trump look


Me at the Women’s March in Dallas, TX. Overall, it was a wonderful and empowering event and I had a great time for my first protest! I thought that I might get sensory overload from all the noise, but somehow it helped that I felt like I was a part of the noise.

Look I sort of appreciate whatever you are trying to do with the red hats that say stuff like “Make America Gay Again” or “Make Donald Drumpf Again,” but from a distance, they just look like Trump hats and I immediately distrust you and feel uncomfortable.

I’ve had to get really close to people before I could read their hat and realize they aren’t a shithead multiple times now. Just drop the red hat and white lettering thing, honestly.

SO YES the golf bag is real and it is so much better than I could have imagined.

1. It’s the most awful pattern of black and white. I hope this isn’t something they actually market, because…look at that. Also, it lacks gold trim or red highlights–both of which we know a certain someone is a fan of. 

2. His name is on it in freaking impact font like it’s some sort of garbage meme.

3. His name is President Trump–meaning that if/when he leaves, it’s either going to stick with him as a reminder of his failures and the worst four-or-fewer years of his life, or it’s going to be sold and discarded like the rubbish that is his tenure.

4. His name is on a golf bag. This is his legacy.

5. They have the “Stanley Cup Champions” there to remind him of what quality looks like. They’re tooting their own horn, signing this piece of magnificent trolling like a professional graffiti artist tagging their work. 

6. I can’t get over the Adidas logo for some reason. It’s just…up there at the top. Garish, gaudy, another piece of product placement along with everything else. Trump doesn’t even get to have his name adorning this thing along, it’s crowded in there with two other logos. 

7. They gave him a golf bag instead of a jersey. They broke with a longstanding tradition to give him a half-joke, half-insult. 

I’m proud of them for this. It’s so hideous.


So the unlikely plot twist is that the US won’t destroy North Korea and start WW3 because the President is too busy fighting with star athletes on Twitter and has forgotten all about it? I’m not complaining, but who the hell is writing 2017?