If you’re opposed to impeachment because Pence will be worse, consider:

Pence is already in the White House, & Trump promotes Pence’s agenda more successfully than Pence ever could. Pence simply doesn’t have the charisma or cult of personality that motivates people in the way that Trump does.

Yes, it’s true that a Pence Presidency would be a new stain on the nation, but it’s likely to be a much less toxic option than the Trump/Pence Presidency we have today.

If a patient has both heart disease and cancer, don’t avoid treating one simply because the other exists. Let’s get the patient as healthy as we can.

The proper wording, in Spanish, should be “Latinos POR Trump.” . “Para” is not proper in that context. Also, if they were properly gender specific, the women would be holding signs saying “Latinas” not “Latinos” but they were too stupid to know that, too.

The albino Latino advocacy party. Thank you Jesus for representing this special group of Trump supporters when no one else would. Latinos CAN come in all complexions and Hispanics include actual white Europeans, but that’s way too much nuance for the Trump crowd and those are definitely native southern white people. Hee Haw!

Even if Trump was cleared of everything in the Mueller Report, that doesn’t take away from all the terrible things Trump has done before and after he became president. His policies alone should be enough to vote him out in 2020. And if even the Mueller Report totally exonerated Trump from any wrongdoing, which it does not, that does not absolve Trump from being a rotten person who is unfit to be president. Trump and Republican policies and Trump’s appointments of corrupt and unqualified people to the  judiciary and to his administration and cabinet should be enough to make him a one term president. Oh! Trump didn’t break the law according to Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller Report, so Trump is now a saint and deserves four more years, get real.