about bawl his eyes out. “Eat your veggies like Appa did, and you’ll be just like appa when you grow up”, Jeongsan’s eyes brightened. “Will I be pretty like Omma if I eat my veggies?”, Jinhee asked and Jungkook kissed her forehead. “Yes princess, you be just as beautiful as your Omma”, she smiled happily as we walked inside. “Let’s get you guys in bed you’re gonna have a big day tomorrow”, The kids yawned as they followed him up the stairs. “I had someone come over and make them their own rooms when I stayed over last night”, I nodded as I followed behind the twins. “This is Jinhee’s room”, he opened the door and Jinhee squealed as my jaw dropped. 

“Does Princess Jinhee like her room?”, she smiled and nodded happily but yawned soon after. After tucking her in bed we went to Jeongsan’s room.

“I love it Appa”, he hugged Jungkook’s and laid in bed after I kissed his cheek. “He’s a lot like you when we first met”, Jungkook blushed and pulled me closer. “I was awkward and you were the first girl I ever courted! I was the badboy of the school and you challenged me every step of the way”, I laughed at his statement. “I still remember the day we walked into school holding hands. The entire school thought I was nuts to put up with your behavior”, he nodded as we walked down the hall. “You were but you put up with all of it, and the feelings you gave me just came out of nowhere. I was scared throughout high school that you would get up and leave, but when you stayed with throughout 2nd and 3rd year I knew that I wouldn’t let you go”, I pecked his lips as he smiled. “ Let’s go in our room my queen”, he opened the door and my jaw dropped. 

“Jungkook this room is beautiful this is too much!”, He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. “Nothing will ever be too much when it comes to you or the kids. You’re my world and so are they, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you”, When I turned around I saw the boy fell in love with. He had matured but he was still the same person that I fell in love with in high school. After we changed into our pajama’s we cuddled up in bed. “Tomorrow you get to see a new side of me and I don’t know if you’ll like it”, he pulled me closer practically spooning me. “It would take a lot for me not to love you Jungkook. It’s just another side of you that I’ll have to get used to, just because our love came out of nowhere doesn’t mean that it isn’t strong”, I rolled over and saw vulnerability in his eyes. “I’ll always love you my Kookie yeongweoni hamkkenikka”, he smiled as I brought my old line back from high school. “Yeongweoni hamkkenikka”, he whispered as he pressed a gentle kiss on my lips. 

yeongweoni hamkkenikka - we’re forever together

Jared & You (pt.2)

Part 1

Kleinman reader x Connor Murphy (with first person reader)

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: themes of mental illness

My eyes gazed up to the rearview mirror, catching a glimpse of the mystic boy now sat in the back of my brother’s car. I hugged my backpack tightly, my knuckles turning white as Jared slowed to a stop at a red light. It was silent in the car, Jared and I and Zoe’s brother awkwardly keeping our mouths shut. The moon above us seemed to be taunting me, sealing in all of my actions from the night and making everything irreversible.

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some memories i’ve made with each sign

aries: sitting on the front porch at midnight as they play their guitar, going horseback riding and them falling off their horse, getting in a serious fight over mario kart.

taurus: hanging out with each other and just taking a nap the whole time, trying to bake cookies but burning them, singing in public and someone telling us to be quiet.

gemini: passing notes in class, jumping in the pool with all of our clothes on, making ugly faces at each other from across the room, getting detention for dissecting a frog the wrong way.

cancer: babysitting annoying kids together and bribing them with ice cream to make them do whatever we want, swapping homework with each other because they’re good at my homework’s subject and i’m good at theirs, trying sushi for the first time and them teaching me how to use chopsticks.

leo: ditching class, kissing at the top of the bleachers during a football game, going trick-or-treating and scaring little kids, rolling down giant hills, recording ourselves lip-synching disney songs.

virgo: teaming up against the teacher for less homework and succeeding, shamelessly ordering ten boxes of mozzarella sticks from sonic, holding hands in public but just as friends.

libra: pretending we’re dating to make their crush jealous, playing spin the bottle, spending hours taking selfies with each other, aggressively flirting.

scorpio: laying on the kitchen floor at three in the morning and singing at the top of our lungs, flirting with every person we see in public, the teacher always separating us in class, avoiding people together.

sagittarius: taking embarrassing pictures of each other, running through sprinklers together, kissing on their doorstep, calling each other out for being sassy.

capricorn: finding and exploring abandoned places, laughing at the sad part of the movie and getting glares from other people, going from being stupid five year olds to having a deep discussion in a matter of seconds.

aquarius: getting lost in a cornfield, swimming after dark, laying on a trampoline and looking at the stars, laughing at each other for every little thing.

pisces: carving our initials into tree trunks, blasting music in the car, playing with each others’ hair, dancing in the rain.

Home Again: Andy Biersack Imagine

Finally it’s the day I go back home to L.A with Juliet. “Andy, are you okay?” I nodded and smiled widely as I squeezed Juliet’s hand. “I know what’s got you all happy and trust me, I’m more than excited!” Juliet exclaimed while doing a small little dance. “It’s been the whole summer and we haven’t seen her. The last we heard from my dad, she was sick!” Juliet’s smile turned into a small frown, “I know. And I feel horrible for not getting on the first plane to see her when I heard.” Flight to LA from New York now boarding. We ran towards the gates and boarded our flight and sat in our first class seats, anxiously waiting to land and get home to our daughter, Y/N Biersack.

