So Cas and Dean start sleeping together behind Sam’s back and Sam finds out when Cas introduces them to some strangers during a case.

Cas: Hello, this is Sam and my husband Dean.

Dean: Cas!

Cas: What? Is that not the term in your society?

Dean: Uh…I mean we technically aren’t married.

Sam: Oh my God guys.

Cas: But we have sex.

*Dean turns beet red*

Sam: Oh my God guys.

Cas: And you said ever since I sucked your dick we were practically marr-

Sam: Cas oh my god stop! I have to go bleach my brain.

*Sam retreats out the front door*

Meanwhile the person they are trying to get info from is standing there dumbstruck.
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Wishlist Day 3

Prompt: @avamclean asked for MCU/BtVS, Buffy & Natasha, “What’s in a name?”. And I went lazy on the backstory and made it a sequel to I have seen nearly every city, linked in the story.

Summary: In which Buffy and Natasha get drunk, play the Name Game and decompress.

Pairings: Buffy & Nat

Rating: Teen

Words: 2+k

Warnings: adults getting drunk, identity issues, women being awesome, canon levels of trumatized characters

(Tumblr can’t keep up with my typing. Is that a thing? Does that happen to people that are not me? Because its annoying and makes for a lot of typos.)