trumpington street


Finally some rest time drawing at a cafe ☕️ been assessing all week for students and my brain is super fried.. This is the therapy I need 😘 #fashion #illustration #fashionillustration #art #sketch #mucha #connielim (at Hot Numbers Coffee - Trumpington Street)

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Nine Wells. The springs here feed Hobson’s Conduit, a watercourse constructed by Thomas Hobson between 1610 and 1614 to improve sanitation in Cambridge. The water was carried in a new artificial river into the south of the city and then divided between a number of channels along the sides of major streets, as well as through some colleges and University buildings. Flow is still maintained through the Pem and Pot branches along either side of Trumpington Street during the spring and summer months. I always point it out to visitors in Cambridge, because I think it’s a marvellous example of 17th-century civil engineering (in fact based on 16th-century plans), but I’m usually disappointed by how disinterested they are. Oh well.