Two Minutes Hate
It’s 2002. My hair is purple. I’ve got a tongue ring. My band practices outside the dorms every night, lousy Pearl Jam covers echoing off nearby buildings. Each morning, I awake with just enough ti…

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Mark Diaz Truman reaches out to fellow indie game and storygame developers about their toxic and abusive interactions with the OSR and DIY D&D communities, of which I am a part of. 

I get a mention in the article because of my recent interactions with Anna Kreider over her post about the Orlando Pulse shootings.

This is an incredibly valuable, honest, and brave stance to take: not to deflect, or get defensive, or to attack and judge…but to be introspective, vulnerable, and to admit when there’s a problem that’s easily ignored: to take a moment and consider “Aw shit…maybe the other side has a point”.

The OSR/DIY D&D community is home to numerous women, LGBT people, and non-white people who are talented designers, writers, artists, and event coordinators. Dismissing, shaming, insulting them, or assuming they are a just collection of conservative old white grognards because they value older games and older game design philosophies is incredibly ignorant and hateful. 

Please don’t discount actual diversity in tabletop game design communities just because you don’t like the games we play, or the way we make them. 

Big ups to Mark Diaz Truman. This took a lot of guts and a lot of patience to write, and I respect that. If you’re coming to GenCon, I hope to see you there.

After School Special - Part 3

Word Count: 2461

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, spn stuff

A/N: 3 updates in one day…I know, right!

Series Rewrite Masterlist 

You sat between Sam and Dean in Mr. McGregor’s living room, fidgeting just a bit. Dean put his hand on your knee in a futile attempt to stop it from bouncing up and down while you questioned the man. “So…you were friends with Dirk?” Mr. McGregor asked. You averted your gaze to the floor, letting Sam do the talking for you.

“Yes, sir.” Sam answered. “In high school.”

“I don’t recall Dirk having many friends at Truman.” Mr. McGregor leaned back in his chair and looked at the three of you with slight shock on his face.

“When did…” Dean looked at you and cleared his throat, “uh…when did Dirk pass?”

“He was 18.” Mr. McGregor said, voice breaking. “First there was the drinking, then drugs, and then too many drugs…and then he just slipped through my fingers.” He choked back tears. “It was my fault. I should have seen it coming, you know? Dirk…he had his troubles.”

“What kind of troubles?” You questioned, finally finding your voice.

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ive had the truman show delusion since like 2010 but it varies. sometimes i think that i am in a scientific experiment and sometimes i think that im being monitored by psychologists and sometimes i think that everyone around me is an alien. my brain is a fun and flighty gal who likes to mix it up


Get out your buttons, bumper stickers, hats, and banners and join us for #ElectionCollection, a weekly challenge to feature your campaign memorabilia!

The Presidential Libraries of the National Archives and American Experience PBS invite you to share your stories and election memorabilia. Starting tomorrow, we’ll publish a new #ElectionCollection challenge every Tuesday on Instagram from July 26 until the Presidential election on November 8.

We can’t wait to see if you have drawers full of slogan-covered buttons or if your mom saved that can of (Barry) Goldwater. (It was a real beverage! Stay tuned.)


Talking picture unit designed by the Transport Publicity Corporation for Herbert Hoover’s 1928 campaign. Hoover Presidential Library and Museum.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman campaign button, 1944. Truman Presidential Library and Museum.

Carter gold donkey pin, 1976. Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

Sunglasses designed and manufactured by A. Dean Watkins Co. for Gerald R. Ford’s 1976 presidential campaign. Ford Presidential Library and Museum.