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This is a precious moment if we analyze it a little more in depth. I think it’s not arbitrary that Trunks is the one who offers Vegeta to hold Bra. When he looks back, he looks at his newborn daughter, but he also gives a meaningful glance to his eldest son Trunks, knowing that he failed him in the past. In this scene, Vegeta seems to be debating with himself: “Should I behave with Bra as I did with Trunks or should I fix my mistakes?” Luckily, he chose this last one. And in front of Trunks, showing him the kind of father he’s now.
For that, I’m happy with how they handled this scene. They chose to pass from a cliché scene in which Bulma offers Vegeta to hold Bra, to give place to a beautiful moment for Vegeta’s parental role. Bulma was only Vegeta’s moral support in the distance: “Mom says to hold her.” That was amazing. I’m impressed by this episode. We constantly complain about Dragon Ball Super’s general script but I can’t imagine this moment being otherwise. Although it lacked fluff (we didn’t have any labor moment), I think this fits better with the overall style of the series.

one of my favorite things about DBZ is how Bulma is basically bffs with with every goddamn super powerful fucker in the series

Goku? grew up with him. Vegeta? she’s fucking married to him, and he’s willing to fucking punch a god in the face for hurting her. Trunks? he’s her SON. Gohan and Goten? she’s basically their aunt. Buu? she’ll give him food sometimes. Beerus and Whis? fuck, most of the reason the earth is still around is because she’s givin’ them good food, and they’re willing to bend fucking cosmic rules to keep her safe so they can get more

  • Me during the day: I am going to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight and get some decent sleep for once!
  • Me at 2AM: *finds a multi-chapter fic with close to a 150K words*
  • Me: Yus
Seeing Vegeta holding newborn Bra is a very special moment

That part from the preview made me go all the way back to the Buu Saga, when Vegeta was about to sacrifice himself and hugged Trunks for the first time, after admitting he never did it, even when his son was a baby. Now we can see Vegeta is not willing to make the same mistake twice.

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Yes, we have heard this so many times before ;P

But wait, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is dead in the future ;-;

“The very first time I traveled to the past and met you…after I came back, she would often ask me about how you were and how you looked.”

Despite his pride, the news of Bulma’s death gives Vegeta a change of heart to do fusion with Goku ;-;