Juliet and I had adopted Y/N when she was 11 and have had her ever since. Y/N was literally my entire world. Even though she wasn’t as young as most parents would want an adoptive child, we still loved her. She had big eyes, black hair, and a smile that could light up the world, and she was extremely attached to Juliet and I. The flight seemed to take years so I decided to get some rest. Juliet leaned her head on my shoulder and intertwined our fingers and I felt my eyelids slowly shut and dozed off.

“Andy, wake up…” I felt a hand shaking me and opened my eyes and was faced with Juliet smiling down at me. “We’re here. Hurry up, lazy ass! Y/N is waiting for us!” I immediately shot up and grabbed our carry-ons and we ran out the plane to get the rest of our bags. What seemed like an eternity, we finally gathered our belongings and soon enough, we were in the car and driving through the streets of L.A, on our way to our little girl. “Andy, you have her gift in the bag right?” I nodded. “And her shirt?” I nodded again. “And-“ I let out a laugh, “Juliet, it’s fine.” She squeezed my hand and pressed a kiss to my lips.

We finally arrived to our home and we couldn’t be happier. I paid the taxi driver and grabbed all of our bags from the trunk of the car. We walked up the steps of our house, bags in hand, and butterflies in our stomachs. I brought out the house key and unlocked the door. We both ran inside and threw down our bags and scanned the house. “Y/N!” Juliet called out, a smile plastered on her face. When we got no response, we grew scared and began searching the house. I looked in the kitchen, no sign of her. Checked in the bathroom, and her bedroom, still no sign of her. Juliet ran out into the backyard and said she wasn’t there. I walked back and forth in the living room and stopped when Juliet walked in, chuckling. “What’s so funny? We have no idea where Y/N is!” She laughed again and grabbed my hand. “Come here.” She started pulling me to the bedroom, “Juliet, I’m really not in the mood.”

“Andy, no!”  She said behind a giggle. “Open the door.” A confused look grew over my face as I slowly opened the door to our shared bedroom. As the door fully opened, I saw Y/N soundly asleep, buried in the blankets and pillow with crow curled up next to her and her favorite blanket over her. I let out a laugh and that’s what woke her up. “Mom? Dad?” She said in a groggy voice. “Still sick I see.” Juliet asked. She nodded and rested her head back on the pillow. I walked up to my side of the bed where she was sleeping and scooted her over and laid down next to her. I wrapped an arm around her and kissed her head. “I missed you baby girl.” Her eyes were still closed, “I missed you too dad. Mostly mom though.” Juliet and I both laughed at the sick girl’s comment. I closed my eyes and they re-opened when I heard a notification pop up on my phone. I opened it and noticed a picture of Y/N and I. ‘I’m glad to be home with my two favorites. @AndyBVB @Y/I/N

I looked at Juliet who had an evil smirk on her face. “I can’t help it. You’re an adorable father, Andy.” She walked up to me and kissed my lips. “Save the kissing for when Crow and I are not in the room!” Y/N said, hiding under the blanket with Crow beside her. I was glad to be home.

Constellations of freckles and moles

A/N: Thank you @snowbaz-lover for the amazing prompt I hope this is what you had in mind. Also thank you too, everyone, I can’t believe I hit 100 followers I honestly never thought this blog would get any followers so thank you so much it means a lot to me :). Enjoy!


“You two should go somewhere this weekend” I looked up from the book I was reading, we were currently lounging around the living room Bunce was sitting on her love seat (she had bought it claiming Snow and I always hogged the couch) and I was sitting on the couch with my legs on Snow’s lap who was intently watching something on the television. I nudged him with my foot drawing his attention towards the conversation “I mean you just finished your finals and I’m sure Simon could take a few days off from work so, you two should go somewhere” Bunce insists I quirked an eyebrow “If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re trying to get rid of us Bunce” I smirked “Actually that’s a great idea, we should go somewhere it’d be fun. We could get the car and drive down to the countryside” Snow agreed, I didn’t see any problems and it would be nice to get a break from all the city noise.

For the next week that is all Snow ever talked about road trip this and road trip that, after the hundredth time of him jumping up yelling “Oh and we could…” I looked at him seriously “Have you ever been on a road trip Snow?” his excited demeanour vanished and he looked somewhat embarrassed making me feel guilty for having asked so rudely. “I mean, besides the long bus rides to Watford not really, I was only ever in the homes for the summer so I didn’t get to do much” he looked down at his lap, I knew he didn’t like talking about Watford or the homes and I smiled seeing how far he’s come “Well, I’m glad I will be the one to take you to your first” and it was true, I was.

I loved being the first to do things with Simon, his first time in the ocean, his first time at an amusement park all those times filled me with joy seeing his face light up and seeing him run around like an excited puppy at the park.

