So Trumpers are “sabotaging” Hamilton by giving it one star ratings on Facebook.

That’s okay.

I’ll wait

Okay. Done laughing? Cool.

So my favorite reviews are ones like this that make it quite clear that the LAST thing he expects at a show based on the life of Alexander Hamilton is…politics.

I understand. As a dog lover I must admit the first time I saw “Cats” I was sorely disappointed. HOW COULD I HAVE KNOWN?!?!

Safety Pins

Most of the pushback that I have seen about the safety pins is along the lines of, “Try doing something real instead of a hollow gesture,” as if one can’t simultaneously be engaged in high-impact advocacy work and also don a conspicuous symbol of solidarity. I have had TWO Hijabi students tell me that when they see someone with the safety pin in the subway, they feel safer and they try to sit or stand near that person in case a Trumper in the train decides to target them. But hey, what do they know compared to the self-righteous white contrarians telling me that my safety pin is shallow. 

Epic SLAM! Two Black Guys DESTROY MSM, BLM and Anti-Trumpers!!

Wonder why they don’t show the last guy on CNN…hmmmmm….

Watch BLM, CNN and Anti-trumpers get summarily decimated by two black guys.   You will definitely want to stick it out to the end of the video.  The last guy puts a social justice warrior, Anti-trump snowflake in her place PRONTO!



Well, what did I say? He’s out of his tree!
He’s finally flipped, and between you and me –
He’s no hope of retaining his crown in his frame of mind.
In fact, he shouldn’t have come back, he should have resigned.

Smile, you’ve got your first exclusive story!
Now you can bask in his reflected glory.
“Naked, unprovoked Yankee aggression.”
Oh, what a credit to your great profession!

Illustration of the “Press Conference” song from Chess, because in the original production, Freddie did actually straight-up punch that reporter. It makes me sad there’s no good video of it, so I had to draw it myself.

#TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet started trending recently

and one of the best things about it is seeing all the salt coming from the “tolerant” anti-Trumpers who are against it.










S    A   L    T

All those “Bread/Trash/White” jokes…and this is just a snippit of what’s out there. And of course most of them are women. Because no one is more hateful and nasty towards women than other women. The same thing is going on in the #LatinasforTrump tag and others like it. People being incredibly disgusting towards their own because they don’t tow the line. 

That’s alright, though. Keep puttin up pics, Trump girls. Show ‘em what’s up.