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Here is something a little different for you! I worked on illustrations for the children’s book ZAP! BOOM! POW! Superheroes of Music. The book introduces classical composers in a new light, AS SUPERHEROES! You get mini biographies as well as a fun little poem, by author Lucy A. Warner, that accompany each composer. The illustrations depict composers such as Bach, Beethoven, and Verdi, all seen above, doing super heroic acts! Great for kids and fun for everyone! There’s tons more to check out in the book! 

You can grab it on Amazon:

Band kids when they hear you talking bad about their best friend

Chews gum slowly until you stop uncomfortably: tubas, flutes, french horns

Gives you the ‘look’: saxophones, piccolos, baritones

Bitches you out like a pro until you’re nothing but a soggy pile of regret: trumpets, percussionists, trombones, clarinets, colourguard



I’m Alexandra Rathmann… (I normally don’t share that online but you’ll need my last name to use the link.) As some of you know, I’ve been granted a contract to march with Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corps for the second summer in a row. I have wanted to be in Drum Corps International ever since my sophomore year of high school when I first heard of it and I had so much fun last summer when I did it!!! Being part of this corps would be a huge deal to me because I’ve made many life-long friends through it and overall it has increased my motivation and confidence. By being on tour, I get to see different parts of the country that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. It is such a unique experience that not many other activities provide. However, being in a world class drum corps is very very expensive and I need several different ways to come up with the money for it in time. If anybody would be willing to make a donation of any size to me through this link, I would be forever grateful!! And even if all you can do is share it so word gets spread about this, I would feel equally thankful!!!! Consequently, you may get to see me inLucas Oil Stadium this coming August… :) #surfsup #drumcorpsinternational #eastcoastbeastcoast

Low Woodwind Sectionals
  • First 10 minutes: Tuning and improving tone quality
  • Half-way through: Making goose mating calls through our instruments
  • Last 5 minutes: Rushing through everything we were supposed to be doing