A week later and we’re putting picnic blankets, our cameras and our packed clothes into the trunk of my car. Snow had offered to drive and although I would have usually said no he looked so eager and what the hell, why not?


I was super excited and not just because Baz let me drive his car but because I was going on a ROAD TRIP! My first ever road trip, I honestly couldn’t be happier and the fact that I was going with Baz just made it all the more perfect. Baz is always showing me new things and taking me to new places I didn’t even know I wanted to go. We were just leaving the city and the radio was softly playing P!TAD, Baz was being incredibly quiet but when I turned to look at him he was leaning against the window peacefully sleeping. He looked so cute his hair was on his face and his lips were slightly parted, slipping my hand into my pocket I snapped a quick photo (I know, I know it’s dangerous) before going back to driving.

Baz’s family had cabin far out in the countryside where there’s a lake and it’s quiet so we’d be staying there, Baz had given me the directions before we left also casting a stay in your lane to keep us from getting lost.

We arrived just as Baz woke up, getting our things out of the car we made our way to the cabin, it wasn’t huge which knowing the Pitch family was a big difference to the usual castles they live in. It was already three in the afternoon “How about we eat something then go swimming?” Baz suggested and seeing as I was starving I agreed. Baz made sandwiches and we went outside to eat, I finished first and decided to cool off in the lake“ I’m going to get in the water, you coming?” Baz still had half of a sandwich left (he eats really slowly because I don’t like him to cover his fangs but he’s still self-conscious) he nodded his head in a sort of ‘you go, I’ll be there in a minute’ sort of way. I took off my shirt and ran in doing a cannibal into the water.


He took off his shirt and of course me being pathetic and weak (so weak) I stared, he had constellations of freckles and moles littered around his back and chest and I loved each and every single one of them. Quickly finishing my sandwich I ran in after Snow, the second I emerged from the water Simon was splashing me with water I went back under and grabbed his ankle giving it a good yank. I could hear him scream under water and he must have jumped six feet into the air when I come up I’m laughing like a mad man and he’s doing this adorable glare, but then he looks at me and he burst out laughing as well.

We continue to play around in the lake and before we know it the sun is gone and the stars are up. Being exhausted from all the splashing and laughing we lay down on the soft grass beneath the stars, it is beautiful we could see the entire galaxy but all I could think about was Simon, Simon lying down next to me, Simon holding my hand, Simon, Simon, Simon.

It reminds me of the time Simon held my hand and pushed his magik into me, the room had vanished and all there was were stars, stars and Simon, always Simon. “Do you remember when you pushed your magik to me in our dorm room?” I ask and turn my head to look at him, he’s as lost in the constellation of stars as I am in the constellation of his freckles and moles. “Yeah” his answer is barely a whisper and I think he’s just as scared as I am to break this moment “You took me to the stars, and through the whole thing I was with you” I’m also whispering and when I look back up to the stars I feel like I’m back at Watford in our shared room holding Simon Snow’s hand as electricity fills me and I am alive. “I love you Simon Snow” I’m looking at him again, he turns to me and he’s smiling so I smile and god he’s so beautiful “And I love you Tyrannous Basilton Grimm-Pitch” he’s leaning forward and I find myself doing the same, his lips are soft and gentle on mine and there’s no desperation to the kiss just his heart of gold.

Reputation (Ben Hanscom X Reader)

WC: 1945

Warnings: Modern AU, lots of Taylor Swift references, like one curse word, sadness in parts

Summary: Y/N and Ben decide to have a Reputation listening party, and because of it some feelings are revealed

A/N: Ben needs some more love, also I HC that a modern Ben would love Taylor Swift so fight me

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“Hey guys. I have a proposition for you all.” I announced, sitting down at the plastic table, slamming my tray down with me.

“And what would that be?” Beverly asked, a curious expression on her face.

“Well, seeing as it’s November 10th I was wondering if any of you guys wanted to come to my place this afternoon and listen to the new Taylor Swift album? I preordered it weeks ago.” I said eagerly, and the table went silent for a second.

Suddenly laughter erupted from Richie, and I felt my smile retreat. “Oh my god, Y/N. No way am I spending an entire afternoon just listening to Taylor Swift.” He said, and I rolled my eyes.

“I’d love to, but I’ve got a debate team meeting this afternoon.” Stan said kindly, and I gave him a half smile.

“Anyone else?” I asked hopefully, surveying the rest of the group.

“Sorry Y/N, I’m not a big Taylor Swift fan. I prefer older music.” Eddie said, and I nodded, not surprised he declined. His playlist on my phone contained nothing but Elvis Presley, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

“Bill? You can bring Georgie if you want. I caught him jamming out to Shake It Off a couple weeks ago.” I said, and Bill chuckled, recalling the memory.

“I’d luh-love to, but Georgie has suh-soccer practice this afternoon.” Bill said, giving me a warm smile.

“That’s ok, Bill.” I said, glancing over at Beverly hopefully. She seemed to sense my hope, but shook her head sadly.

“Dad.” She mouthed, and I felt sad instantly, my chest tightening slightly. The bell rang loudly, and I sighed, shoving a few chicken nuggets in my mouth.

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