trumpet playing


Hey! My name is Cara, I’m 16 years old and I’m from New Jersey.
I’m super into music, I play the guitar and the trumpet (haven’t played trumpet in like a year though) and I also sing.
I listen to mainly hard rock but my taste in music is all over the place (and your face)
I watch basically any show that has wlw so chances are, if it has wlw I’ve seen it
Life goal is to be in the Air Force when I’m older
I’m not really looking for a relationship rn and I’m not great with long distance, but I’m open to it if I find someone worth while.

Yep that’s pretty much it. If you wanna talk to me, feel free to hit me up here @flannel-fix or on Kik - lilmzcara1191

Dear kids that are starting band for the first time.

Instruments don’t have gender. If you are a boy and you want to play flute. Do it. If you are a girl and you want to play tuba. Do it. No one can tell you that since you are a boy you have to play saxophone, trumpet or another instrument like that. Or since you are a girl you have to play flute, clarinet or some instrument like that. Play whatever you want to. No one can tell you other wise.


Up next on weird instruments I found at NAMM: piccolo French horn, “wave” flute, Bass trumpet, and a trombone with a slide AND keys

tuning my instrument at home: utter perfection, faultless pitch all round

tuning in orchestra: strings snap, bow flies away and stabs conductor, entire instrument bursts into flames, dead composers pop out of ground, music war breaks out, the trumpets conquer europe, cellists play pachelbel’s canon on repeat, clarinets cursed to squeak eternally, a rogue army of bass drums kills us all. 

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

Silly fluff meme

Send one for your muse to…

🙈 - Jump out and wrap my muse in a blanket as their “hostage”

🍳 - Bring my muse breakfast in bed except it’s just cereal with whipped cream

👙- Wait for my muse to come home in a sexy outfit… that’s really ridiculous and silly

⚽️ - Get a soccer ball and call it their son, urging my muse to give it a name

🎹 - Write and perform a silly song about one specific aspect of my muse

🔦 - Tell me muse they lost something and need help finding it, just to kiss my muse and say “nevermind, found it!”

✉️ - Send letters to my muse in the mail… when they live together

📯 - Buy a trumpet and play the “when mom isn’t home” tune when your muse wants attention from my muse

🔓 - “accidentally” handcuff both our muses to the bed, forgot where they put the key five minutes later.

🖍 - Draw on the wall with crayon about how they feel about my muse… then spending eight hours scrubbing it all off

👼 - Literally just bring home a baby and saying “congrats”. Nobody knows where they got the baby

🐱 - Bringing home a kitten and naming if after my muse… losing the kitten and our muses search around for three hours to try and find it

👏 - Cheer over enthusiastically everytime my muse completes any task, even if it’s just them changing the channel on tv


Klance marching band au where Keith and Lance compete against each other Keith plays the trumpet (because why not) and Lance is on color guard 

They’re also both mutually pining after each other but they don’t know that

After finding the Tome of Strahd and having difficulty reading the pages in ooc, we lost our wizard to a horde of werewolves. The party is sitting around a campfire remembering our fallen comrade with some NPCs, when we hear trumpets playing in the distance. This is none other than Strahd himself coming to taunt us. Strahd appears by the campfire pretending to warm himself. 

Strahd: “Man, you guys are dropping like flies. I would have expected better from you, after all what is the point of having you here if you are not strong enough to play with?”

CE Cleric: “It’s the curse of your atrocious handwriting… ”

Strahd: “What?!“ 

CE Cleric: "What?”